July 28, 2022


NASCAR DFS Podcast: Verizon 200

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
NASCAR DFS Podcast: Verizon 200
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
NASCAR DFS Podcast: Verizon 200

Jul 28 2022 | 00:58:14


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NASCAR heads to Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IRP for a triple-header weekend of racing! Matt Selz and Dan Malin are back to preview this weekend's Verizon 200 with the driver breakdowns and DFS strategies for Sunday's action to help you win!

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:22 What's going on at foundation. Welcome back. This is the fantasy along NASCAR, D F S podcast. I'm Dan Mailin joined by the F SWA three time NASCAR writer. The year Matt sells Matt Howard. You it's kind of been a big week for NASCAR news. Speaker 3 00:00:37 It has, it has not been a slow week. That's for sho um, there's news all over the place. Um, you know, it's also been a, a big week for the site in case anybody has already logged on by the time they're listening to this, uh, it's down to one site. So that's what I was busy doing over the weekend. And early this week was helping the tech team merge the sites back together. Don't worry. All the DFS stuff is still there. You can still find it. It's all in the menus. You can also just go slash DFS and you'll get there. Um, but yeah, so been a busy week all around for F1. There's a ton of F1 news, ton of NASCAR news, um, sponsorship news in NASCAR penalties, disqualifications. Where do we wanna start? Speaker 2 00:01:25 I guess we could just do like start with a quick recap of Pocono just because it's not my favorite track. I kind of made note of that in both my playbooks this weekend. I also played much lighter than I normally do, and I was having a pretty good DFS day until Ross chestain. Uh, I guess if you look at slowmo heat, it's almost like you put himself in the wall, Speaker 3 00:01:45 Kinda like the Kevin hark, trying to wreck chase, Elliot freaked himself out. Speaker 2 00:01:50 It's it. Wasn't like I watched that and I just saw like, oh, well there's Denny's revenge. I mean, Denny may have felt pretty good about it in the moment. I'm pretty sure he did enjoy it. Um, but, uh, overall that did kind of break me. It didn't cost me everything. You know, I probably, I only played the, uh, the Chrome horn for $80 max and I lost about 30. Um, so other than that, I was kind of flirting with like, you know, breaking even kind of doubling up on the day, not a huge DFS day, but I really don't enjoy Pocono, but that is one of the better Pocono races that I've seen in recent memory. The racing was pretty good. Uh, it seemed much more, uh, possible to pass, which I don't really say too much about Pocono, but overall, like the racing was good. And then the drama that unfolded after the race was probably even better. Speaker 3 00:02:43 Yeah, for sure. Um, I caught snippets of the race, not the whole thing. Um, I was heading over to a friend's house, uh, for a welcome to town barbecue, basically. Um, but what I did see, it was fantastic. It was better poking over racing than we normally see. Right. Cuz we kind of went over how passing is tough here. They tend to get, um, you know, spread out pretty good during the race and whatnot, but that didn't necessarily seem to be the case, um, this time around. So that was, that was nice to see. It's also now a historic PO race because it was the first time a winner of a NASCAR race has been disqualified since 1960, I believe is what I saw. It's also the first time that somebody has won a NASCAR race without leading a single lap. Cause chase Elliot had never let a lap <laugh> last week and finishing third, he winds up winning because apparently the JGR guys had tape, uh, where they weren't supposed to. So, and from what my understanding is, is the reason why it wasn't caught until post race is apparently in pre-race tech. They don't take off the rap. Yeah. Which makes sense. Um, Speaker 2 00:04:00 That makes sense. Speaker 3 00:04:01 And cuz you don't want to force the team to do more work and rewrap stuff and whatever. So they couldn't detect it cuz it was under the wrap, but in post race tech, they take the rap off the cars and then they discovered it. So that would be why it was deemed legal to start the weekend and then deemed illegal because they put the wrap, you know, it was under the wrap. So, um, not great. Michael McDowell also apparently got fined a ridiculous, well as crucial chief, you've got find a bunch of money, McDowell lost points, uh, cuz they were messing with a part like Brad cuz Laski tried to do earlier this year. Um, Speaker 2 00:04:38 He basically needs to win twice to get in the playoffs now. Right. Speaker 3 00:04:43 Um, depends. I guess I, I have to double check where he is in the standings cuz you gotta be top 30 to make the, the playoffs. Right. If you win and you're outside the top 30, you don't automatically get a bit. Um, so I have to double check where he sits exactly in the points cuz yeah, it's possible that he might need to win to get back into the top 30 and then win again, uh, to actually make it count towards the playoffs. So yeah, there's quite a lot of stuff there. Kyle Bush still doesn't know where he is gonna go. Doesn't really have a sponsor lined up yet. So, and Kurt Bush is injured, still dealing with concussions. Speaker 2 00:05:26 Yeah. Um, Ty Gabes kind of came in short notice, uh, into the 45, had a pretty good day for the first two stages. It was pretty much, he was just getting a feel for it, obviously new car without practice, uh, hell of a gamble, but he still grabbed the top 20 in his cup series debut. He'll be back in the car this week, um, in the 45 for a road course. And he's excelled, uh, on this type of track before. Um, very curious Speaker 3 00:05:55 Where wasn't his first Xfinity race at the, the Daytona road course. Speaker 2 00:05:58 Yeah. And he won it yeah. At the right price of like $4,900 in Xfinity Speaker 3 00:06:03 <laugh> yeah. Um, as we're recording this, by the way, it's Wednesday night at about 10 45 Eastern, he is not yet in the DK DFS pool. Um, I have message DK about, well, is he gonna be at it? Cuz you put out the prices after the Kirk Bush news Speaker 2 00:06:18 He'll be added, Speaker 3 00:06:19 Came out and uh, by the way he is, you can bet him at a hundred to one on the DK sports book right now. Um, might not be bad to sprinkle some, a couple of bucks down there. Uh, I mean hell if everybody in the country's playing the mega millions this weekend to try to win up billion dollars, uh, may as well sprinkle a couple of extra bucks down on DK for uh, or wherever you can bet him, but he's going off at about a hundred to one right now. Speaker 2 00:06:45 Is he? What is he is, does he have modest to finish as the top Toyota? Speaker 3 00:06:49 Um, let me check. I have it open. So let me see what DK again, I'm only