September 15, 2022


NASCAR DFS Podcast: Bass Pro Shops Night Race

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
NASCAR DFS Podcast: Bass Pro Shops Night Race
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
NASCAR DFS Podcast: Bass Pro Shops Night Race

Sep 15 2022 | 00:55:30


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The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs roll into the first cut-off race with a wide-open field. How are we approaching NASCAR DFS for a short track at Bristol and where are the values found on the slate? Bass Pro Shops Night Race is going push the drivers to their limit and how can we use that for DFS strategy? Take a listen to this week's NASCAR DFS Podcast for all that and more.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:22 What's up folks. It's Mattel back with you for this week's NASCAR DFS podcast, talking about the bass pro shops, NRA night, race at Bristol. Uh, as you may have seen in the, um, discord channel, Dan Mayland is on some much deserved R and R this week. So that means we've got back. Mr. Ed Rouse. What's up, Ralph? Speaker 3 00:00:45 What's going on, man? Yeah, I'm back again, Dan, uh, you know, get the guy some, uh, R and R he needs it, right. He, so I guess I'll step in today for this, uh, important playoff race, cuz I, this is the cutoff race. So there's a lot to talk about. Of course I think something happened yesterday. Yes. Um, with, with some driver named Kyle Bush, um, I was trying to follow the Bob podcast, uh, Twitter feed. Uh, can you explain that to me cuz what is gonna happen? <laugh> Speaker 2 00:01:17 So, uh, so credit to Dale Jr. Actually who broke the news like three days before with the, uh, with the famous emoji tweet now, uh, where he tweeted a Bush, an arrow and an eight ball. Um, <laugh> Speaker 3 00:01:33 Wait, wait to give it away there. Speaker 2 00:01:35 Yeah. Broke the, uh, biggest NASCAR free agent news in Speaker 3 00:01:40 At least it wasn't an eggplant in a, in a sandwich or something. Speaker 2 00:01:43 That's true. It could have been, it could have been an eggplant. Um, so yeah, so Kyle Bush announced that he was gonna have a major announcement on Tuesday and given the recent major announcements that we've had from NASCAR where it was like Tony Stewart announcing he was going into the NFT market four years too late. And um, <laugh> announcing that another track may or may not get another race that, you know, we all kind of figured that it was the free agent announcement, especially after Jordan BKI broke the news, um, during Kansas weekend. But yeah, uh, Kyle Bush announced with Richard Childress that he was in fact going to the eight car next year. Um, so that kind of begs the question. Okay. But you're not letting Tyler Redick out of the contract. So what exactly is happening with Tyler Redick? Richard Childress has said that they have a third charter. I do not know where it came from. Hmm. Uh, but they have a third charter, which by the way, I do wanna bring this up. Cause I find this very interesting. Okay. Given what's happening with Tyler Redick now RCR had a third charter. When the charter system originally came out, they had a charter for the three. They had a charter for the eight and then they had a charter for one of their other numbers. They have some other numbers. The most notable one is 29, which of course Kevin hark started in, is Speaker 3 00:03:08 There a 69? Cuz that would be nice. Speaker 2 00:03:10 I don't know. But there is a 29, which I'm assuming is what Tyler Reddick is gonna go to. However, the third charter was leased to the double zero of Starcom racing and then Starcom bought it the following year. Then when Starcom went out of business or got out of cup series, the third charter that charter for Starcom is now in possession of 2311 racing. And it's what the 45 car AKA Kyle Bush's brother currently piloted by bubble Wallace is driving. So I find this to be very entertaining. <laugh> the RCR. Speaker 3 00:03:48 So is this like that meme of the guy from, uh, it's always sunny in Philadelphia trying to figure out the uh, yes. Okay. Hi. I got Speaker 2 00:03:56 Board, um, for, I think it was Charlie in that, in that, uh, gift of I'm not mistaken, Charlie. Speaker 3 00:04:04 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, and his airs all sweaty. He's like freaking out. Yeah. It's great. Speaker 2 00:04:08 I believe that Tyler redig will be in the 29 next year. They say they have sponsorship for it, Speaker 3 00:04:14 But then he's leaving after next year. Speaker 2 00:04:16 Right. So he's only with RCR through 2023. And then he is gonna go to 2311, which I'm not sure if they stick him in the 45 or the 23 or they get a third car. I don't know yet. We'll have to find out, but I find it very interesting that RCR would find it, um, worthwhile to purchase a charter for next year. Speaker 3 00:04:38 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:04:39 Rather than buy out Tyler Redick and force him to go find another car for one year. Speaker 3 00:04:45 It seems like what they should have done to Speaker 2 00:04:48 Be honest. Right. Cause charters, I think right now are selling for about 12 million is what the rumored price is. Nobody knows for sure. But it had to be cheaper to buy out Tyler Redick from yeah. Contract and then Speaker 3 00:05:01 Why not make it more confusing and more interesting for a 20? Yeah. They Speaker 2 00:05:05 Also gave Tyler Redick one hour notice that he was not gonna be in the eight car. Speaker 3 00:05:10 Oh, even better. Speaker 2 00:05:12 And then they also Randall Burnett, who is Tyler Redick's crew chief this year is now gonna be Kyle Bush's crew chief next year. So they're just kicking Redick to a whole brand new team. You, Speaker 3 00:05:23 You think that Tyler Reddick like walked to his car in the garage and there was like a pink paper hanging out <laugh> Speaker 2 00:05:28 Yeah, I dunno. It's like the clip of the jets guy trying to get back into the facility. Speaker 3 00:05:34 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:05:37 Um, so yeah, so I'm kind of feeling like, I know it was kind of weird. The Tyler Redick announced a year and a half before he was leaving that he was leaving, but like, I feel like this is a bit dirty on RCRs part. Um, is Speaker 3 00:05:54 It everything an evolving Kyle Bush seem a little dirty though. Speaker 2 00:05:58 I mean a little bit. Um, yeah, there's a couple interesting twists to this too that I find interesting. Um, the eight car is famously known for being Dale Jr's car. And Kyle Bush originally used to drive for Chevy, used to drive for Hendrick and quit mid-race at one point when he thought his car was too busted to continue the crew fixed it. And Dale junior actually