Episode 12

April 29, 2023


Wurth 400 NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
Wurth 400 NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
Wurth 400 NASCAR DFS Preview

Apr 29 2023 | 00:31:03


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Dan Malin and Matt Selz break down what to expect from the Dover Motor Speedway race on Sunday, April 30th. From what to take from practice to what to do about the starting grid for GPP and Cash games for NASCAR DFS on DraftKings and FanDuel.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:22 What's going on? FFA Nation, welcome back. This is the Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS podcast Ring through the Better Sports Network. I am Dan Melon and I'm joined as always by the three time FS w NASCAR writer of the year. Matt Sells. Matt, how you doing this weekend? We are previewing Dover. Uh, Sunday's race is the worth 400 from Dover International Speedway. Uh, practice and qual well practice wasn't rained out, qualifying was. So once again for what feels like the fourth or fifth time this year, the lineup for Sunday's race is gonna be set by NASCAR's Metric, which means Kyle bus after winning last week is on the poll this week and he didn't look great in practice. So what can we really take away and how do we prepare for, uh, Sunday's race with very little to go off of? Speaker 3 00:01:06 Um, it's hard for me to say I have no idea, but there's a little bit of, I have no idea going on. Um, look, practice was not great. Austin Dylan spun out three laps into practice. Daniel Suarez then spun out like three laps after they got going again. Eric Jones spun out in basically the same spot. The track was not taking rubber from the tires. The tires were being corded total laps into a run, which is not great. If you wanna see a picture, I posted that in the fantasy alarm, NASCAR discard, uh, discord channel. Um, so I have not really a clue. Then the rain came <laugh> or anything that did stick got wiped off, right? Yep. And then they canceled uh, qualifying. So it's gonna start via metric, which is kind of topsy-turvy cuz it didn't really match any of the practice speeds. We actually did see for whatever you want to take from that. So I, I don't know. And then you get to Sunday's forecast and it looks horrifyingly bad for, for racing. It looks like it's gonna rain all day. And then in the afternoon it's supposed to be thunder and lightning, which is generally not good for sitting in a metal car. Um, so we may be looking at a Monday race that's set via metric with 20 minutes of track time on Saturday. That does not match anything we're about to see on Monday. Speaker 2 00:02:26 Now we are uh, recording this at between one 30 and 2:00 PM Eastern time on Saturday. At what point do you think NASCAR would just throw in the towel and automatically reschedule the race to Monday? Would they do it later today on Saturday as kind of a convenience to fans and the drivers and teams or would they wait until the last second on Sunday to make that call? Speaker 3 00:02:47 I'm not sure they're gonna announce it during the Xfinity race, which is happening as we speak. Right. Um, but I would love to see them call it before people show up on Sunday. Like you don't want people running and then they're, you know, getting there trying to make it on time and then you know, it just sit in the rain until they call it. Now I don't remember if there's like a 24 hour window for TV before they can bump it. Like if they're inside that they have to at least try to ceremonially start. I don't know. Speaker 2 00:03:22 I thought the rule was that if they were gonna move the race forward they needed 24 hour notification. But if they're gonna postpone it and move it to the next day, I don't think it would require that. Speaker 3 00:03:32 I don't remember. I know that they did move the race off Speaker 2 00:03:34 Right? Yeah. To Speaker 3 00:03:35 1:00 PM Eastern on Sunday. I guess to avoid some of the rain. But I don't know how that helps if it's supposed to come all like I don't know if they're hoping to get a pocket and then get half the racing on Sunday, which would absolutely be terrible and terrible for dfs. Um, cuz you're talking about they only have to make it to the end of stage two basically 200 laps. That's not great either cuz then that's cutting lap lead. You gotta adjust for strategy and yeah, it's gonna be a bit of a cluster. So all of this is to say play lighter than maybe you were hoping to cuz we've usually had pretty good runs at Dover. Mm-hmm <affirmative> uh, in the past, this is a track I feel like we, we've read pretty well previously. Um, but yeah I would be playing a little lighter this week cuz a, we don't know what the cars actually look like on track at this point. We don't know how the tires are gonna hold up. We don't know when the race is gonna happen and we don't know how long they're gonna run the race for. If they run it on Sunday, there's almost no way they're getting a full race in because remember Dover does not have lights. Yeah. So Speaker 2 00:04:43 Also it's the intermediate package and the that does not include rain tires or wet tires. It's not a short ride. Speaker 3 00:04:50 Which distance, Speaker 2 00:04:52 When the initial reports came out that it was gonna be the intermediate package, I initially thought okay well this is actually gonna produce some great racing because the one package that has received the most complaints has been the short track package. Yes. And Dover's a one mile track but you know, so we are getting the intermediate package but you know, we talked about bankroll management playing lighter. Um, does this because we can't really take too much away from qualifying and that the, you know, the lineup was set by the metric. Um, are you still playing cash games or are you mostly just playing tournaments this week? I feel bad because I feel like I've only played cash, uh, two or three slates this year. And for the most part, pretty much all of April the last four or five races I've only played uh, tournaments exclusively. And I feel like once again for this week's race because of no practice, the weather, the tire issue, I'm there may not be much rubber on the track. Um, especially if it's washed out uh, all day Sunday. So I'm mostly just inclined to do a 20 max contest, whether that's gonna be the happy hour on DraftKings or the Chrome horn and then probably just do like five to 10 lineups on FanDuel. Are you playing cash games? Speaker 3 00:05:57 Probably not. Right. There's a bunch of ways you could build for cash and kind of try to go for some more PD over landslide cuz Pure Chaos may reign Supreme here. Um, but we also don't really recommend cash for Talladega and I feel like this is kinda setting up <laugh> a little bit with the unknowns like a Talladega race. Right. Um, and by the way, for those of you who don't expect the big one, you can see the big one at Dover. It's happened before. Um, cause if you get somebody who wrecks out and then slides down in front of people Speaker 2 00:06:26 Yep. Speaker 3 00:06:27 You can pretty easily get a big one here, uh, at Dover or hoping for one or wishing for one. Um, but it can happen. So I am, excuse me, very low on cash this week. Um, cash games I should say. Um, and I feel like for tournaments there's like a million ways you could build your, your lineups here, Speaker 2 00:06:50 Which is good for tournaments. Yes. Speaker 3 00:06:52 Setting it via the metric and then, you know, a lot of people are gonna go, well we saw this for practice so I'm gonna build based off of this. And then, you know, who knows? Maybe some stuff gets adjusted. I don't know. I do know Austin Dylan to the backup car, which that was announced during practice that he was going to a backup car. So we'll see if that helps or hurts some. I mean it can't hurt anymore right? He already wrecked one car out and made a guy get a haircut. Um, which we'll talk about <laugh> I guess. Uh, Noah Grason, for those of you who wanna know, lost a pet Austin cut like an actual Speaker 2 00:07:33 Yeah, it's bad. Put Speaker 3 00:07:34 A bowl on the head and shave around it. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:07:38 There's no fade. It's just like, yeah. All all the way around and just a bowl on top of it. It's bad <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:07:44 It's bad. Is it? Speaker 2 00:07:45 He owns it though. <laugh>, is it Speaker 3 00:07:47 Better than the mullet or worse than the mullet? I don't know. Speaker 2 00:07:49 It's worse. It's worse. The mullet at least makes a comeback. I don't see how we ever make a fryer tuck like bull cut comeback <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:07:57 It is. He does look like fryer tuck. He does, he does. Excellent. Robinhood reference. Speaker 2 00:08:02 Um, alright, uh, was there anything else you wanted to touch on before? Because I mean I figured we would just because we've already talked about the weather, the courting, the practice issues, the tric, but all in all, like Dover itself is a pretty