November 04, 2022


NASCAR DFS Podcast: NASCAR Cup Series Championship

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
NASCAR DFS Podcast: NASCAR Cup Series Championship
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
NASCAR DFS Podcast: NASCAR Cup Series Championship

Nov 04 2022 | 01:07:41


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Coming off a thrilling penultimate race at Martinsville, which saw Ross Chastain's "Hail Melon" ride the wall all to stun the field and qualify for Sunday's championship race! The NASCAR Cup Series heads to the desert for the Championship race in Phoenix! Christopher Bell, Chase Elliott, Joey Logano, and Ross Chastain will race for the chance to be called the NASCAR Cup Series Champion and our NASCAR DFS experts Matt Selz, Dan Malin, and Ed Raus get your ready for this weekend's action while discussing last week's thrilling finish to set the Championship Four! Don't miss out on your chance to win big on the last NASCAR slate of the 2022 season!

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers start your engine. Speaker 1 00:00:05 Oh, Speaker 2 00:00:22 What's going on? F Fa Nation, welcome back. This is the Final Fantasy Alarm, NASCAR DFS podcast of the 2022 season. I'm Dan Malin, joined as always by the Fs w a three time NASCAR writer of the year. Matt Sells, but we also have Ed. Ros is the, this is probably the first time in a while the three of us have all been on, and, and Ed brought his very special soundboard with all kinds of effects that he'll be dropping. I'm assuming he is gonna hit something soon. Uh, but guys, we have a lot to break down before we even talk about Phoenix. But Matt, Ed, I guess we can just start off with talking about Ross Chestain and the Hail Mellon. What did we all think of it last week? It was spectacular. Hell Speaker 3 00:01:03 Yeah. <laugh>. It was amazing. I was, uh, my wife was coming home from work. I was on the phone with her trying to talk her through like the last 10 laps of Martinsville and it was nuts. And then all of a sudden I was just like, Oh my God, Justine's in. Is he in? Is he? Yeah. And she had no idea what happened. And frankly, I don't think a lot of people could figure it out for a little while. It was nuts. Um, I bought one of his shirts, by the way, those are on sale Speaker 2 00:01:31 <laugh>. They finally have Ross chest and gear on the Track House's website. Speaker 3 00:01:34 Well, they have a Hold the Wall shirt that's got a picture of his car going up along the wall and it's says, Hold the Wall. And it's a Melon Man brand T-shirt. So, um, I definitely bought that one cuz <laugh>, it's insane. But I, man, I don't know, I'm props to him playing, you know, 2008 Game Cube and then it comes, comes in Andy, 14 years later. That's insane. It's just insane. Speaker 4 00:02:03 Yeah, I didn't even know what to make of it, just watching it live. Uh, at first I was watching it and I was like, Okay, okay, blaney's out. This sucks. And then I'm going, Wait a minute, what is happening here? And all of a sudden his car just shoots around everybody. I'm like, Is there a spin out? What's going on? And next thing you know, he beats Hamlin at the end. I'm going, How ironic is that, by the way? And, uh, I was, uh, excited, sad, going almost te texting sales going, What just happened? What's going on? <laugh>, does this count for Draft Kings? I don't even know <laugh>. Uh, it was, uh, it was awesome. It was great to see something new and exciting and like I told you guys, it was trending on a Sunday, on a NFL Sunday, number one over nfl, which is good for nascar. So Speaker 2 00:02:44 It was, it was the number one top play on sports center's. Top 10. When's the last time a non Daytona 500, like NASCAR highlight was number one. Or even like in the top 10? Speaker 3 00:02:54 Yeah, I don't know. I asked my wife the same time. I was like, You, we, you gotta go back aways to maybe Jimmy Johnson winning his fifth straight championship. Yeah, I don't know. But that's a while ago now. Um, it was nuts. It Speaker 4 00:03:09 Wasn't as exciting to be honest since <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:03:14 Sorry, Speaker 4 00:03:14 Jimmy Johnson's bad. Speaker 3 00:03:16 I've had multiple people who don't normally talk, ASCA to me ask about the move. Like I, my uncle texted me today four days after it happened. And uh, he was like, So what do you think of Chastain's move at Martinsville? Like, I loved it. It was, it's racing. He figured out a way to go faster than everybody else without affecting anybody else's speed. So congrats to him on that one. Um, but it's a great week for nascar. It bugs me that the drivers want it band because this is how you grow the sport. And if you think it's a nuts move, don't do it in dirt racing. Dirt guys do it all the time. They go to the outer parts of the track and slide through the corner. Like the fact that Larson said, I'm embarrassed by it, like, I hate myself now that I did it last year. Speaker 2 00:04:09 Like, well, he's gotta change that diaper man. Like, Speaker 3 00:04:11 Yeah, yeah. What is Speaker 2 00:04:13 Catholic? Come on, Speaker 4 00:04:14 Hold on. I gotta, I got a button for, for Larson. Hey, nobody Speaker 3 00:04:17 Got time for that. Like, you hate yourself now what, what is this? Come on. Speaker 4 00:04:25 Yeah, no, that was pathetic. He ever since he got dropped outta the playoffs, he's just been, Speaker 3 00:04:30 He's turned at any ham who actually didn't wh about it, which was crazy. Like what? <laugh> like he was the guy that could have wh didn't I? And look, I would take that finish over the Xfinity finish any day of the week. Oh absolutely. Speaker 4 00:04:46 Oh, for sure. Yeah. That was crap. Speaker 3 00:04:48 Like Speaker 2 00:04:50 My, I wasn't sure if we were gonna get any time on that, but I Speaker 3 00:04:53 We're gonna spend time on that. I was, Speaker 2 00:04:56 I was just dumbfounded and sure I was having like a really good DFS day because I was, I was heavy on Jones and I did like Jones and Gibbs stacks and I'm like, this is gonna hold and I'm gonna have a great day. And I don't understand how there's not like a pre-race meeting or there's like, there's no way to convey to Ty like, Hey, it's important to get two cars for our team in the Xfinity Championship. Like it increases our odds winning the championship. It's more money in revenue that comes to the team. Not like they necessarily need it, but it's just, it, everything from top to bottom of how tie Gibbs handled that was piss poor. Yep. Agreed. You intentionally wreck a teammate. Brandon Jones handled it with absolute class. I would love to see him dump Gibbs at Phoenix so he doesn't win the championship is like a parting gift. And just give Jrm the Xfinity Series championship. Jones isn't gonna do that. I think he's too much of a little bit of a class act to, to really interfere in the championship race. So it's a big bummer. But then for Ty Gibbs to go on Sirius XM NASCAR radio and compare himself to Jesus. Speaker 3 00:06:00 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:06:02 I don't like he's the Kanye west of NASCAR right now. God, he's just completely tone deaf, completely outta touch. Everybody hates him. Somebody a shell is, uh, is selling Thank you grandpa t-shirts, which is what they were chanting at him during his, uh, Victory Lane, like photos and celebration and all that. He had to get a security escort off the track. Yep. Because I don't know if they were worried about him being attacked. Probably not. I mean, maybe someone throwing a hot dog at him. It is Martinsville. But the way he handled it, everything was just, you know, we, we keep talking about, well, Ty's young and he's gotta learn, but he, he keeps doing this crap and it's getting very tiresome and it's not gonna fly on Sundays. Speaker 3 00:06:41 I I love the, first of all, I love the fan that showed up dressed as Jesus on Sunday with a signs that said, looking for Ty Gibbs. And he found him and stood next to his cup car, uh, on the grid. I thought that was hilarious. And two, I saw a tweet this weekend that said, uh, mistake one I'm learning I'll get better mistake two, I'm learning I'll get better. Mistake three, I'm learning I'll get better. Mistake four. Fuck it. Not Jesus like <laugh>. That's correct. Quote. I didn't mean to, cus I'm just saying that was a direct quote of the tweet, but like, how do you go on and at 19 years old or whatever the heck he is, compare yourself to Jesus when you, I don't know. And the best comment below the Sirius XM NASCAR tweet was somebody saying, I remember the story of Jesus turning water into wine, not turning his teammate into the fence. <laugh>, that's, that's hilarious too. Like now you've got good old fashioned Christians talking nascar and it's like, this is not gonna go well for you there, Ty Gibbs. I, I don't, I I don't, I don't get it. Um, somebody should have told them, Look, you just stay in second place. You make the title and Brandon Jones makes it and then we get two cars in. And that's highly important for Toyota and for Joe Speaker 2 00:07:57 Because that's a team in an organization that's just going into the grabber right now. If you, because they're losing Kyle Bush Motorsports, uh, since he's moving over to RCR and it's gonna become a Chevy team. And so like, I guess the consolation for the trucks series is they're getting dgr and they do have some good drivers on that team. They're changing their name. I don't know what off the top of my