looking at DK cuz this is basically the main book that I can actually see, uh, the odds for cuz like I can't see. Fando where I live. Let's see. Does he have odds for top Toyota? He's going off a 10 to one as the top Toyota. Speaker 2 00:07:07 It's not terrible given half. Speaker 3 00:07:09 No. You wanna feel how disrespected this is? He's 10 to one. Bub is 50 to one on DK for the top Toyota. Speaker 2 00:07:15 I got him at a hundred to one Speaker 3 00:07:17 <laugh> I know you messaged me use it, Speaker 2 00:07:19 But I don't feel as good about it now that uh, Ty Gibbs as crazy it is, I feel less optimistic about that bet since Ty Gibbs is in the car than when I thought Kurt still had a shot at Speaker 3 00:07:28 It. Yeah. True X and Kyle are five to two Hamlin embellished seven to two. Ty Gibbs is 10 to one. Bub is 50 to one in Daniel. Uh, KA is a hundred to one. Who's a former F1 driver. Speaker 2 00:07:45 Um, alright. We will get to the Indianapolis, the road course preview shortly. Uh, there are some announcements though in terms of the, I guess content going forward the rest of the season and into the future. Um, I guess years to come. Speaker 3 00:08:02 Yeah. Um, so we've been doing some, some digging, you know, we, we like to look up analytics. We like to look at SEO stuff. We like to look at all that stuff when making decisions on directions of where things are headed. And frankly, Dan and I have been talking for a little while about pairing down the NASCAR stuff because it's just quite a lot to come up with with like, you know, three days basically. And we've added some F1 and some ind bets and whatnot. So it turns out that you all love the NASCAR podcast, which is fantastic. Thank you all for, um, supporting this and listening to it and whatnot and y'all are listening to quite a lot of it too, based on the analytics. So that's great. Uh, what this leads to is the track breakdown will no longer be, uh, written essentially we're we're doing track breakdowns in the podcast anyway. Speaker 3 00:08:53 Uh, so it's basically duplicating everything. So there's not really necessarily a point to put content out that basically nobody is reading compared to the other stuff. So, um, that won't be put out the playbook and example, lineups are still sticking around. Those things are going strong. So don't worry about that. Projections will still be here. Uh, price pick stuff will continue either in, um, you know, the discord channel or written piece of content or perhaps you get me on camera one of these days and spit out some, some video stuff. Um, but yeah, so going forward the track breakdown, uh, won't be being put out there cuz it's just not really being terribly well received. So it's just not really worth, um, you know, putting stuff out that's that's not getting eyeballs on it. So playbook will still be there. Projections example, lineups podcast, that kind of stuff will still be here though. Speaker 2 00:09:53 All right. Uh, I guess we will now turn our attention to this weekend's action unless you have anything else. Speaker 3 00:10:00 Nope. Let's go ahead and start breaking down the, uh, indie road course before it, it breaks itself. Speaker 2 00:10:05 Well, all three series this weekend are in Indianapolis, whoever the trucks are running Indianapolis Raceway park. It's the first time I think 11 or 12 years that NASCAR has returned to that track. It is uh, it's kind of a, it's a short track. It's flat. It's like a Martinsville Richmond hybrid. Uh, it is like 0.68, uh, miles in length. So very short, but the turn radius is not as tight as it is as Martinsville so they can obviously maintain higher speeds. Um, so it's a little bit bigger. Uh, so the trucks will be there this week. They have practice early Friday morning and then they have qualifying Friday afternoon. Friday is actually kind of a loaded schedule. It's riddled with truck series, practicing qualifying the truck series race at night, Xfinity practicing qualifying on the road course arc is mixed in pretty fun weekend for racing with all three series and we get, uh, F1, uh, which you'll be covering this week before they take their month off for summer. Yes. Uh, so I will have trucks, truck playbook up Friday morning. I will have it updated with practice notes. Uh, throughout the day I will be at work. So bear with me there. And then following qualifying, I'll be doing, uh, core plays for the trucks and I'll have those posted before probably 7:00 PM. And then I'll try to hit up the discord when I get home from work, if I'm out early enough. Speaker 3 00:11:33 Yeah, by the way, it's a late start on Friday for the trucks. It's nine Eastern Speaker 2 00:11:37 9:00 PM, which I don't mind to be honest with Speaker 3 00:11:39 You. Short track truck racing under the lights should be a pretty fun time. Speaker 2 00:11:43 Uh, and they have the Archer race two at six. So if that race, for whatever reason goes long, it might even be a later race. Uh, do not ask Bob Bob parkers. If the track has lights, if they're starting at 9:00 PM, they obviously have lights. Yes. Uh, Xfinity road course racing, uh, Saturday afternoon. And then we get the cup series and I gotta say, I know last year's indie road course race was an absolute mess. There were two massive cautions at two separate times in the race because of curbing and, and turtle shells and all that crap. I absolutely love this track. I do not wanna see them go back to the oval. I love the, the layout. Uh, this gave us one of the best Xfinity races when they debuted this track. And last year it Speaker 3 00:12:25 Was like a three wide pass in a two wide spot. Like it was insane. Speaker 2 00:12:29 I mean, I, I wanna see a much better race this year because last year's race was such a disaster for DFS and betting that I just, I don't want to see any screw up cuz I love this road course race. Um, but uh, I'm very excited for this week. It's a road course. So the DFS strategy is kind of like, uh, I don't wanna say dumped down, but it is a little more simplified but Speaker 3 00:12:51 Little bit. Speaker 2 00:12:53 Yeah. All right. So, uh, we'll dive in. Chase. Elliot is the top price driver this week, 10,600 on draft Kings. If you consider the disqualification following Pocono, he has either finished first or second in his last five races. I mean, if you don't certainly Speaker 3 00:13:09 No, no worse than third in the last five races, Speaker 2 00:13:11 Correct? Yeah. Speaker 3 00:13:13 It's clearly the power of the stash by the way. Speaker 2 00:13:15 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:13:17 I mean, think about it. He started off, he started off strong, had the stash for some reason, shaved it off. And when he shaved it off, he finished outside the top 21 for four straight races. Grew it back. Hasn't finished worse than eighth, going back to Sonoma and after Sonoma, which is like after the father's day weekend break, he's finished first, second, first, second, and