hopped in that car and continued to race. Um, so plus there's that little FEU that happened between Dale junior and Kyle Bush when Kyle Bush wrecked him out at Richmond about a decade ago. Um, yeah, so that, you know, kind of a little, little interesting deal there. I also like Denny taking a shot at RCR with the last sentence of his tweet saying the timing, uh couldn't have been better because CR famously said the timing couldn't have been worse when the Tyler Reddick news was announced. So I found that hilarious too. Speaker 3 00:06:59 Yeah. Uh, Denny Hamlin has some, uh, he is a hundred percent on his, uh, tweets on his trolling. Yeah. Yeah. But, but on, on the racetrack right now, uh, we'll see. But I mean, he's it actually a good spot for the playoffs. Yeah. And, and, and this week I think he's the most expensive driver on drafting. Speaker 2 00:07:19 He is. He is. So we'll go over a little bit of schedule here. Um, I am covering Dan for the truck series on Thursday night. So I will have a playbook out some point on Thursday, which will be later today, assuming you're listening to this when it first comes out on Thursday. Um, and then Friday Dan will have some write up of some sort for the Xfinity series. It probably won't be a full playbook. He is on vacation. The only reason I can't do it is cuz I have a concert that I'm going to, Speaker 3 00:07:48 Well, you gotta say what it is. You gotta say what it is. Speaker 2 00:07:52 I'm going to see Kip more in a venue that holds about 1500 people. Speaker 3 00:07:55 Dude, that's gonna be a lot of fun. I like Kip more. Yeah. It's good for your country folks out there. Speaker 2 00:08:00 And uh, so I'm, I'm pretty excited about that. My wife and I love him and we've been waiting a while to, to see him. And now it's a 1500 seat venue. So Speaker 3 00:08:08 You guys have a blast. It'd Speaker 2 00:08:09 Be great. So that's pretty sweet. Um, I will have the cup playbook. I think it'll be out Saturday morning. It is a Saturday night race. Only reason is that cup qualifying and practice is Friday afternoon. So it makes timing a little tricky with the concert and um, and whatnot. So I will have the playbook out probably Saturday morning. I would imagine projections will be out Saturday morning as well. Enough. So, um, so yeah, so that's kind of the lay of the land this weekend. I'm sure we will be in discord at some, you know, at the key times before lock for, uh, for those deals. But again, the contests aren't nearly as big, even for cup series, they've started to come down cuz football cuts into everything. Um, so don't go hog wild for stuff, especially in Xfinity where every race seems to be a plate race. Speaker 3 00:09:04 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:09:04 The time to be or not. Speaker 3 00:09:06 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:09:08 Um, and Bristol is chaotic to, to begin with. So yeah. Speaker 3 00:09:13 It's gonna be interesting that's for sure. Speaker 2 00:09:15 Yeah. So, uh, with that, let me ask you this question here. Brouse, you're uh, kind of in a fight into the NASCAR DFS world and we are glad to have you, but uh, with this being a cutoff race, how are you approaching the drivers in the playoffs? Because remember nobody is locked their way into the round of 12 yet because we had Eric Jones, we had Darlington, who's not in the playoffs. Yeah. Yeah. And bubble Wallace hit by the way, I had that in my, uh, betting piece at 20 to one and called it on NASCAR, Sirius XM radio. About 90 minutes before the race started. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:09:51 I listened. It was great by the way. Speaker 2 00:09:53 Um, thank you. So bubble Wallace is one at Kansas last weekend, not in the playoffs. So there's two wins in the playoffs by two non playoff guys. So everything's wide open this weekend. Yeah. That changing how you're looking at guys. Speaker 3 00:10:09 Uh, I mean it kind of has to, by the way, kudos to the playbook and you last week, cuz it was also the, you know, week one of the NFL seasons. Of course I'm in on that as well. And I still won $250 playing DFS <laugh> and I didn't even check my lineup until way after the race was done. I was trying to like, I was running in my office, watching the race was on the TV here in my office and I was going out watching red zone with my friends in my family barbecuing. I was like, oh bubble one. I had 'em in my DFS because sales told me to and sure enough, 250 bucks. Fantastic. Speaker 2 00:10:42 Oh, Speaker 3 00:10:42 Paid for my barbecue cuz I made some good stuff. But yeah, Speaker 2 00:10:45 <laugh>, by the way, checking way after the race ends is probably the best way to Speaker 3 00:10:51 I realized, I realized that for the first time, this season, because it's the first time Speaker 2 00:10:56 Have a little bit race. Cause he Speaker 3 00:10:59 Week one in the NFL like made it better. And like I just ran out into my living room, went, I Speaker 2 00:11:05 Want two Speaker 3 00:11:07 <laugh> all my dads car. They're like what they're like NASCAR on was like, yeah. And lady is actually finished the race. So we were good <laugh> but <laugh> yeah. Um, I'm kind of looking at the same that I have the last two weeks to be honest. Um, you, you still have 16 playoff drivers in there and by the way that, uh, uh, I was on what two weeks ago? That bottom stack of the playoff $4 win. Speaker 2 00:11:37 There you go. Boom. Speaker 3 00:11:38 Yeah. So there you go. It worked $4 win. $4 win. Speaker 2 00:11:43 I'll take the two 50, but thanks. Speaker 3 00:11:45 <laugh> on an $8 bind. I'm kidding. Speaker 2 00:11:47 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:11:49 It worked but no. So obviously the guys from the back and I'm looking at pricing right now, um, they're the guys for a GPP. Like I tell everybody I only play the GPP and they're the guys I'm kind of looking at this week to kind of start my lineup because they have to win to get in. Right. So we're looking at the standings right now and we're going okay, who is that? We got Kyle Bush. Who's expensive. Uh, Austin di not so much chase Brisco, Kevin Hart, Kevin Harvick has had a rough playoffs after he was literally, you could literally say he was maybe one of the hottest drivers up until Daytona. And then he could have been the hottest driver. He could have won that if he didn't tried to split the gap. And now he's like on the, the bottom of the pole here, Speaker 2 00:12:36 I thought you were making a fire joke there cuz remember he caught fire at Darlington. So I thought Speaker 3 00:12:41 <laugh> yeah. Yeah. Well that's up. He was one of the hot, okay. Literally he was the hottest driver. I was the hottest driver and not by looks, but <laugh> so you kind of gotta look at