head. Uh, but at the same time, like, you know, they're losing Brandon Jones and Ty Gibbs in the Xfinity Series. Do they? Speaker 3 00:08:27 And they're losing Kyle Bush in the Cup Series. Speaker 2 00:08:29 <laugh>. Yeah. And I mean, if you're just looking at just pure talent and what's coming down the pipeline for the future of Toyota, it's not looking great. Especially when you have Martin Truex Jr. And Denny Hamlin that are getting older. You do have Christopher Bell contending for a championship and we'll talk about him at some point in Grant Lake on this podcast. But like, Speaker 3 00:08:48 Just, I mean, they do get, they do add Tyler Reddick, they swapped Kyle Bush for Tyler Reddick, but they also lose Kurt Bush. So there is that, but yeah, it's, that's just a super bad look for Ty Gibbs. And then you get out and you're like, you're like Roger Goodall and bring on the booze. Like is Speaker 2 00:09:09 Oh, if there's no fence there separating him from the crowd, he's not doing that. Speaker 4 00:09:13 Yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent. Speaker 3 00:09:14 Oh, a hundred Speaker 2 00:09:15 Percent. Like that's, you know, he's the is he ready for Speaker 4 00:09:18 The Cup series kinda kid? Huh? Do we want him in the Cup series next year? No. Speaker 2 00:09:22 Um, Speaker 3 00:09:24 Well Ross Chestain does. It'll take some heat off him. <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:09:28 But Speaker 4 00:09:28 I don't even think they're close. But Ross did this year is not, not even close to what this kid is doing. This kid is just, he's the bad boy. It's like he's a WWE e guy out there racing. Like who Speaker 2 00:09:40 Is he? He comes naturally to him. Speaker 3 00:09:42 Kyle Petty put it perfectly and it, and he stated it, I'm paraphrasing here, but he's a kid that's never had to earn anything that's been given everything and thinks that he deserves everything. And that's not how you go about racing. Speaker 4 00:09:57 He's that kid you hate in every movie. That's what what he is Speaker 3 00:10:00 <laugh> his granddad like prompts to his dad, Coy, who's a exec in the, you know, Jgr camp saying, Did you Speaker 2 00:10:10 Denny's tweet about it though? Like he, after it happened, Denny just tweets out. I miss jd. Speaker 3 00:10:15 Yeah, like, like well okay, but Denny you also dumped the, put Jesus at a Chase two years ago at Martinsville in basic, I mean it wasn't a teammate, but you pulled the same move. Yeah. So while Ties is worse, cuz it was a teammate that was, you know, stealing a, a spot from your teammate in the title. It was still the same move. So it was like, you know, maybe they're just teaching that move at, at Jgr. I don't know. But I did like Grason walking behind Speaker 2 00:10:47 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:10:48 Talk about London's interview. Just Speaker 2 00:10:50 Talk about like the, over the overall like character arc of Noah Grason because you can have made the argument like a year or two ago he was what Ty Gibbs is now. Yeah. Like he was not a very well liked driver. He was the young cocky kind of entitled driver but just really kind of turned everything around. Now he's just kind of endeared himself to fans. He's won like eight races this year. If he doesn't win the Xfinity Series championship, I will be a little upset. Um, Speaker 4 00:11:14 I'd be surprised to be honest. He should. Speaker 2 00:11:16 He should. He's he's by far been the best driver and most consistent. Well I can't say much. Speaker 3 00:11:20 Well we all know, we all know that Ty's getting dumped. Speaker 2 00:11:24 I hope so. Speaker 3 00:11:25 Like it's basically cuz Brandon Jones is going to JRM next year. Yeah. So basically like there's four JRM drivers, <laugh> five, cuz there's still another, they have four cars, but three of them are in Speaker 2 00:11:38 The 19 is gonna be competitive this week for, Speaker 3 00:11:42 He's gonna be competitive enough to get the Ty's bumper and take him out and then he doesn't care. Speaker 4 00:11:47 <laugh>, he's gonna be there. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:11:50 Mean. So Grason may take out Tie Gibbs. Speaker 4 00:11:56 No, I think he's, I don't think he would. Speaker 3 00:11:59 I think he will. Speaker 4 00:12:00 He's going for the championship. He's not gonna, Speaker 3 00:12:02 There are ways in which you can take Speaker 2 00:12:04 Alex. I mean if you Speaker 4 00:12:05 Think I know, but I think, wait, Speaker 2 00:12:07 Last year's Xfinity Series championship ended, it was just like, you know, Hemrick and Hendrick just ended up on the front row together and they just bumped each other for the, like the last couple lap. Actually I think Hendrick was mostly leading it, but then Hemrick just bumped him outta the way and Right. Hemrick led one lap of Speaker 3 00:12:22 That race turned four. Like what's that? It said Hemrick did a full send and passed him and turned four. Yeah. Of the, of the last lap. But I think Braxton takes the, uh, beat his ass comment that he made and, and actually does it and say welcome to the Cup series cuz you and I are rookies and this ain't going any farther. Speaker 4 00:12:42 Um, I got I gotta do it. Let's Speaker 3 00:12:44 Get it Speaker 4 00:12:44 On. Yeah, <laugh>, there you go. Speaker 3 00:12:47 So I would much rather have Ross Chastain's move as Yeah, like a bunch of drivers complained about it. I would much rather have that than Speaker 4 00:12:57 But he didn't dump anybody. Speaker 2 00:12:58 No, he didn't dump Speaker 3 00:12:59 Anybody. He didn't even touch anybody. Speaker 4 00:13:00 Anybody. It was the, Speaker 2 00:13:01 He put anybody in harm's way and like Speaker 4 00:13:03 Anyone except self. Speaker 2 00:13:04 Really, Really? Yeah. Yeah. Um, I guess like, all right, so let's get to one last bit because we mentioned it, but we have to give credit to Christopher Bell. Yes. Because in, Oh yeah, two walk off wins in the playoffs to move on to the next round. Needed to win on two separate occasions and he did, um, the role probably didn't have like the greatest car, but he still, you know, played on strategy, had the track position and ultimately won the race to move on this week. Had a very competitive car, started P 20, worked his way up through the field throughout the race, led the laps that mattered and, you know, wins and locks up his spot in the championship race. So a very clutch and very impressive performance from Christopher Bell who in my mind should be the favorite because he's just been very good on the last, I think two or three short flat tracks and that's exactly what Phoenix is. Speaker 3 00:13:57 So I think heading into this weekend, Ross Chastain is actually the favorite on the sports books that I've seen. Really. Speaker 2 00:14:05 I've seen em at three to one, but I've seen Chase at two to one Speaker 4 00:14:08 Elliot, it's the favorite at Draft Kings at plus two 30 Bell 300 and then Chastain Lagano splitting the 400. Speaker 3 00:14:14 Okay. So maybe it's switched cuz the early lines had the first one I saw from Win maybe, or Caesars had Chestain as the favorite, which made sense cuz he did run Phoenix very well. Speaker 4 00:14:28 They're all really close though. All those, like, I could probably shop and probably find a place that has Chestain favored or Bell favored cuz they're, that's pretty close. Like, like last year Larson was like plus 100. Speaker 3 00:14:39 Yeah. Basically. Speaker 4 00:14:40 Yeah. So this is actually a lot closer than it's been for a while. Speaker 3 00:14:44 Yeah, and I mean statistically speaking be has been, um, very good at short flat tracks, uh, this year in terms of if we're comparing like the nine that they've run, including at Martinsville, um, they're all very close. So Bell has an average finish of 11 three. Elliot is at 11 one Lagano is at nine four in Chas, eight is at nine three. So Speaker 4 00:15:10 It's all over Speaker 3 00:15:10 The place. Be close on on nine out of nine races. Unfortunately there Ralph, uh, your boy is leading the way at 6.3 for an average finish. Speaker 4 00:15:24 You gotta bring that up right now. Speaker 3 00:15:25 I'm sorry man. Speaker 4 00:15:26 Hold on, hold on one time. This is for Ryan Blaney. Speaker 2 00:15:33 <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:15:36 Okay, we're done with it. Speaker 3 00:15:37 You should have had La Claire's, you should have had La Claire's know from when he was leading like at the Spanish GP earlier this year and his card blew up Speaker 4 00:15:47 <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:15:48 Um, but yeah, so it, it's very close perhaps to Bell for winning the race. He had to on a track that had literally no passing. Speaker 4 00:15:57 Like Yeah, we talked about that last week. The passing was, Speaker 3 00:16:01 There was 675 green flag passes in that entire race on Sunday. Speaker 4 00:16:07 That's Speaker 3 00:16:08 Insane. That's like one at a quarter a lap. So the first 480 laps of that race were terrible <laugh> and the last 20 laps were insane. But now we get the turn to Phoenix, we will hope for a pretty good Phoenix race. I, I don't have a whole lot of hope for it. I'd much rather it be back at Homestead, but Speaker 4 00:16:32 Well, yeah, we need to get rid of Phoenix for the championship now, right? Speaker 2 00:16:36 I don't mind it Speaker 2 00:16:39 If they Yeah sure I would prefer Homestead. Uh, I don't wanna hate Phoenix though. But two quick notes. Uh, some news that broke, uh, today