third slash first, depending on if you count, you know, disqualification or not <laugh> so yes, it's clearly the power of the stash. That's helping him. Right. It's not the Hendrick cards. It's not the fact that he's very good at driving. None of that. It's just, it's just the stash. No seriously though. He's now he gets a road course like <laugh> do we really expect this streak to end in it this week? I don't think so. Um, I mean there's clearly a reason the fact that you can still get chased at 12 to five on DK is the top Chevy is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. Um, he's the favorite at four to one on there too. And um, yeah, he's even money for a top three, by the way. <laugh> on DK. Speaker 2 00:14:29 Could this maybe be a spot in DFS where you could consider to fade him? Uh, only because at this Bryce tag you definitely need to get, I mean, there's win equity here, but it's like, you need to nail the winner. Right? Cause there's not gonna be a ton of dominator points. Um, he hasn't won a road course race this year. Now that's not to say he's been terrible on road courses this Speaker 3 00:14:51 Year. No, I mean, he dominated it at Rhode America. He just, Speaker 2 00:14:54 He led double digit laps at both Rhode America and Sonoma, Speaker 3 00:14:58 But at 29 fastest laps at Rhode America too, by the way. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:15:03 Um, but you know, the secret's out, like everyone knows he is gonna be, he's the clear cut favorite to win this race. Like I'm not, I would either want to match the field or go underweight because I just think that there's significant leverage there. Yep. Um, Speaker 3 00:15:19 I mean, Speaker 2 00:15:19 I mean he's on a team where I've, I've heard some people go ahead. Speaker 3 00:15:24 No, I'm just saying it's a road course in his chase hall. Like the secret, like he's easily the active leader in wins for road courses right now. So like everybody knows is that's who you play road courses. So I'm agreeing that there's signi, there's decent leverage in fading him. Now, if he has an issue in qualifying, there's absolutely no way you can fade him. Speaker 2 00:15:48 Correct. Speaker 3 00:15:49 Right. Like we need him to nail qualifying and start in the top five to be able to fade him. Right. Speaker 2 00:15:57 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:15:59 Unless he starts so far back and you're just like, eh, something's gonna happen as he tries to move up, but not sure. I mean, that was the, the, the logic at the RAL too, when he also wrecked himself going into the wall and then came back in the final 15 laps and won the race all the way from the back of the field. So like I agree that there's, that there's plenty of other interesting guys that you can get in this price range that you don't have to be locked into chase Elliot. Speaker 2 00:16:29 I also think that one thing you have to consider this week is that we're getting to that point in the season where it's like some drivers know that they need to win and there are other drivers that have one win and that are just gonna be basically driving for points and they'll stay out for the stage points at the end of each stage while drivers that want to contend for the win will, uh, pit before the stage break, just so they can maintain track position and have it at the start of the second stage at the start of the third stage Elliot with, I guess, three wins is now in a pretty comfortable spot where he doesn't need to race for points. He can pretty much just race for wins. Speaker 3 00:17:09 Yeah. I mean, he is the, he is the leader in wins. Speaker 2 00:17:11 Yeah. That Speaker 3 00:17:12 Three. Speaker 2 00:17:13 So like a guy like chase and then Ross, um, I mean those are two guys easily that can just race for wins. And then I'm looking at Kyle Bush, Denny, you know, they're probably, they can race for wins. They need to be too worried about points. I don't know how I'm how sold I am on drivers. Like Tyler Redick, maybe Daniel swish. Speaker 3 00:17:31 Yeah. Do we think road America is a one off? Speaker 2 00:17:35 Um, Speaker 3 00:17:37 Or do we think that this track layout is similar enough to Rhode America in terms of it's relatively flat? There's a lot more higher speed straits here. Like there is at Rhode America, um, that he could be another contender. Speaker 2 00:17:57 I don't know if he can be a contender. And honestly, I'm just looking at his price tag on draftings Speaker 3 00:18:02 And yeah, 10,000, Speaker 2 00:18:04 10,000 is, is pretty tough to stomach, especially without like you and I were talking before the podcast. And I said, I wish draftings would stop pricing drivers over 10 K on road courses because without the dominator points that are available, you're really trying to nail six drivers that can finish in the top 12 or so. And you definitely need the winner. And I understand Tyler Reddick looked great at road America. I don't know if I'm as confident in him at indie road course, because I don't know how motivated this team is for a win when they probably wanna start accumulating points. Speaker 3 00:18:41 Also it's awkward now. Speaker 2 00:18:43 That's true. Yeah. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:18:44 Right. Like since he's won, he also announced he's leaving the team in a year and a half. So like, I dunno, he looked fast at Sonoma. He started fifth, but finished 35th. So that's, that's not great. Um, you know, we go down here to Dakota, he started fourth, finish fifth, two laps led that's 39 points, but he was also only 8,400. So you can swallow that at 8,400, it's a little tougher to swallow that at 10 grand. And by the way, 10 grand is the most, he's been all year. The previous high was I believe 9,704, I think it was Talladega. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:19:22 Um, I think the other thing that's gonna scare me about him too, is that he probably qualifies well as well because at Rhode America, he qualified fourth, uh, did win that one, Sonoma qualified fifth and finished outside the top 30, uh, for Coda. He qualified fourth and finished fifth with two laps led. But I don't know if he's qualified top five and I don't believe that he's really in a spot where he is trying to get a win. I don't know how much I wanna play him if he's 10 K and I could say the same thing almost about Crick, chase Barco, maybe Christopher Bell, as weird as that is. Speaker 3 00:20:01 I mean, yeah. So here's what it comes down to. Let's pull up the points because the interesting part is there are clearly some key guys that don't have wins yet this year. Right? So if there are more than 16 guys that get wins, then it comes down to points and you still technically have to point your way in cuz you'll be, you know, over the bubble. So let's sort the standings here, um, by actual points. Cause like Ryan Blaney, for example, doesn't have a win, but he's third in points. Speaker 2 00:20:36 <laugh> this