September 01, 2022


NASCAR DFS Podcast: Cook Out Southern 500

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
NASCAR DFS Podcast: Cook Out Southern 500
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
NASCAR DFS Podcast: Cook Out Southern 500

Sep 01 2022 | 01:00:09


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The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs kick into gear this week at Darlington Raceway with the Southern 500. FSWA Award-Winner Matt Selz and Edward Raus break down the track, the drivers, and some interesting playoff bets in this fully packed NASCAR podcast.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:22 What's up FA nation it's Matt sells here. I'm obviously leading off this podcast. So what does that mean? It means we get in the guest chair, Edward Rouse, he's back joining us for the start of the playoff. So how's it going there Rouse? Speaker 3 00:00:35 Well, well, well, my blood pressure is still really high from Saturday. I mean, Sunday, I mean, Sunday afternoon. Uh <laugh> um, that was interesting over this last weekend. Let me, uh, just tell you that. And um, I mean, no words, I mean, I was like during the whole rain break it, which is kind of bizarre to see all the, like the trucks leaving of the cars that are out, right. Speaker 2 00:00:57 Like 18 people packed up and left. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:01:00 Who's left in this, but uh, good old, uh, Ryan Blaney and his, uh, duct taped car. <laugh> somehow managed to stay out of everything by crashing early and, uh, qualify for the class. So I was pretty happy with that. There was a little bit of pacing going on at the end and some celebrating at the end. And I do like Truex a lot and I, I felt kind of bad cuz I, I, I do like him as a person and, and a racer, but it was exciting. It was interesting. It was rainy. It was, uh, it was like NASCAR got what they wanted with having Daytona as the last race of the regular season before the flaps. Let me tell you, Speaker 2 00:01:34 Yep. I will say I am glad that they finished it and they made it come down to the last 22 actual green flag lap of the regular season and made Austin di hold onto that lead. Uh, that was that. And he did crazy 21 lamps, um, kudos to Tyler Reddick for pushing his, uh, teammate current teammate to the win. Um, you know, obviously Reddick is leaving for 2311 likely in 20, 24, maybe they buy him out and he goes in 2023, cuz there might be a seat open we'll touch on that in a minute. Um <laugh> but now the playoffs start with Darlington and it's been a little bit since we've raced Darlington. So we'll talk about the track a little bit here. Um, it's got about 16 different nicknames is known as, uh, the track too tough to tame the lady of black cars get Darton stripes. Um, it's known as the egg, uh, you know, the track in the South Carolina swamp land. Um, Speaker 3 00:02:34 But not, but not quite 1.5 mile egg. Speaker 2 00:02:37 Yeah, there you go. It's 1.3, three miles, uh, per lap and it is egg shaped. Um, so you know, one end of it is a tighter radius than the other because of a pond that wouldn't, that they couldn't move when they built the track that no longer exists and they didn't change the track shape, which is kind of cool. Um, it is a very high tire wear track it's right up there with Fontana, um, and what Atlanta used to be. Um, and to a degree like homestead kind of fits this mold too. So we will see tire strategy, play a role here. You will have to make the tires last, if you wanna carry speed. Um, and there's been multi, you know, multiple groups of racing here over the last couple years. So that should be fun. It also is a place where tensions can get very, very high. Um, if you can't pass somebody, sometimes it's easier to just to move him like Joey Lano did back in may when he ran over William Byron with two laps to go. Um, so it's kind of a, it it's a driver's track, uh, driver that can handle the car and keep the car up front has a pretty good shot at winning here. So, um, it's a very interesting one for DFS. Speaker 3 00:03:56 Yeah, no, I totally agree. Like I'm just looking at the may race right now and the, the, the starting position verse, the, the final and, uh, and there's very interesting. Uh, three of the top five guys started 29th or worse, uh, in the race, which is interesting. Um, and just going down the list here, I know there was a, quite a few accidents, but it's gonna be, it's gonna be a week where you could pay down, uh, to get two pay down guys, maybe to get some top guys in, um, from what I'm seeing. Speaker 2 00:04:32 Yeah. It's, uh, the pricing has come out, uh, and it's, it's very, very interesting how they're pricing this field. Um, there is some rain in the forecast on Saturday. Speaker 3 00:04:45 Oh, of course there is. Speaker 2 00:04:46 So I'm desperately hoping that that either avoids the track or, you know, just avoids practice and qualifying, cuz I would hate for the first, um, playoff race, the field to be set by formula because that would automatically, uh, put the, uh, playoff guys up front. And I don't think anybody really wants to see that. I wanna see how they actually qualify and then, you know, make judgments on off of that. So agreed. Sunday looks Sunday, looks clean, which is good. Um, it is a late Sunday evening race. It's 6:00 PM Eastern on Sunday. So, um, you know, don't go ask Bob PS if they have lights, they do, obviously they do. They're not running it that late. If they don't Speaker 3 00:05:30 Every week, do they have lights? Speaker 2 00:05:32 Yeah, exactly. Uh, it is the Southern 500, so it's a crown jewel race. It's also a hundred miles longer than the good year 400 that was there earlier this year. Um, so you know, it, that's gonna add another level to this too in terms of strategy and not like we can't really just take what we saw in may and say, well, that's the only race in the next gen car on this track. So let's just use that. Um, what I would suggest is you go back and you look at what happened in 20 16, 20 17 and 2018. And then again, uh, 2019, you know, 20, 20 and 2021 also had kind of high, um, sorry, low down force, high horsepower packages. Um, I'd be careful of the back to back braces in 2020 because they restarted the season at Darlington during COVID and there was no qualifying. So they were all set by formulas. And the second of those races, they inverted the top 20. So I really wouldn't look at that race at all or what have, it was also fairly short. Um, so you know, I, I would go back and look at those tracks if we're, uh, prepping for this, for this race. Speaker 3 00:06:56 Yeah. It's probably smart idea to go back longer than may. Uh <laugh> yes. <laugh> although it may was an interesting race, but yeah. I mean, I'm, I'm with you there, uh, history for some of these guys I'm looking through it right now that I was high on before we started talking before this I'm I'm kind of going down on a little bit now <laugh> but one guy in particular, but um, uh <laugh> but yeah, no, I'm I'm with you. Like it's a, it's a tricky course. And um, and like you said, passing is not a thing, uh, up until this last race in may really that I'm looking at. So it's gonna be interesting. Speaker 2 00:07:34 Yeah. One thing though, I will compliment the next gen car on, is that the tracks that have the high tire wear seem to one, seem to be ones where passing happens. If we flash back to Fontana. Yeah. High tire wear track, lot of passing. That was a fantastic race. Darlington. Yes, there were accidents, but there was, you could also pass and make moves and pick lines and um, and whatnot, there was, um, not a lot of passing at gateway. That would be the other track. That's basically this same size. Um, there was a decent amount of passing at Nashville though, which does kind compare cuz it's a decently yeah. High tire wear, uh, track surface is a little different, but Speaker 3 00:08:16 Real quick though. Okay. We've already wrote the playoffs. What's your like overall impression of, of the next gen car? I think it's good. Like I think it's good for NASCAR and, and I've actually enjoyed it this year. I think the quality of racing, all the different winners, uh, I feel like a lot of the races were closer than they have been in the past. And like, it was just a good year. I, I like it and I think it's going in the right direction. Speaker 2 00:08:41 I would say I generally like it. Um, there are a couple of places that it can improve one. It doesn't seem to do great at short tracks right now. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of passing at short tracks. Um, then again, it's not like it's easy to pass at Martinsville to begin with, right? Yeah. It's not like everybody starting 25th is gonna move up at Martinsville that that's never the case and basically never has been. Um, we'll see what it actually looks like on Bristol concrete <laugh> because obviously Speaker 3 00:09:15 The dirt Speaker 2 00:09:15 Yeah. Saw it on Bristol dirt. That was crazy. That's basically by the way, um, that move, that chase Brisco made that knocked Tyler Redick out at the end of the Bristol dirt race and allowed Kyle Bush to win is the only reason Kyle bushes in the playoffs. Speaker 3 00:09:33 Uh, he wouldn't called points. You're right. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:09:35 He wouldn't have qualified on points and that's his only win of the season. Wow. And true X would've made it over. Oh, Kyle Bush. So Speaker 3 00:09:43 That would've made me happy to <laugh> Speaker 2 00:09:45 Also if Martin track Jr. Hadn't wasted like the final line nine laps of Dover, trying to get, um, retaliation on Ross Chasta. Uh, he probably would've kept the four spots he lost and then would've made it over Ari lady by a point. So <laugh>, you know, there's a, there's a whole bunch of Speaker 3 00:10:05 What if, what if, what ifs say? Speaker 2 00:10:07 Yeah. Um, but get back to the next gen car, I would say it's yes. On the intermediates. It's been fantastic, which is great because those used to be now at Texas, it still sucks. But Texas sucks Speaker 3 00:10:18 To begin <laugh> yeah. That's just in general <laugh> Speaker 2 00:10:22 But you know, I would say, look, the plate races have been the plate races. That's really not gonna change. Speaker 3 00:10:27 Nothing changed there. Speaker 2 00:10:28 That's what it is. Um, the road racing I thought has been, I thought it's been great in certain, at certain tracks, like Coda I thought was great. Yeah. I thought Watkins Glen was phenomenal. Um, Sonoma was a, was very hard to pass mm-hmm <affirmative> it? It, yeah. Usually is a little tricky to pass there because it's tight racing lines and whatnot. Um, so overall I would say it's moving in the right direction. I like the number of winners we've had this year. Um, and then, you know, there's some safety concerns for sure, but they'll sort those out. Um, I, you know, overall though, it's, it's been a very good product. There's been a whole lot of high percentage. Yes. Races on the Jeff luck pole every week for whatever we wanna count that for Speaker 3 00:11:21 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:11:22 Um, although apparently Daytona suck last week, according to that pole, it was like one of the worst plate races ever in the history of that pole. For some reason. I don't know. I thought it was pretty good, but Speaker 3 00:11:35 Who won that race? The, the reign or Austin di Speaker 2 00:11:39 I would say Austin di Speaker 3 00:11:40 Actually now Speaker 2 00:11:42 Actually I would say USA network won it because now the reality star gotta win. Speaker 3 00:11:47 Oh gosh. That, okay. That drove me crazy in between that ran delay when they kept on showing his wife and like, she was okay. She was celebrating, like they had won, Speaker 2 00:11:59 She was doing a rain dance. Speaker 3 00:12:01 Oh, come on. She wanted the rain to keep, she was like, like, yeah, she Speaker 2 00:12:04 Wanted the rain to keep coming so that her hubby didn't have to go back out there. It Speaker 3 00:12:08 Was annoying. And the only reason they did it because of the show show, she didn't have the show. They wouldn't be eye on her every, in between every commercial break and showing him on alternative. What's his what's alternate victory. Like <laugh> Speaker 2 00:12:19 What, oh, it's inside. Speaker 3 00:12:21 Oh, okay. Yeah. Just sitting there Speaker 2 00:12:23 Like it's like basically like essentially the media center basically. Um, and they go there if there's weather or, um, like Justin, Hailey, I think got awarded the win in the garage area in 2019. Um, but yeah, so let's, uh, turn our attention to Darlington. There was some interesting news that came out today for those of you that haven't seen it. Uh, it involves Kurt Bush and the 45 car. And so in an interesting twist, obviously we know that Kurt Bush gave up his spot in the playoffs because he didn't feel he would be ready to compete. So that's why there was two spots open going into Daytona. However, the owner playoffs, the 45 car still made it because it qualified for the playoffs and the waiver doesn't affect that. It only affects the driver. So because the 45 is in the playoffs on the owner standings and there's money involved in that with point standings and whatnot, they are swapping Bubba Wallace from the 23 to the 45 because they want a more veteran driver to have a better shot at accruing points for the 45 car team. Speaker 2 00:13:41 And that means that Ty Gibbs, who is, who will continue to fill in for Kurt Bush for as long as he's out, will go to the 23. And then once Kurt Bush comes back, hopefully he comes back this year. Uh, he will then race in the 23. All of these sponsors from the 23 are going to the 45 and vice versa. Uh, bubble Wallace gets to keep his pit, his crew chief and go to the 45. And the crew chief of the 45 now goes to the 23. But I believe the pit crews are staying with their respect with their original cars. So bubble Wallace now gets the 45 pit crew and Ty Gibbs when he feels him will get bubble Wallace's pit crew. So why, Speaker 3 00:14:25 Why don't they just save everyone time and just take some spray paint and cross out the number and just put the <laugh>. I Speaker 2 00:14:30 Mean, it's basically what they're doing. Cause the pairs are the same. They're just gonna wrap 'em differently, but it will have a different driver on the, you know, so if you're looking at the 23 and you're wondering where the heck bubble Wallace is, uh, he's in the 45. So my daughter who is a big bubble Wallace fan, I'm gonna have to explain this to her. So she doesn't. So she doesn't get very confused. Where's my Bubba, like he's out there, he's just in a different car. Um, and draft Kings, hasty Gibbs listed as out this week. I don't know that to be true. Um, I believe that the plan is that he will still be racing this week. As far as I'm aware, I will double check the entry list right now, Speaker 3 00:15:14 But believe that's what PRA said. Speaker 2 00:15:17 Yeah. It's entirely possible that, well, they technically list Kurt Bush on the entry list Speaker 3 00:15:25 They do, Speaker 2 00:15:27 But I've done. No, no, there Speaker 3 00:15:28 It is. Right there. Card