and earlier this week, uh, Parker Kligerman get a full-time Xfinity series ride. Good for him. Uh, he's running the part-time truck series right this year and last year with Henderson Motorsports did get a win, uh, at mid Ohio earlier this year. And he landed in a full-time ride for Xfinity, a pretty good car. Yep. Uh, with big machine. He'll be in the 48 full-time next year well-earned. And Jimmy Johnson will uh, be getting himself ownership stake in petty GMs and he will be running a few races next year on a part-time schedule. So good to have 48. Well he is not gonna be in the 48 but you know, good to have Jimmy Johnson back. Speaker 3 00:17:32 No, but it is fitting though cuz apparently he ran the 44 car in the Xfinity series early in his career and Petty GMs has the 42 and the 43, so 42, 43 44 that works. Um, but Speaker 4 00:17:47 Yeah, he just needs that 45, 46 and 47 Speaker 2 00:17:49 Only. Can't get Speaker 3 00:17:50 45 <laugh>. Speaking of the 47, congrats to him for getting uh, Mar well he used to be in the 47. He's not in the 47 anymore. It's 37, right? No, Stenos is still 47. I can't keep this this straight like Speaker 4 00:18:03 Then that's 47, Speaker 2 00:18:04 But yeah, Ricky Suno got married, Speaker 3 00:18:05 Right? Yeah, he got married. Oh. Um, so congrats. Speaker 4 00:18:09 Did he uh, wreck the we the wedding Speaker 2 00:18:12 <laugh>? Speaker 3 00:18:13 There were, there were some NASCAR guys there. Um, Speaker 4 00:18:16 Did he crash the wedding? Did he Speaker 3 00:18:18 <laugh> I was gonna say hold wedding Crasher. Speaker 4 00:18:22 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:18:23 Nobody take the soundboard away from Ralph <laugh>. Um, so congrats to him. But yeah, it's great having JJ back in nascar. That'll be uh, that'd be awesome. His, uh, knowledge base is certainly should help petty GMs get some better, get some better runs going forward there. Definitely. Um, any other news and notes we had this week? Speaker 2 00:18:52 Nah, I think we can just dive into Phoenix pretty big weekend. Speaker 3 00:18:55 I mean Alex Bowman's back, but that was like, it was gotten talked about before Martinsville, Speaker 2 00:19:01 But, and Tyler Reddicks coming back this weekend too, or he's been Speaker 3 00:19:04 Clear to he was cleared Yeah, earlier on, uh, Wednesday. So we get Reddick back, we get Alice Bowman back in the 48, which is his home track. Also allows Dron to only have to concentrate on the Xfinity race. Um, so yeah, kind of a win-win win for everybody there. Speaker 2 00:19:25 All right, let's talk Phoenix schedule is out, uh, practice and qualifying for all three series this weekend. Even for, uh, ARCA Menards, uh, I got a bone to pick with NASCAR because uh, it's the championship race for the Camping World Truck Series practice is at 8:05 PM Eastern Time on Thursday and it's not on tv. Uh, can't stream it. Can't figure out any way to watch it other than to just get updates from Jeff Luck. Bob PS wait for their practice results. Speaker 4 00:19:56 College football killing it. Speaker 2 00:19:58 Um, yeah, it's, it's kind of a bummer. I wouldn't even hate it if it was just streaming on Fox Sports go but to each their own. Uh, so practice is Thursday night for the trucks qualifying is 6:00 PM Eastern time for the trucks on Friday. Uh, that's gonna be tough because I'm probably gonna be driving home around that time. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to offer updates in red like I do normally for those playbooks. Uh, the race is at 10:00 PM Eastern time Friday night. My goodness. Uh, that is late one. I'm pretty sure. Uh, that's the latest Erase has started for the trucks this year or not Speaker 4 00:20:33 Me though. Not Speaker 3 00:20:34 For me. Wouldn't it be seven, Speaker 4 00:20:35 Seven o'clock my time baby be I'll be there with a beer. Speaker 2 00:20:39 Um, so yeah, gonna be a late race Friday so I won't have updates to the playbook. Um, I will be in Discord probably from 8:00 PM up until 10:00 PM just finishing my lineups and I will gladly help out answering questions. I do apologize, I just don't anticipate that I'm gonna have any updates for the playbook. Uh, Xfinity practice is 7:00 PM Friday night. They qualify at 2:30 PM Eastern time on Saturday, which means it's 11:30 AM in the morning and they race at 3:00 PM Eastern time in Phoenix. So the track conditions might be a little bit different. Is it 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM Ed? Speaker 4 00:21:20 Uh, 3:00 PM Speaker 2 00:21:21 Okay. Yeah, I don't know your time sounds until Speaker 3 00:21:23 Sunday. Speaker 2 00:21:24 What's that? Speaker 3 00:21:26 Until Sunday when Arizona does not flip <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:21:30 Oh yeah, you're Speaker 2 00:21:30 Right. Is daylight savings this weekend? Yeah Speaker 4 00:21:32 It is. It's on Saturday so it changes Speaker 3 00:21:34 On Saturday of the cup. It's night between Saturday and Sunday morning and Arizona does not follow daylight savings. It's Speaker 4 00:21:40 About time. I'm up at like 6:00 AM and it's a little dark outside. I'm like, come on, Speaker 3 00:21:44 They're literally gonna be in a different time zone on Sunday than they were on Saturday. Yep. Speaker 4 00:21:48 You know Congrat. Yep. Speaker 2 00:21:50 Uh, so Saturday, uh, qualifying in the afternoon, the race is later on and then Sunday the NASCAR Cup series championship. It's hard to believe we've made it this far. Sad say it every damn year that we do this podcast and it's like a marathon. Uh, but yeah, we made it to the championship and we'll be back on in about 13 to 14 weeks with another podcast. Speaker 3 00:22:11 Pretty sure the clash is February 5th. Speaker 2 00:22:14 We will be back in 12 weeks for another podcast then. Uh, but with that said, I guess we can just start breaking down. I don't think we need to talk or give picks or winners for Trucker Xfinity series. I know it's championships but Speaker 3 00:22:26 Do not play Tight Gibbs. He's gonna get dumped. Speaker 4 00:22:29 Noah Noah's gonna win it. One can money up money on the board right there. Draft Speaker 2 00:22:33 Kings, uh, to no surprise the top four drivers in the driver pool on Draft Kings and I believe Fandel, uh, Chase Elliot, Christopher Bell, Joey Lagano, Ross Chest in, I don't know, do we need analysis? I know we talked about Bell on short flat tracks. I don't know how much exposure I want to chase Elliot. I haven't ex necessarily liked the recent form. Yeah, my two favorite drivers are probably gonna beat Bell and Chastain. But I know that Penske can set their cars up pretty well for Short Flats. Speaker 3 00:23:02 Yeah, I'm with you. I'd probably go Chastain. Maybe one Bell, two Lagano, three Chase four for dfs. Speaker 4 00:23:12 That's so crazy man. Chase dominated all year two. It's just playoffs. Speaker 3 00:23:18 He didn't dominate. In fact Speaker 4 00:23:19 This is well, well he's number one in points. He didn't dominate, but Speaker 3 00:23:22 It's just Chase Elliot does not lead 137 or 143 laps at Phoenix. He won't crack a thousand laps led. This would be the first year where no driver cracks a thousand laps led since 1960. So he hasn't dominated. It's not like Harvick's 10 win season where he led like Speaker 4 00:23:44 Well, or even last year too. Larson dominated last year like Speaker 3 00:23:47 Right. Chase has been like on the intermediates. Chase has a terrible average finish. He's pretty good at Short Flats. But like if we sort it by, let's see, over nine short flat type tracks this year, Chase does have 52.7 laps led on average per race. But Speaker 4 00:24:11 Like does this feel like a, a year where one of these four playoff drivers aren't gonna win this race? Speaker 3 00:24:17 It's possible. Speaker 4 00:24:18 It just feels like it don't know. We Speaker 3 00:24:21 Don't have that many playoff drivers win races in the playoffs. Right, Speaker 4 00:24:24 Exactly. I just feel like one of the like it's gonna be like last week, right? Where one are these guys is gonna win the championship and like Kevin Harvick will win the race or something. It's like what? It's like Speaker 2 00:24:34 We'll get Speaker 4 00:24:35 Shortly. Yeah, exactly. It just feels Speaker 3 00:24:37 Like's definitely gonna Speaker 2 00:24:38 Play consistently in the top 10 here Speaker 3 00:24:40 Since 2013. Speaker 4 00:24:42 You could literally parlay the championship winner and the race winner and probably win some money this week. <laugh> like let's crazy. Speaker 3 00:24:50 Probably don't parlay top 10 finishes though. You won't make anything now cuz thanks Speaker 4 00:24:53 To Yeah, they screwed that Speaker 3 00:24:54 Sports books killed the top 10 NASCAR parlays. It sucks. So Speaker 4 00:25:00 Shout out to all those who won those Speaker 2 00:25:02 <laugh>. Is it say to assume that Elliot Bell, Lagano Chastain, uh, probably in a GPP tournament format are all gonna garner at least 20 to 25% exposure? Speaker 3 00:25:14 Yes. Yeah, probably Speaker 4 00:25:15 The lowest one being Lagano, I think Speaker 3 00:25:17 Unless somebody's, Speaker 2 00:25:18 It does seem like everybody is off Lagano this week, but I also feel like we should just keep in mind that Lagano just has that ability to go out and just surprise you with the win. He did it Bristol Dirt the first year he did it at the Coliseum. He did it when the Cup Series went to Gateway earlier this year, which is also a flatter track. Um, he's won at Phoenix before. I don't, I don't