him at GPP and his price and say, you kind of wanna look at it because it's kind or nothing type of situation. And he's sitting there what it 8,500. So you gotta look at, at those guys first and then you gotta kinda say, okay, well they, you gotta say the last two races, right? No playoff drivers support. Right? So maybe everybody not named Bush, Dylan Brisco and Harwick are going well, I could just kind of coast this and don't have to worry about winning. So to be honest with you, it's kind of a weird situation in this. So my strategy's gonna be kind of doing two type of GPP format one where I kind of stack the, the mid-range playoff drivers because I think they're gonna be more aggressive. And another one where I may just take the coast scene where they qualify of, of like the Blaney theos, the Hamlins, the Byrons the bells and they get some bottom guys, even Wallace, you know, Amar, uh, I hate to say it Brad Kowski and try to <laugh> yeah, you're laughing. I see you and try to kind of build two different types of lineups and kind of pepper them in all my GPP. Speaker 2 00:14:13 That's that's uh, pretty, pretty SEL way to start it. Um, I will say Kevin Harvick is the guy that has to win to get in he's 35 points below the cutoff line. Um, the other three guys are within striking distance, right? So you got Brisco I think is nine points below the cutoff line. Yes. Um, Austin, Dylan is three points and Kyle Bush is two points. So all Kyle Bush has to do is outrun Austin's. Um, excuse me, Austin. Cindrich by two spots. Speaker 3 00:14:40 And, and by the way, they're all within $300 on draft gigs, Austin Dillon 77 Brisco, 76 and Austin Cindrich is 74. Speaker 2 00:14:53 Thanks. Very interesting. Speaker 3 00:14:55 Thanks stack all three of them. <laugh> very, Speaker 2 00:14:58 I like, uh, I like two of them better than another one. Not the biggest Cindrich fan at Bristol. Speaker 3 00:15:06 Yeah. He's probably the weakest link of that. He has. Speaker 2 00:15:09 He's been okay. Austin. Dylan has run hot and cold here. Um, his brother though I do like is a budget guy tied. Dylan has finished 21st or better in the last like five Bristol races. He's run. Speaker 3 00:15:23 What is Ty's price today? Speaker 2 00:15:25 Um, probably in the six range, low sixes. Um, Speaker 3 00:15:30 I don't think he's in draft Kings right now. Speaker 2 00:15:33 Let's see. Isty Dylan in draft Kings. Speaker 3 00:15:35 Oh dude. He's 5,700. Speaker 2 00:15:39 Heck yeah. I would take that. I will take that cause yeah, if you look back at the last six, uh, Bristol races, you've got a finish of 21st, 15th, 20th, 39th and 18th. So only one of those has he finished outside the top 21 and he started on average, uh, 27 and a half. So you're looking at a pretty decent, um, you know, position differential upside there for, for tie Dylan. And obviously this depends on where he starts officially for the race. Um, that's Speaker 3 00:16:14 Way too cheap. And 5,700 is way too cheap for Ty. Speaker 2 00:16:19 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:16:19 I just scroll down. I'm like, whoa, there he is. Speaker 2 00:16:22 He's not, he's not exactly done a whole lot in 42, which is probably why he is out of it at the end of the season. And Noah Grason will be in there next year. Speaker 3 00:16:30 Um, yeah, it makes sense. Speaker 2 00:16:33 But you know, for, for certain pick your spot races, Tyde is a, is a very good DFS option this week. Um, I will say that track history is gonna play a pretty decent role in, um, my selections this week. Look, Bristol is a very tough track. Um, usually you don't win it very early in your career. It takes quite a lot of, um, you know, time and learning of the track to be good here. Great. Um, we do want, look, everybody's gonna run a ton of lap at practice. The track is a half mile long, so you're clicking laps off in about 12, 13 seconds. So people are gonna, you know, maybe a little longer than that, I guess, about 19 or whatever it is. Uh, people are gonna run a bunch of laps at practice. They're gonna run a bunch of laps. Like you're gonna see people run 50 consecutive lap, even in the 20 minute practice that they get. Um, so, you know, times are probably gonna be pretty decently close, but you are gonna wanna look at the guys that can carry speed over the course of the long haul. And I would not take terribly seriously the Bush, the, the, um, dirt races here over the last two years because it's the dirt surface Speaker 3 00:17:54 Please don't yes. If you do any a self favored and you're playing DFS, just take the dirt races out of this one, let's go Speaker 2 00:18:02 Right. Especially, especially, uh, last year's dirt race because the second half of that race was single file restarts, which basically handed joy LA gunna the win. Um, though we could say that Kyle Bush is only in the playoffs because of the dirt race here at Bristol earlier this year. Um, Speaker 3 00:18:20 Also a Tuesday date. There Speaker 2 00:18:22 You go. So I mean, it's kind of my it's kind of my strategy this week is basically a lot of, um, it's gonna be more heavily tilted towards track history than it is going to be. What have you done for me lately? Because we've not run on a short track in a very long time and Bristol does not compare to Martinsville and it does not compare to Richmond. Um, it kind of sort of compares to Dover sort of Dovers twice as long, but it is still the same concrete surface and pretty heavily banked. Um, so it's gonna be a little bit, you know, playoff urgency, and it's gonna be a lot of track history for me in terms of how I'm setting lineups, uh, this week. Speaker 3 00:19:08 Well, let's run through it this way. Let's do it this way this week. I know Dan's not here. So I'm gonna say let's do it this week. Let's take the tens, the nines, the eights, the sevens, and then below. Okay, let's go with the tens. There's five of 'em right now. Hamlet, Elliot Larson, Bush, bell Speaker 2 00:19:25 Bush. One of those. Speaker 3 00:19:26 Do you like the best? Which one of those do you like the worst? Speaker 2 00:19:29 Kyle Bush is my favorite outta that grouping Speaker 3 00:19:31 Agreed Speaker 2 00:19:32 At Bristol. I mean he stopped it may as well be called ol. You've heard me refer to this before cuz he and Kurt Bush have flat out owned Bristol in their careers. Um, so for him to be the fourth, most expensive guy and a thousand dollars less than his teammate is pretty surprising to me. Um, I'm torn between Larson and bell is my next favorite simply cuz bell has had consistency on year. Speaker 3 00:20:03 Elliott's had uh, well it was an all star race a couple years ago, I guess. Speaker 2 00:20:08 Yeah. He won the all star race and you know, he's, he's done well. He's doing better at Bristol now