is, uh, unrelated to the race, but I'm on NASCAR's website and underneath top headlines is NASCAR. Chasm reveals his face to drivers as a top headline. Speaker 3 00:20:47 Yeah. Cuz nobody's previously know what he looks like, but I think he actually winds up looking like Kyle Bush if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. Um, but yeah, so like, I don't know. Let's see. So for example, Tyler Redick is 14th in the point standings mm-hmm <affirmative> right. So he has a win, but like Eric Amar is actually ahead of him in points, even though Elmar doesn't have a win. Okay. Um, Brisco is currently 16th in points. Um, just two ahead of Kurt, like Kurt is out right now. If, if 16 guys get wins, Kurt is 17th and the standings based on points. So I'm with you that some of these guys have got to start they're they're either gonna go for a win at a like Crick. I don't have a problem with cuz he's a road racer. Like I think Cindrich thinks he can, this is his last best chance to win a second race before the playoffs. Maybe Walkins Glen. But I would think that Cindrich thinks this is probably his last best chance not to mention that their team owner owns the track. Yeah. Um, Speaker 2 00:22:01 But the other thing is too, is like we know Kurt is not, um, racing this weekend. And so there is more of an opportunity for those drivers Speaker 3 00:22:11 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:22:12 To separate themselves from Kurt. Speaker 3 00:22:15 Right? Correct. Cause Kurt's not gonna win, not gonna get points. Correct. Cuz he's not starting the race. If he started the race and then traded with tie Gibbs, he would get whatever points tie Gibbs would would get for finishing the race. But he's clearly not starting it. So, uh, by the way, McDowell is 26th in points. So if he wins right now, he is above the top 30 cutoff line. So, um, so yeah, I mean, I, I'm probably higher on Crick this week than, than you because I think he probably believes that based on the schedule that's left, this is probably his last best chance to win. Speaker 2 00:23:02 I'll also say that I don't mind Crick at 9,100 because there, there are narratives for him here, as you said, uh, this is Penske's track. Um, Roger Penske owns it. I also liked the momentum that Crich had before last week at Pocono. Um, right. I had a lot of Crick exposure. I couldn't believe how many in my lives. Uh, Speaker 3 00:23:24 Basically he died so well at 7,200. Speaker 2 00:23:27 Yeah. Yeah. Um, and he was coming on in, on like six straight, top 15 finishes for those in the top seven. So, uh, yeah, that cost me, but I don't hate him at a road course this week. I just, Speaker 3 00:23:40 I mean consider the fact that he didn't, he had never raced Sonoma at any level previously until he showed up there in June, started 25th and finished fifth. Yeah. On a track where nobody else could pass. That guy found a way to pass 20 other people. So, Speaker 2 00:23:58 And he finished seventh of Rhode America and he was eighth at Coda. Speaker 3 00:24:04 Yeah. So, and he was 9,500 at Coda. So I don't really have a problem with the 9,100. The problem's gonna be that he is gonna be popular. Right. That's that's, that's the issue there, but I, I do find it interesting that he is significantly more expensive than Joey Lagano LA's 8,000 this week. Speaker 2 00:24:31 Um, yeah. That's interesting. It's a little Speaker 3 00:24:34 Weird. I mean, Lao's been outside the top 22 and four straight races now Speaker 2 00:24:42 He's seventh and points. Yeah. I don't know. It doesn't mean as a Joey lag plus he's just not a RO ringer. Speaker 3 00:24:50 No, I mean he started ninth and finished 17th at Sonoma and he didn't have a very good day at Rhode America either. And then at Coda, he started six and finished 31st cuz he had, I think he had an issue with the, uh, curbing, if I'm not mistaken. Speaker 2 00:25:09 Um, in general, how do you feel about Joe Gibb's racing this week? I think the consensus is that a lot of people are worried about them just given how bad they've looked on road courses Speaker 3 00:25:19 And they have not looked good. Speaker 2 00:25:21 No, Speaker 3 00:25:22 Not for sure. I mean, I, we all thought it was gonna be a great day for like true X and Kyle and Denny, um, at Sonoma and true X couldn't move anywhere. Didn't do anything. Yeah. And Hamlin had a terrible day there. Didn't he? He finished like, yeah, 31st. Speaker 2 00:25:43 It was a dark day for Toyota in general. Cause I think Bubba wrecked early Speaker 3 00:25:48 Well Speaker 2 00:25:48 Or had a tire come off, Speaker 3 00:25:50 But yeah, yeah. He had the tire come off there coming up, like turn two or whatever it was. Um, I don't know. Do you think that this is a statement race given the suspension or the sorry, the disqualifications that happened for them that they're gonna try to prove like remember a couple of years ago when Kevin hark had that window had that rear window thing where his rear window was like caving in more than it should have and people caught it and reported it. And he got, um, I don't remember if he got like DEQ or got point stripped or whatever. And then he came back like the next week or two weeks later and one, and then got outta the car and pointed to the rear window. Like that didn't really help me. I'm just that good. <laugh> do you think this is one of those, like we didn't need the tape, we just had it there. Cuz we could like Speaker 2 00:26:48 It wasn't a brand new car and they looked a little more competent on road courses this year. Maybe it is just becoming very concerning given how bad they've looked as a team. Uh, and almost as a manufacturer. Um, I just it's really difficult to buy into any Toyota this week. Um, Kyle Bush's 98. I mean, none of them are over 10 K thank God. Um, and sure. Qualifying and where they all start could very well change everything. I mean, Denny LAN's 8,900, which I think is a little egregious. I love bell at 86, but again I do have my concerns and as a whole, like that could just be four drivers that I'm looking to see how they do on practice on Saturday. Speaker 3 00:27:37 Yeah. If there's anybody, I would be leaning towards it. Be bell Speaker 2 00:27:40 Just cuz he is a road course driver Speaker 3 00:27:43 He's been better. Like he started if he starts inside the top 10, I think he's fine. If he starts in traffic, I'm not sure he is gonna pass enough people. Um, but he did do well here or, or sorry he did well at Coda apologies. Um, so I, that would be the guy, I guess. I don't know, man. It's real hard to read. Read him. Are you more on Kyle Bush or true X taking Denny out of the equation? Cuz I just don't. I just don't like him this week. Speaker 2 00:28:22 Well, considering that Kyle Bush is only $200 more than true X and I've seen more speed in general in Kyle Bush's right. I'm inclined to lean Kyle Bush even though, um, I mean the finishes for both are kind of all over the place, but at