unique track and we can say this almost every week, but you know, we, we always try to find comparable tracks like road courses. It's so easy. Super speedways, it's easy. Intermediates, it's easy. Dover is tough because it's a one mile track, it's an oval so it's shaped like Homestead, but it's not as long big in size as Homestead and you don't see the same tire fall off as you do at Homestead cuz you know, Dover is, it's a concrete track, so it's similar to Nashville I would say, but also it's a different distance in a different shape and Bristol as well. And I think Martinsville has, I think the upper, yeah, Speaker 3 00:08:48 Martinsville is concrete in the corners and asphalt and the straight, Speaker 2 00:08:53 So it really is like a unique track in its own right. And so, you know, we can pull data from other tracks but at the same time, like, you know, we <laugh> we, it's it's, it's a weird track and we don't get practice or we can't really take anything away from practice. So like are we mostly just relying on track history and what we saw last year in this package if we can get this race run on Monday? Speaker 3 00:09:18 Yeah, probably. I mean that, that's, to be honest, we're all hoping for a Monday race at this point. So we at least get good weather. We get warmer temperature so there's more rubber on the track. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, uh, better shot at a full race. I know for a lot of people to watch it, it sucks, but I'd rather have a full race than a convoluted weather related one where they kind of sort of get 200 laps in but it takes seven hours and there's 14 rain delays like <laugh>. I don't think anybody wants that. So in terms of how we're looking at this track, it's hard to go based off of like, this is what makes this track so tricky. Right. By distance wise you would think it fits pretty well with short tracks, right. Fits in with March, you know, fits in with Richmond, fits in with Phoenix, little bit with Martinsville. Speaker 3 00:10:12 Um, although that's decidedly flatter, you know, if Bristol hadn't been a dirt race it would fit in with Bristol but it's an intermediate package which was not run on those tracks. So it's, I think I'm going with you. I think we're looking at the two races we saw here last year. Um, because again it was NextGen car last year. It's the same package here as it was last year. And I think we can go a little bit based off of some tire wear stuff that we've seen a little bit. Not like the aggressive tire wear tracks, not like a Darlington or, or an auto club, but I think a little bit of homestead. Okay. Um, because in terms of shape it's pretty close. Homestead is pretty reasonable on the tire comparison. Um, but again, if we get corded tires after 20 laps, it's gonna be an absolute disaster. Speaker 2 00:11:10 Yeah. Um, all right. Do we wanna start breaking down the field based on this metric and who we like for potential dominators and now all that? Speaker 3 00:11:19 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:11:20 All right. Kyle Bus I believe was just inside the top 30 in terms of practice speed, but because there is no qualifying and he won last week and he has two wins on the season, he is on the pole for this race and 9,600 does seem a little cheap for Kyle Bush. Um, would you say it's fairly like that he likely that he can get out, possibly win the entire first age and you know, I, I've seen a lot of early projections, especially on Twitter where a lot of people think he probably just, he's comfortably gonna lead about 60 to 80 laps. Uh, if he does that and he finishes in the top 10, he's gonna put up a good sport, good, good score. If he can finish in the top five, he's probably gonna end up in the optimal lineup. Um, are you on board with playing some Kyle bus this week or are you a little unsure? Speaker 3 00:12:06 It's, I know we're not supposed to take what we saw from practice cuz we're pretty sure it's not gonna matter, but I would've liked to have seen him run better than 29th and need a six minute stop to make adjustments on cars. Not to mention Austin Dylan, his teammate, had basically the same setup and couldn't stay on track for three laps <laugh>. So that's a little disconcerting. Also the fact that he previously had a run where we avoided him in the spring Dover race because for whatever reason he just didn't run well in the spring Dover race. And here last spring he finished 27th, he started sixth, finished 27th in the fall. He's had pretty good runs here. Right. Um, he has started to