than earlier in his career. And in fact, if you look at the last six Bristol races, he's third, um, sorry he is uh, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, seventh and average finish over the last six races here. Um, 12.2 it's respectable, but he starts really fast and then he tends to go backwards a little bit. So, um, I would say that Kyle Bush is number one in this grouping then Larson Speaker 3 00:20:44 Like it. I like it too. Speaker 2 00:20:45 And then probably be Speaker 3 00:20:48 Hammond's way overpriced. Speaker 2 00:20:50 I'm not sure that I understand the pricing on ham. Speaker 3 00:20:53 I like 11 five. That is stupidly overpriced. Speaker 2 00:20:58 I feel like this is like four weeks in a row that I've not understood the, the pricing on Hammond. Yeah. Um, Speaker 3 00:21:05 I mean you gotta throw him in at least one GPP, but at least one, like if you're playing Ted one have, have Hamlin there's there's no way you're paying 11 five and getting any type of value from anyone else Speaker 2 00:21:15 In that situation. It just like in fairness to him though, he's been 11 one and three of the last five races. Each time he's been 11 one he's put up 61 or more DK points. However <laugh> he has only led 28 total laps in those three races. Speaker 3 00:21:39 Oh, oh, oh yeah. And wasn't he the one saying that like on Alex Bowman and everyone. Oh I guess they just went at the end and all of a sudden he's the guy that's doing that now. Okay, Speaker 2 00:21:48 Come on. Yeah. I mean he put up 70 points last week mainly cuz he started 25th and finished second. Right? So there's an awful lot of finished position in PD there. He had 12 fastest labs, no lap lit at Darlington. He finished second started 1122 fastest lap, six lap lit. Then it, uh, Richmond. He was 11. One started third finish fourth 36 fastest lap in 22 laps lit. So I don't know. But at, at Bristol he's been okay of late. He's been okay. So if we get a top five out him great. But if he's starting like third and he finishes fifth and doesn't really lead a bunch of labs, Speaker 3 00:22:30 Watch 'em qualify like 30th <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:22:34 But because the track is so short that lap traffic guys can get lapped very quickly. So you wanna be careful about getting guys who start too far back because their position differential can be capped because let's say for sake of argument that they start 32nd and you're like, oh, this guy should finish as a 15th place car. Okay, cool. But if he starts 32nd and gets laed and then the highest he can get is let's say 20th, because car 19 is on the lead lamp. You've just cost yourself some position differential and, Speaker 3 00:23:14 And you know what, what you just said right there, I think is a valuable lesson for everyone listening to this fantasy alarm NASCAR podcast right now too, is you're gonna have a high percentage of people who will see the qualifying numbers. And if someone, and it says Denny Hamlin 32, they're automatically gonna plan just because they want those points. The like automatically they're gonna plan 'em because they say, oh, he's gonna get a top 15. I'm gonna get those points automatically. He's gonna be high owned. But what sales just said, right there is very important at Bristol. Very important is there's not too many cars on the lead lap at the end of the race. Let's put it that way. No, Speaker 2 00:23:52 And <laugh> there's let's let's see if I can find out real quick. Exactly. Speaker 3 00:23:56 Yeah. It's only a half mile people. Speaker 2 00:23:59 I mean guys get laed very, very quickly at, at Bristol. It happens all the time. Uh, we do talk about this on short tracks relatively frequently because it is something to pay attention to. Um, let me see if I find for you how many lead lap finishers typically are in a Bristol race here. Um, let me click on, let's just click on the last one, which was last fall, which Kyle Larson won. Yep. And how many dudes 19 guys finished on the lead lamp in that race? Speaker 3 00:24:42 19 Speaker 2 00:24:43 Out of a field that started at 38. So half the field did not finish on the lead lap. Speaker 3 00:24:48 That's Bristol Speaker 2 00:24:49 In 2020, the last Bristol race of 20, 20, uh, six, six dudes were on the lead lap. When that race finished, Speaker 3 00:25:00 By the way everyone, he said six Speaker 2 00:25:04 <laugh> like now I will say that there was a late caution. Um, and I think it was, yeah, I remember that one cycle and it trapped, some guys laps down, but only six guys finished <laugh> on the lead lap, out of a field of 40 guys. Um, and I'm not even including the fact that there was only like five dudes, one lap down. So Speaker 3 00:25:27 I'm changing my whole strategy right now. I know who the high own guys are gonna be when Elliot or Hamlin or Larson or bell or, or anyone in this realm qualify 33rd or whatever. I'm fading them Speaker 2 00:25:42 Now. Here's, here's the interesting part about the, the race where only six guys finished on the lead lamp. The guy who finished sixth was Clint Boyer who started 11th. However, so Eric Jones who started 20th finished third. All right. That being said, nobody that started outside the top 26 cracked the top 10. There you go. That was Michael McDowell who finished 10th and was two laps down. Speaker 3 00:26:08 There you go. I mean, that kind of tells you right there. Right? I think we're onto something right here. I think whoever listens to this podcast discuss him. Speaker 2 00:26:16 John Horn, NEMA. Yes. He was still in the cup series in 2020, John Hunter NEMA check started 31st to finish 20th in that race. And he was three laps down. That's the highest finishing guy who started 30th or worst. Speaker 3 00:26:33 That is dude. I think we're onto something right Speaker 2 00:26:36 Now. So just be careful of, you know, not going, oh, this guy's starting dead last. I'm gonna get free position differential. It's not like it's Speaker 3 00:26:46 Not the, this is not the race to do that in. Speaker 2 00:26:49 Now we have seen a guy like Kyle Bush start 31st and finish fourth, but it's Kyle Bush at Bristol. So Speaker 3 00:26:59 That's why he is already in my lineup. As we talk, always make a lineup for everybody he's already plugged in right there. And Speaker 2 00:27:04 In that race, by the way, there were still only seven dudes who finished on the lead lap. Speaker 3 00:27:08 <laugh> seven. Okay. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:27:11 So there's Speaker 3 00:27:12 A trend here. Okay. There is, that's Speaker 2 00:27:13 A trend that, uh, not that many people finished on the lead lap, generally speaking, uh, 16 in the previous one before that out of a field of 37 guys. So you know that, that is one thing to be careful of this week. Is that just because a guy is starting in the back and he had really fast practice speeds doesn't necessarily mean that he's a free PD play, cuz he's going to need strategy and he's gonna need a little luck to, um, cuz the other thing is you're like, oh he is a lab down. There's 500 labs. He can make it up. Well, if the leader passes laps, another guy before the guy, you need to move up, passes a guy, your guy just lost the lucky dog. So if there's a caution, they won't even get their lap back, Speaker 3 00:28:03 Man. We just, I said, let's go over the tens. And we just went through this whole new strategy, which I love by the way. So I'm rethinking mine as I'm making this up Speaker 2 00:28:12 Right now. I don't get on that talk, but it, it was, it was helpful. So let's move one to the nines. Speaker 3 00:28:16 Oh, okay. There's four nines. There's four nines. It's uh, Redick. True X Lagano and chestain so three or Speaker 2 00:28:25 Play automatically avoiding Ross. Chestain Speaker 3 00:28:28 Automatically avoiding him as well. Yes. Speaker 2 00:28:29 I'm sorry guy. He has not been good until like he was good at Kansas. Okay. Congrats. It's the first time in two months you've been good and Kansas is not comparable to Bristol at all. Not in the least. Speaker 3 00:28:43 I'm not gonna play true exit 9,700 either. Speaker 2 00:28:46 And by the way, for those of you who do are curious what the heck Ross chestain did in the, uh, dirt race, he started 33rd and finished 33rd. Speaker 3 00:28:55 Well that Speaker 2 00:28:56 Was what the dirt race really compares. But you know, Speaker 3 00:29:00 Let's, let's just say something happens where Hamlin and chestain are 15th and 16th towards the end of this race Speaker 2 00:29:09 Hamlin's taking 'em out. Speaker 3 00:29:10 Yeah. I'm not touching any of those guys. Speaker 2 00:29:13 I mean, let's put it this way. If Hamlin's current teammate, Kyle Bush is close to the cutoff line and Chasta who by the way is ninth right now. So, Speaker 3 00:29:23 And Hamlin's all pretty much guaranteed to Speaker 2 00:29:26 Make the, I mean, Hamlin is Hamlin's good. He's 47 points above. He's like, all he has to do is basically start the race and he'll be fine. Yeah. Um, but Chasteen is 26. Speaker 3 00:29:39 Will this be the Chastain revenge on this one that Hamman talked about? Speaker 2 00:29:46 No, I don't think so. I think if, look, if chestain makes it, then it comes next round cuz he's sitting at the bottom of the, the Speaker 3 00:29:56 Sitting Speaker 2 00:29:57 In the cutoff area for next round. So that's Speaker 3 00:29:59 Fair enough. It Speaker 2 00:30:00 Would be, it would be the next round, but of those four guys, I'm definitely avoiding Chasta. Um, Speaker 3 00:30:09 I'm I'm also avoiding true X too. I just, for that price, not, not in the playoffs. Speaker 2 00:30:16 I mean that hasn't stopped non playoff drivers. Speaker 3 00:30:19 Yeah. But at this route he's just helping his teammates and I don't, he's not gonna win. Speaker 2 00:30:26 Yeah. He's also also had some terrible luck at Bristol previously. Like he did finish seventh. Speaker 3 00:30:31 He's also dropping Speaker 2 00:30:32 Year. Yeah. But he's had some bad luck. Um, Speaker 3 00:30:36 Redick's interesting. But Speaker 2 00:30:38 He is, Speaker 3 00:30:39 He, I would say Lagano I think in those nines over Redick, but red citrus, because like, you know how I was gonna react to what happened this week. So to be honest, I'm probably fading all four of these nines. But if I had to, I would than red Speaker 2 00:30:55 Playing red Inno, I'm gonna avoid the other two. Speaker 3 00:31:00 Yeah. Shall we go to the eights? Speaker 2 00:31:03 Um, well we can skip the top eight cuz we already know you're playing him. It's Ryan. Blaney Speaker 3 00:31:07 <laugh> he's already in my lineup actually. Speaker 2 00:31:10 And you got Byron 8,700. Harwick at 85 Speaker 3 00:31:14 Bubba Speaker 2 00:31:17 Bowman and swore as at eight even. Speaker 3 00:31:19 Oh yeah. SWOS too. Yeah. I'm not on swore as on, on Bristol. It's a good price actually, but just not play up. Obviously. Bla does have good history at Bristol. He's pretty much all he has to do is just finish the race to make the, the next round though. Speaker 2 00:31:37 Uh, see. But that's been the problem for him at Bristol. Like he's been very fast and then he runs into something that's not his fault. Speaker 3 00:31:44 He, well, okay at Bristol you're talking about Lenney's career <laugh> Speaker 2 00:31:49 I mean, yes, this is a microcosm of his basically. Um, but yeah, I'm fine playing Blaney he's been quick. Um, he ha he did finish fourth in this race last year. He's got in the last six races here. He has four top tens, uh, Speaker 3 00:32:11 GPP and I, and he's gonna be low owned unless he qualifies like 30th, then it'll be high owned because we talked about the PD earlier, but right. If he qualifies like 15th or like higher, he's gonna be low owned for a GPP and he can get top five easily gets you your what? Five times value back on that. 8,900. Speaker 2 00:32:29 Yeah. Kevin hark is a weird one. Speaker 3 00:32:35 Yeah. I, I don't know how he's gonna react to this. Like it's a win or nothing. Right? Speaker 2 00:32:40 Right. So the way that changes his strategy is he's forgoing stage points. Speaker 3 00:32:45 Yeah. He doesn't get Speaker 2 00:32:46 Right. He doesn't care. So you're gonna see him pit before the end of stages. If, depending on how the tire and, and, um, fuel mileage go, you'll probably see him pit with two to three laps to go in the stage before, uh, pit row closes. And so he'll start like, you'll be like, oh, the stage is about to end. Why the hell did he drop back so far? Well, cuz he's gonna start up front at the beginning of the next stage. Cuz he's jumping the line. He doesn't care about stage points. Those won't help him at this point. Yep. Um, even if he finished first in both stayed in both the first two stages, Speaker 3 00:33:25 Wouldn't matter. Speaker 2 00:33:26 It's 20 points. He still needs to outdo Austin Crick by 15 points and hope he doesn't get any stage points, so that's not really gonna help him. So he is winning he's in, Harvard did win here last year. Um, or two years ago now I guess Speaker 3 00:33:42 Not last year. Yeah. Two Speaker 2 00:33:43 Years ago. Yeah. Two years Speaker 3 00:33:43 Ago. But that's when he had his immaculate run when he won like what 11 races that year though. And he was like the, the number one. Speaker 2 00:33:52 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:33:53 He hasn't been the season. Speaker 2 00:33:54 Yeah. That was, that was his like remarkable season nine wins, I think. Speaker 3 00:33:59 Um, also, also the pandemic season too. Speaker 2 00:34:02 Yeah, he did