least with Bush, we did see him technically get a win at food city. But in general his car has just been very fast this year except for road courses. You know, he finished 29th at uh, Rhode, America was 30th at Sonoma. I think he had some kind of issue there and then he was outside. Speaker 3 00:28:54 He was on eighth Dakota. Speaker 2 00:28:55 Yeah. So again, it's not great results. So we're getting from this team. Speaker 3 00:29:00 No. Um, one guy would pay a lot of attention to would be chase Brisco. Speaker 2 00:29:08 See, but that's a guy I think that could just be racing for points, Speaker 3 00:29:11 But he's from Indiana. Speaker 2 00:29:13 I know, but Speaker 3 00:29:14 <laugh> like home state man. Like if we give true extra bump for, for his 17 home courses, you, you gotta give Brisco oil bump for one of them. Right. Like I don't know. He's been, he's qualified well at road courses and run decently, but Speaker 2 00:29:38 I don't know if I can do it. I, I especially wanna do it if he does qualify. Well, cause he did that at Rhode America and then he finished 14th. Speaker 3 00:29:48 I mean fair it's fair, but like, okay. Would you rather play Custer at 6,300 or Brisco at 88? Speaker 2 00:30:00 That's gonna depend on where they qualify? Speaker 3 00:30:02 Well, I mean, even, even considering the fact that Custer moved from two 50 to one to 50 to one to win the poll. I think a lot Speaker 2 00:30:10 Of people, cause he has qualified like top 10, Speaker 3 00:30:13 Not five and like all three road doors so far. Um, so if, if the argument is that they're both gonna start well, Speaker 2 00:30:21 If it's without, if I'm not paying attention to price tag or anything like that, because Brisco is significantly more expensive than Kuster, I'll lean Brisco, but I'm not particularly enthralled with either. Speaker 3 00:30:32 Okay. I mean fair. I mean I agree that I'm not enthralled with either <laugh> as well, but like, um, Speaker 2 00:30:40 How do you feel about Daniel swears as, as the seventh, most expensive driver on draftings? Speaker 3 00:30:46 I mean he's gotta be there, right? I mean, can you, I mean, they've been fast Speaker 2 00:30:52 Four straight top 10 finishes. Speaker 3 00:30:55 Yeah. Top nines. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:30:56 Three of the last four have been six they're better. And he does have a win at Sonoma. Speaker 3 00:31:00 Right. And he finished top five at Rhode America. Yeah. And he led the first stage at Coda before he had a pit thing, like a pit cycle thing and yeah, Speaker 2 00:31:09 Cause he stayed out at the end of stage one and the track position to almost everybody in the field. Speaker 3 00:31:14 Right. And then couldn't get back and I think he got run off the track at one point, if I'm on one of thes, if I'm not mistaken. So Speaker 2 00:31:24 That's a steep price tag to pay though. Speaker 3 00:31:27 It is. It is. I think it's the most, he's been all year. I see a lot of oh Speaker 2 00:31:31 Easily Speaker 3 00:31:32 See a lot of sevens and some sixes. Um, I think the most previously was like 89. It was 89 at the, at the Quaker state, which was Atlanta was a weird race for him to be 8,900 bucks. But um, I don't know. I mean, prior to road, America track house had won both of the road races. Speaker 2 00:32:04 Yeah. In general, like as a team they've been awesome at road courses. I know we got, we didn't really talk about Ross, but no, that's not to say Ross isn't in play. Ross is very much, uh, in play Speaker 3 00:32:14 Even at ten four. Like if you're gonna pay up, you could pivot to Chastain off of chase. Yeah. If you're willing to pay that for chase, I'd just pivot to Chastain. Um, cause like for example, he was ten three and I know we don't really go off value really for road courses cuz there's almost no shot at hitting five X. Right. But you still want gas. Like it's a bonus. If they get close to it at America, Chas didn put up 48 points. He was 10, three. He started 12 finished fourth didn't have a fastest lap. Didn't have a lap lead. So that's close to five X on a road course. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:32:52 And Speaker 3 00:32:53 You know, he was got 38 points of Sonoma finished seventh started seventh, three fastest laps. So he's been fast all year and of course you won cut. Now here's my question. Do you pay him, do you pay up for him knowing that there's like seven drivers in this race that want to wreck chest tank? Cause almond dinger is just begging to have a shot to run his as off the road? Speaker 2 00:33:23 Uh, yeah, probably. Um, I mean there have been guys that have been wanted to wreck chest in all season. Speaker 3 00:33:30 I mean Hamlin chase, uh, almond dinger, pretty sure Lagon wants a piece of chesting for some reason, but yeah. What are you doing with Blaney otherwise known as the we've now the ed Ralph segment Speaker 2 00:33:53 <laugh> uh, I don't know. I'm pretty sure I'll sprinkle him in to get some exposure. Like that's just always a guy that looks like he should have speed should always go out and dominate and then he doesn't really do anything but return like a modest 35 to 40 point score and then you're left wondering, okay, why did I play Blaney again? Speaker 3 00:34:18 He's very good in debating. Speaker 2 00:34:21 Like, Speaker 3 00:34:21 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:34:22 That's a really good, uh, I guess explanation for what he does to us every week in TFS. Speaker 3 00:34:30 Like last weekend, I wasn't really on him cuz I thought the qualifying position was a little too high cuz he just didn't show comfortable or you know, comfortability or speed in the car practiced. I mean, not sure that him finishing 35th had all that much to do with that, but like, I don't know. He's Speaker 2 00:34:54 Do you wanna know how weird last year's race was? Speaker 3 00:34:58 I mean Mond dinger won it Speaker 2 00:34:59 Well. Alright. So as Speaker 3 00:35:00 A parttime guy, by the way, he was not full like Speaker 2 00:35:04 Plenty finished second in that race with the driver rating of 90, which is not terrible, but it's also not earth shattering for a guy finished second and he didn't finish top 10 in either of the first two stages. Speaker 3 00:35:16 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:35:17 Like how chaos, the chaotic that race was Speaker 3 00:35:19 Because like turn, what was it? Seven turn 11 maybe. I don't know the whole, the whole turtle shell like ripped open cars. Like it was unbelievable. Um, good news. Don't think that's gonna be a problem this year cuz they're either getting rid of those or they have figured out a way to, um, bolt them better to the track. Speaker 2 00:35:40 Well, I think the issue with the first one that happened early in the race was that there was a curb or a turtle shell that they put on the track that wasn't there for practice and the drivers didn't really know about it. Speaker 3 00:35:52 