Episode 22

July 22, 2023


High Point 400 NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
High Point 400 NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
High Point 400 NASCAR DFS Preview

Jul 22 2023 | 00:29:39


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Dan Malin and Matt Selz break down the NASCAR DFS field for the High Point 400 at Pocono Raceway to give you the strategy, contest selections, and top plays they like for Sunday's NASCAR race.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:23 What's going on? F Fa Nation, welcome back. This is the Fantasy Alarm Mascar D f s podcast brought to you through The Better Sports Network. I am Dan Malin and I'm joined as always by the F S w A three time NASCAR writer of the year. Matt Sells. We are previewing the tricky triangle of Pocono Raceway this weekend. Matt, how you doing? Are you looking forward to Pocono? Speaker 3 00:00:42 Uh, I'm doing pretty well. I am looking forward to Pocono. I think it's an underrated track, like we only need it once a year. Right? That's fine. I don't think we need to go here twice. Um, although you had an interesting idea a week could ago doing a double header Thursday and Sunday when there's nothing else on after the Speaker 2 00:01:00 Mlb. All there's nothing on after the MLB Allstar break. Thursday night is, is a dead. Yeah, and if you just move this to like the weekend after the MLB Allstar break, you can have a cup race on Thursday. You can still do a cup race on Sunday. You can basically do that double header that they wanted to do a week ago when you can still have the trucks and Xfinity run Friday and Saturday and you can make it a four day show for NASCAR at Pocono. And I think it'd be a huge camping endeavor because it's a massive track. There's plenty of space and I think it'd be great. And I think according Speaker 3 00:01:27 There's a huge bar in the infield, so, um, Speaker 2 00:01:30 Even better. Speaker 3 00:01:31 Even better, right? Um, I, you know, I like it. It is a weird track. There are some things that we have to delve into in this podcast, um, that you have to take with a grain of salt, um, practice and qualifying was a very long, for some reason it, you know, it's not like it, they had two 50 minute sessions. I had two 20 minute sessions that took like an hour and a half and then qualifying took like an hour. I don't know. It was two and a half hours for practice and qualifying today. So that was long. And then there's some chaos that happened as well that's gonna give us, I think a few chalk plays. Um, but overall the strategy of this track is, is interesting. So there, there's kind of a lot to delve into in this podcast here. Speaker 2 00:02:20 Yeah, so let's just dig in track. Preview review. Pocono is, is it's its own animal. Um, and we, we say that for a lot of tracks and how, you know, like there nothing really compares to Bristol or you know, certain road courses or maybe even Nashville cuz that's like a 1.333 mile an hour or mile track. And, but anyway, Pocono is literally, it's a triangle. It's got the two longest straightaways in the series and the banking in each turn, it's, it's different. It's, it's progressive banking almost. Actually it's, it almost digresses from 14 to eight to six. Uh, massive track. But, you know, what tracks can we look at that might correlate not directly, but as close as possible to Pocono? Speaker 3 00:02:58 Yeah, so for a little while, you know, we've, we've struggled to find some comps to Pocono and I feel like over the last couple of years we've found some better comps. They, the overall flatness of the track is one thing to take in mind. The size of the track, two and a half miles. The only other places that mirror that are, you know, Daytona Talladegas, 2.66. Those are really steeped and they race 'em completely different. And road courses are like that long and obviously this is not a road course. So where do we go? Well we're gonna look at tracks where guys are on throttle a lot because you're generally on throttle almost the entire lap here except for when you're backing out of um, probably the tunnel turn, which is turn two. It's basically 90 degrees, uh, and fairly flat. Um, so to start with that, we're gonna look at auto club over the last couple of years. Speaker 3 00:03:55 We're gonna look at Michigan, right? Two two mile tracks that also don't have this deepest banking. So there's that. Uh, we're gonna look at a couple of the mile and a half tracks that they've raced this year. Vegas, you're on throttle quite a lot. Uh, Kansas are relatively flat, mile and a half track. Charlotte, you're on throttle quite a lot, right? So we're gonna look at those. Um, and then we can toss in Nashville cuz it's flat and it's about an intermediate. Okay, so we can look at those. And then obviously previous Pocono races are generally the ones, um, that we're looking at for comparison. Uh, not exactly true data points, but close enough cuz they're also in the