change his luck a little bit in the spring races, but on the poll, I mean I would take a shot at him but I'm not loading up. Um, because there's a decent chance that he gets Speaker 2 00:13:04 Passed by Bell, Speaker 3 00:13:06 Passed by Bell or Klowski has run pretty well here. Speaker 2 00:13:10 Klowski actually looked pretty good in practice too, but again, what do we really take away from it? Speaker 3 00:13:15 Right. But I mean if we look at, you know, Klowski previously in the last eight races here, Klowski has a better average finish than Kyle Bush. He's got, you know, fewer top tens but a better average finish. So we'll we'll see. Plus not to mention if there's a competition caution that could, that could affect Kyle Bush. Speaker 2 00:13:41 I'm curious though, um, how do you feel about the Hendrick drivers this week? I know they, they are the three most expensive drivers on DraftKings. Kyle Larson starts P 18, he's 11,500. Byron uh, is starting P eight 11,200 and Chase Elliot is starting 10th at 10,800. Uh, I know Larson major bedding piece. Um, do we think that each of these drivers have a legitimate shot at eventually getting up to the front and leading some laps? Um, Byron seems to be a logical, uh, guess because he's just been fast almost everywhere this year. But you know, we've also said like this is the kind of, or the, the general consensus this week is that this is a track that Kyle Larson can run very well at. And even during the practice session he seemed very pleased with the car and I don't think they're gonna require too many adjustments. He probably qualifies inside the top five if they have qualifying, but because of the last week's result and the line being set by the metric, he starts P 18. Speaker 3 00:14:34 Yeah. Uh, I'm all over Larson this week. He's finished in the last four races that he's running here. He is finished third, first, second sixth. Speaker 2 00:14:42 Okay. Uhhuh <affirmative>. Speaker 3 00:14:44 So now granted he has started inside the top 10 in each of those. So there is that that he hasn't necessarily had to move up to finish where he finished, but it's not like he's incapable of moving up. We've seen him make moves on pass on, on tracks where nobody else has been able to pass. Um, like Martinsville late, he passed five dudes to go win that race. Yeah. Um, he has obviously won here before, before Speaker 2 00:15:14 I feel like he did the same thing at Richmond. I didn't watch Richmond because I was traveling that day, but I, it did sound like he once again did not have the best car but still managed to win. Speaker 3 00:15:22 Right. So, Speaker 2 00:15:24 And this week he has a car that he loves. Speaker 3 00:15:27 Yeah, I mean I, I like Larson. I would take the, I think a lot of people are going to take the, the price savings on Barry rolling off 23rd and Alex Bowman's car cuz for those of you who missed it, Alex Bowman is out for the next three to four weeks. Uh, due to a sprint car wreck this week in which I'm pretty sure he broke. I've heart of Ray is what I heard. So hopefully that's healing well for him. He appears to be in good spirits, which is great. Josh Barry is back in an h m s car, dude popped off a couple of top tens in Chase Elliott's car and uh, oh by the way, Jeff Barry won this race in Xfinity last year. Speaker 2 00:16:07 Yeah. I think the other time he's run two races here. Obviously the one right now is is Third Race here, but he's won one race and he finished second and the other. Speaker 3 00:16:15 Yeah. So he knows how to move around. It places that it's tough to pass. Richmond obviously not the same package but he did start 30th and finish second in that race in an HMS Chevy in the Cup series. Um, Phoenix, they finished 10th again was a short track package but hard to pass. Don't worry. Can be tough to pass. So, um, I think a lot of people are gonna take the cost savings play. Josh Barry, I think he's probably the second most played HMS guy. I think Larson is one, Barry's two and then it's split between Byron and Chase. Speaker 2 00:16:55 Uh, who are some other drivers before we go into the PD plays and just guys that we would target for overall finishing position, including the position differential. Are there any other drivers that you'd like to potentially uh, collect some dominator points, whether it's Ryan Blaney starting P three? Uh, I still have uh, concerns about Fords in this package. Uh, just because I think that there might j just be too much drag on the cars. Um, I do like Christopher Bell, but at the same time, you