finish second year, last year in this race a year ago when he finished behind Kyle Larson. So look, I, I thought he was fast. Last week. He got caught up in, had an issue. Um, that's two weeks in a row that he's had stuff happen to him. I still think the price is reasonable at 8,500. Um, and you may actually get some leverage on the field. Cause I think some people might be done with him for finishing in the thirties the last two weeks. Speaker 3 00:34:34 Yeah, I think so too. I, Speaker 2 00:34:37 But I honestly don't know. I mean, I don't feel great about Bowman here. He, he always is a, Speaker 3 00:34:44 What about Bubba? I, I think his season's done <laugh> I think he's he won his season's done. He did all, he needed to do win a race, not rained out. And he is done. I'm not touching Bubba Wallace with a 40 foot pole this week. Not at all. Speaker 2 00:35:01 Most it doesn't typically do all that well at Bristol, like he's done. Okay. And I, I know, I know this is the best equipment he's been in and Kurt car usually does well at Bristol, but that's cuz it's Kurt, not the car cuz Kurt does well regardless. Speaker 3 00:35:18 They still are in line for the championship. Yes. So Speaker 2 00:35:24 The team, Speaker 3 00:35:24 Yeah. Which brings a lot of money, but mentally the dude just won his own championship. He won a race without being, being rained out Speaker 2 00:35:33 That team partied for a while. Speaker 3 00:35:35 Hell yeah. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:35:37 I saw outta that on Twitter. Like I follow some of those team guys, um, which they should look, I'm not telling 'em not to party. Speaker 3 00:35:45 Hey. Um, Speaker 2 00:35:47 But that's gonna have a, that that may have an effect on, on the race, um, this weekend. So, uh, yeah, I'm probably off on Bubba this week. That was like the, uh, you know, ever every blind squirrel find a Nu Speaker 3 00:36:06 <laugh> Speaker 2 00:36:07 Byron's been fast. I just don't know how to read him at, at Bristol. Speaker 3 00:36:11 He's gonna be a quiet, sneaky, um, play this week. I think it's gonna be really low owned playoff driver. Um, Speaker 2 00:36:20 Did finish third year. Last year. Speaker 3 00:36:23 I, I think Speaker 2 00:36:24 He finished. I Speaker 3 00:36:25 Love him as a GP P play. Yes. I'm not gonna lie. Speaker 2 00:36:30 Yeah. As a GB. I don't think anybody's gonna pay attention to him. Speaker 3 00:36:33 Yeah, he'll be, he'll be low. He can get top five. Speaker 2 00:36:36 Um, so that's, that's basically how the eight play out for me. Speaker 3 00:36:41 Let's go to the sevens. Yeah. And then we'll just do the rests real quick because there's not much there. Um, okay. We're going to the sevens. Speaker 2 00:36:51 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:36:52 You're a boy. Eric jobs. Speaker 2 00:36:55 I do like him. I do like him this week. He does run very well at Bristol, typically Speaker 3 00:37:03 Austin, Dylan. Speaker 2 00:37:05 So my daughter's favorite driver. Speaker 3 00:37:08 Okay. So that's why we should put him in our GPS right there. Speaker 2 00:37:11 No, I mean, she puts him in there every week. I let her play lineups. She makes the same lineup every single week here. Speaker 3 00:37:18 Here's my favorites. Okay. Go on Austin, Dylan real quick because everyone he's interested and he has a show. So what do you feel about Speaker 2 00:37:26 He's finished top 15 in five of the last six races at Bristol. Speaker 3 00:37:34 Interesting. Okay. Speaker 2 00:37:34 Has finished 13th, 1430 fourth, six 12th and 15. So you've got 12, 13, 14, 15 and four of those races. Um, the only downside is he only moved up a couple of spots in each of those. So at the right price, Speaker 3 00:37:51 Uh, 7,700 Speaker 2 00:37:52 Not need him to move up that much to hit value. Speaker 3 00:37:55 So 7,700, depending on where he starts, I guess. But even if that Speaker 2 00:37:59 7,700 is gonna need 37 and a half DK points to hit five X. Speaker 3 00:38:04 Oh, Speaker 2 00:38:05 I Speaker 3 00:38:05 Hit that dude. I don't think he's gonna hit that. Speaker 2 00:38:09 So let's see what he averages. I can tell you what he averages. Um, Speaker 3 00:38:13 Well he, well, he's only hit that points in the last five races. <laugh> so Speaker 2 00:38:17 29.3 DK points is what he averages over the last six Bristol races. However, that does include a race in which he finished 34th and started 19th. So you got a lot of negative points that are weighing it down. Um, but it might be, might be tricky for him to hit five X. Speaker 3 00:38:41 Okay, good. I'm glad we're over the Austin. Dylan. Talk, shut up to your daughter. Uh, chase Brisco. Talk me off of him as a GPP play this week. Speaker 2 00:38:54 So you're on him because he needs to do well to keep going in the playoffs, right? Speaker 3 00:38:59 Yes. Speaker 2 00:39:00 Okay. What if I told you I was on him? Because in his one lone cup of parents, he started 20th and finished 13th. Speaker 3 00:39:08 Okay. I'll take that. What if I told you he's in my lineup, I'm gonna give to the people later and already was in because I've at a GPP under 10% owned and has a, I just have a feeling he's gonna have one of those top 15 finishes to get value from right there. I, I love him in this race for a GPP. You know what? Put it on your playbook as the Ralph special chase Brisco, put it on your GPP lineup. He's gonna get win you money this week. Speaker 2 00:39:41 Noted. I'm trying to see what he did in other short tracks. I know I just said we can't really compare short tracks, but it's Speaker 3 00:39:47 He Speaker 2 00:39:48 Dover at Dover. He did start 23rd and finished 13th, which was good for 40 points. Speaker 3 00:39:53 I'm telling you, chase Brisco is a sneaky, sneaky GPP play. And he was one of the first people I even put in my lineup today. Like, and if you look at his Xfinity record too, when, when he was battling out with Cindra for the last two or three years, he would get his point in the shorter tracks. Well obviously Crick was a better road course racer and right. And that's why we're off of Crick because he's not a short track racer for this race. That's how they kind of each other with points. Speaker 2 00:40:20 Brisco's Xfinity record here. Uh, in the four Xfinity races, he ran his average finish was 2.3. Speaker 3 00:40:32 Bob's your uncle right there. Speaker 2 00:40:34 The only guy that beat it, Tyler Reddick in two races put up an average finish. Speaker 3 00:40:39 Okay. Okay. And two races, Speaker 2 00:40:41 But yeah, in two race, Heather Speaker 3 00:40:42 Read it. Yeah. Bob's your uncle right there. Chase Brisco. The GPP play of the week at 76, 600 guaranteed five times. Speaker 2 00:40:51 And as a comparison, Austin Crick and five races had an average