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:35:52 And then the second one was literally a, a curb that came like unhinged from the track and Speaker 3 00:36:00 That's it became a ramp. Speaker 2 00:36:02 Yeah. That's the one that tore up a lot of the field. Speaker 3 00:36:05 Yeah. I mean that was an insane <laugh> it was like Talladega level of damage on a road course Speaker 2 00:36:14 As someone who loves this track, it was a very, just an awful look for Indianapolis Speaker 3 00:36:20 Kinda like Coda last year in the pouring rain and true X, nearly killing cold Custer, cold Speaker 2 00:36:26 CU <laugh> we shouldn't laugh, but Speaker 3 00:36:29 We can laugh about it cuz they were fine. But like in the moment that was not a, not a great look. Um, I mean that being said about bla, he started 14th to finish sixth at Sonoma. He started 19th and finish 11th at Rhode America and at Coda, speaking of that, he started to finish sixth. So again, I don't, I don't know what to do with Ryan Blaney I really don't. I really have no idea. Speaker 2 00:37:00 Yeah. That's gonna be a, a wait and see approach. Speaker 3 00:37:04 I mean 92 hundred's a fair price. I mean he hasn't the last time he was at was Rhode America. He was 9,200. And prior to that he was 9,100 of the K 600. That's like the last, the last few times he's been this cheap. So Jesus man, I don't, if we're paying up for these people who in the hell are we paying down for? Speaker 2 00:37:33 Well, I don't hate the price tag on Holman der. Speaker 3 00:37:37 No, but so does, I mean everybody in their mother's gonna play home and day. Speaker 2 00:37:40 Yeah, I get it. But he was 9,100 for Rhode America, 8,800 for uh, Sonoma. And then we go down to, this is the cheapest he's been all year for a road course. I mean, it's, it's a pretty easy position to pay up for. However, I will say that at Coda, he started 20th, finished 33rd. Um, also wasn't a slam dunk at Sonoma either as he started 16th, finished 19th and then, you know, Rhode America, he started 21st and finished ninth, which was fine. Um, but there were probably plays at paid off more. So it almost feels like a trap. Speaker 3 00:38:24 I, I, I would, I would agree with that. I mean, he's gonna be very popular smack in the middle of the salaries. Speaker 2 00:38:32 Yeah. At Speaker 3 00:38:33 8,200 Speaker 2 00:38:34 Bucks, I could see myself essentially going underweight on him. Um, it's kind of hard for me to like dislike Kevin hark when they just keep pricing him as an average driver. But we know that this is a guy chasing a win Speaker 3 00:38:47 And he's at speed. Speaker 2 00:38:48 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:38:49 I mean last week, last week aside he's been speedy. I mean he, he was, Speaker 2 00:38:55 Well, he was fast last week. He just got caught up in a wreck late. Speaker 3 00:38:58 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:38:58 He was running top 10. Speaker 3 00:39:00 Oh, that's true. I mean kind of the same thing that happened to him when he walled it at, uh, gateway. Um, but he finished fourth at Sonoma. He finished 10th at Rhode America and he had a pretty good Koda if I, if I remember correctly finished 11th, but I think he was actually running slightly better than that late. So yeah. I don't get the pricing on har being, being soft really. I mean, I, I, I don't really understand it. Um, so I'm fine with him. Like got I'm pretty much off of at this point he's showing no speed right now. He doesn't really need winds at this point. I mean, he's not been very good at road racing the last few years, so, but what are, what in the heck are we doing with the other Hendrick guys? T Byron Bowman? I mean, Byron is just that guy's imploding. It's unbelievable. Speaker 2 00:40:05 Yeah. I looked at his price tag and I was like, you know, that's a guy who has been so bad, but at that price tag, I feel like he's gonna somehow coerce me into getting exposure here. Speaker 3 00:40:15 Yeah. He's gonna be a Blaney right. He's gonna bait us cuz of the price tag and you go, he can't be this bad again. Right. Yeah. And then God, I hope he's not that bad again. But like Boeing was a sneaky little road racer. Speaker 2 00:40:30 I mean he got some help at Coda earlier in the year because chestain and Alma, der were going at it and um, Speaker 3 00:40:36 And he just picked up the pieces. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:40:38 Yeah. Bowman kind of, Speaker 3 00:40:41 But I mean he started fifth and was arguably in the top five basically all day. Speaker 2 00:40:45 Right. Speaker 3 00:40:46 I mean, yes. The finish. He should have probably finished fourth probably. And Speaker 2 00:40:53 Doesn't he have like four DNFs this year though. Three of them coming Speaker 3 00:40:58 Three in the last very recently three in the last five races. Yes. Yeah. Three in the last five races. He did, he did actually finish a race, uh, at Pocono last weekend. So that's a bonus for him. Speaker 2 00:41:12 Part of me thinks like he could be one of those guys that races for points. Speaker 3 00:41:17 Yeah. Probably. Speaker 2 00:41:19 But he is also cheap enough where he could pay off or be optimal with the top 12. Speaker 3 00:41:23 Yeah. Obviously curve Bush, 7,700 is not racing. So please do not play him. He will remain. They're not gonna take him outta the pool. They'll probably put an O next to his name. Starting. Yeah. On Thursday. But don't play him. Um, hopefully he gets well concussions. Aren't anything to mess with. Um, what are we doing? We talked a little bit about McDowell earlier. Are you playing him? Given that it's a road course. Speaker 2 00:41:46 I'm surprised you just skipped over Chris Busher Speaker 3 00:41:49 I did. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:41:50 I Speaker 3 00:41:50 Did skip over Busher but I'm kind of pairing him with Klowski in a minute. Speaker 2 00:41:56 Um, okay then I won't say anything. Uh, yeah, I'm probably gonna play McDowell, especially as a driver that needs wins at this point, given the penalty. Speaker 3 00:42:05 Yeah. Also, Speaker 2 00:42:05 And as you've noted, plenty of times and pretty much all of last year, I disagreed with you, but I'm changing my tune this year. He is an underrated road course driver. Speaker 3 00:42:15 Yeah. I mean he started 27, the Dakota finished 13th and then at Sonoma finish started fourth, finished third. And then at road America started sixth and finished eighth. That's perfectly fine for a guy in the 7,000 range. Speaker 2 00:42:29 Yeah. I mean, especially because for those races he was, you know, he was 68 for road America, 71 for Sonoma. And then we go down to, and then you're 62. So I mean 73 is still, Speaker 3 00:42:43 I mean, it's technically the highest he's been on a road course, but it's still not that bad. Speaker 2 00:42:48 And there's still people like, people just don't play Michael McDowell. No he's way too. Uh, much of a pivot or a leverage