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August 12, 2023


Verizon 200 NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
Verizon 200 NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
Verizon 200 NASCAR DFS Preview

Aug 12 2023 | 00:30:07


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Dan Malin and Matt Selz preview the field for NASCAR DFS for the Verizon 200 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course for Sunday’s race. Get the strategy, track info, and driver breakdowns to set your lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers Start Your Engine. Speaker 2 00:00:22 What's going on? FFA Nation, welcome back. This is the Fantasy Alarm NASCAR D f S podcast streamed through the Better Sports Network. I'm Dan Mail and I'm joined as always by our F S w A three-time NASCAR writer of the year. Matt Sells. Matt, we are road course racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Uh, a lot of talk about how NASCAR may shift back to the Oval next year. And this could be the last year that we, uh, we could be ending the, uh, Indianapolis Grand Prix, uh, experiment after just a couple years. Uh, it it's been a disaster at times. Uh, but I love the chaos. I think it's kind of funny. It sucks for D f Ss at times, but what are your thoughts? Speaker 3 00:01:02 Um, I guess I have mixed opinions, right? Like it's been chaos. But to be fair, Coto was chaos in the first year. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and then Martin Tr Junior nearly killed Chris Buscher just the second year in a rainstorm when he couldn't, I think Speaker 2 00:01:18 It was Cole Custer Speaker 3 00:01:19 Cole Custer either way. Yeah. Nearly killed the dude. Not his fault. It's all good. They're all still alive. Um, Charlotte Roel, I feel like the first year was kind of nuts 'cause we had, again, M t j getting wrecked out by I believe Jimmy Johnson in the final corner and then Ryan Blaine, you got the win. Um, so I, I don't know. I feel like the Oval has been, has kind of produced some bad races. Like that's why we went away from it, was that you got the poll and you could just set sail and get out to like 8, 10, 12 second leads and never be seen from again, like for staffing it like, you know, Speaker 2 00:02:00 <laugh>. Yeah. Uh, I do remember arguably, uh, the last Oval Race for Indianapolis or the Brickyard 400. It, it, it seemed kind of boring. Uh, but I also remember that there was like a massive pile up on Pit Road just because it does have one of the more narrow Speaker 3 00:02:15 Roads. Yeah. And a guy got on and basically blocked the entirety of Pit Road. Then we had a a, a pile up, much like we did at the, the final corner there in Chicago. <laugh> when they got blocked and then yeah. Looked like we're traffic. Um, I don't know. Uh, should Indy stay on the schedule? Yes. In some form or capacity, it should stay on the schedule. Clearly Roger Penske owns the track, so that's almost assuredly going to happen. The trick is if Cup goes to the Oval, Xfinity has to go to the Oval two. Speaker 2 00:02:53 So I thought about this because I know that they, unless Speaker 3 00:02:56 They run 'em in two different, because they can't run 'em the same weekend, it's way too hard to switch the track. Speaker 2 00:03:01 What if they did Xfinity Road course practice and qualifying Friday and you ran it Friday night and then you could do trucks on Saturday at I R P and you could pretty much use overnight Friday night into Saturday to transition the track back to the Oval for cups so they can do their practice and qualifying and race the oval on Sunday. Speaker 3 00:03:19 Well, when are you getting practice and qualifying in for a cup? Speaker 2 00:03:22 Uh, I mean it would be a massive effort overnight to transition the track back to from the road course to the Oval. Now the other issue is, is like, well what if there's bad weather on Friday and you can't and you have to run the Extenuation on Saturdays? Speaker 3 00:03:37 No, there's no program room. Speaker 2 00:03:39 Logistically it's a nightmare. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:03:41 Unless you run it two different race weekends. You also have to work with IndyCar. 