intermediate package this week. So, you know, if we start with those we'll be in pretty good, pretty good spot. And then look at what we saw at practice and qualifying today, which I'll have in the playbook for sure. Speaker 2 00:04:53 So we, we did allude to that practice and qualifying was pretty long. Yeah, I actually think I, I tried tuning in initially at two 30 my time. It would be one 30 your time. Uh, and I couldn't get access to it because I couldn't get the NBC Sports app to work and so I was just kind of waiting around but I could, I, I could see Twitter updates and everything. And that group A had started and that was at two 30. And from when that started to when qualifying ended, it was 5:00 PM So it was a two and a half hour practice and qualifying session very long. Uh, what were some of the biggest takeaways from what we saw in practice in qualifying? Speaker 3 00:05:25 Uh, it's gonna be very temperature and sky dependent this weekend. What do I mean by sky dependent? If there's cloud cover it gets faster. Uh, for sure. We saw that in practice twice. Cars spun out the cars that were on track cuz they ran three at a time, 15 seconds apart so that they could theoretically speed things up. I don't know that it saved any time cause they had people spinning all over the place. Um, but every time the two guys that were on the track that didn't spin, they got to go back out. They got the benefit of cloud cover and ran faster laps. So, you know, we saw that with group B in practice was faster than Group A. Denny Hamlin was the only one from Group A to crack the top 10 overall speeds in practice. Um, didn't see a whole lot of uh, 10 lap averages. Speaker 3 00:06:16 We saw nine guys across both practice sessions do 10 lap averages, um, that will be in there. But just, you know, in, in the practice results part of the playbook. Just note that only nine dudes did it. Only three guys pulled off 15 lap averages across 20 minutes. So you know, we don't have a whole lot in the long run speed to go off of. And then in qualifying, things got crazier when some other guys spun. A couple of dudes didn't run nearly as well as we thought they would. Some guys hit the wall. Um, so yeah, there was a lot of topsy-turvy going on in practice and qualifying. So you'll see some big numbers here in terms of where guys ran in practice versus where they qualified. It's gonna take some sorting out for sure. Speaker 2 00:07:05 Uh, before we dive into the driver pool, uh, Matt did reference one driver that spun out in qualifying that was Bubble Wallace. Uh, he made the final round of qualifying and he actually put the car in what I can't say put the car into the wall cause that makes it sound like he actually wrecked it. Uh, but he did tag the wall. The team has said that they don't think that they'll need to make any adjustments. So it looks like he will start and still be scored from P 10. Doesn't look like as of right now we're doing this almost 5:30 PM Eastern time on Saturday. Doesn't look like he's gonna have to go to the rear for any adjustments, Speaker 3 00:07:32 Which is good. Um, yes cause that makes him a very interesting dude <laugh> Speaker 2 00:07:38 To, Speaker 3 00:07:40 To look at. Speaker 2 00:07:41 But we will, uh, dive into the nascar, uh, player, uh, driver pool on draftings. We actually have six drivers this week, priced at $10,000 or above. Martin Truex starting P2. Denny Hamlin starting P eight. Kyle Bush starting 25th. Uh, Larson P three, William Byron is on the pole at 10,200. And Ross Chastain, who does have a win at Nashville this year, but he's had for the most part five of his last six races haven't been all that great. Uh, if you take away the win in Nashville, he's, he's been very underwhelming. So it's surprising that he's priced at $10,000. But let's break down this top tier. Who do you like to potentially run up front? Collect some dominated points cuz although this is a bigger track and the truck series only had 60 laps and the Xfinity series only has 90 laps for their races, uh, this race does get 160 laps. So we still should be targeting dominator points. Uh, who are some guys that we can look at based on practice speed? Speaker 3 00:08:38 So it's hard to ignore William Byron, right? He's been fast everywhere this year. He's on the pole. He ran very well in practice. Um, you know, if you look at the similar races, he's won a couple of times there. He said in his post uh, poll interview that he loves working with his crew. Chief Rudy Fle here. Ever since he was paired up with him in trucks, he's run well at Pocono. So there's really zero reason not to look at William Byron. Uh, he will be almost assuredly the favorite to lead laps when we're building forward GPP and for cash games for that matter. Um, but the rest of that field is kind of an interesting mix of where they're starting, right? It's hard to look past either Truex or Denny Hamlin. We're not gonna play both of them cuz you can't fit 'em right? Speaker 