number 23 NASCAR qualifying right there, right there. Uh, Ty gives and the 23 car. Speaker 2 00:15:36 Yeah. Cause they had on the entry list, it lists Kurt Bush's 45. Speaker 3 00:15:39 Nope. He's gonna be in the 23 official officially. Speaker 2 00:15:43 Okay. So that makes, that makes a lot more sense. So you can disregard, um, you can disregard the fact that it says tide Gibbs is out because he's not, he's in the 23 car this week. Um, and Bubba will be in the 45 car this week for when we're watching, um, qualifying and practice. So, um, so yep. That's the, that's the main news that came out this week. So, uh, with that, how about, uh, we start breaking down these drivers there. Speaker 3 00:16:19 Yeah. So is this the end of Kurt push real quick? Speaker 2 00:16:24 It might be right because here's the thing. If you're swapping, if you've announced the bubble Wallace is taking the 45 car for the rest of the playoffs, because you want a veteran driver. That to me means that you know, that Herbo isn't coming back mm-hmm <affirmative> right. Cause you would hold his car and you wouldn't care what the owner points are, unless, unless they want him to come back and not feel pressure to have to perform and produce high points, paying races because of what's attached to the owner's standings. Right? You want a guy it's like when a closer comes back in baseball and he's coming off of Tommy, John, you don't go stick him right back in the ninth inning. You stick him in like the seventh inning. So it's not a high situation. Right? Um, Speaker 3 00:17:12 Yeah. It makes sense. Yep. Speaker 2 00:17:13 So I guess there's a chance, but look, he's 45. Uh, I don't know. I have a sneaking suspicion that they're gonna replace one Bush with another Bush. I think Kyle moves to that car next year. Speaker 3 00:17:30 That makes sense Speaker 2 00:17:31 And becomes Denny's uh, employee, instead of teammate, Speaker 3 00:17:36 That'll be fine, Speaker 2 00:17:37 But Toyota gets to keep him, he technically gets away from Gibbs. He gets to work with Michael Jordan and then he'll take over for his brother. And that then also buys time for Tyler Redick to stay at RCR. Unless of course, RCR buys him out and forces his forces 23 Eleven's hand early, which I, I don't know why you would do that. Speaker 3 00:18:04 Wow. Yeah. I, I'm kind of with you like, and I see all these pictures he's posting too. Like one of 'em he's just sitting on a bench looking at the water, like I can't drive, but I'm like contemplate. Like it's just, yeah. It's Speaker 2 00:18:17 He went to the Cubs game a couple of times. I've seen that's Speaker 3 00:18:20 His favorite team. Every everything points that he's done. I mean, and I mean, he's had a great career. It's not like he's Speaker 2 00:18:27 Yeah. He's won a championship. He's Speaker 3 00:18:30 It's time. Like it just seems like it. So yeah. I mean Speaker 2 00:18:33 Also with the personal stuff he's going through, it might be time to like, you know, oh Speaker 3 00:18:37 Yeah, yeah, yeah. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:18:38 Kind a fog is on that and kind of recenter stuff. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:18:42 There's a lot going on in the mind of Kirk. Good burst nowadays. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:18:46 So with that, let me ask you this. Who is the driver you are most excited to pay up for this week Speaker 3 00:18:54 On? Uh, we're just gonna skip, uh, Xfinity, right? We're not gonna do Xfinity. Speaker 2 00:18:58 No fine. We're not there about Xfinity. Dan look, Dan is traveling for work. He will be back in time to do the Xfinity playbook. Uh, so he will have you covered for that race. Speaker 3 00:19:10 Just so you know, Hamlin is not infinity it's, it's listed, but he's not in, so don't, Speaker 2 00:19:17 Uh, I think Christopher Bell is in that ride this week for Xfinity. Um, Hamlin's still a little sore from Sunday's accident, so, um, Speaker 3 00:19:28 Alright, well I, Speaker 2 00:19:30 Who are you paying up for? Starting 10 K and above on Speaker 3 00:19:33 Chase Elliott. I mean, why isn't he not the most expensive driver on this list? Why is Kyle Larson the most expensive driver chase Speaker 2 00:19:41 Elliott? Cause Kyle Larson, statistically speaking is better here than anybody else. Speaker 3 00:19:45 Yeah, but I look at who's the better all year and that's chase Elliott at ten seven. I mean, he's who I'm paying up for. He'll probably be high owned, but I mean he's yeah. Um, and look at him in may. I mean, he started in the thirties and he was in the top five, um, chase Elliot. I mean, no explanation except for he's the points leader. He's the been hot, uh, when he is not wrecked out he's all year and, and there's no reason not to pay up for him to create value at 10, seven instead of 11, four for Larson. Speaker 2 00:20:21 Okay. Let me play devil's advocate and I'll take, ah, I'll take Kyle Larson here. Speaker 3 00:20:27 Ah, Speaker 2 00:20:28 Um, over the last, uh, six races at Darlington, not including the second race in 2020, which was inverted and whatnot. Okay. Over those last six races, Kyle Larson has the fourth best average finish of anybody. And that's after he finished 36th in may because his engine failed the other three finishes in those four races. He's run second, second, second. Speaker 3 00:21:04 Okay. I mean, that's why he's paid up right. Or priced up. Speaker 2 00:21:07 Right. He also started second in may, which means he had speed there. Yeah, because he actually qualified second, which by the way, he also qualified, uh, second, like two other times and started third a fourth time. So he's always got speed here. And I saw a stat this morning. I can't remember the span, but I think it's basically, if you take out the major incidents of races, right? So we're not counting caution lap led Kyle Larson has led 34.1% of laps over, I think the last six races at Darlington. Speaker 3 00:21:47 Okay. Well we'll hear me out on this. Let's say it's coming down five laps to go. He's in second chase Elliots in first half a second behind him. What does he do? Speaker 2 00:22:01 Larson. Don't get him back. Speaker 3 00:22:04 I don't know. After, after what happened a couple weeks ago, but Speaker 2 00:22:07 He's done it twice this year. It wasn't just wains Clint. He ran him over Fontana too. Speaker 3 00:22:13 Yeah. So I, I, I, yeah, I, I, I don't know. I mean, pricewise. Yeah. If you have the extra, what? $700. Uh, Speaker 2 00:22:21 I mean, sure. It makes things tight. It does. There's no denying that Speaker 3 00:22:26 There, there are some drivers that really like, you know, that are six, five and below that could, you could get two of those would mixed with Larson would be nice. You right. Even Elliot Larson's stack. So it's not the end of the world, but Elliott's my favorite because what have he done for me lately? Larson doesn't win that race if he doesn't take out Elliot. And Elliott's been a stud for the last two months. Speaker 2 00:22:47 Now here's my question. If we're talking, um, Hendricks, I would go Larson Byron cause Byron's 8,900 bucks. Speaker 3 00:22:58 Okay. Yeah. That's a good price for Speaker 2 00:22:59 Him. And Byron has been pretty good here historically speaking. Um, he also, by the way, should have won in may, except for the fact that Joey Lagano ran him over with two labs. Like literally just put him in the wall with two labs to go, didn't attempt to pass him. Didn't uh, do Speaker 3 00:23:18 Anything. I, I like it at a, at a 8,900. Like I said, that's a great price for him too. So Speaker 2 00:23:22 Byron also led labs to