know, I am tempted to, I I feel like Denny Hamlin and Martin Church Jr are due for a win Speaker 3 00:17:27 At the, this is true x next Speaker 2 00:17:28 Month. Speaker 3 00:17:29 It's it's true X's track man. This guy has, oh Speaker 2 00:17:31 This is one of his nine home tracks. Speaker 3 00:17:33 <laugh> Well it is one of his nine track technically I think the closest one to where he grew up cuz this is Dover, Delaware. He grew up in southern New Jersey, so, um, pretty sure this is closest. Um, but no Truex has been ridiculously consistent here in the last eight races. He has finished fourth, 15th, first, second, second, second 19th and 12th. And by the way, that 12th, he was fourth before he wrecked out racing. I believe it was Ross Chastain for third last fall or not wrecked out but like spawned and then finished 12th. So if you count that as a fourth, the dude has, what is that sixth, fourth place or better finishes in the last eight races. Guy knows what he's doing and it seems to be, it does not matter what has happened, uh, previously. And by the way, a few of those first and seconds happened on Monday races. Speaker 2 00:18:28 Nice. Speaker 3 00:18:29 Nice. So, and for those of you concerned about, oh he started 17th. Here's the thing, uh, in two of the last three races he started 19th and 18th and he's finished second and theoretically fourth although 12th, but he was battling for fourth when starting 19th and 18th. So dude knows how to move up. It hasn't seemed to matter what's happened elsewhere. Um, hopefully he doesn't get stuck on scuffs late in the race <laugh>, but, uh, I I really like, I really like x this week Speaker 2 00:19:04 When I saw your post in the NASCAR discord and you said there were only nine sets of tires and that we were getting cording after 18 to 20 laps. I was, my mind initially went to what is Martin true X's team gonna do Speaker 3 00:19:17 My tires mid race? I dunno, Speaker 2 00:19:19 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:19:21 Get 'em shipped in <laugh>. I have no idea. Um, that's, that's a legitimate concern. Um, Truex and Hamlin have just been way too consistent here to not have wins recently. So I like that. I think Bell's gonna be popular simply to try to overtake Kyle Bush and lead a bunch of laps. Um, I don't know what to do with, with 2311 this week to be honest. I like the Toyota camp in general but I don't know what to do with those guys. Speaker 2 00:19:56 Um, here's Speaker 3 00:19:57 My question. Is it Reddick doesn't like the track or is it that Chevy's haven't done well here? Although anybody outside of HMS like has run well but hasn't had wins cuz HMS is dominated Dover but like his runs in the Chevy's haven't been good, but Kyle Bush's runs in Toyota have been and now they've basically swapped seats. So like do we still trust Kyle Bush's track history and attribute like you see what I'm saying? Yeah, Speaker 2 00:20:32 No I do. Speaker 3 00:20:33 Like is it Tyler Reddick's track history or that he didn't like Chevys or is it Kyle Bush's track history or that Toyotas gave him a boost? Speaker 2 00:20:42 Well it's like, you know, we talk about Homestead kind of being a loose comparison to Dover and all these other tracks, uh, like, like Darlington and Bristol and like, you know, you can imagine like Tyler Reddick having success there. So I think like this could be a unique situation for him to possibly be optimal in the gpp. Like I don't ever want to rule him out because based on pure talent alone, like he has it correct. He, he can win. Um, so I, I'm not gonna shy away from playing him in a couple tournament lives because he just does have a monstrous ceiling, um, works really well in two dominator builds. He's only $9,000 and there's win equity there. Um, so I, I might chalk it up to maybe his previous team not running well there and I'd be willing to go back and give him another shot because at the same time I don't anticipate significant roster ship or ownership, you know, heading his way for tournament contests. Speaker 3 00:21:40 Yeah, I'm, I'm with you. I would take a shot, I would take a shot on Tyler Reddick, I mean starting seventh hard not to Speaker 2 00:21:49 Um, Speaker 3 00:21:49 Not looking at the camera just then my kid busted in because they hate me today apparently. Speaker 2 00:21:55 <laugh>. No worries. Uh, we got about eight minutes left. Uh, who are some drivers that we can target for position differential? Joey Logano is only 8,800. That's gonna be a very popular play. He starts P 26 but at the same