really want, uh, our subscribers at least to sleep on Joey Lagano because I, he is a guy that if everyone predicts him to be the worst of the four, if he, if he's this, this wet blanket of the group, then I may just go there for leverage. Speaker 4 00:25:55 All right, here's my bold prediction right now. Let's do it right now. Joey Lagano wins the championship. See doesn't win race. I Speaker 2 00:26:07 Don't wanna hate the call because your boy, your boy's car was so fast here when they ran here in the spring and it's like, what if they just take notes and just go with the similar setup and they just give him the fastest car in the Speaker 4 00:26:18 Field? I have a feeling he's gonna win the whole thing. I just, Yeah. Speaker 3 00:26:22 If there's been a fast setup for Fords this year, it's been the short flat tracks. Like that's where Ford has shined. Um, by the way, touching back on Chief Elliott, he did score a nice total points in DK the last time they were at Phoenix. He was $11,000 here back in March. Started 19th, finished 11th, had 36 fastest laps, <laugh> lapse lab for 69 points. Nice. Speaker 4 00:26:51 And he, I have to ask real quick on, so the, the four racers, right? So yes, Elliot's been really good like you said. Yes. Do they all at the top four in the championship or do they have to actually qualify at, at a spot Speaker 3 00:27:07 They run qualifying just like now. The last few years they had put them different in the top four because there was no qualifying and so they just wanted the championship for to be unabated at the start of the race. But now they're gonna run actual qualifying. So if somebody screws up, that'll put 'em. And also to clarify, cuz I saw some questions, um, on Twitter and Discord about this stage. Points do not matter in the championship hunt this week. It's, and it's whoever, it's whichever of the championship four finishes ahead of the other ones. They do not have to win. If all four wreck out and they finish 30, you know, 33rd through 36, whoever finishes 33rd of the championship board would win. That's not gonna happen. It's taken a win to win the championship basically every year since they've gone to it Speaker 4 00:28:00 Until this year. I'm telling you until this Speaker 3 00:28:02 Year it probably takes a win again this year. But there's a shot that somebody wins this race and like a championship for driver finishes second or third and wins the championship as possible. Um, I I don't dislike the leverage play on the gone this week cause I, because people are gonna go back to what he did in the spring here, which was started 10th, finished eighth, three fastest laps, four laps led 40 points at 10. One people are gonna, Well he does that again, that's not really worth it in dfs. Right? But I don't think he's gonna do that. I think he's gonna, Speaker 2 00:28:44 And look what Blaney did, started on the pole finished worth 143 laps, 11 and 52 fastest laps. Just give him that setup. Speaker 3 00:28:51 Right. And then hope Lagano can drive it. Duplicate Speaker 4 00:28:55 It, Right? What, what if I blew you guys' mind right now? What if any wins this race? Oh Jesus and Lagano was a championship <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:29:03 You're Speaker 3 00:29:04 Gonna be so bitter. Speaker 4 00:29:05 Hardly. Oh, I I I, I'd be pissed. Speaker 3 00:29:07 He's gonna be crying into his be is what's gonna happen. <laugh>, Speaker 4 00:29:11 <laugh>. Tears, tears, tears for beers, baby tears. My, Speaker 3 00:29:14 It's gonna be like that famous TikTok thing where the, where the chick's trying to dance and she's crying and she's still, that's gonna be Ralph on Sunday. That Speaker 2 00:29:22 <laugh>, Speaker 4 00:29:23 It's gonna be something man. It's gonna be something two Speaker 3 00:29:25 Meaningless wins in the season one, the All Star race <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:29:29 But if Lenny does win, it'll be the most wins by drivers in a season history. Speaker 3 00:29:35 Right. 20 which different, it'll be the 20 Speaker 4 00:29:37 Different, the different wins and the, it'll be the first time a champion hasn't won the final race. Speaker 3 00:29:43 Yes. As far as I can remember. That would be correct. Speaker 4 00:29:46 So it would be a crazy ending to a crazy season and I would love it. I love chaos. I love it. Speaker 3 00:29:52 It would be, um, what do we think about the two guys coming back from Injury Speaker 4 00:29:58 Jeep Speaker 3 00:29:59 Ready and Bone? Speaker 2 00:30:02 I mean Bowman has the home track narrative, Speaker 3 00:30:05 Right? Speaker 2 00:30:05 But he's overall been pretty craptastic this year. I Speaker 4 00:30:09 Haven't really been Speaker 3 00:30:09 Great. He's not mean. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:30:12 I haven't really loved, Speaker 3 00:30:13 Although aside from the beginning of the playoffs when he had that, I'm not the test car anymore statement. And then he Speaker 2 00:30:21 Go, I thought that was Byron. Speaker 3 00:30:23 Was it Byron or was it both? Speaker 2 00:30:25 It was Byron at that. Speaker 3 00:30:27 It was Byron. Speaker 2 00:30:28 Um, yeah, cuz Byron had two wins, basically locked himself into the playhouse. Speaker 3 00:30:32 Oh right, right, right, right. Speaker 2 00:30:33 Yes. And he became the, the Guinea pig. Um, I mean I'll play Reddick. It's awfully hard to avoid Reddick. Um, I'm trying to see what he did. I mean he started 12 here in the spring, finished third had 15 fastest laps early on in the year. We, I think a lot of people may have forgotten just how fast that car was and it kind of panned out as we got into like April and May. But then he, you know, obviously started rattling off wins, um, wrote America and Indie. Um, and then he won Texas. Speaker 4 00:31:07 He's done Tennessee to wreck out a lot lately. Speaker 2 00:31:11 Well yes, but I mean he did, he did get like pretty hurt in one of those Speaker 4 00:31:19 That's recent. I'm saying like the last like 15 I'm seeing here, he's wrecked down a lot for 5, 6, 7 of his 15. Well Speaker 3 00:31:31 <laugh>, okay, so Kansas is his tire blue. Speaker 4 00:31:34 All Speaker 3 00:31:34 Right. Right. Then the next one is uh, Bristol, which I think he got caught up in. So I don't know, he did wreck out of that one. It's Speaker 2 00:31:43 Bristol. He's Speaker 4 00:31:44 Wrecked out a lot. I mean I still love him because I love him as Speaker 2 00:31:47 Driver. Speaker 4 00:31:48 I think he's one of the most talented driver in the series. Speaker 3 00:31:51 He had the issue at at um, Homestead too, right? A tire went like he, it wasn't necessarily his doing. Speaker 2 00:32:00 Uh, yes, I do remember that. I think he cut a tire or something, which ruined the days of several people. Um, Speaker 3 00:32:08 Yeah and then Speaker 2 00:32:09 Mark, but again he's like, this is a driver who should be over 9,500, maybe 10 K and he's Speaker 4 00:32:14 89. Yeah, correct. He said 89. Yeah. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:32:17 He was pretty fast to Phoenix earlier this year. So Speaker 2 00:32:20 The problem is I don't know how much exposure I'm going to land on Reddick if I'm trying to fit, because I think a lot of people try to fit two dominators in their build thinking that they'll get two of the four championship drivers to dominate the race. Personally, I don't hate targeting one championship driver and then Kyle Larson because Kyle Larson is Hendrick Motorsports like representative for the owner's championship. And so there's still plenty of motivation for him to win the race. And he's finished, you know, he finished, uh, second last week. Uh, he was, he won, you know, Miami, he, the car has been fast Speaker 4 00:33:00 Hundred 48 points in Miami by the way. Speaker 2 00:33:03 Yeah. I mean he was dominant and he looked great in this race a year. And so, like Kyle Larson is I think a guy that a lot of people could just gloss over because he's like, you know, he's not a championship driver. Maybe, maybe a lot of people try to spend up to squeeze in two championship drivers. But I think a nice pivot off that would just be get Kyle Larson in there because I, I wanna say it was Nick Gif and Roto doc who said that the best financial outcome for Hendrick is for Kyle Larson to win the race and Chase Elliot to finish second. So Elliot can win the, like the driver's championship and they still get plenty of revenue to come in. Um, so I thought that was actually kind of a interesting breakdown the way he phrased it. But yeah, Speaker 3 00:33:46 For Speaker 2 00:33:47 Me, Speaker 3 00:33:47 Go ahead. Given that Jeff Gordon went on record a few weeks ago and said that Hendrick Motorsports is losing mo his lost money each of the last like four or five years. Yeah. So that is a valid, that is a valid point. Speaker 2 00:34:03 So I mean if you want to get different and find a way to be contrarian, like sure the driver that wins the championship is probably the driver that wins this race. But Speaker 4 00:34:14 Telling you right now it's gonna happen. Speaker 2 00:34:16 Oh God. <laugh> I'm telling you, don't sleep on Kyle Larson. Um, but let's, let's round it out with other teams that are historically good at short slacks. We have Jgr and Penske. I am interested to see where we are falling on drivers like Denny Hamlin, Martin Truex, Kyle Bush, Ryan Blaney. Do we think Jgr is gonna give Kyle Bush a good car this week? Cuz it was not good last week. Oh Speaker 3 00:34:39 Man, no. All plans. I don't, They