Fontana earlier this year, um, until he got caught up with Tyler Redick and attire issue. Um, so you know, Byron's looking a little bit for that, for that mojo, but he's basically had the same speed in that car as Larson and Elliot. And yet he's 8,900. Speaker 3 00:23:46 Hey, I like it. There you go. And I mean, we're the ownership on Byron will be probably low. Right? I mean, Speaker 2 00:23:55 I think, I think everybody thinks he's the sneaky play of the week, but I don't think he actually is the sneaky play of the week. Speaker 3 00:24:02 Okay. Okay. Speaker 2 00:24:03 I think he's PR I'm gonna guess that he's I wanna say the second highest owned Hendrick guy, but I don't know that to be true. He might be third Speaker 3 00:24:18 Interesting. Speaker 2 00:24:19 Okay. Because I don't know that there's a scenario in which he's ahead of either Larson or Elliot. He might be close to laring cuz people want the savings. Yeah. But I don't think, I, I think Bowman is a distant fourth in this conversation, Speaker 3 00:24:34 But yeah. Yeah. <laugh> I think Bowman thinks he's a distance fourth in this, uh, conversation. Um, <laugh> he is talking about not looking good lately. Um, yeah. Wow. I dunno. What do he do with Bowman there? 8,200. Do you <laugh>? Speaker 2 00:24:50 I don't know, man. This is not, this has been an okay track for him, but not great in the last four races here. Uh, he's gotten a worse finish every single time. So four races ago he finished sixth. Speaker 3 00:25:07 So there's a trend. Okay. Speaker 2 00:25:09 Yeah, that it's going in the wrong direction. Okay. He finished six, four races ago, 17th three races ago, 26, 2 races ago. And the last race was 29th. Speaker 3 00:25:20 Oh, I mean, she's gotta get like 34th this time. Speaker 2 00:25:22 That's not the, that's not the trend you, Speaker 3 00:25:24 You Speaker 2 00:25:25 Want, if you're, if, Speaker 3 00:25:26 If he crashes out first that gets last. I'm gonna laugh. Now that you said that I was like, well, the trend can't go anywhere from here. Right. Speaker 2 00:25:32 <laugh> I mean, I'm going for telling you like to fade this guy. And then I think two years ago, my fate of the week wound up winning that. Yeah. It was Kurt bullshit Vegas. I told people to fade him cuz he historically sucked at Vegas as home track. And then he went out and won like in dominating fashion. Speaker 3 00:25:52 Oh yeah. <laugh> so Speaker 2 00:25:54 I stopped telling people to fade people like the next week <laugh> Speaker 3 00:25:57 Yeah. It happens to the best of this. Speaker 2 00:25:59 Yeah. Um, so I want you to talk a bit about why you're gonna play Ryan Blaney and then I'm gonna tell people why I'm not so sold on him. Speaker 3 00:26:06 Well, I mean, the reason is because I play Ryan Blaney every weekend. I also bet on him every week to win. And as if anyone has known my betting for NASCAR this year has not been good because the man is just not won. And uh, Speaker 2 00:26:18 Well he did. It was the all star race. The race you couldn't bet on Speaker 3 00:26:21 That is also correct. <laugh> the only, the only person that won that race was not the viewer. Not anybody except for Ryan Blaney and maybe his Hooter's girlfriend, but that's a different story. Speaker 2 00:26:31 Well, bank account had a pretty good Speaker 3 00:26:32 Thing. Exactly. His bank account. Yeah. But um, I mean I'll throw him in some lineup because you know, doing the research like you were like we were talking about earlier. He hasn't, that's what we were talking about at the beginning, spoil alert. He hasn't been great here and um, but he's been better at the, I guess if you want to bunny quote, mile and a half, um, courses this year with, with the next gen car, I know he came in what 17th at the qualifying seventh earlier this year. So I think for low own, for a GPP, I think it's gonna be lower owned, especially after last week when he was highly owned because of everyone thought, you know, playoff race and he's, he's been a, a stud at the super Speedway. I've taken him in GPP. That's why I'm playing him only because I want that ownership difference this this week. But I know it'll probably fail me like my betting for him all, all year cry face. Speaker 2 00:27:23 I mean, if I'm playing like 15 lineups, I'll probably put it in one. Cause my main problem is the price. 9,200 bucks is pretty steep. It means to hit five X, which yes, we're talking about five X values this week, cuz it's basically an intermediate and you need five X from a guy to, uh, equal the value you should be getting from him at 9,200 bucks on DK. Five X is 46 points. Speaker 3 00:27:53 Ah, Speaker 2 00:27:55 So Speaker 3 00:27:57 Da you make it sense possible. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:28:00 I mean he's done it right. It's it's definitely possible. He did. Speaker 3 00:28:05 Yeah. It's Speaker 2 00:28:06 He did it at Michigan four races ago. Okay, great. Speaker 3 00:28:11 He's either gonna put up 70 or 17. That's pretty much how this race is gonna go for. Speaker 2 00:28:15 Yeah. He did it at Nashville, which is kind of a track that could count towards Darlington a little bit. Um, he did do it at gateway, so there's a little bit of hope. Right. But the only issue is that Ryan Blaney, this is historically his worst track. He's got one top 10 and like 11 career races Speaker 3 00:28:35 Here. Double sad face. Speaker 2 00:28:37 It's not, it's not great. To be honest, it's not great, Bob, as, as the saying goes, um, Speaker 3 00:28:43 Put him in your GPP lineups <laugh> Speaker 2 00:28:45 But he just eed out into the playoffs. Right? So he could have some, some pressure on him to want show that he should be here. Speaker 3 00:28:57 He's at the top eight of points though in playoffs. Like he, Speaker 2 00:28:59 I, he is the Speaker 3 00:29:00 Playoffs and all of a sudden jumped from six to eight to seventh because it's silly. Right. Speaker 2 00:29:06 That's silly. So that's my only other thing is like, there's not actually pressure on him this week. Nah, because he's eighth in points so he can go, okay. This track sucks for me. Great. We've got Bristol. I'm pretty good at Bristol mm-hmm <affirmative> and then we've got, um, what, there's another short track, right? Isn't it Martinsville? I think it's Martin. No Martinsville is the second to last. That's Speaker 3 00:29:31 The second round. Speaker 2 00:29:33 Um, let me double check the, what it actually ends on cuz I can't, they shuffled it every single they've shuffled it every year. So I'm gonna double check for this round Speaker 3 00:29:42 For this round. Speaker 2 00:29:43 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:29:45 Uh, next race is Kansas. Speaker 2 00:29:46 Oh Kansas. Which he's pretty good at Kansas. Speaker 3 00:29:49 Yeah. And then Bristol to finish Speaker 2 00:29:50 And then Bristol, which he's also pretty good at. So he's got two tracks he could do pretty well at and just throw Darlington away. So I don't have that much interest in playing Ryan blindy this week. I'm sorry there, but Speaker 3 00:30:03 No it's no, no I, I, I agree. That's why I'm throwing in some GPP lamps. I think everyone else will be on the same type of setup too. And I just like the low ownership this week and uh I'm I'm but I mean, I'm not gonna put 'em in, you know, like if I'm playing 15, which I will three, that's all I'm saying, you say one, I say three, I wanna put up at half, but <laugh> yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:30:24 Um, so there's a, there, there are some very interesting prices as we go. I really don't understand why Kevin hark is still 8,500 bucks. Speaker 3 00:30:33 I have no idea. Speaker 2 00:30:34 And literally can't I literally can't figure this out. Um, the guy has just been great of late. Yeah. He had a terrible Daytona who didn't. Speaker 3 00:30:46 Well, he tried to split the gap and missed <laugh> right. He would've gap. He would've won. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:30:52 If he makes it through he's deemed, he's deemed, uh, being the, the winner at the time. And if it doesn't go green, he wins the race. If he goes green, who knows? Cuz Austin di was able to hold it off for 20. Speaker 3 00:31:07 I think I saw a meme that he was, it was a slow motion of him trying to hit that gap. And at first it looks like he's clear. Right, right. And the car comes and knocks him in and then it, it it's just the ma Tobo no, no, no. Right after him. Speaker 2 00:31:19 Yeah. Yeah. There you go. Speaker 3 00:31:20 That's rough sauce <laugh> Speaker 2 00:31:23 But so not only has ther crew found speed of late. Right. And Harvick's been the poster child of this, but it's been a decade, literally a decade since Kevin Harvick has finished outside of the top 10 at Darlington. Speaker 3 00:31:41 Wow. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:31:42 Most of those are top six finishes, including, Speaker 3 00:31:44 But in may he started like 29th or 30th, right? Fourth it finished fourth. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:31:51 He started 35th and finished fourth. Speaker 3 00:31:53 That price is dumb. He may be high own well, but for good reason. Wow. Okay. It was Speaker 2 00:31:58 8,800 back in may started 35th and finished fourth. And that was 8,502 wins later. Speaker 3 00:32:04 Yeah. I'm uh, I'm liking what you're putting down theirselves. Speaker 2 00:32:07 Uh, he's gonna be a very popular play because everybody knows that Kevin Harvick at, uh, and by the way, you should check out the latest, uh, the brand new video series we have, uh, called the starting grid, uh, where I basically preview early betting lines and how that, how we can use that for DFS. Uh, you can still get plus money on a top five for Kevin hark this week. Uh, plus 200 on draftings Speaker 3 00:32:34 No way really? Yeah. I'm going on there right now. As Speaker 2 00:32:38 Of, as of this, this morning, that was still the case. Let me see it going Speaker 3 00:32:41 Top five Speaker 2 00:32:42 Plus top five. Speaker 3 00:32:44 Oh man, go watch the starty grid cuz that, and that is awesome. Speaker 2 00:32:49 Um, now if you really feeling risky, you could do like a minus one 40 for a top 10. Like Speaker 3 00:32:57 Might Speaker 2 00:32:57 Not, Speaker 3 00:32:58 If Speaker 2 00:32:58 You do Speaker 3 00:32:58 Top 10, if you're doing top 10, I might minus one. You might as well go for them. Five. Speaker 2 00:33:03 Come on. Yeah. He's going off at two to one, which is plus 200 on DK right now for top. Speaker 3 00:33:08 Goodness gracious. That is the uh, what the lock of the week right on the starting. Geez. Speaker 2 00:33:14 Yeah. He's uh, five to seven, which is minus one 40 for top Speaker 3 00:33:18 10, top 10. Speaker 2 00:33:20 And by the way, uh, sports books cut smart. And they're not allowing you to parlay top 10 finishes Speaker 3 00:33:25 Bets. Oh really? Speaker 2 00:33:27 Yeah. Fan would let people parlay top 10 finishes for Darlington myself. Ah, Speaker 3 00:33:32 Because Speaker 2 00:33:33 Somebody used a $13 free bet and turned it into a million bucks last week Speaker 3 00:33:37 By parlay like five of the top 10 people in day. Speaker 2 00:33:40 Yeah. It was like BJ, McLeod, Cody, we landing castle. Speaker 3 00:33:44 Yeah. That stacked the back on, on your parlay baby. I love it. All right. Speaker 2 00:33:48 Literally the, the Speaker 3 00:33:50 Winning Speaker 2 00:33:51 DS lineup started everybody starting like 34, 30 fifth, 36, 30 seventh, 38 Speaker 3 00:33:57 Or something the back of the parlay and win a million dollars. That's Speaker 2 00:34:01 Great. Yeah. Literally on a free bet Speaker 3 00:34:03 On a free bet. Oh man. Speaker 2 00:34:05 Or at least partial free bet. It was like 13 and a half bucks turned into a million and it said a free bet used. So I don't know if Speaker 3 00:34:11 It was like, that is a lot of fun. That's cool. And Speaker 2 00:34:14 Somebody Speaker 3 00:34:14 Else shout out to him. Kudos Speaker 2 00:34:15 Did a three leg parlay with three of those guys and turned $11 into like 78 grand, almost 79 grand <laugh> so yeah, fando got wise and you can no longer parlay top 10 bets <laugh> on fando um, yeah. Also the odds for top tens this week. Not nearly as generous as they are at Daytona. Yeah. Um, Speaker 3 00:34:37 I'd imagine <laugh> Speaker 2 00:34:39 But you know, turn turning our attention here a little bit more towards the, the midfield. Speaker 3 00:34:48 I Speaker 2 00:34:49 Am very intrigued by Austin Dylan at 7,800. Speaker 3 00:34:52 Ah, everyone's gonna be on man, just because he won last week and you know the hot name for GPP. I probably won't play of, I, I just think he's gonna be too highly owned. I I think for a cash you're you're safe with him. Speaker 2 00:35:08 Well, so to me, it's gonna come down to where he qualifies. Speaker 3 00:35:12 Yeah. Oh definitely. Cuz he has not been good recently. Like Speaker 2 00:35:18 Yeah, he has certainly he has certainly struggled, but here's, here's the thing if people don't really, if you just go, oh Austin, Dylan just backed his way in cuz he won Daytona. Okay. Fair. Cuz he wasn't anywhere close to the, uh, points, you know, without winning. Here's the thing though, if you take the last six races at Darlington, not including the inverted one in 2020, you want to guess who the top three average finished guys are in the field. Speaker 3 00:35:52 I'm guess I'm gonna guess Austin Dylans in there. Speaker 2 00:35:54 Yeah. Kevin Hoick at three and a half. Speaker 3 00:35:56 Okay. That makes sense. Speaker 2 00:35:57 Yeah. Right. Makes sense. Uh, Joey Lagano at nine and a half. Speaker 3 00:36:02 Makes sense Speaker 2 00:36:03 Only cuz he has a win and then a top three, like four races ago and then Austin, Dylan is third. Speaker 3 00:36:10 Wow. Speaker 2 00:36:11 At 9.7. He's even better than Kyle Larson who I was waxing poetic about earlier. Um Speaker 3 00:36:18 Wow. Speaker 2 00:36:19 Larson has had, or uh, Austin, Dylan has had back to back top tens at, at Darlington, including ninth earlier this year. Yeah. He also moved up very nicely at Fontana. He moved up well at gateway moved up well at Nashville. So, you know, there's kind of, there's kind of some momentum here for him and yes, I'm sure a lot of people are gonna go, Hey, I'm gonna play this guy cuz he's he won last week and he is got a TV show and Speaker 3 00:36:51 Not, not sexually hot, but he's hot from racing cuz he won last week. Yes. Right, Speaker 2 00:36:55 Exactly. Yeah. Um, you know, if it's like Martinsville, maybe his as is hot cuz his ass got over heated. Speaker 3 00:37:01 Ah Speaker 2 00:37:02 Um, but yeah, little Speaker 3 00:37:04 Drum roll, Speaker 2 00:37:05 You know, if people just look back and go, well, where would I play a guy who hasn't finished better than 13th and the last five races except for Daytona's crap. Shoot. Okay. You have a point, but I'm going based off of this guy is really good at Darlington. Speaker 3 00:37:21 I mean, and 7,800 is not a bad price to pay for him. I, it is probably higher than it has been. Um, but I Speaker 2 00:37:28 Don't know. He was, yeah. I mean he got a $300 bump since Daytona cuz he was seven grand at Daytona. Speaker 3 00:37:35 Yeah. Then he was 6,500 at the, well that makes sense. 