time it seems like C Logano has busted all too often this year. Speaker 3 00:22:13 Yeah. Uh, it concerns me that Penske started with a clean sheet, like they said during practice coverage that they have like one top five as a team in the last 10 races here or something to that effect mm-hmm <affirmative> and that they huddled this week and started with a completely clean sheet for the setup that's concerning <laugh>. And then you don't even really get to get time on the track to find out if the, Speaker 2 00:22:39 If the sheet is right Speaker 3 00:22:40 Up works. Um, I mean, I don't know. I don't, I I feel like for three years now I can't read Joe look on and I don't know why. Um, but good lord I, he's going to be popular cuz he is a big name guy at 8,800 Pluck starting 26th and people are gonna say, well in Richmond he finished seventh and it Martinsville finished second and whatnot. Okay. Again, not the same package. So while it is short track and this is a shorter distance, um, and at Phoenix he finished 11th. Okay. But again, uh, I don't know, I mean I'll put 'em in the playbook cuz I'm gonna kind of have to Speaker 2 00:23:38 Yeah, you almost have to mention just the, just to mention it from a position differential perspective, Speaker 3 00:23:43 And I could be entirely wrong on him this weekend, it's not like I'm completely fading him, I just can't get a clean enough read. Like, would you rather play Ty Gibbs or Logano Speaker 2 00:23:56 Logano? Speaker 2 00:24:02 I mean there's Star Well yeah, you know, it's Logano like I, at the end of the day I just have to, you know, play the guy who's better and I understand the guy that I believe is better is 1700 more and he starts right behind Ty Gibbs. But I would rather put more faith in Logano because also in Ty Gibbs's price range, I could play Ryan Priest, Michael McDowell, maybe Eric Elmar, who's only 6,500 starting P 19. And that's a good position. And one thing we haven't talked about yet is that this is a track, um, competition caution will help this, but over the long green flag run of the race, if this is run on Monday, cars get lapped easily and very quickly and Eric El Marro is at least starting in a spot inside the top 20 where, and he's cheap and he's on a good team where he can hold his position and move up enough to really get to five or six x value and sneak away with maybe a top 12. Now I do have concerns because I don't think he's necessarily performed great in this particular package this year. Uh, but he is a guy that I go to in this range because Ty Gibbs great equipment, good young, relatively green young driver, but I do think that he could potentially get lapped and I have a little more faith in Logano staying on the lead lap. Speaker 3 00:25:16 I mean that's fair. You're talking about a NASCAR champion compared to a rookie, basically like Speaker 2 00:25:21 An Xfinity champion <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:25:23 He, he drove, he drove half a year basically in the Cup series last year, but he's, yeah, he's still, you know, basically a rookie at this point. Um, Austin CIN scares the bejesus me this week. Speaker 2 00:25:38 Yeah. I can't really bring myself to play him. I just, Speaker 3 00:25:41 If if we're, if we're looking at Penske and we're saying, okay, well they're doing a complete rebuild on their setup here, at least Blaney and Logano have had success. At least they are several years into a cup career and have proven that they can make good out of bad cars. Speaker 2 00:26:01 He has had a brutal month. Speaker 3 00:26:03 What? Speaker 2 00:26:04 He's had a brutal month. Yeah, he finished 26 last week, whatever. It's, it's Talladega, you know, start 15th. I wanna say he, I believe he wrecked, um, it's a pretty safe Speaker 3 00:26:13 Bed in Talladega. I'm just, yeah. Speaker 2 00:26:15 Uh, the week before that he started 25th and finished 33rd in Martinsville. The week before that for the dirt race at Bristol started seventh finished 19th Richmond started sixth, finished 28th. He <laugh>, this is kind of a stupid argument because we shouldn't judge a driver by their DFS output. Uh, but he only has one top 20 and in the month of April in four races, he has a total of 10 fantasy points. Speaker 3 00:26:37 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:26:38 It's bad. Speaker 3 00:26:40 It's, I mean there's a reason why he keeps shopping in price. I'm Speaker 2 00:26:43 Just saying. Yeah. Like it's gonna be difficult for anyone to really justify him aside from like deep feel. If you're building 