play in most weeks. Um, and if he's top 10, maybe even top five, he's probably gonna be optimal. Speaker 3 00:43:01 Yeah. I mean he's posted eight top tens this year eight. Speaker 2 00:43:07 Yeah. That's really good for him. That's a small team and Speaker 3 00:43:09 He that's a career high Speaker 2 00:43:11 Wish Todd Gilland could do that as well. Speaker 3 00:43:15 Yeah. I mean, he's posted a career. I mean it's a career year for McDowell and it just keeps getting overlooked and yes, now he's got the, the penalty, but who the hell knows what they were actually trying to do? I don't, I don't know. Uh, but yeah, now we got Busher and Klowski as the teammates and Klowski called him called Busher the most underrated driver in Speaker 2 00:43:40 Trial. He really trying to pump the tires on Chris Busher Speaker 3 00:43:43 I mean, to be honest, he's finished, he started seven and finished sixth of road. America started third and finish second in Sonoma. Speaker 2 00:43:49 Yeah. Like it's warranted like Brad Sloss one hell of a hype man. Speaker 3 00:43:54 Yeah, definitely, definitely bring that guy to the club the next time. You're trying to need a wing man. Cuz that guy he's quite helpful in that regard. Um, or at least he's validating why they're paying Chris Busher I don't know. Um, Speaker 2 00:44:09 Cause Alaska's put up 40 points on draftings and two of the three road courses this year. Speaker 3 00:44:14 Yep. Speaker 2 00:44:16 Uh, but granted and Speaker 3 00:44:16 One of those was thanks to using Ty Dylan as a bump stop. Um <laugh> which I'm still bitter about if you can't tell and yes. That thing has happened in March. Um, yeah, I think he's gonna be underplayed again. Cause Rhode America left a bad taste in people's mouths with Klowski. Speaker 2 00:44:39 Yeah, no, I am. I can't exposure to Klowski every week. Speaker 3 00:44:45 You've convinced you, you and RS have convinced me Speaker 2 00:44:48 It either works out amazingly for your lineup that you play him in or it you're. He is the one guy that goes backwards and you're like, if I just didn't play this jerk. Speaker 3 00:44:59 Yep. Um, Speaker 2 00:45:02 But again, he's 6,800 and like he can easily pay that off and be optimal. I'm assuming he's gonna probably qualify. Uh, well he qualified, well, Rhode America outside the top 20 for Sonoma and outside the top 20 for I'm probably hoping he qualifies 24th or something like that Speaker 3 00:45:22 Probably. But I think there's more, there's more speed net. Like I think he probably qualifies closer to the top 10 here than outside the top 20 cuz the speed they have in those cars now over the last like six, seven races is way better than they've gotten better earlier in the year. Um, we clearly need some, some budget dudes and yeah. Todd Gilland and Harrison Burton are almost always in play. Um, just cuz they're I mean, Todd Gill just keeps getting disrespected to be honest. Um, now he cooled down a little bit, but still, I mean Pocono was his first finished outside the top 25 in like two months. So, um, Speaker 2 00:46:07 I don't think Gilland has ever raised here. Speaker 3 00:46:11 It's probably true. Cuz he jumped from the trucks to the cup. Yeah. And trucks don't run this truck. So there is that um, Joey, we hand though, oh Speaker 2 00:46:22 God, we're doing this man. Speaker 3 00:46:31 Look, the problem is he started way too high at Rhode America. Speaker 2 00:46:34 Yeah. Like Speaker 3 00:46:35 He, so ninth was not, was never gonna pay off. Speaker 2 00:46:38 He can get it top 20. Speaker 3 00:46:41 Yeah. But he starts, he almost did that at, at Rhode America at starting ninth. So that wasn't <laugh> again, not, not a great endorsement, but he does have road experience. He's a guy that just gets a little bit overlooked. Um, Josh Williams. No, not really. Speaker 2 00:47:04 <laugh> no <laugh> Speaker 3 00:47:06 Guy raced the dirt track. I don't know why you're putting a dirt racer on a, on a road course, but Speaker 2 00:47:10 I don't know why you didn't mention Justin Haley, Speaker 3 00:47:15 Man. I'm trying to keep things secret, man. Speaker 2 00:47:18 <laugh> you you're throwing out Joey hen, but you're skimming over Justin Haley <laugh> Speaker 3 00:47:24 I mean, Speaker 2 00:47:26 I mean Haley's not a lock by any means like no one in this, I guess sub eight K range necessarily is, but Haley started 34th, but finished 24th to at least have a positive day for DFS. And that was at Rhode America. Uh, finished 12th at Sonoma after starting 18th. I don't think he had the greatest day at Koda. Well he started ninth and finished 15th, but I mean the negative PD only gave you Speaker 3 00:47:49 22 drafting points. Speaker 2 00:47:51 Um, but I mean he has like, you know, he's, he's run here a few times. Speaker 3 00:47:57 I mean, I guess if you want exposure to colleague, you don't want the ownership of Alman der, then Hailey is your play, right? That's the angle on that's the, I mean, aside from yes, he have very good finishes, but if you want exposure to a team that clearly has fast cars on road courses and you don't want to deal with the 55% of people that are gonna play, then you go with Haley to go get a colleague car at a lot cheaper price. Speaker 2 00:48:32 I agree with all of that. Sorry. I was looking at bubble Wallace and I keep trying to talk myself onto bubble Wallace because I have him to finish as the top Toyota driver Speaker 3 00:48:40 Man. I mean, this is so hard, right? Speaker 2 00:48:43 Well, in theory it's easy because he himself has admitted that he sucks in road courses and hates him. But he cuz he finished 35th at road America, 36 at Sonoma. Uh, <laugh> 38 that we're looking we're in, we're talking about a driver that's finished outside the top 30 in all three road courses. I guess the one thing we can hang our hat on is that he's running the Xfinity race Speaker 3 00:49:06 And that he's got two top 10 finishes that he's coming off of. Speaker 2 00:49:11 Yeah. I mean momentum is certainly there Speaker 3 00:49:14 As long as the damn tire doesn't fall. And now, so Sonoma though he was running better until his tire fell Speaker 2 00:49:20 Off. Oh my God. He was that's true in his last six races he's and this is incorporating uh, two row courses, but he's posted 32 points or more in four of those races and then negative four points in the other two races. And those two races where he posted negatives were road courses. Speaker 3 00:49:41 Yeah. It's not great. I will grant you. I will grant you that, but I still think there are extenuating circumstances here. Um, let me see what the loop data stats for Sonoma a cuz Bubba. Okay. So his highest position was 26. So that doesn't really bode well for me cuz he started 27th. Um, yeah that's I don't know. Probably not playing very much above you can bet 'em cuz that was ridiculous. Good odds. And who the hell knows what happens with the Toyota camp? Speaker 2 00:50:23 I will say since we've touched on almost every