finish of 10.4, which isn't terrible. Um, but no wins three top fives, four top tens mm-hmm <affirmative> so yeah, I will say that Syndra did lead more lamps in the Xfinity series here than Brisco did what it's worth. But I do like Brisco more than Cindrich this week. Speaker 3 00:41:17 I love Brisco. He he's one of my favorite places he'll be low owned unless you're listening to this podcast, that'll be hype on because you just heard everything. We just said loved him all day. Love him. Still finished up my lineup. We, we should talk about the below <laugh> um, Speaker 2 00:41:36 Yeah, Speaker 3 00:41:36 7,000, but I no, actually none of them are in my lineup this week. Speaker 2 00:41:43 So we talked about Ty Dylan. Speaker 3 00:41:46 No, wait, I'm sorry. Ty. Dylan is already in my lineup because we talked about earlier. So one of them is Tyde. There you go. Speaker 2 00:41:52 But yeah, man, it's hard to get excited about anybody in that range. It really Speaker 3 00:41:56 Is. It's not a Gil, it's not a Todd father week either. It's not last week was a Todd father week this week. Not, yes. I just let's uh, get that off the table right now. Sorry, Dan rest, you know, have fun. R and R uh, but <laugh> um, um, you know, yeah. You're gonna have your, your, uh, Stanhouse houses. Speaker 2 00:42:15 No, so that I did wanna talk about Steadhouse. Speaker 3 00:42:18 I know. Okay. There it is. Okay. Speaker 2 00:42:20 Not because I necessarily wanna play 'em but because there's a weird streak happening here with him. Speaker 3 00:42:28 What crash on crash off? What is it? <laugh> Speaker 2 00:42:31 So in the last six races, his average finishes 30.7 at Bristol. Speaker 3 00:42:36 Oh Speaker 2 00:42:36 God. That's not great. Speaker 3 00:42:38 Not great. That's not even Speaker 2 00:42:41 No Speaker 3 00:42:41 Mediocre. That's straight trash. Speaker 2 00:42:43 <laugh> it's it's terrible. It's it's terrible. Right? Um, here's the interesting part though. If you go to the last 10 races, his average finish shoots up to 21.3 because in the four races prior. So in the last six races, he has finished 24 30 third, 33rd, 34th, 40th and 20th, but in the four races prior, he finished second ninth, 14th and fourth. So my only problem is if he finds that mojo, he's going to do well, but <laugh>, it has been a very long time since he has found that mojo, uh, here at Bristol. And in fact, his average run position in the last 10 races here is 21.1. So it's not, not Speaker 3 00:43:40 That price, not for 6,800. Not, Speaker 2 00:43:44 Not, not ideal, but let me see what we can, uh, scrounge up here. If I go back to the 2016 and 20, 20 14 through 2016 races, Speaker 3 00:43:55 We're going back in time. People we're going back to time Speaker 2 00:43:58 This house in those races. And that's six race grouping had an average finish of eight and a half. Speaker 3 00:44:06 So you're saying there's a chance Speaker 2 00:44:08 That by the way, led the field in that period of time, now the cars are completely different. <laugh>, he's totally different. The teams are different. A lot of stuff is different, Speaker 3 00:44:19 But Speaker 2 00:44:20 If we get a clean stand house, it could be a magical day. Speaker 3 00:44:23 Can I say it? Can I say it? Speaker 2 00:44:25 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:44:26 If you place that house, you are high <laugh> Speaker 2 00:44:31 Sometimes, sometimes it's good to be like Speaker 3 00:44:35 High. You are high, which means he's not gonna wreck. And he'll actually do good because he's like the, my, my CRI, the night of OFS draft KES, Speaker 2 00:44:43 Here's the other tiny little sliver of thing. That's intriguing me about Tenhouse we hark them back to Dover, which I said is kind of, sort of comparable, cuz they're both concrete, high banks kind Speaker 3 00:44:55 Kind of sorta is always good, so. Speaker 2 00:44:57 Okay. Yes. Well cuz Dover's a mile Bristol's a half mile and the bank's a little different Speaker 3 00:45:03 It's close, Speaker 2 00:45:04 Right? Uh, Stonehouse did finish second hit Dover. He started 15 and finish second at Dover. So there's a little sliver of Speaker 3 00:45:19 Is Steadhouse gonna be in your playbook. Speaker 2 00:45:25 I can't guarantee right now. Speaker 3 00:45:31 So let's move on Speaker 2 00:45:33 Because if he runs real, if he qualifies oddly, then yeah. He's probably gonna be in the play book. Um, mostly cause people are crapping all over him this week. So I think there might be leverage here. If Speaker 3 00:45:45 Are people really crapping all over him? Speaker 2 00:45:47 Yeah. I've seen a bunch of tweets, like Stenhouse socks in the last like five years here, just don't like, which is true. It's factually accurate. He has sucked and left. Which Speaker 3 00:45:58 Means the guy that wins no longer a million, like the 500,000 is gonna happen in his life. Like that's the way it always works. Right. I'm still not touching him with a 18 19 million foot pole. But it's Speaker 2 00:46:09 The last time I told somebody to fade, fade a driver, Kurt Bush won Vegas. Speaker 3 00:46:14 Oh God. Yeah. That was Speaker 2 00:46:16 Rough song. Like he just statistically never did well at his home track. And then all of a sudden he figured it out one weekend when I told everybody not to play. Speaker 3 00:46:24 All right, let's get off the Ricky Ricky uh, situation. Anyone else pusher? Klowski I mentioned him earlier as a weird G P play. I may have him in one of my 10 or yeah, Speaker 2 00:46:36 I think those guys are intriguing. Obviously. They're roughly the same cars. Um, yeah. I mean they are, you know, washer and Klowski are teammate slash owner teammates. Um, I, I don't know. I mean, Klowski, it's impossible to compare what he's previously done here cuz I was in CND current car. Um, Speaker 3 00:46:58 Yeah, that's true. Speaker 2 00:47:00 But they were, they were good. I feel like he can just hang out and get like a top 15 and that might be, Speaker 3 00:47:06 That's what I'm thinking too. That's like Keslowski at that price that 64, I like, and then I feel the same way, but he's also burned me this year. Like I'm like, like his Kowski he's a good driver. Let's just, but just, it's just not good equipment. It's just not the same equipment that he's used to driving. And so it kind of throw me off, which means he'll be like what 2% owned and he'll probably get a top 15. So I'm gonna put him, at least one of my GP is I'm saying Speaker 2 00:47:32 Yeah, mean, these are where you're looking for. Leverage plays like, Hey, if this guy hits, then my lineup goes from good to phenomenal. Right. Speaker 3 00:47:41 And, and all these drivers in this tier, him and Ty, Dylan and Chris pusher and well, we're not gonna count the dinger, but they're all the best