150 lineups, yeah, you should probably get him into like five to 7% of your builds. Uh, but again, like the way the lineup shook out this week is actually really interesting because you scroll to the way bottom where we typically will try to find some punts just to squeeze in at the bare minimum and maybe they can get 18 to 22 fantasy points. Speaker 3 00:27:06 Ty Dylan's not playable at 16. Speaker 2 00:27:08 He's, he's 4,700 but he's starting P 16. JJ Yelly is starting 21st. BJ Mcle, we have three of the four drivers that are priced below 5k and they're starting in, in the top 25. And you have to assume that one, all three are gonna get lapped and two, they're probably gonna go backwards anyway. So we can't really go to these sub 5K punts. Now there are some cheap drivers that you can consider like a Corey Lejo who's 5,000 and he can sneak into the top 20. Harrison Burton's kind of interesting, but I always hate playing Harrison Burton. Speaker 3 00:27:37 Todd Gilland. Speaker 2 00:27:38 Todd Gilland is probably the best one in this range under six K. Speaker 3 00:27:41 Yeah, I mean Eric Jones is unplayable starting 11th. Speaker 2 00:27:44 Yeah, Speaker 3 00:27:45 He, he just, especially with Austin Dillon being a free square at 6,300. Speaker 2 00:27:50 Uh, but in five of his last six races, Todd Gilland and now granted he's qualified pretty well for these and you know, not 35th, uh, but Gilland in five of his last X races has finished top 15 with three top tens in that, in that span. Speaker 3 00:28:04 Yep. Speaker 2 00:28:05 Um, so very inflatable. I don't still very affordable too. Speaker 3 00:28:09 And by the way, if you wanna talk about a high tire aware, uh, intermediate package track, how about Auto Club? You started 25th and finished 17th. Speaker 2 00:28:17 There you go. Speaker 3 00:28:19 And he was five grand put up 34 points. So almost seven x value. Speaker 2 00:28:23 Uh, real quick, because we have uh, less than two minutes to go, I am curious, what are your thoughts on call racing this week? AJ Alma Dinger P 29 at six K, Justin Haley, P 25 at 5,600. Speaker 3 00:28:33 I don't know <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:28:36 Sorry. Alright. Speaker 3 00:28:38 I, I like, Speaker 2 00:28:40 Do you want me to give you an easier one? Speaker 3 00:28:43 No, I mean we can talk this, we can talk this through. So far outside of the dirt race, I haven't really liked what I've seen from Justin Haley. Speaker 2 00:28:50 Okay. Speaker 3 00:28:51 We keep, we keep looking to him like Vegas was a pretty decent race. Okay. But we keep looking to him as a guy like, oh, he is been, he's been solid and it's, and he ran well here last year and whatnot and he just doesn't, he just keeps like, not that they're terrible, but they're just not Speaker 2 00:29:10 Even last week at Talladega you thought like there's upside for better than a 18th place finish and he still paid off his price tag on DraftKings, but you know, he was offering pd. He is a super Speedway specialist, very good on super speedways. He right, he's wanted Daytona in the Cup series and he won plenty of times in Xfinity. Uh, but you know, we haven't really seen that this year all whether it was Atlanta, uh, Daytona or Talladega. Um, is there, are there any drivers that you want to touch on before we go? Cause we got about a minute left. Speaker 3 00:29:41 Um, not necessarily, I mean, I'll save 'em for the, you know, anybody, I'm gonna sneak into the playbook. We'll save that for, uh, that one. I will have projections out Saturday evening. Playbook will be out Saturday afternoon. Uh, core plays probably banking on Sunday, unless we hear that it's, you know, put off till Monday then I'll probably wait on Core Place. Um, but yeah, other than that, I think play light. We have Kansas next week, which is a phenomenal mile and a half track. Um, get Speaker 2 00:30:15 Your 23 x iShares ready. Speaker 3 00:30:17 I mean, Toyotas were fasting last year. Yeah, for sure. Um, so yeah, I would, I would say bankroll management for like Kansas and then, you know, we've got a couple other more predictable tracks coming up like Charlotte at the end of May, whatnot. So with that, good luck folks. I mean, I'm sorry I can't, I can't help you <laugh>, but nobody, nobody has a read on this race. Well chatting with other folks on Twitter and nobody has a read on this race. Speaker 2 00:30:50 Appreciate the advice as always. Matt, best of luck to you this weekend. Best of luck, the nation.

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