driver in the field that I'm not gonna completely write off Austin, Dylan. I know the last time we previewed a road course, race was Rhode America. And I mentioned him as a driver that finished 11th and 10th in the two previous road courses. And then he went out and finished 31st at RA. Uh, but because of the 11th and 10th place finishes at, uh, Coda and Sonoma, I will still give him a little attention, uh, would really like it if he was starting outside the top 20. Speaker 3 00:50:54 Yeah. By the way, you could also count the top 12 at Pocono last weekend, cuz there's a lot of drivers out there that say you shift at Pocono like you do on a road course now, clearly there's not right. Turns involved at Pocono or shouldn't be, unless you're really driving the track way wrong. Um, but in terms of driving style and shifting and getting into a rhythm, a lot of people say that Pocono is similar to a road course, but yeah. Look, I feel like Austin, Dylan's a good guy to play on weeks. I don't put him in the playbook and that's not a knock on me. It's just Austin. Dylan likes to strike when you least expect it. And if I put him in the playbook, then it's expected and then he doesn't help us out. Speaker 2 00:51:43 He's a guy I like to play most weeks when I don't catch his reality show, which has been every week. Speaker 3 00:51:51 Yeah. You think the thing with Brad with Kala's gonna carry over cuz ain't nobody because nobody can explain what the hell that was about. Speaker 2 00:52:00 Yeah. Their's spotters didn't even know Speaker 3 00:52:02 No <laugh> door bumper clear. And Brad spotter, which is TJ majors was like, we, we were having a whole conversation on the spot stand. Like we didn't know who he, who, who, why, why it happened? What, what the hell went on? I don't know. So, Speaker 2 00:52:20 So as we wrap, uh, God, I cannot talk, uh, as we wrap up this podcast, do we just wanna touch real quick as a reminder of strategies for road courses? Like you don't have to prioritize dominator points, just try to get guys that can finish well and mix in some PD, don't be afraid to take chances on some lower owned guys because there are gonna, there's gonna be a lot of chalk. Um, especially if there are some obvious PD plays. Speaker 3 00:52:48 Yeah, for sure. Um, Indy road tends to be one that you can pass on. Um, despite the curb issue last year, we did see quite a decent amount of passing, um, and close quarter racing. Um, and this car is supposed to, you know, help you race better in close quarters, generally speaking. Um, so yeah, it's, it's more about finished position here than really anything else you can kind of go after, um, lapse led, but it's not really like necessary cuz there's not, there's not a huge amount of apps in this race. Uh, let me, let me pull up, let double check exactly how many, uh, laps there are. Cuz I can't, I can't remember, um, right off the top of my head here. So, um, you know, you certainly want exposure to some guys that can lead some lap, but it's not imperative. Um, so I dunno there's a 82 total laps in this race, Speaker 2 00:53:55 So that's not bad, but Speaker 3 00:53:57 No, the stages are still not a lot 1620. And is that 47? 35 to 82 is 47. Um, yeah, so there's a little bit more there than we thought, but still you're not really gonna hunt. I mean, it's basically next to impossible for one guy to go out and lead all of the lap. We've seen it happen at some road courses, chase Elliot did it a few years ago. Walk-ins Glen leading like 80 of the 90 labs. Awesome. Um, but I don't think that's gonna happen. Speaker 2 00:54:32 Not with this car. They tend to like spread the dominator points out and then like, Speaker 3 00:54:37 And, and you brought up strateg point about strategies with pitting, cuz you're gonna see people who might lead some stages and get the stage points. Yeah. Um, and then pit or you'll see some guys that give up track position at the end of the stage to go gain it to the start of the new one. So there's gonna be a lot of yo-yoing in the field. I feel like on Sunday, Speaker 2 00:54:57 I feel like if your drivers are staying out at the end of stage one, you might be screwed. Speaker 3 00:55:03 Yeah. I don't think there's any way you can win unless chaos happens, which is yeah. Possible though. We're not rooting for it. Um, I feel like staying outta stage one, probably doesn't give you a great shot to win. Speaker 2 00:55:19 Also. My last question is gonna be since they essentially have to run, uh, they're not running backwards on this course, but they are going to be entering pit road basically in reverse. So they will enter with the passenger side, uh, parallel to the wall. Yes. Do we know if there are any bizarre pit road rules for this week or are they just pit in reverse essentially? Speaker 3 00:55:44 That's a very good question. Let's Speaker 2 00:55:46 I have one of those every year on this show. Speaker 3 00:55:49 Let's let's see if I can find out any information on that Speaker 2 00:55:55 And if you, don't not a big deal, but I think it's something that we just need to keep in mind. Speaker 3 00:55:59 I don't know that there would be, cuz they do have normal cruise. I mean like we saw normal pits for the cup race that rode America, right? Speaker 2 00:56:10 Yeah. And they printed pitted Speaker 3 00:56:12 Pretty much the Speaker 2 00:56:13 Same way. Speaker 3 00:56:13 Yeah. Um, the only time we see weird ones is like usually Xfinity for Rhode America cuz the cup teams are usually across the country. So you have backup pit crews, but now you have Xfinity and cop racing the same track back to back days. So I don't suppose that there will be, let me see if I can find out anything about the tires here actually. Um, let's see. They will run the same tires set up. They ran at Rhode America. Um, so yeah, but not it's apparently different than what we've seen at. Um, they ran the right sides at all four tire positions at Coda. So this exact, so they switched the tires set. They ran a new tire set up at road America, which is what's gonna be on the cars this weekend at Indy road. The right side tires for this week were run on all four tires at Coda. So the only one that was that's out is Sonoma to head different, hit different tires. And there will be wet weather tires for both series. So if it rains get ready for guys who have no idea how to road course race, trying to also drive in the rain. So Speaker 2 00:57:42 All right, well that's one of the more lengthy podcasts we had this year, but I think we covered everything. Speaker 3 00:57:49 I mean there's, there's almost everybody in the field that we talked. Speaker 2 00:57:52 <laugh> almost everybody in the field touch on strategy news. Anyway, I think we did good, but unless you have anything I'm willing to just say best of luck to you this week, Matt and best of luck to the FA nation, Speaker 3 00:58:04 Best of luck. Every nation.

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