72 73. Speaker 2 00:37:40 Now I will say so Speaker 3 00:37:41 It says, this is the highest he's been Speaker 2 00:37:43 Back in may. He was 8,500 at Darlington back in may. Speaker 3 00:37:47 Yeah. And, and this is the highest salary he's been since Darlington. Interesting. Speaker 2 00:37:55 Um, yeah, pretty much Coke. 600. He was 8,200, but that's that's the benchmark. Speaker 3 00:38:00 Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah, there it is. Yep. Cool. Yeah. And then after that just went to the 6,900. Nice. Speaker 2 00:38:07 But I mean he put up 41 points at Darlington. He started 14th and finished ninth. All Speaker 3 00:38:12 Right. Okay. I'm sure he'll be in the playbook. Everyone read the playbook, shout out to the playbook. Speaker 2 00:38:16 Yeah, he'll be he'll, he'll be there. You know, I'm not gonna talk about this much and then leave him out of there. <laugh> um, so I guess the question is at this point, who are you diving into Speaker 3 00:38:28 Like low key or like the middle pack? Speaker 2 00:38:31 Kind of, I mean little bit of both. Speaker 3 00:38:34 There's some uh, okay. Let's talk about the playoff drivers who are, who are, um, I mean as Austin Dylan, the lowest price playoff driver. Yes he is. He is. So Austin, Dylan is also the lowest price playoff driver. Uh, Daniel. So is right above him at 8,000 is the second highest. And then Bowman then, um, SW as everyone could have forgot about him, right. He had, he, he had a really good runner earlier this year where he was just like crushing and he just kind of had a downfall looking. Yeah, there's this run right there. Wow. Ooh, wow. He had a really good, great run. Then he had some stinkers and then I, I kind of like swore as the sticky GPP, I'm not quite sure what his history is besides may here. Um, but as a playoff driver in that range of Dillon, I kind of like, and plus his salary dropped really crazy. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:39:31 Now I will say in the last six races, you know, same subset we've been using scores has been okay. In terms of average finish it's 17, eight, however, okay. The last four races he's gotten better. 25th, 23rd, eight Speaker 3 00:39:45 Is a trend Speaker 2 00:39:46 And then 10th. Yeah. So that's the trend we wanna hop on, not the trend from Bowman that goes in the opposite direction. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:39:54 What's the like $200 apart, by the way. Bowman's 82 and he's 8,000. So right. Save the, save the 200 and give swore as a tribe this week at a, at a playoffs he's gonna be racing cuz you know, he's in the, probably the lower end of points. So he needs either a win or to, or to get him on points. So he's gonna be at 8,000. I, I, I think he's a must play GPP play. I I'm getting more and more excited as we talk about 'em to be honest. Speaker 2 00:40:18 Yeah. I mean he was 7,800 back in may here. He started 20th and finished 10th with five fastest laps. Speaker 3 00:40:25 There you go. Speaker 2 00:40:26 So, and while everybody's focusing on his teammate and how many times he's gonna get wrecked out in the playoffs, Suz doesn't have beef with anybody. In fact he's the most well liked driver in the garage area. I Speaker 3 00:40:39 Think don't you miss the last two years where you would just automatically play SOS every week in your GPS? Cuz he was $6,000 Speaker 2 00:40:46 <laugh> yeah. Right. Look what some quality equipment does to his pricing. Speaker 3 00:40:51 <laugh> yeah, it's crazy. Um, but yeah, that's uh, kind of my, my guy there, um, going lower. I have some guys that I like, um, I'm always a Todd father fan. I know, uh, Dan is as well. Uh, Todd had a great, uh, finish here in may. Um, <laugh> fourth lowest price at 5,300, um, seems robbery to me, Todd. Speaker 2 00:41:14 He was by the way that same price back in may he put up 41 points. Speaker 3 00:41:18 Yeah. Seems like, uh, he's gonna be a high own low end guy. Um, uh, but you have to play him at that. If you want, if you want the larceny, if you want the Elliots, you gotta put Todd father in there at that, at that price. And then I think you agree with that, right? That's a great sneaky that's robbery. Um, but I also like somebody who in may impressed, well that's hay, he's a little bit more expensive at 62, but you can do a Haley and Gillon uh, in your lineup and take two of those spots and you have a lot to work with with those final four spots in your DK lineups. That's kind of the approach. I'll probably take a lot of my lineups, um, this, this weekend. Speaker 2 00:41:55 Yeah. And Hailey, uh, broke out here in may and finished third kind of outta nowhere. But that car has been sneaky quick. Yeah. Um, at certain times this season. So if you pick the right spot for him, you can get a pretty good, you can get a pretty good outcome from him. Um, it had okay. Speed at Nashville, not great. Got a top 14 at gateway. Um, at $6,000. And then, um, you know, he ran, he ran, well here obviously started 29th, finished third, two fastest laps for 68 points at 5,900 bucks back in may. Um, and then Fontana, you know, um, started 35th finished 23rd, 31 points. He was 7,900. Ooh, Speaker 3 00:42:44 Wow. Speaker 2 00:42:45 Um, at that point and then fell off a pretty steep cliff. The following <laugh> the following week I see had Speaker 3 00:42:51 The Speaker 2 00:42:51 6,100. That's great. Speaker 3 00:42:53 That's a say I didn't even realize that. Wow. Speaker 2 00:42:56 But yeah, he Speaker 3 00:42:57 Had, and he put up 38 points that week too. Speaker 2 00:42:59 Yeah. He had a run in there in like March where he just knocked off four straight top 17 finishes. Um, so he could be sneaky, you know, people are looking at recent. See, he hasn't been great at moving up substantially recently, but there hasn't necessarily been tracks that, that our colleagues strong suit of late. So I, I would agree with, with that being a sneaky pick, um, I think Eric and Morro is not getting a lot of attention. Speaker 3 00:43:33 It's cheap, man. I'm just looking at that too. That's eight. Wow. He's been going down, down his salary for a while, but that's yeah. Speaker 2 00:43:40 Yep. He's 6,400 bucks. Um, here, back in may, he was 7,500 finished 11th. Um, so you know, he started 12 finished 11th, not a to of upside there, but 33 points. I mean it's 6,400 bucks. If he puts up 33 points, you basically got five X value out of him. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:44:01 Right. Speaker 2 00:44:01 The only reason he missed back in may was he's 7,500 bucks. So he's done quite well at the style of tracks this year. Um, Fontana started 31st finished sixth. Um, he then moved up again at Vegas. This doesn't necessarily compare that well to Vegas, but he did move up there. Um, he had a pretty good race here at, uh, in may. And then you get to, you know, he held serve at gateway, started eighth, finished fifth for fastest laps. And then Nashville was kind of the only let down there finished 17th after starting 11th. But you know, it, it's kind of important to look at the guys that are not in the playoffs. Cause a lot of people this time of year, just focus on the drivers that are in the playoffs and you're never gonna be able to build a lineup. Uh, no, not yet. No. She asked playoff guys unless maybe I'm fando you can, um, but draft Kings you can't. So you're gonna have to get sneaky with who you're putting in here. Um, and Amar has done is done pretty well here, um, of late and moved up well at these style attracts this year. So that's kind of a, a lower tier guy that I'm looking at here. Speaker 