3 00:09:28 Um, but both have been very good of late. Denny has been very good historically at Pocono. Um, he has six wins only, or sorry, he has seven wins. Only got credit for six of them because last year's winner. Chase Elliot finished third. But the two dudes in front of him, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Bush got Dqued at the end of the race. Uh, so that's one oddity you gotta pay attention to. Um, Larson, interesting, right? He didn't run a five lap average in practice, but he was second overall in lap average. So ev so if we add all of the laps in practice he ran and you average him, he was second only to Kyle Bush. So, um, that's pretty interesting. I think Kyle Bush can be pretty popular for starting spot starting 25th. I think there's a few ways we could go with that. Speaker 2 00:10:19 I think if you also look at, you know, we've talked about this year and I think we've seen enough of a sample size. It's really the tracks last year that Tyler Reddick was really good at that has translated this year to tracks that Kyle Bush correct has been good at. Uh, and I believe Reddick finished fourth year, last year had a really good showing, um, Kyle Bus won the truck series race for Kyle Bus Motorsports 100th career win in the truck series. Like and historically this is just a track that Kyle Bush dominates as well and you know, he is coming up a really rough weekend last week at New Hampshire. I'm sure he is starting, you know, 25th outside the top 20 for this race. But, you know, makes for a very popular position, differential play, uh, arguably a cash game lock, uh, in the upper tier. Speaker 3 00:11:01 Yeah, I think starting a cash game with a pairing of Kyle Bush and Cape Elliot, it's probably gonna be where most people go because Chase is starting almost at last cuz he spun it in qualifying, didn't do any damage, didn't hit the wall at all, just got loose over the bumps and the tunnel turn and spun it. Um, so, you know, I it's very, I think there's a wide range of ways you could play the top tier there on dk one of the guys I'm not looking at is Ross Chesting. I, I just can't get over the 10 K price tag where he's starting. There's not a huge advantage in PD for where he's starting, um, you know, 21st at 10 K, okay? But you can go around him and go find some other PD guys that are cheaper or have higher upside or have been more consistent. And by the way, in practice Chestain ran about there anyway. Yeah. So unless they have something up their sleeve for the race, Speaker 2 00:12:02 I was surprised because he actually had good speed here a year ago. Speaker 3 00:12:05 Agreed he had good speed here a year ago. He's looked pretty good at the similar tracks. If we look over the last 12 similar tracks that we listed earlier, um, he's actually run pretty well in that, in those races, right? He's got five top five finishes there. He is got an average finish of 13.3 is pretty nice, but he just does not look like he has the speed this week. Speaker 2 00:12:31 Let's dip into the nine K range. One of my favorite plays I'm sure, uh, we'll have plenty of time to uh, talk about him. Uh, but while we have six guys in the 10 K range, only nine or five rather in the nine k range, uh, we have Ryan Blaney 9,800 starting P 14 Chase Elliott, 9,600 starting 35th. We've already touched about him. And then we ran out this range with a couple guys that made the final round of qualifying with Christopher Bell starting fifth, Tyler Reddick's seventh and Kevin Harvick fourth at $9,000. Uh, Ryan Blaney I think is my favorite play in this range from a tournament perspective because you know, if you're looking for a PD play in this range, uh, a lot of people are gonna spend up or pay up to Kyle Busch rather, uh, starting 25th for $700 more or they'll just go right to Chase Elliott for $9,600 and he's starting 35th. Speaker 2 00:13:17 But Blaney had pretty good speed in practice. He didn't get the better track conditions in practice, but he still laid down the fastest, uh, five lap average in his session. Uh, besting Denny Hamlin by just smidge. Um, and overall he was still eighth in five lap average and that was, you know, he mi lost out to seven other guys that had the better track conditions. So I really like Ryan Blaney this week. I think he's a sno sneaky good play in tournaments. I don't think we're gonna get a ton of leverage on him, but cer certainly if people are flocking to the PD of Chastain, Elliot and Bush, um, you know, maybe we do get a little bit of leverage on Blaney, but I still anticipate he could be between 15 and 20%, uh, rostered in tournaments. Speaker 3 00:13:58 Agreed. Plus there's some people that might look at last year's race and realize he started six and wrecked out and finished 35th. Um, Speaker 2 00:14:05 I also think that there's maybe some recency bias against him because Correct, he had speed last week at New Hampshire was very fast and I think it was a late penalty or something that