qualified drivers at this price. So you gotta play that. Um, Speaker 2 00:47:56 What are you doing with Custer? Speaker 3 00:47:59 I'm not touching Custer. I I'd rather have Ty Dylan one, 100 less than col Custer this week. Really? What is cook? What is call cluster done? <laugh> since he won that race as rookie of the year where he just won the last lap, what has he done? You want the answer to that without me cussing Jack crap. That's why he's literally sitting here at 5,900. Speaker 2 00:48:29 I mean that's true Speaker 3 00:48:32 Facts. My friend it's fax sales it's facts. Speaker 2 00:48:36 He put up a top 15. It, the dirt at the Bristol dirt race, which again? Dirt short. Okay. Whatevs. But he did start on the pole and they had qualifying, he started 30th of Speaker 3 00:48:48 Dover emoji. Speaker 2 00:48:50 He started 30th at Dover and moved up to 15th. He has had three top 16 finishes in the last five races. Sure. One of that, one of those was a road course, which he's been better at one was Daytona. But Speaker 3 00:49:09 So that counts, that was SAR, chasm people. Speaker 2 00:49:15 Uh, I don't know, man. I'm just trying to like see if we can find the, the guys that nobody is is Speaker 3 00:49:25 Ty it's it is Ty Dylan in this price. I Speaker 2 00:49:27 Mean everybody's paying attention to Ty though, is the problem. Speaker 3 00:49:31 Okay. If you were to go off of anyone, I gotta ask you the question again. Is cold Custer gonna be your playbook in this price here? Speaker 2 00:49:40 No. Speaker 3 00:49:41 Okay. So then come on. What is the bed done? Speaker 2 00:49:45 I mean it's if, if he is then I'm writing the playbook at like four o'clock in the morning and I'm sleep deprived Speaker 3 00:49:51 And drunk <laugh> Speaker 2 00:49:52 It happened. Well, I've not written it. I have written his sleep deprived. Speaker 3 00:49:56 Okay. Speaker 2 00:49:58 Um, yeah man, I didn't look the rest of the guys. You could take a stab and somebody is going to crack a lineup somewhere, but there's no confidence in anybody below. No. Speaker 3 00:50:12 And this is the first week all year that I'm not on Todd father either sucks. Cause I've been taught. I, me and Matt have been on Todd father all year, but it's not the race for him. Unfortunately. Not a good short track guy. Speaker 2 00:50:26 Yeah. Also the leap from the truck series to the cup series gets felt pretty good at Bristol. Yeah. Cause the speeds are just so much greater. The G forces the not to mention it's a 500 lap race. Speaker 3 00:50:40 Yeah. No it's it. It's it's trucks Speaker 2 00:50:42 Aren't even running anywhere close to that. Speaker 3 00:50:45 Yeah. It's it's uh, Bristol's no joke. It's a tough race. It's not easy by all means. No, Speaker 2 00:50:53 <laugh> ironically though it used to be Clint Boyer's best track. And I, and I jokingly said that's because you could click off laps faster than his attention span disappeared. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:51:04 So true. Uh, shout out to Clint Boyer <laugh> Speaker 2 00:51:08 Yeah. Hope all as well with you and yours. Um, but yeah, so, so look, that's gonna wrap up the pod this week. Speaker 3 00:51:17 What? Well, I haven't given my Speaker 2 00:51:19 Lineup. Oh right. Speaker 3 00:51:22 The Ralph special. Speaker 2 00:51:24 After Speaker 3 00:51:24 Everything we've talked about for the podcast for, for Saturday night under the lights at Bristol, here is my lineup. No surprise. Number one, Brian, Blaney Ty Dylan as my underpriced, low priced, uh, get everyone in pick of the week. Kyle Bush, as my high priced player, Kevin hark and William Byron, and my GPP, by the way, this is a GPP lineup. So if you don't win your double up and you play this and you start yelling at me at discord, Bob's your uncle. I don't wanna hear it. So Kyle Harvick, William Byron and closing it out is my play of the week Brisco hundred dollars remaining salary are drafting says Blaney tie Dylan. Don't get a, not his brother tie Dylan Bush, Kyle Bush, obviously har Byron Brisco, boom hundred dollars left. I'm pulling in right now in the 200 K engineer. And we'll see what happens. Speaker 2 00:52:31 That's pretty solid lineup. Speaker 3 00:52:33 I like it a lot. Speaker 2 00:52:34 I would Speaker 3 00:52:35 Up with good lineup that, that we talk for an hour. Speaker 2 00:52:39 Yeah. I should be, you know, selling this like the fantasy football advice app where you could sell like 15 minutes of your time for some amount <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:52:47 Cause I went Patreon. You had get on Patreon sales. Let's let's do that. Speaker 2 00:52:53 That is a discussion for another time. <laugh> um, Speaker 3 00:52:57 I didn't say only fans. I said Patriot <laugh> Speaker 2 00:53:01 Nobody's paying for only fans <laugh> um, so that's gonna wrap up, Speaker 3 00:53:07 You'd be surprised Speaker 2 00:53:08 The Bristol, uh, night race podcast for this week. Uh, once again, we will have coverage for the trucks out on Thursday. I will have that playbook for you, the first truck playbook for me all season. So hopefully it does well, um, Mayland is gonna have something out for Xfinity. I'm not sure exactly what it will not be a full playbook. It'll be some sort of write up and probably core play. Uh, and then I will have the cup playbook out probably as early on Sunday, uh, on Saturday morning as I can possibly manage. Um, and then projections out about the same time as the playbook. So that should give you a full Saturday to build lineups and whatnot. So, uh, with that, we will see the chaos unfold at Bristol as four guys, try to save their seasons at Bristol before, uh, we turn it over to what is it Vegas next week? Speaker 2 00:54:12 Oh, don't put me on this spot. I think it is, um, to Vegas or is it there was another there's another mile and a half or is it Texas? I have the schedule from last year. I think it's Texas's it's Texas. It is Texas, Texas Vegas is the next round. Right? So if we get a boring week next week. Woo. Yeah <laugh> but luckily with the 2023 schedule, they seem to be cutting Texas out of the schedule as much as possible. So as they should, hopefully they just continue to get rid of it and then it gets bulldozed and turned into some condominiums. Um, that is enough rambling from myself and uh, Mr. Bros, this week we will be in discord. Uh, I'm sure we will find a way to get Mr. Bros back on one of these podcasts, at least. Um, at some point during the rest of the season, I'll be here. I, I want, I want a threesome though. I want, I want the Dan sales Ralph experience, full experience. We gotta pay holy. So with that, we are honestly signing off a good luck foundation and we'll see you in the green.

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