'cause IndyCar is running the Indianapolis Grand Prix this weekend on the Indy Road course. Um, so they're there too. In fact, I think they're running tonight after the Xfinity Race. Speaker 2 00:03:59 I think they're before the Xfinity Race Speaker 3 00:04:01 Or before. Yeah. Um, Speaker 2 00:04:03 That's a hell of a ticket <laugh> like can you imagine? Yeah, it's Speaker 3 00:04:06 A three. Like you're getting and if you got the, the trucks over at I R P, which is just down the road, that's a heck of a race weekend to be sure. So I, I don't know. It's a, it's an interesting conversation. If indie races like Pocono just did, or Michigan just did, then maybe it's worth switching back to the oval. Speaker 2 00:04:30 Not a bad thought, but, uh, we did waste enough time just talking about the prospects of NASCAR's schedule and they haven't even released it. But we do have some NASCAR D F S contests for Sunday. Uh, we had practice, we had qualifying and there's the way it shook out, we're looking at a ton of chalk, uh, so many position differential options. And the, I guess the beauty of this race and what we've seen, uh, in three races with Xfinity and two races in the Cup series is that it's chaotic. Um, it there is, it's a higher variance road course. It's a smaller sample size shore, but we, we've just seen so much chaos the last couple years that they've run here across both series. And so you kind of just have to embrace it. Um, but at the same time, we're getting two very popular drivers in grid equipment starting on the very back row and it's easy to just plug those two into your lives. So it's like, do you, are you okay playing cash games this week and just eating the chocolate with Byron and Harvick? Um, and there are plenty of other guys too starting pretty far back. So, you know, is this more of a G P P week where you feel a little better getting different or how are you approaching the slate man? Speaker 3 00:05:40 Yeah, first of all, you know that I'm the bigger proponent of cash games between the two of us. Um, this weekend I think there's some chalky cash options to be sure. Oh, for sure. I'm gonna play more G P P than I normally do 'cause of the variance because I feel, feel like you can get different. Um, you don't have to ride pole sitters here. Um, you know it, this one you may want to, I dunno, we'll talk about that in a little bit. But, um, I I I kind of feel like this is a better G p P slate than a cash game sleep because Byron didn't qualify. So the news came out on Friday that he failed tech three times, four times. Yeah. I dunno. He failed at a bunch. Um, his car chief got ejected. He did not do a qualifying lap. Speaker 3 00:06:30 He started in the back. Um, he was able to practice the car was okay at practice. Um, harvick, I, the only thing I've heard about Harvick this week is apparently on the off weekend in June he went to Italy and fell and bruised a rib and he's been dealing with it all summer. I literally don't think I ever saw the car on track for practice. Um, qualifying was a disaster. So those are some chalky plays. If we're banking on chaos then a kind of a modified stack. The back strategy has worked here. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, this is kind of a Daytona ish road course from what we've seen. But in general, I do like the wonkiness that you can get with GPP this week that like, you know, some guys it should be higher played, won't be because there's higher PD dudes in the back. Speaker 2 00:07:27 Now my next question is, uh, we have 82 laps for this race. Um, and we'll, we'll get into track breakdown shortly 'cause uh, there's little to no elevation change but, you know, 82 laps with that means at most if there were zero cautions, which we know will not happen, uh, that's 57.4 dominated points. Um, and so ob just not a lot. Uh, so it's obviously a week that we target position differential overall just like good finishes as well. But how do you think that the lack of stage breaks, uh, comes into play? Does that help the drivers that are starting up front a little bit more? Because, you know, you no longer need to strategize for track position by pitting before the end of the stage and, and taking tires and fuel and then assuming that everyone else at the stage break comes in. Like, and then you would just naturally kind of move yourself up if you pitted before the stage break. Um, do you think it'll be more difficult for drivers to move up through the field if we don't have the stage breaks, which obviously means less cautions? Speaker 3 00:08:27 Uh, I think we've seen that so far this year that this, that the no actual stage break caution on road courses has completely flipped the script on strategy. We saw some guys at Sonoma get stuck not being able to move up with that stage break like they had been in the past. Um, Coda I feel like it really screwed the pul sitter coming in because we saw, you know, them go out and lead a tunnel laps early and then they pitted and we're never heard from again. <laugh> <laugh>, this race has a little bit more chaos to it. I do think what we have to pay attention to more this week, more than perhaps starting spots is where guys are in playoff bubbles and how they're gonna strategize around that. Right? So we've got, there's only three regular season races left before the playoffs. You got this week, you got next week at Watkins Glen, which is a fairly standard less chaotic road course. And then you have the mother of all chaos in the Daytona <laugh>, uh, August race, 400 miles of plate racing that anything can happen. Right? Um, so for guys who need the points and who are on the bubble, like guy like Ty