dropped into the, to the back of the field and he just didn't have as good of a finish as where he was running earlier, correct, earlier in the race. Speaker 3 00:14:19 Yeah, but he did lead seven laps here last year, um, before I believe it was either a brake thing or a tire that went down mm-hmm. <affirmative> if I'm, if I'm not mistaken. Um, so yeah, I mean it's hard to look past Ryan Blaney. I will say that there is a guy in this range, um, that I am not at all excited about and that's Christopher Bell. I <laugh>, I don't know where the qualifying speed came from to be honest. His practice speed was not good. Um, he's been so-so at this style of track, um, both similar and, you know, last five Pocono races. Um, Speaker 2 00:15:00 Could it be that maybe they found something at the end of the practice session or late in the practice session? Speaker 3 00:15:05 It's possible for sure. Obviously he had the speed. You don't just show up and qualify P five because Speaker 2 00:15:12 All the Toyotas were fast. Speaker 3 00:15:14 I mean they were, but it just gives me a little bit of pause like what's the, what's the upside to bell? Speaker 2 00:15:21 Okay, Speaker 3 00:15:21 Right, because at 9,400 you're still gonna need some lamp lead, right? Starting fifth and finishing fifth doesn't get him value, right? So you need him to move up a little bit. Do we think he's gonna finish top three? I don't know. Um, may he lead a few laps in a pit cycle? Sure, but we're gonna need more than that, right? And there's some guys starting behind him that I think are faster. So I could see if you're going with like 20 lineups, I could see tossing bell into a couple of them and see what happens. But I, I think fifth was his, was his ceiling for where he was gonna finish. And so if he's starting there, there's no room in the ceiling. Speaker 2 00:16:06 So is it safe to say you prefer Tyler Reddick? Speaker 3 00:16:09 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:16:10 Okay. Speaker 3 00:16:11 I mean, brand better at practice for sure. Um, he did run well here, obviously different car, but now you're coupling his speed with a Toyota with a team that's run well here in the past. Uh, it's hard to over. And then, you know, Kevin Harvick Cash Game King, that guy just finished his top tens here, like it's his business. <laugh> mean, I think it's like 11 outta the last 13. He's finished top 10 if I'm not mistaken. So Speaker 2 00:16:43 Not too Chevy at all. Um, let's cast a pretty wide net with this mid range right here because you and I were pretty much in agreement before we started recording that. This, this is a really kind of a strange range, but very, you know, we, we have some drivers in the AK range and the seven K range and they're all, a lot of them are just starting in the teens. So, you know, no one's really jumping off the page as a, as a cash game lock necessarily. A lot of good tournament plays here. Um, Joey Logano is 8,800, uh, starting P six. You know, that's a guy that can just go out and finish top three any given week. Uh, just a really smart crew chief that makes the right decision decisions in race for him. Uh, Brad Klowski I liked, uh, 8,300 starting P 13. Speaker 2 00:17:27 Um, you know, I, I think that there's obviously top eight potential there. Ty Gibbs is 8,100, which seems a little bit elevated starting P 11, but like we said, the Toyotas, they're all pretty fast. But then we get into this weird range with Alex Bowman who is, and I'm wearing his t-shirt, but like he starts P 20 and he just hasn't looked good since he's come back from injury. And we also have the likes of Daniel Suarez, Christopher Buscher, who, you know, if we like BRAC Klowski we probably have to like butcher who's cheaper and starting further back. But you know, who are some of these mid-range guys that we can maybe look to before we dip into, you know, the low seven K range in the 6K drivers. Speaker 3 00:18:03 So yeah, this is a very weird range. I'm sure some folks are gonna know that I'm, there's certainly a few drivers in here that, you know, I'm usually higher on any given week. Um, I think the RFK duo is an interesting, is an interesting one to start with. Um, to be honest, I had Klowski in the playbook to start because his history at this track is really pretty good and his history and the similar tracks really pretty good. And then he went out and kind of laid an egg in practice and his teammate didn't, and then Klowski out qualified him. And so I don't, I kind of switched it to butcher in the playbook. Doesn't mean I'm off of Klowski, but I'm not sure that, and maybe there's a leverage play here, right? This is where you're, this is your specialty. You're looking for leverage because he's more expensive, he's starting closer and he ran worse, right? Speaker 3 00:19:02 But if you trust the history more than Klowski has a higher upside than butcher, unless this weekend's results bear out and then Butcher might have a higher upside cuz he