have no, they have no incentive to do that. Right? Like Speaker 2 00:34:49 No like opportunity to give him a good sendoff in his final race with Jgr m and m's Final race on the car. Speaker 4 00:34:58 <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:34:59 I mean, you're struggling but I'm not necess necessarily Speaker 3 00:35:00 Arguing with playoffs. Yeah. They haven't given him a good car. Basically all playoffs. Speaker 2 00:35:06 Yeah, it's been trash. Speaker 3 00:35:09 The Speaker 2 00:35:09 Guy Speaker 3 00:35:10 And his crew chief is still suspended. Speaker 4 00:35:13 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 3 00:35:17 So Speaker 2 00:35:18 Is Ham, is Hamlin really the only other Jgr driver outside of Bell that you're entertaining? Speaker 3 00:35:23 Probably Speaker 4 00:35:25 <laugh>, but Okay. There's the narrative here though with that. It says now Hamlin's officially out and Chest Aid is in Speaker 3 00:35:33 Hammond's. Not gonna, Speaker 2 00:35:34 He's not gonna wreck Chestain in a in when Ross is contending for second Speaker 3 00:35:38 His, his comments after Martinsville make me think that he's buried the Speaker 2 00:35:44 Hat. It it, yeah it was like a tip of the cap to Chestain that Speaker 3 00:35:47 It was hard to it up. He beat me Farren where Hamlin's not gonna turn that much of a heel to ruin a championship race for a guy who's in it. Speaker 2 00:35:57 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:35:58 Because he's, I mean had Chestain wrecked him to get into the championship, Speaker 2 00:36:03 It'd be different. Speaker 3 00:36:04 It'd be different like if, if Chestain had pulled up High Gibbs obviously, you know, different teammates or whatever, but um, that'd be different. But the fact that he was speechless and classy after Chastain beat him with that move, I don't think, I don't think Hamlin does that. I think Hamlin just wants to run a solid race and finish a good year, Speaker 4 00:36:27 Say for Hamlin for 9,900 and how consistent he's been for a little bit. Now it's not a bad price than probably contrarian. Speaker 3 00:36:37 I mean I would much rather have Hamlin at 9,900 than True exit 95 or Kyle Bush at 93 Speaker 4 00:36:43 <laugh>. Yeah, a hundred percent. Speaker 2 00:36:45 Is there anybody over nine K that we haven't talked about yet that you're interested in? Or Speaker 3 00:36:49 Byron, maybe. Speaker 2 00:36:53 Yeah, Speaker 4 00:36:55 I mean, Speaker 3 00:36:56 I don't know. I'm Speaker 2 00:36:57 Just, I mean the finishes are there, Speaker 3 00:36:59 Right? He's not the dominating labs led Speaker 2 00:37:02 But it's like he's, I don't think he wants to get in Chase's way for the driver's championship and I don't think he wants to get in Larson's way for the owner's championship. He understands the importance and how the race is more important for those two. So I don't really know if I'm like Bowman has the hometown narrative and sure if they offer pd, sure I'll be all over it because their great DFS place from the per perspective that, you know, they still want a good finish and they can move up through the field. But if these two are qualifying in like pretty well, I don't really have much interest in them because they want to stay out of their teammate's way. Speaker 3 00:37:37 Yeah, I'm I'm fine with that, fine with that logic. Speaker 2 00:37:41 But on the other end of the spectrum, I think that a team that you could look at is HR and everyone's gonna be all over Kevin Har Hart because they know the top 10 upside and just the safety net that's there with him. Um, very good cash play this week, regardless of where he starts. I don't care if he's qualifying inside the top 10 or inside the top five. Like he, he, he's just a very safe play. Um, and one that should be probably over 60% owned in cash games. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:38:08 We always thought Sr sucked to start the year Harvard started 16th finish sixth and put up 20 fastest laps here in in Speaker 2 00:38:16 In Brisco Speaker 3 00:38:16 One he had no speed. Yeah. And he was more expensive then than he is new. Speaker 2 00:38:23 Yeah. Um, are you okay getting exposure to Chase Brisco who won this race led over a hundred laps, doesn't have to worry about getting in any teammate's way. He could legitimately just go out and try to race for the win. Speaker 3 00:38:37 I have two HR drivers in a lineup I just built. Speaker 2 00:38:40 Yeah. And Ola is probably one of Speaker 3 00:38:42 Them. Neith, neither one of them is Hoick. Speaker 4 00:38:44 I wonder it was Eric Jones Speaker 2 00:38:45 Just go in Ola. Speaker 3 00:38:46 No, Speaker 2 00:38:47 You put Custer in there. Speaker 3 00:38:50 I needed a cheap guy and he ran well here in Okay. And Speaker 2 00:38:54 Honestly he was actually great in Martin at Martin's village. We, every day, God There you go. Speaker 3 00:39:00 Okay, listen, Speaker 4 00:39:01 Get outta here. We talked about Custer. Speaker 3 00:39:03 I got Chasta and I got Larson, I got Blaney and then I got Brisco Speaker 4 00:39:10 Brisco's in mine. Speaker 3 00:39:12 Then I filled it out with Haley and Custer. Speaker 2 00:39:14 I don't, Hey Haley, I'm sure we'll talk about him as a value. He's Speaker 3 00:39:17 Finished in the, he, his average finish is better than 17th on short flat tracks this Speaker 2 00:39:22 Year. That's perfectly fine. And if you look at what he did last week in Martinsville, he was basically running in the top 10 at times he was running top five. I don't know, I can't remember what happened to him at Martinsville. Another short, flat track. He, Speaker 3 00:39:33 He custer faded late. Like that's what he does in short flight. He starts well and then you, Speaker 2 00:39:37 Oh because he stated out with Brisco and so he was on older tires. Speaker 3 00:39:41 Yes. Speaker 2 00:39:41 Okay. Speaker 3 00:39:43 Now could I fit Amarillo? Maybe, but I'm gonna have to lose both Haley and Custer and I don't know if I want to go dumpster diving to get Almar in there. Speaker 2 00:39:53 You could just play Todd Gillin man. Got a tough 15. Yeah, Speaker 4 00:39:56 Todd father baby, let's Speaker 2 00:39:57 Go <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:39:57 I mean maybe Speaker 2 00:39:58 4,800 last week and he returned 36 points. That's Speaker 3 00:40:02 Right. I mean fair enough. But let's see if I can fit 'em cuz I got 5,000. I cannot get Doug Gill and buy a hundred bucks. Thank you very much. Speaker 2 00:40:09 All right, now we go to Cody Weer <laugh>. No, he's, Speaker 3 00:40:15 So I'm sticking with Hailey and Custer. Thank you very much. I didn't say this was a cash play. <laugh> not a cash play, but there you go. So I got, I have two HR guys in my lineup. Speaker 2 00:40:26 Um, it's so weird because you can make an argument for every HR driver this week and you, you have to at least like the fact that they don't have, they, they have nothing to lose. So it's like they, you know, they, they can, they don't need to worry about trying to cater to another driver's like championship needs or something. You know, these are just four drivers that can go out and race. And I know s HR has not announced officially what's going on with the 41 car next year, right? Speaker 3 00:40:53 Correct. There's an internal fight between Gene Hoss and Tony Stewart. One of them wants Cole Kuster to stay. The other one wants, um, Speaker 2 00:41:02 Riley hers, Speaker 3 00:41:05 I think maybe there, there's there's a lower tier driver either in Xfinity or Truck that one of them is arguing. Should get the seat over Custer. But Speaker 2 00:41:13 They're a Degan. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:41:15 Not, not Degan. Speaker 2 00:41:16 Uh, Speaker 4 00:41:17 It's gonna happen eventually. Speaker 2 00:41:18 I'm trying to think who's in a Ford and Trucks. Zane Smith. Speaker 3 00:41:22 Let me see if I can quickly, cuz I saw a report on Speaker 2 00:41:25 This Zane Smith maybe. That'd be, that'd be a good one. That would be bold. Speaker 4 00:41:30 That'd be bold, but probably a good one. Speaker 3 00:41:35 Well, I mean he, he did race in the, in the Speaker 2 00:41:38 <inaudible>. Yeah, he did one. I think he had a top, He definitely had a top 20. I think he made about a top 15 too. What was it? Uh, Speaker 3 00:41:47 Yeah, I'm Speaker 2 00:41:48 Trying to what's the St. Louis track? We were just Gateway. Gateway. Yeah. I think that's the risk he ran. Speaker 3 00:41:55 Um, I'm trying to see if I can find the tweet so we can move on to other Speaker 2 00:41:59 It's fine if you find it great. Um, I think we can just briefly just move on for the sake of not having dead air Speaker 3 00:42:07 <laugh>. Yeah, <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:42:08 Hold on. I could just play some things on my, I Speaker 2 00:42:11 Think, I think we'll be okay. Uh, heading into the sub eight K range, we have Austin Shedrick who is with Team Penske. Uh, good team for short flat tracks. AJ Almond Dinger at only 7,700. Feel like that should be a little more expensive. Although if you look at his draftings profile and you don't follow NASCAR dfs, you're gonna see a lot of really strong top tens. But those are all at road courses it feels like. Yes. Um, although he did finish third at Miami, which completely went over my head. Damn good for him. Speaker 3 00:42:44 Oh, uh, wait, I thought the dinger Brian Priest Speaker 4 00:42:47 Phoenix. Hold on. Speaker 2 00:42:48 Oh, that makes sense actually, Speaker 3 00:42:49 Because he's the reserve driver for, He Speaker 2 00:42:51 Is the reserve driver. Yeah, that's a good call. You Speaker 4 00:42:54 Put up 32 points in Phoenix. Nick's last time Speaker 3 00:42:56 He's been, he's been in the simulator all year with their setups in their cars. So there's, there's a debate between Gene Hunt, the people that write the checks, whether it Speaker 2 00:43:06 Should be, I think it should be Ryan pr, but I don't really, I Speaker 3 00:43:08 Think it should be Priest too, but yeah. Speaker 2 00:43:11 Uh, but anyway, so we'll dip into, I guess we're heading into this mid-range to value tier, uh, Austin Sinja, AJ Elman, Dinger, uh, Austin, Dylan Bubba, who's been very good of late. Um, Speaker 3 00:43:24 They are 45 cars fast no matter who the heck drives it. Like Speaker 2 00:43:28 John. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:43:28 Top 10 had the fastest practice times in it when he filled in for BBA at Homestead. Speaker 2 00:43:36 You know, I didn't even notice Bubble Finish seventh at the Roal. Speaker 4 00:43:40 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Speaker 2 00:43:41 Yeah. And Speaker 3 00:43:42 He straight Top 10 Road courses. Speaker 2 00:43:44 He hates road courses. Speaker 3 00:43:46 He does. Speaker 2 00:43:47 Uh, all right. Well we're heading into this tier. Uh, Alro is gonna stand out and be a popular play. Everybody by now knows how good he is on short, flat tracks. Um, Brad Klowski has been fast. He has back to back top five finishes. Did get disqualified last week, but you know, he started sixth, finished fifth. I think a lot of people, and what we need to remember about Martinsville for next year is that really it's all a, like, I, we should not be afraid to start these value plays that are starting inside the top 10. Because I Speaker 3 00:44:19 Debated that when I was writing the playbook. I had 'em in there and then I took 'em out and then I had there. Speaker 2 00:44:24 It's, it's just so likely like, because it's, it's in my opinion, unless you have an issue on pit road or just a a ton of penalties, it's a low variant short track. So if you're starting high and you're cheap, just hang in there for the first two stages. Let all the back markers and other drivers fall multiple laps down. As long as you can stay in the hunt, not lose a lap, not have any mistakes, you know, you can just return value by holding your position and just finishing in the top set. And each year for Martinsville we just see like these, and this does kind of apply to Phoenix because it's only a one mile track. It's it's flat. There's a ton of la Speaker 3 00:45:00 It's reasonably tricky to pass even with the dog leg. Speaker 2 00:45:03 Yeah. And so this is a track where you should not be afraid to, you know, start some value plays that really qualify. Well, um, and Grant, but who do we like in this sub eight K to I guess we'll call it the, let's go to 6,500 to eight K. Cuz I like cutting it off with Michael McDowell cause he is so good for a top 10, even though he hasn't done it in a while. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:45:27 Who are you looking at here, Ross? Speaker 4 00:45:29 Uh, obviously I like Klowski this week. He's already in my lineup up here. Speaker 3 00:45:34 You rag on me last week for, for dating your boy Klowski and then the first guy you talk about is, and then your boy Klowski Speaker 4 00:45:43 In this tier. In this tier Speaker 2 00:45:46 <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:45:47 Just, just look at the consistency and the Speaker 2 00:45:50 DS outcome. Speaker 4 00:45:51 Yeah. Um, he's probably be a little popular probably too, but yeah, just the, just the points. Like he's like almost guaranteed. Like he, I think he's five times, five times five times. He's been guaranteed five times the last four races. Speaker 2 00:46:05 Um, it looks like six of his last seven races, he's put up at least 34 points and then five of those, he's gone over 40 points. Speaker 4 00:46:13 So I like him a lot in that tears. Um, let's see. Uh, that's a little lower but we'll get to the top father later. <laugh>, um, Amarillo of course Bubble Wallace, I mean. Yeah, but but is he gonna walk out and start pushing people around? We don't know but he has been good. And then Dad, uh, nope not doing it. Oh wait, he's the cutoffs. Ted House is 6,400 so Speaker 2 00:46:37 I'm not playing well McDowell's a cutoff. <laugh>. Yeah, I was gonna Speaker 4 00:46:39 Say, I was gonna say 6,400 to the cutoff, but yeah, Ted House, I mean he's the ultimate GP p play of all time in nascar. Either does Speaker 3 00:46:48 It, it I'm not play, I'm not playing Stenhouse. Speaker 4 00:46:50 Yeah. Ex well in a GP p you probably wanna throw 'em in one lineup because he could get that 40 points or he'll get that negative two. So Speaker 2 00:47:00 Really depends on where he starts. Speaker 4 00:47:02 Yeah. Qualifyings going to, Speaker 2 00:47:05 But I played him a lot last week and I played him a lot with the mindset like, well he is starting 31st. I wouldn't hate it if he just finished 20th to 25th cuz he was 5,900. Yeah. And he finished 23rd, which is basically what I wanted. But at the end of the race when I'm looking at my lineups and I see, and I'm trying to find guys that I think can move up and get more points and I'm looking at Ricky Stenhouse sitting 23rd, but I'm like, oh well he's, you know, he's two laps down and he can't really gain another lap yet to get up on the guys that are one lap down. And so that is like one of the more frustrating things about when you're following your lineups live at Martinsville or Bristol is like just knowing you have guys down that can't like increase their ceiling. Speaker 4 00:47:44 Yeah, that sucks. I that's what the short tracks kill me in Drag King when there's like boy laps down, I'm like ugh. Speaker 2 00:47:51 Yeah. Cause they can't make it up <laugh>. Yeah, Speaker 4 00:47:53 No, there's no pass. Speaker 3 00:47:54 I just don't like the the narrative first, first inhouse this week. Like he's not done well on these shorter flatter tracks. Right. And nine races. He's got top twenties this year. Speaker 4 00:48:05 He just got married dude, he's ready to go. Speaker 3 00:48:07 Yeah. So he, he's on vacation mode Speaker 2 00:48:10 Man. I don't know if the, I don't know if the married narrative cares as carries as much weight as the new dad Speaker 3 00:48:15 Narrative. No, he wants to piece out man. Like he's got nothing left to raise for you or he knows he's got the ride next year. He's not trying to, Speaker 4 00:48:23 If I play him in a GPP lineup that hits and he's 2% owned and gets 40 points, it's possible it's nascar. Speaker 3 00:48:35 I mean Speaker 4 00:48:36 I'm not saying everybody out there Fa Nation don't play him in all your lineups or cash games. Speaker 3 00:48:41 I'm just saying No cuz he wants him 2%. So if you play him, it's not gonna be 2%. Speaker 4 00:48:45 It'll be me, it'll be rou 24 19. Well the only one that has stand house that Speaker 3 00:48:52 <laugh>, he was a free square in March. He started 36th, he got to 28th and that was it. No fast laps, no laps lead. He was 8,400 bucks and he put up 22 points. Speaker 2 00:49:08 So can we just kind of agree that we hope he qualifies poorly and he becomes chalk for everyone else except us? Speaker 3 00:49:15 Yeah. Okay. Speaker 4 00:49:17 I can take that too then I won't play. But if you Yeah. Okay. Speaker 2 00:49:22 Uh, any interest in Chris Buscher hasn't looked? Uh, he's done okay lately. Uh, he was 13th at Miami but he started eighth, 15th hold off Speaker 3 00:49:32 10 and March. Speaker 2 00:49:33 Exactly. And he started 26 for that race too. And he's about the same price deck as he was in March. If Speaker 3 00:49:38 And if our argument is we like Klowski cuz Speaker 2 00:49:41 He and we have to like Buscher too. Speaker 3 00:49:42 You gotta like Buscher cuz they're in the same car. Yeah. Speaker 4 00:49:45 Oh you guys are killing me over my lineup right Speaker 2 00:49:47 Now. Why Speaker 3 00:49:48 <laugh>? Because we keep talking about good guys and he doesn't want swap guys out. He had a lineup and he doesn't want to rebuild it. That's why we're <laugh>. Speaker 4 00:49:58 I'm lazy right now. Dust it. Speaker 3 00:50:00 Um, Speaker 4 00:50:01 I really liked it with, with my Larson kiss Iki stack, but Speaker 3 00:50:05 I don't know what to do with McDowell this week either because technically he's got the home track narrative too. Speaker 4 00:50:13 Okay. This a home track narrative work. Speaker 3 00:50:15 No Speaker 2 00:50:17 <laugh> historically. No. Brad Koslowski would love to win Michigan. Speaker 3 00:50:21 Yeah. Insert Speaker 4 00:50:23 Blank hair and narrative never works for any sport, for any fantasy ever. My old team revenge game narrative never works. Home track never works. Speaker 3 00:50:33 Birthday narrative does Speaker 4 00:50:36 Does it? Speaker 2 00:50:37 Does it really? Speaker 3 00:50:38 In baseball? Yeah, there's two. Speaker 2 00:50:40 Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Like Speaker 3 00:50:42 Hitting home runs on your birthday. It's like, Speaker 2 00:50:46 I think Nomar Garcia Apparel wants his in a row, runs in his birthday. Speaker 4 00:50:49 Cool. And you know how many birthdays there are every baseball season? All hundred 62 games. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:50:55 There's a lot. Speaker 4 00:50:57 Yeah. Do they all hit overruns on their birthday? Speaker 3 00:50:59 Not everybody's capable. No. Oh, Speaker 4 00:51:02 I wonder what percentage <laugh>? Speaker 3 00:51:04 I don't know Mike tr it's a bunch. Speaker 4 00:51:06 Okay. All right, Speaker 3 00:51:07 Move on. Um, Speaker 2 00:51:09 Um, Speaker 3 00:51:10 I, I don't know, I could probably skip McDowell. He hasn't been all that great. Speaker 2 00:51:14 Do you prefer Justin Haley even though you know his run of like top 20, top fifteens. Hell he even had like a stretch of like some top fives at Texas and the Roal, but he's finished 28th in the last two races. Are we still okay going here for value? Speaker 3 00:51:31 I think so. I mean he's posted three top twenties in nine short flat tracks this year. He ran I believe 17th. Speaker 2 00:51:40 I also feel like when they practiced here in the spring, there was the colleague racing rocket ship narrative and everyone was just ogling and oling about how fast calling and Justin Haley were to start the year. And he did start 28th and he finished 17th year in the spring and he's getting great exact same price tag. Speaker 3 00:51:59 Yeah. So I mean I don't want to go straight off of what happened in March cuz obviously Speaker 2 00:52:05 No, no, no we can't do that with every driver and we've mentioned it, but Speaker 3 00:52:07 He's done well enough A, in the playoff races and b on short flat tracks that if he gets you a top 20, great. You're crushing value at this point. And how many people down this far in the, in the list, are we really that confident that can get you a top 20? Speaker 2 00:52:26 Um, Speaker 4 00:52:29 Top Speaker 3 00:52:29 Father Speaker 4 00:52:30 Todd father, he's in my lineup. Speaker 2 00:52:33 I mean Todd did finish 19th here in this morning. Speaker 4 00:52:36 Todd father has said nothing but win me money this year. He's in my last lineup of the season. Speaker 3 00:52:40 I'm not insulting him. I'm just saying that's two dudes under seven K that we're confident in. Speaker 4 00:52:45 That's true. Speaker 3 00:52:46 Right? Like I'm not playing Ty Gibbs. That guy's gonna get a ass awakening in the Cup series. I think it's gonna carry over Speaker 4 00:52:53 Core La Joy Speaker 3 00:52:55 Bent from the Xfinity race. So I don't want any pieces of him. Um, Hi, Dylan doesn't do anything for me. Harrison Burton, I have no idea. Speaker 4 00:53:09 Oh, if you're paying anything low, like LA Joy would be the only one that for a G P P I would even think about. I Speaker 2 00:53:15 Don't, I don't hate um, Harrison Burton necessarily. Speaker 4 00:53:21 It's just not, Speaker 2 00:53:23 If Speaker 3 00:53:23 We're talking, say I did say last week on the podcast that if he qualified 10th that he would be a GPP play and guess. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:53:30 And he finished 12. Speaker 3 00:53:31 He went out and qualified 10th Speaker 2 00:53:34 <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:53:35 Damn that 1 31. Speaker 4 00:53:36 Yeah. 31 points and four fastest laps. Speaker 3 00:53:39 Yeah. I mean he was good. But then again it is the Wood Brothers like home track and when I say home track Wood Brothers garage is literally five miles down the road from Martinsville Speedway. Yeah. Like you have to pass it to get there. It's like Hendrick and Speaker 2 00:53:53 They're like, you know, a satellite team for Penske. Speaker 3 00:53:56 Yeah. So if we like the Penske cars, why wouldn't we like a Wood Brothers car? Speaker 4 00:54:00 I have a question. Is it Harris for Burton's birthday Sunday? Speaker 3 00:54:05 <laugh> Speaker 4 00:54:06 Dunno. I will Speaker 2 00:54:08 Laugh hysterically if Speaker 4 00:54:09 It is. If it is then we, we all have to play. Speaker 2 00:54:12 No, he just turned 22 in October Speaker 4 00:54:14 22. Damn. Speaker 2 00:54:16 Yeah, they're babies. There's some babies in the Cup series. Geez. Speaker 3 00:54:20 I mean, how gives is like 19. So, Speaker 4 00:54:23 Okay. I do like the Harrison Bird, Speaker 3 00:54:26 But I'm just saying there's like three dudes that we feel in on if, Speaker 2 00:54:31 If we are talking about the birthday. Meredith Speaker 4 00:54:32 Just tell has a birthday. Speaker 2 00:54:34 Harrison Burton finished 28th after starting 23rd on his birthday at the Ro Bowl. Speaker 4 00:54:38 <laugh>. There you go. He was the guy who struck out the gold sabr on his birthday in the MV right there. Speaker 3 00:54:44 I mean okay. But he's also not a road racer. So <laugh> give him a little break, I guess. Um, I don't know. I like Haley. I do like Co Custer. He's in this price range too. Um, sure not great. Uh, throwing up a little bit in my mouth Speaker 4 00:55:03 Todd. Father, let's go. But Speaker 3 00:55:05 Yeah, Speaker 4 00:55:05 Sell me on the Todd father right now. Guys. Speaker 3 00:55:08 Todd, father I gonna talk you out of him. Why would Speaker 2 00:55:12 I talk you him? There's no reason to talk you out of Todd. Speaker 4 00:55:14 Father. Don't talk me out of it. Talk me into him. Sorry. Speaker 3 00:55:17 Why do you need to be talked into him? Speaker 4 00:55:19 Like Speaker 3 00:55:20 Just put up 36. But he just put up a top 15 And Martins little, Speaker 4 00:55:23 I'm sorry, not me. The people listening talk them into, I mean Speaker 2 00:55:26 Well he was good here in the spring. He's been pretty decent on the short flas this year. I feel Speaker 3 00:55:33 He's, I can tell you exactly how he's Speaker 4 00:55:35 Been here. The same cause the only reason I'm playing him this week is because he's, Speaker 2 00:55:38 He only finished 25th of New Hampshire. Looks like. Speaker 4 00:55:41 Oh yeah, Speaker 3 00:55:42 By the way, Speaker 2 00:55:43 22nd at, Speaker 3 00:55:44 He and Cole Kuster have the exact same average finish over nine short flight tracks this year. Speaker 2 00:55:50 Thought you were gonna say they have the exact same birthday Speaker 4 00:55:53 <laugh> and it's Sunday Speaker 2 00:55:54 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:55:55 Know, but I swear to God, if it's Todd Gill's birthday, it's gonna be hilarious. Speaker 4 00:55:59 Now we're just gonna sit here for the next half an hour leave. We're Speaker 2 00:56:01 Just trying to find somebody with a birthday. This Speaker 3 00:56:03 Weekend's birthday. No, he was born in Maine. Speaker 2 00:56:07 He Speaker 4 00:56:07 Is also the last podcast of the years. Always the funnest one. <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:56:11 I mean its loose. We gotta let it all hang out, right? Like Speaker 4 00:56:14 Yeah we have balls to the wall. Literally Speaker 3 00:56:18 Custer's his birthday narrative doesn't come into play cuz it's in the off season. Congratulations. You were born in one of the 10 weeks where there's not a NASCAR event happening. Speaker 2 00:56:27 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:56:30 Back in the middle of the um, No, I'm perfectly fine with the Todd father. He's 5,100. That's insulting. He's gonna be very popular in cash. Speaker 4 00:56:41 Yeah, Speaker 3 00:56:42 Like very popular because even the I start building from the bottom up. If we go Todd Gilland, right, which we're all sold on if we're building like a cash game line up here. Speaker 4 00:56:53 He's in my gpp, Speaker 3 00:56:55 Todd Gilland. Justin Haley for two cheap dudes, right? Yeah. I go with Kevin Har. Oh Speaker 2 00:57:00 I found a birthday boy. Speaker 3 00:57:01 Oh way. Oh really? Speaker 4 00:57:03 Is it? Please be smoothly. Speaker 2 00:57:05 He's born November 7th. So the day after the race. Speaker 4 00:57:09 Okay. Speaker 2 00:57:10 Bring back Cody Ware season. Speaker 3 00:57:13 Oh geez. Speaker 2 00:57:13 Geez. <laugh> Jesus Speaker 3 00:57:17 Even tied Gibbs confidence. Jesus thinks that. What Speaker 4 00:57:20 Did you Google to fight that so quickly? I wanna know Speaker 2 00:57:24 Com Speaker 4 00:57:25 Okay. Mail it as some crazy super, I think I just cussed, sorry. Some super go Google skills. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:57:31 J's website has an, has a list of birthdays for every month and November 6th, which is one the race will be is like Brian Reffner, Clay Rogers, Rodney, or, but then just go to the next day and Cody, we is sitting on November 7th. Okay. Speaker 3 00:57:47 So <laugh> I've got, if we're building like a cash bill here, I've got Gilland, Haley Harvick, Bell Chestain and I have 8,900 bucks left, which gets me Reddit, whereas Brisco, Bowman Crick. Allman Dinger. Speaker 2 00:58:06 It's Reddick. Speaker 4 00:58:07 Yeah, it's Reddick. I've, I love the lineups I've been working on. I always end up at that 8,900 spot too no matter who I mix and match. Speaker 3 00:58:15 Yeah. I somehow, like I mix and match and somehow wind up right in the middle of the eight, 8,000 or eight. Speaker 4 00:58:21 But I fixed it and I'll tell you how Speaker 3 00:58:24 I'm guessing you, you put butcher in there. Speaker 4 00:58:26 I did not. Here's my GP P lineup for this weekend. Pre-qualified. I'll still play though. Always do a couple of 'em actually. Majority Speaker 3 00:58:35 Of them. Really? How did Martinsville one do Speaker 4 00:58:37 Lagano? Oh, the Martinsville one. Uh, Austin Dylan crashed out. Speaker 3 00:58:41 Oh right. That was a Speaker 4 00:58:42 Yeah, other than that the rest of 'em did, did great. I just didn't have enough points from that empty spot. Um, Joey Ligado, Ryan Blaney, Brisco, Kyle Larson Klowski and the Todd father. Boom. There's my final GP p lineup of the year. Sadly. Speaker 2 00:59:00 Well I don't know if I'm gonna make a