Gipps, right? He's on the bubble. He's probably gonna stay out and get stage points rather than scripting to win a race. If you are outside the bubble and you need to win the race, you will reverse engineer it to pit so that you're on the track with the best equipment possible towards the end of the race. Speaker 2 00:10:13 I think it's interesting that, interesting that you bring up this strategy especially 'cause you know, Ty Gibbs is currently three points to the good. He starts P 10, right? And then we have Michael McDowell who's three points behind him starting P four and then Daniel Su Suarez is on the ball and he's five points out. So the way that qualifying huge implications Speaker 3 00:10:29 And, and Chase needs a win and he's starting third, Speaker 2 00:10:32 Right? Speaker 3 00:10:33 So I think that's more Sure. Do they want track position? Everybody always wants track position. Doesn't matter what track doesn't matter if it's easy to pass or what you'd rather not have to is the point. So if they have track position, it's gonna be hard to see people giving it up. But I do think playoff implications will come into, uh, will come into play here more than we've seen in previous races. Speaker 2 00:10:59 Okay. Can I ask? Okay, so what's the cutoff in points where you would say that a driver needs to race for a win? Because I already touched on McDowell and Suarez, both of them are within five points of Gibbs. You have AJ Almond Dinger, who's 24 points back. Now, you could say he can still probably raise for points or a win. We, we do have two road courses coming up between tomorrow and next week. Not, but then you get, but then you get to like Bowman, Cindrich, Elliot and those guys are all 40 points or worse behind. Is it safe to say that those are the drivers that you think are racing for wins? Speaker 3 00:11:29 Yeah, probably because if you do the math, I think it's what 45 or 50 points is the most you can get in a single race mm-hmm. <affirmative> if you win and you uh, get, uh, stage points and and whatnot. So if you're 40 points back, you basically need a win because there's no way you're gonna outpoint somebody in three races to, like you said, what Austin Cindrich is 40 points out. Speaker 2 00:11:58 Austin Cindrich or, uh, Alex Bowman is 44 points out, right? Austin Cindrich is 53 points out. Speaker 3 00:12:04 So Alex Bowman being 44 points out, he'd have to outpoint Ty Gibbs by what, 16 basically 15 points a race. Mm-hmm <affirmative> for three races. Speaker 2 00:12:22 It's Speaker 3 00:12:22 Tough. We're not talking D f Ss points. We're talking about like he's gotta finish at least 15 points better than him, 15 spots on the track, better than him in three straight races and probably has to cover him with some stage points too. That's not happening at, at this point in the year. So, um, obviously if we get a different winner that changes things like if AJ Allman dinger somehow magically comes from a terrible starting spot to win or Alex Bowman nabs a win or Ric nabs a win, then the bubble moves, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> then Tai Gibb would likely be out unless he's jumped the guy in front of him, right? So there, there's some interesting, um, things to happen with, you know, in terms of playoff standings. But I would say the guys that are within 20 something points are probably still believing they could point their way in if the other guys have a bad week. Speaker 2 00:13:23 All right. Uh, Indianapolis motor speed weight's about two and a half miles in length with 14 turns a lot of just like pure straits. Yes. Uh, in this complex, uh, I wouldn't say it's like a super technical track, but obviously turn one is gonna be a disaster. It's been kind of a mess the, the last couple years for both Xfinity and Cup Speaker 3 00:13:43 And now they have that long run, like that long run through where you gotta run through like a construction zone to get back on the track. Do Speaker 2 00:13:51 You see, is that what kinda Larson did today? Speaker 3 00:13:53 Yeah. You have to go through like a sandbagged area, like an access road through a couple of fences that it doesn't look like you should be driving through <laugh>, get past a concrete barrier and then you have to stop. Wait, the two, like a traditional stop, right? Wait two seconds at a stop sign and then you can rejoin. But it it, yeah, it, I mean I understand why they did it. Some guys shot through turn one because you really only had like a stop and go, which didn't really cause that big of a problem. Yeah. In previous years it's just, you would've thought they would've dressed it up a little bit more than looking like you're driving through a construction zone. Um, I'm with you though. It's not a hyper-technical track. There is a slower section and a faster section. Um, cars that have problems with right rear grip are gonna have a problem this week though. Speaker 3 00:14:44 Why's that? We saw