3 00:45:20 Go here's another one, right, right above him. I'm gonna do everybody a favor on this guy. I'm gonna do all of you guys a favor listening to right now just for you. I am not going to play this guy this week at any lineup because when I don't play him, he puts up 50 plus when I do play him, he wrecks and gets the hell out of there. I'm talking about Ricky. Ricky sent house Jr. I'm not gonna play him just for all of you because I am the anti Ricky. When I play him, he crashes when I don't, he puts up 50 and drives me crazy. And his, so I'm not playing him just for you guys out there. So you take that as you would. Speaker 2 00:45:54 There you go. He did run well here in may. So I'm guessing Ralph didn't play him. Speaker 3 00:45:59 I did not go. Speaker 2 00:46:00 <laugh> started 26 finished eighth. It's a pretty good day from, uh, Mr. Ricky, um, did pretty well at Fontana too. Pulled out of font Montana. You're Speaker 3 00:46:11 Welcome everybody. Speaker 2 00:46:13 You know, it's not much to go on, but if we're talking about deep dives, um, we don't necessarily need much to go on. You kind of just, um, play 'em and then cross your fingers that it, that it pays off for you. So I Speaker 3 00:46:30 Know we're going to the log, but I wanna ask you one more thing before we go. Cause now we got it. We're going along for everyone. But when the playoffs come and you just made it a really good point about, you know, you can't get all the playoff drivers in a stack or anything that is this a better time than it is earlier in year to stack teammates that aren't in the playoffs with teammates that are in the playoffs, because maybe they're working together to help that one player that's or one player, one racer, sorry that's in the playoffs. Get further along. Is that a strategy you could use more in the playoffs than so, you know in may? Speaker 2 00:47:00 Um, that's a very good question. I think it depends on the track. Um, cuz some tracks there's not a whole lot that guys can do, uh, to help out obviously plate tracks are the number one where they can just team up and um, help each other like Talladega a few years ago when S just flat, ran away with it. There was just the four of them out front, like in their own personal little race. Um, but in a track like Darlington, I mean they could help, I guess Speaker 3 00:47:34 Then again, looking at it, it seems like all the big teams, everybody on their team is in the playoffs except for true X who's priced high. So maybe that's not a good <laugh>. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:47:44 My only, but Speaker 3 00:47:45 Harrison Burtons out there. Who's kind of a Penske. You got like the kind of, you know, um, those type of drivers Klowski I, I don't know. It's just maybe not, I don't know. Speaker 2 00:47:57 Um, well, my only hesitation is like a track like Darlington. I'm not sure, like, I guess you could hold somebody up or you could try to pull a Denny at gateway. Right. And try to run, try to run rocks Chasta right off the track. Um, and hold them up and then tag team 'em with chase Elliot, like it's WWE E or something, Speaker 3 00:48:15 Your turn, Speaker 2 00:48:17 But you know, it's, it's reasonable. I think, I think the other way to look at that question is doesn't make more sense. Cuz Dan always talks about leverage, right? He wants leverage over the field. So does it make more sense to, to focus on the guys on teams that aren't in the playoffs or that are lower in the standings? Like circling back to Hendrick when we started, like, if you want leverage on the field, Alex Bowmans to play. Speaker 3 00:48:55 Correct. Everybody. Speaker 2 00:48:56 See on the other three guys who have show that's it very better speed. Right? Speaker 3 00:49:00 Okay. Yep. Speaker 2 00:49:01 So if you want leverage Bowman Speaker 3 00:49:04 Or in Penske, it would be C right? Cause everyone's gonna go Lagano and BIA and everyone forgets about him kind of the same type of way for Speaker 2 00:49:14 GPP CD Crick won the Daytona 500 and then has kind of been Soso since like Speaker 3 00:49:21 He's been pretty good lately, but that's, I Speaker 2 00:49:23 Mean good lately. Yes. He's gearing back into form. He did finish second on a row course. Although that broke course was, was crazy and it's a broke course. Speaker 3 00:49:31 He's also good rose press driver. Speaker 2 00:49:33 Yeah. But I mean, he did do well at Nashville. He did run. Okay. And get like gateway was weird cuz he started up front and then led laps and then pitch strategy just didn't work for him there. Um, he ran okay at Arlington earlier this year. Um, but like, yeah. I mean that's the way to, that's the way to think about it now. Penske might be a bad example this week cuz di because Blaney is Speaker 3 00:49:59 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 00:50:01 It, this track Speaker 3 00:50:02 I'm stacking the back, stacking the back of the playoffs qualifiers to see if I could put a lineup in right now. Speaker 2 00:50:07 There you go. Um, and you, and by the way, I would stay away from, I would stay away from Ross JTA boy officer started. Speaker 3 00:50:16 Yeah. I, I haven't really been Speaker 2 00:50:17 On, he's just gonna get as Kyle Larson put it, he's gotta list two pages longer with people that don't like him. Um, Speaker 3 00:50:24 I'm gonna try, I'm gonna stack the back of the playoffs Speaker 2 00:50:26 And he just, he's just been terrible. Lovely. Like his last top 10 was, was July at, at, um, New Hampshire. And since then his best finishes 18th at, uh, Richmond. So not great there. Chasta aid. Speaker 3 00:50:47 Yeah. I don't I'm cut off of him too lately. He just, it seems like he's taken this whole thing either. I'm a villain or I'm not or whatever. And he's just been kind of not performing recently too, so I'm not, eh, I'm kind of off of him. Speaker 2 00:51:03 Yeah. I mean, and if you kind of look back at it, he's been up and down all season, like all season, like nobody really paid attention cuz we were all blinded by the, um, grave hit like back in March. It was great. Cuz it was 89 point 65 point 64 point 75 points. Then he had a 17 point a, then 69, then nine, then 65, then 84, then nine then you know, 43, then five, then a hundred and three forty five, thirty, eight, forty five, forty eight. Like, you know what I mean? It's just been all over the place all season. And I don't think anybody really noticed until he just started wrecking out like the last eight races and now we're in the playoffs. Nobody's gonna let him win a championship. Like he's not making it out of the first round. Speaker 3 00:51:50 Okay. I, I know we gotta go, but you gotta check this out. So I just stacked in draft Kings, the bottom six playoff Danny drivers, Austin, Dillon, Alex Bowman, Austin Crick. SWES Brisco and Kyle Bush all in one lineup. Okay. $300 left over. Speaker 2 00:52:08 I don't mind it. Speaker 3 00:52:10 It fits too, which is crazy. It Speaker 2 00:52:13 Does. There are clearly guys in that lineup that I'm, that I'm not a hundred percent sold on this week. Chase Frisco might be one of them. Speaker 3 00:52:19 Yeah. But that's your only chance of getting all playoff drivers in is, is that lineup right there? <laugh> pretty much Speaker 2 00:52:25 Probably. Yeah. Um, he, he ran okay here earlier in the year. Not great. Kyle Bush is sneaky good here this week. I think I, I don't know that a lot of people are talking about him. Speaker 3 00:52:37 You know what, um, I just entered it for $15 in the engineer. There you go. Just Speaker 2 00:52:41 For fun. Okay. Well have fun with that. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:52:44 See why now. Speaker 2 00:52:44 See, I think he's just had too much bad luck this year that people are just, you know, Speaker 3 00:52:50 Stack the back of the playoff drivers there. You, Speaker 2 00:52:53 What happens that that's a strategy? I don't know if it's a good one. It is Speaker 3 00:52:56 Strategy. It's a strategy <laugh> Speaker 2 00:52:59 But I think that will, uh, do it for this week. So, um, recapping, you should go check out the starting grid. It's up on YouTube for free. It's also on, uh, but it's definitely on the fantasy alarm, YouTube channel. Those will come out weekly, um, either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how the schedule works and exactly the direction it goes for that week. Um, and then we'll have the Xfinity playbook will be out Dan, we'll be doing that. I'm not a hundred percent sure exactly when it'll come out. Um, cuz it is a tight schedule for Xfinity this week. Um, so my guess is it'll probably be out before practice and qualifying and then he'll make adjustments. So you'll have to check back on Saturday. My cut playbook will be out Saturday following practice and qualify. Hopefully that, that doesn't get rained out. Uh, the race is 6:00 PM Eastern Sunday night. Speaker 3 00:53:53 Yes, they have lights. Speaker 2 00:53:54 Yes, they do have lights. Um, my picks wise betting piece will be out on Friday. Um, and then, you know, we'll have price picks plays out on Sunday, example lineups Sunday. Uh, I will be in the discord as much as I physically can be on Sunday. I know Sunday afternoon I have a family commitment, uh, for a couple hours. But other than that, you know, we're, we're rolling into the playoffs here. This is, and I note about bankroll. The contest are about to get much smaller because NFL starts and NFL eats everything, everything, right. So there's not gonna be nearly as, as big of contest at this point. And Speaker 3 00:54:40 This will probably be your last chance at the, the engineer of the a hundred K I think it drops down to like 50 next week actually. Speaker 2 00:54:45 Yeah, because this is the weekend before the NFL starts. Yeah. Um, also, you know, wishing those a, a, uh, having and safe labor day weekend for however, you're going to celebrate that. But, um, and then F1 F1 is this weekend again. Um, it's a very early <laugh> time over there at Zand ofor. Um, so you know, Friday morning there's practice FP one, FP two, um, and then there's qualifying an FP three on Saturday. So we'll see how that goes. There's supposed to be rain in that forecast as well. So that should be fun, always great. When an F1 qualifying happens in raid. Um, so I will have that playbook out Saturday as well. Um, and that, that should pretty well cover it. Any, any final thoughts there? Ralph don't play his lineup Speaker 3 00:55:39 <laugh> yeah. Don't don't do what I did. I just want to see what would happen and I wanna be able to, to see how it works. Yeah. I have other lineups in that same tournament as well, but um, you know, um, it's all for fun. Um, yeah, no, uh, I think it's gonna be an interesting class that it's, they're closer in points than they have been in, in a while between what like three and all the way to almost 14, Speaker 2 00:56:01 Second in 16, they're separated by like 20 points or something. Yep. Speaker 3 00:56:07 Everyone's still in Speaker 2 00:56:07 It. They made up in one race. Speaker 3 00:56:09 So this isn't a year where we have a Michael McDowell, which everybody knows is not gonna make the first three races. So, um, yeah, no, I'm excited. Um, and you know what, a time of year you got NASCAR playoffs, you got NFL, I got college football. You got basketball starting up in a couple weeks. You got NHL starting. It's the, you got the baseball playoffs coming. I mean, what an exciting year, I'm excited and um, I hope everyone, uh, wins some money this weekend in Darlington. Speaker 2 00:56:33 Yeah. And one, one last thing we're gonna toss this bet out here. If you go to, um, DK, you can still bet. Um, cut futures. So for the, the championship and, uh, Tyler Reddick is still going off of 15 to one to win. Um, I'm not sure why not sure. Why that's the case? He, Speaker 3 00:56:57 The lowest, Speaker 2 00:56:58 No, he's not the lowest, uh, Austin, Dylan is 80 to one. C is 70 to one. Okay. Brisco's 40 to one, which seems a little high to me, um, home at 35 and he shouldn't be there. Sorry. Um, but yeah, Tyler Reddick at 15 to one is, is interesting. So this, this is my pick at this point of the year. Speaker 3 00:57:18 I Speaker 2 00:57:19 Like that bet to win the championship. Here's why he runs well at Darlington. Okay. He finished second here in, in may. Um, even if he doesn't, he did win the Bristol dirt race. Now it was a dirt race, but still same, same banking on that track. Whatnot. He does run well at Kansas. So there are multiple opportunities for him in the first round. Texas is anybody's guess. Cause I have no idea how that's gonna race. Um, then you get Talladega, which is a wild card and then you get a road course, which by the way, Tyler Reddicks now won two road courses this year. Okay. Then in round three, you get Vegas. He's okay there, but homestead, he should absolutely be the favorite to win that race. The Dick, the Dixie VACCA 400 in October at homestead. That should be an absolute, um, just Malay of a race for him. And then he makes it to Phoenix. And who knows? Speaker 3 00:58:16 Yeah. Phoenix is kind of anyone's game too. Like once you all, all you gotta do is beat the top four and get to Phoenix. And I like it. Um, man, you know what? Put money on tare right now before you play my draftings lineup. <laugh> I will tell you that right now. I like that. I do a, I did get Blay in before he, um, qualified, uh, for the playoffs too. I'm gonna go put someone on tic actually. I'm actually doing that as we speak. Speaker 2 00:58:40 Yeah. By the way, actually shorter odds than Speaker 3 00:58:44 No, he, he Speaker 2 00:58:45 Is shorter. I how's Tyler tic to win the championship. Speaker 3 00:58:48 Yeah. I Speaker 2 00:58:49 Le is 10 to one. Speaker 3 00:58:51 Oh, I, I, I see. Yeah, I got him at 14 to win. Speaker 2 00:58:54 Okay. That's still shorter than Redick at 15 to one. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:58:57 I'm about to have Reddick at 15 to one too right now. Like, and it's in Speaker 2 00:59:03 Like, I don't know. I think that's a missed price to Speaker 3 00:59:06 Me. I agree. I just did it. I'm with you man. It's all it's on. I got it. Win me some money like you always do, man. Speaker 2 00:59:13 Alrighty. Well hopefully, hopefully it hits so, um, well with that, Speaker 3 00:59:17 Well not, I hope it's Blay then. How about that? <laugh> Speaker 2 00:59:20 Let swear to God, is this guy goes like on a, like on a Tony Stewart run the playoffs where Tony Stewart eek his way into the points. Um, like the first year of the playoffs or something, and then won five of the 10 playoff races. Ums. Speaker 3 00:59:34 Play's gonna be gonna not win a single race until Phoenix to win the championship. Watch <laugh> Speaker 2 00:59:40 He's gonna pull off a Daniel Hemrick is what he Hemrick did that in Xfinity last year. Speaker 3 00:59:46 Uh, what? That's great. All right, man. Let's call it. I love it. Win's the money everybody. Thank you for having me on, man. I think I'm coming on in a few weeks as well. Uh, so I'll be, I'll be along the ride with all you guys, so enjoy. Yep. Speaker 2 00:59:58 Uh, good luck. Have a nation and we'll see you in the green.

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