lineup just cuz we don't know where everyone's started. Speaker 4 00:59:04 Yeah, I'm just do it for fun based what we're talking about. I'm still gonna plug it in though. Why not? Speaker 2 00:59:11 All Speaker 4 00:59:11 Right. It's the last race of the year. Speaker 2 00:59:13 Um, I don't know, is there any other strategies that we may have wanted to touch on? Contest selection. They're not great. Speaker 3 00:59:19 They're not great. They're Speaker 2 00:59:20 Not the final race. Um, I don't know. It is the last podcast for like the next 12 weeks Speaker 3 00:59:25 Though. Yeah. The, so the cup series race is 312 laps. So there's a decent amount of lap lead points to go after. There's a decent amount of fastest lap points to go after. Um, passing can happen. There's gonna be some decent chances for passing, especially on restarts. You're gonna see guys grab six, seven spots on restarts cuz they'll just dive way down at the bottom of the dog leg. Um, and I don't know if we'll see anybody try Ross Chestain move at the end of the race or not and turns three and four at Phoenix. I've seen guys pull it off in the video game this week, but Speaker 2 01:00:02 I feel like it would need overtime or something. If it's too long of a green flag run, I don't think anyone's gonna bother. Speaker 3 01:00:08 Yeah, I mean they're not gonna do it until like the fair highest lap. Yeah. Speaker 2 01:00:12 Like why would you do it five laps before the Speaker 4 01:00:14 End <laugh> if you wreck the Speaker 3 01:00:15 Car out. Yeah, exactly. That's kind of my argument for like, why would you ban it? Because it's only gonna happen under very specific circumstances. Speaker 2 01:00:23 I told a, like AAU and I were talking in the NASCAR discard like after it happened on Sunday and he's like, well everyone's just gonna start doing it now. And I'm like, well what if the leader just does it first and like they just put their card on the wall just to like really just throw into fifth gear and just go wide open. Speaker 3 01:00:39 By the way, apparently if the race had gone some, some Twitter account ran the analytics that if Martinsville had gone green the entire time and they didn't have to pit right cuz they have, I don't know, just they refuel or don't need to refuel or whatever. And Chastain had done that move every single lap. He would've finished 50 laps ahead of Christopher Bell Speaker 4 01:01:03 <laugh> Speaker 3 01:01:04 Who won the race <laugh> and then he would've finished 51 laps ahead of Larson and Hamlin <laugh>. So like her Speaker 2 01:01:12 Thing I can, uh, I've been trying to build a lineup with Corey La Joy and I can honestly say after looking at his resume here, do not do it. Yeah, Speaker 4 01:01:20 I was just looking at it earlier. I mentioned him and I'm like, I Speaker 2 01:01:22 Can't, He doesn't have a single top 25 finish. He got into an accident in the spring. He hasn't finished four races here and the dropper rating is just abhorrent. Speaker 4 01:01:33 However, he's the most likely to have a car that says me on it, which is great. Speaker 2 01:01:37 Yeah, well he's a very likable lad. Yeah. Speaker 4 01:01:40 Yeah. Me with a cooler. Speaker 2 01:01:42 Um, <laugh> Speaker 3 01:01:45 Andy gets a new teammate next year, so congrats to him. Um, Speaker 2 01:01:50 I don't know. I could do like a lineup with be Larson Buscher. Gilland Hamlin and then I have my pick of litter of Austin Dill Bubble Wallace Elmar Klowski and I still That's Speaker 4 01:02:02 A good, that's a good right President Speaker 3 01:02:07 I'd go Kolowski for leverage or Ola for Speaker 2 01:02:10 Consistency. Speaker 3 01:02:11 Consistency. Speaker 2 01:02:14 Yeah. It could go either way. All right. There's your winning lineup. Speaker 4 01:02:17 There you go. Three lineups, three Speaker 2 01:02:20 Winners. Well I'll say this. Uh, just want to thank everybody for listening, uh, throughout the year, uh, especially the last couple weeks. I know <laugh> once it's the playoff season, we're entering NFL season, It's, it, it NASCAR DFS does kind of lose some of its traction from the spring and the summer. So if you stuck with us throughout the whole year, Thank you. If you're new and just wanted to get our takes on the Ross Chastain move, uh, thanks for listening. There are Plenties. Yeah, <laugh>. Um, it's, it doesn't even feel like we need to like sign off or anything cuz like time's gonna go by in a snap and we'll be previewing the Clash at the Coliseum and 10, 11 weeks and then we'll have Daytona lined up shortly thereafter. So, uh, yeah, thanks everybody for joining us in the Discord and listening. Uh, along all season long. Speaker 3 01:03:08 Don't forget though, there are still a few races for f1. I will still be covering dfs. Speaker 2 01:03:13 Why does it matter? Speaker 3 01:03:14 It doesn't matter. Those contests and there are chances to win money. Speaker 4 01:03:19 He ruined my button. Push <laugh>. Speaker 3 01:03:23 That should be another button. Um, <laugh>, so there's a, there's a few races left, right? Obviously everything in the season has been decided The champion is Max or snapping. They Speaker 2 01:03:34 Even trying Matt Speaker 3 01:03:35 Constructor, what Speaker 2 01:03:37 Are they even trying? Speaker 3 01:03:39 I'm pretty sure versa. Steppin is, I mean Speaker 2 01:03:42 So I don't, Speaker 3 01:03:43 He also just said the the CBS season record for most wins in a season and F Speaker 2 01:03:48 Right. But that's my problem with it is like what he's doing is just so amazing that I can't appreciate it because I go into every Sunday like yeah max versa, Tappin's probably gonna win. He's already won the F1 championship. There's no drama. I don't know how one Dr. How Drive to survive is gonna like build this into a dramatic season because he just wins every single race. Speaker 3 01:04:11 Oh, there's plenty to talk about in Drive to survive. Like there's teams changing, there's drive, there's plenty of drivers changing spots. That's what it's all gonna be, right? Like you've got plenty of drivers swapping spots. You've got ha still in disarray. You've got um, the whole um, the heck was the driver that that sued to get out of um, like McLaren's that he agreed to the deal and then he didn't and whatever. There's plenty of drama. They don't even have to to cover Versen. Um, Speaker 2 01:04:48 How many different drivers have they had that won to race this year? Speaker 3 01:04:52 Uh, so Vern's won La Speaker 2 01:04:54 Claire Speaker 3 01:04:55 Is won Hamilton wins. Hamilton is yet Speaker 4 01:05:00 He hasn't? Speaker 3 01:05:00 No, no, that's, that's a storyline that's continuing is that the Hamilton needs to win. Speaker 4 01:05:05 He's the Ryan Blaney of f1. Speaker 3 01:05:07 He needs a win to keep his street going. Speaker 2 01:05:09 Are we looking at just like four or five drivers that one Speaker 3 01:05:12 Race when players won? I'm pretty sure signs is one Speaker 2 01:05:16 Per Yeah. So both Ferrari and Red Bull drivers have won. Speaker 3 01:05:20 Yeah, those are the only ones Speaker 2 01:05:22 That's boring. Speaker 3 01:05:25 I mean it's not, if you pay attention to how they got there and whether Ferrari's gonna blow up each week cause that's a real chance of happening. Speaker 2 01:05:34 Yeah, but like even the Ferrari like shooting themselves in the foot like that, that narrative was fun for a while and then I got tired of that one too. Speaker 3 01:05:42 Let's see. So we can get, so for Stephan's definitely not plus odds. I was hoping he was gonna be for Brazil, but Speaker 4 01:05:50 Is he ever plus odds anymore? Speaker 3 01:05:52 What? Speaker 4 01:05:53 Is he ever plus odds anymore? He Speaker 3 01:05:55 Was at Coda. Have you got him on like Wednesday of Koda week? He was plus odds and I was like, that's Speaker 4 01:06:00 On Wednesday <laugh> by Friday he was <laugh>. Speaker 3 01:06:05 No, actually he was still plus odds by Friday. Just last like he was plus 1 0 5 or something, you know, on Wednesday he was like plus two 30. Um, but no he's not. He's not And well Claire is five to one to win in Brazil and first happens four to nine. So Speaker 4 01:06:23 Is DK gonna do indie series next year? Speaker 3 01:06:27 I did betting pieces for Indy, Speaker 4 01:06:29 But DK should, should do that in series more competitive. No, Speaker 2 01:06:37 I think we should just wrap it up. We've derailed off nascar. Speaker 4 01:06:41 I mean we Oh Speaker 2 01:06:42 What I contributed, Speaker 3 01:06:44 I was waiting for that drop the whole dang hour, man. Speaker 4 01:06:47 Like I stayed until the end. Speaker 3 01:06:50 So thank you folks for reading and listening and paying attention to NASCAR coverage this year. Um, we will be back next year. There's gonna be some stuff in the works hopefully. Um, uh, yeah the clash is, I believe it's like February 5th if I'm not mistaken. Um, and then it's the Super Bowl and then it's the Daytona 500 on February 16th, um, or 19th I guess is the 19th. Yeah, Daytona 500 February 19th. Um, and then we're all running and there's only one off week again next year for 36 points. Paying races. Great. Can't wait. It's an all star race at North Wilkesboro, which is gonna be Sweet Chicago Road. Course. Don't get your hopes up. That thing's gonna suck. Um, yeah, so we'll keep rolling in about 12 weeks. Speaker 2 01:07:45 All right. Best of luck to you Matt and Ed for Phoenix and best of luck to the FA Nation Speaker 4 01:07:49 You guys next year.

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