that with Kyle Busch in practice. He complained that his car was getting loose in 10 and it carried all the way through until the front straightaway because everything else was right turn from turn 10 through 14 basically. Um, so if you don't have right rear grip in your car, the second half of this track is gonna be a little bit of an issue and you're gonna be losing time, uh, to guys. Now is there any way to know who exactly has it? Not really <laugh>. Um, the coverage in practice today was, was was not great as Steve Laer said, with four and a half minutes to go in qualifying the track's about to get real busy here in the next four minutes. I, you, you think that's the only time I have. Um, but I'm with, I, I would put this up with Watkins Glen as a faster, less technical track. It's certainly not like Sonoma. I'm not even sure it comps all that well to the Chicago street track. Um, Speaker 2 00:15:44 It comps at all. Dakota Speaker 3 00:15:46 Maybe a little 'cause there's like some long straits of coda and then there's some technical turns. But Coda's massive elevation change a lot more, turns a lot longer higher speed. Um, so it, like with all road courses it's pretty hard to comp it specifically to another one. Mm-hmm. Speaker 2 00:16:06 <affirmative>. All right, let's, uh, dig in. We're about halfway through the show and we'll just start talking about the drivers. Uh, won't try to go too quick, but, uh, we'll try to make up some ground, uh, the seven most expensive drivers, Martin s Jr. Tyler Reddick, uh, s v g, uh, I struggled pronouncing his name. I'm sorry, Matt, uh, Jay Elliot, Kyle Busch, Kyle Larsson, and Christopher Bell, 9,400 and up from there, uh, they all start in the top 12 given all the PD plays that are available to us this week. Um, and they're cheap. Uh, how many of these guys, the top 12 that are priced up, uh, 'cause there is this line between Christopher Bell and AJ Alma Dinger, it's like we get these seven drivers that can potentially dominate and win this race. And then once you get to AJ Alma dinger at 9,300, there's just, it's just like position differential after position differential. Speaker 2 00:16:56 Daniel Suarez on the pole is mixed into this group as well. But when on a road course when you see all these like PD plays, it's like you, you don't have as much pressure to play the pole sitter in Suarez who does still have a shot to make the playoffs. Um, but how many of these guys, the seven most expensive drivers, do you think that you'll be playing in the same lineup? Like do do you want to have at least one of them in there? Maybe two, maybe none at all. If you're just gonna stack the back and go for the position differential, Speaker 3 00:17:24 Um, I think you kinda have to have one Speaker 2 00:17:30 Just to differentiate your lineup. Speaker 3 00:17:32 Yeah. And you need the win equity 'cause the odds of dude starting outside the top, well 12, winning this race pretty slim. I mean with all the chaos of the first race, AJ Alman Dinger won it from eighth in the chaos we saw last year. Tyler Reddick won it from the pole granted, did not spend the entire race on the pole, led 38 of the 82 laps, but two races. And we've seen two winners from the top 10. Doesn't mean the, the trend continues but road courses is pretty hard to win races starting outside the top 10 traditionally speaking. So if you want win equity, not saying you have to have the race winner in your lineup, but if you want some lapse lead and you want some win equity, I'm gonna put at least one of these guys in a lineup. Do I want two? I guess it depends on how you see the race, right? Like if you're banking on no chaos or very little chaos, then I could understand putting more than two of these guys and then just getting some cheap dudes from the bottom that you hope uh, move up, right? Like Speaker 2 00:18:47 I can see a lot of tournament lineups starting with Truex and Reddick because you're getting a ton of win equity there and you're hoping that Reddick can get around Suarez get the laps lead. Granted there aren't a lot but you know, if Reddick does lead most of the first stage is still finished top five good chance that he's in the opt wall in. And then the thought is that later on Truex gets to the front, either wins it or leads lapse as well. And then with the remaining four drivers, you're just looking for good finishes, Speaker 3 00:19:14 Right? Like if you go S V G and Bell and Suarez starting three dudes in the top eight, you still have 7,300 bucks left per slot on dk, right? And now you want to hammer PD with the everybody's favorite play of William Byron and Kevin Harvick. And for that last spot you got 5,800 bucks, which still gives you I guess okay options. I mean like, Speaker 2 00:19:46 I mean Speaker 3 00:19:47 Not great, like I'd rather have an extra a hundred bucks and get Gilland in there than being stuck at Elmar and below. Um, but if you pick one of those two, let's say Byron, right? And you'll leave <inaudible> off the list and you go, okay, Eric Jones is 6,300, now you're talking, you can go get Bowman who's super cheap starting ninth, it's 6,800 bucks. Uh, Briscoe Austin Dylan who's getting better at road courses. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, right? Like you could get really creative. So that's why I'm not sure you necessarily need, like there are I would say three distinct ways you could build this week. You could build expecting the top 10 to stay relatively intact and then get like two to three massive PD upside guys in your build, right? And that means you could play Bowman starting ninth at 6,800 'cause he's cheap. Daniel Suarez in what I believe to be the Sonoma winning car from last year and the Chicago winning car from this year. Speaker 3 00:20:54 'cause he's lightning fast, right? He's pretty cheap. He's gonna be pretty popular. The other way you could build it is based on pure chaos and build a stack the back deal like we would do at Daytona or Talladega or Atlanta. Now the other way you could do it is you kind of sit in the middle there 'cause you believe that half the people are gonna do the first way and half the people are gonna do the second way and you're gonna go the route in between. 'cause if that pays off, you're gonna be in no man's land and have a wide open path to moving up the the leaderboard. So, uh, so to answer your original question, it kind of depends on which way you're building your lineup. Do you need more than one of those top seven dudes? No, don't think so. No. You can build with as many as three of them. You could build two. So I'm gonna write up a bunch of dudes. It's gonna be a very deep playbook this week <laugh> because Speaker 2 00:21:54 There's Speaker 3 00:21:55 A lot of people. Um, and it's gonna be a choose your own adventure this week. Nice. Speaker 2 00:22:02 Um, how much exposure to Byron and Har this week is gonna be too much exposure? Like what would you want to settle on? Like 50%? Speaker 3 00:22:10 Well you were joking that you were gonna put 'em in all Speaker 2 00:22:13 <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:22:13 All of your every lineup was gonna have both of those and you like money. Um, those two statements don't go hand in hand. No. Um, how much is too much? I would say anything over the like 40%, I don't know. Like Byron's 8,900 bucks. Speaker 2 00:22:38 Yeah. <laugh>, I mean Harvick's like 70 what? Six? Speaker 3 00:22:43 Uh, he's Speaker 2 00:22:44 73. Even worse. Speaker 3 00:22:45 73. So clearly Harvick needs less, needs to do less on the track to hit value. But the question becomes it's not value, it's value over the field that you're seeking. And if everybody plays them and they do, let's say they hit five x but you also play them, you're not gaining anything over the field with that. You're holding steady, which means you still need your other five, four or five guys to exceed what everybody else is doing. All you've done is gotten the free square from the bingo, but you haven't gained on the field. Right? So in this position I would almost say go under the field. Speaker 2 00:23:35 Yeah, I know that is the way to go in tournaments. Um, Speaker 3 00:23:40 Cash games I think you have to go over because Speaker 2 00:23:44 I think it depends on like your strategy with cash games. 'cause I only do like one lineup for cash games and I'll just enter it in a variety of double ups and like they would easily make it. Um, and I even like screenshot like a quick cash game lineup I threw together. But I mean it was pretty simple. It had Almond Dinger, Buscher, Byron Hamlin Harvick and I think Eric Jones surprising that I could fit all those drivers in the same lineup. But again, it's, it's just a cash lineup. And this is a road course. So everyone's price is a little bit depressed and, and I don't really try to aim for drivers that can hit five x value. I'm mostly looking for drivers that can get me between 40 and 50 points on a road course. And Harvick and Byron have a clear path. Now the lack of uh, stage breaks hurts them a little bit because the field doesn't reset. But if we're still anticipating a lot of chaos and cautions as we've Speaker 3 00:24:33 Seen Speaker 2 00:24:34 <crosstalk>, well okay, I don't think it's gonna be an issue. Speaker 3 00:24:36 But here's, here's a question. Okay? If it rains tonight in Indie, which it's supposed to, does that mean there's a comp caution tomorrow for the Cup race? Because the track will have changed. It will have changed. Speaker 2 00:24:57 They Speaker 3 00:24:57 Were on the track <affirmative>. Speaker 2 00:25:02 But would it be, are you saying that the track would change and that it would just still be wet by the time they go green tomorrow? Speaker 3 00:25:08 No, I'm just saying like we've seen NASCAR have comp cautions if it rains between practice qualifying and the race for the Cup series. Like even when they've gotten in full Speaker 2 00:25:26 Practices. Yeah, no I know, I know. I, I guess it's possible. Um, Speaker 3 00:25:30 I'm not saying the track would still be wet, right? I'm just saying that because it changed and it's now no longer rubber it up because remember the cup, the cup guys were, you know, there's rubber on the track. They built it up now there's gonna be IndyCar, there's gonna be Xfinity, there's gonna be a bunch of different rubber on the track. It's gonna be basically depending on how hard and how long it rains and whatever, it'd be essentially a green track tomorrow. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So there's a chance that there's a comp caution which throws a little bit of a wrench into this too. But I would say you wanna be under the field on Byron and Har in tournaments. Speaker 2 00:26:08 Now we only have a few minutes left. Uh, so before we get to final thoughts, I guess we've talked about I guess the, the contenders and the winners of the race and, and obviously the PD guys. Uh, but if there's a diamond in the rough, maybe a guy that you really like that might be off everyone's radar because he may not be starting up front or he may not be starting as far back as Byron or Harvick. Like who could that driver be? Speaker 3 00:26:33 Um, so K we gotta watch him because he had a little bit of damage um, in qualifying I believe. Um, so he may make some adjustments. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and if he's not starting 11th it's definitely gonna change my read on him at that price. The other, the other uh, international guys like COI and uh, Jensen Button and Rockefeller, um, I'm less high on, to be completely honest 'cause it's a bigger learning curve. The reason why S V G came over and is doing well is 'cause the supercar is basically the exact same car as a Cup Series car at this point. It weighs a little different, handles a little different but um, basically the same car. So if there's a guy who's kind of off people's radar, I mentioned Austin Dillon, I think he's getting better at road racing. I think he's learned a decent amount from Keck coming. Um, and Kyle Busch coming to R C R. Um, I don't know, hard to get Chris Buscher off my mind 'cause that guy's been a one back-to-back race has done it. Threw his wife under the bus for not coming to see him. Speaker 2 00:27:48 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:27:49 And he is been really good at road courses like good at road courses. Um, Austin Cindrich, nobody pays attention to him ever. It's Penske's home track. Literally they own it. So he's a guy who could just sneak into top tens. Speaker 2 00:28:05 I think he won here in the Xfinity series too. He Speaker 3 00:28:07 Did. He he does have a win here in the Xfinity series. Um, Speaker 2 00:28:14 I kind of like his laski not gonna lie, 6,900, he starts P 22. There are cheaper options starting further back. There are more expensive options like you could, I think a lot of people skip over Klowski 'cause they just try to fit in Kevin Harvick who is only $400 more. Um, I know we don't necessarily think of Brad as a good road course driver, but I'm, I'm mostly just looking at I guess the way he's been trending. He's got four top six finishes in his last five races. Not road courses but um, you know, his teammate Chris Buscher is a good road course driver and I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that if you have that kind of teammate at your disposal to pick their brain, Daniel Hemrick does it with AJ Almond Dinger. Anytime Almond Dinger runs an Xfinity series race for colleague Denny Hamlin picks Tyler Reddick's brain. Like he's been very vocal about that. Oh he Speaker 3 00:29:01 Called his setup for Sonoma. Speaker 2 00:29:03 Exactly. So I, Brad Klowski iss one guy that I may try to be overweight in the field on but I don't think it's gonna take very much 'cause I don't think he's gonna attract that much ownership 'cause I think people just easily will pay for Hamlin or, or Harvick Byron, maybe even Eric Jones or Austin Dillon. Speaker 3 00:29:19 I would, I would agree. And I'm just going back and double checking on what La Joy's done at Road courses of late Yeah. Solid run in Chicago. That was kind of a interesting race. He did have a very good run at Coda though too, to be perfectly honest and solid run at Sonoma. So he's a guy, he's a cheapie who may be off people's radars 'cause he's starting 14th, but if he Speaker 2 00:29:46 <crosstalk> all he has to do is just hold that position. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:29:47 Yeah. If he holds that spot, you're golden. Speaker 2 00:29:50 All right. Well Matt, pretty good breakdown of, uh, tomorrow's race from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Best of luck to you this, best of luck to the FA Nation. Speaker 3 00:29:58 Best of luck, cafe Nation.

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