is a little cheaper and has some built-in pd. So I think you can flip a coin between the two of them to be perfectly honest. Um, I don't know if we can trust Alex Bowman just yet. Like the speed is clearly there in the Hendrick cars, right? Kyle Larson was second in overall lap average. Byron was phenomenal in practice. Chase Elliot had good speed even though he couldn't figure out why he had good speed based on the radio communication with his team. He's like, it's driving, well, it's handling fine, it's, it feels good. I'm not feeling the bumps but I, I don't know. And he was Speaker 2 00:19:53 Wake up Speaker 3 00:19:53 At speed so I don't know what he, what he was complaining about. And then you get Bowman who showed up with good speed and then screwed up and qualifying. So it's a weird, it's a weird range, but if we're going, my favorite play probably in this seven K range is Austin Dillon. Speaker 2 00:20:12 Talk to me about that one because we were talking about it on the podcast or before we started recording and I, I still wasn't sold but you know, I do think that our listeners would really want to hear the argument for this one because he's priced up this week and he is coming off a good week, a good run at New Hampshire, but that was mostly I think late race strategizing, uh, that got him a top 10 and even somehow led a dozen labs as well. But talk to me about Austin Dylan. Speaker 3 00:20:38 So I took him and I don't know if anybody's seen the grill versus grill yet, but it should be out, uh, if not now shortly. Uh, I took him at top 10 plus 200 as my prop bet this week. I wrote him up in the betting piece for picks wise. Um, I liked him even before practice and then he went out and ran decently well at practice and then qualified 23rd. So I think there's a little bit of upside there with pd, but if we're looking at similar tracks, right? He ran well at Auto Club this week or this year. He ran well at Kansas this year. He ran well at Charlotte this year. He ran well at Nashville this year. He ran well at a flat track last week with yes a strategy. But strategy is a huge part of this race too. It's a lot of fuel mileage and pit strategy late in races. Speaker 3 00:21:31 And the R c R cars, whenever you can hold them open throttle tend to do pretty well at those types of tracks. So, um, if we're liking Kyle Bush and he's in ostensibly the same equipment as Austin Dillon, I don't see why we wouldn't like Austin Dillon at 7,200 starting basically right in front of his teammate, right? Um, historically at Pocono he's run well in the last six races he's got three top, you know, three finishes between 11th and 15th. Not bad, that's like 10 spots of PD based on where he's, um, you know, where he's qualified. And in the 12 similar races recently, his average finish is 12.9 with a, with almost eight spots a race picked up in pd. So, uh, I don't see a downside here to Austin Dillon, uh, this week. Speaker 2 00:22:29 Okay, uh, dipping a little bit lower, uh, we, we seem to have this collection of uh, the underwhelming HR drivers not named Kevin Harvick. Uh, Eric Elmar 7,000 Chase Briscoe who was actually coming off as surprising top 10. And I was actually very high on Briscoe leading into practicing qualifying for New Hampshire. Speaker 3 00:22:48 And, and then he hit the, yeah and then he hit the track and <laugh> Speaker 2 00:22:52 And it was just one of those things where it was like he wasn't running that well through stages one and two and then I think just late race strategizing similar to Austin Dylan last week just helped him get a top 10. And uh, but what are we doing with these value, uh, S H R drivers? Are we targeting them at all? Because some of the Fords actually look pretty good except these Fords not so much. Speaker 3 00:23:13 I'm playing one of them. You have to read the playbook to find out. But I do have one in the playbook, um, one of the s h r ones to be specific. But I think this, this value tier is really gonna be an interesting one this week because I think with the way that the slate has laid out based on practice and qualifying, you're going to need certainly one if not two of these guys even on DK to go get another higher priced guy with all of the upside that they bring with him, right? Like if you wanna pair, if like for example, if you don't think that Chase Elliott is really gonna show up this week and you think he's gonna have a harder time passing than Kyle Bush and you wanna pair Kyle Bush with let's say William Byron, you need two budget dudes to do that for sure. Cuz those two guys are over 10,000. I mean not like Chase Elliott saves you all that much over William Byron $600 difference. Um, but you're gonna need some budget guys. So I have a few extra in the playbook this week than I probably normally would A because I like several of the budget dudes and how things shook out and B, you're gonna need them because of the way the slate is shaking out for both cash and g P bills. Speaker 2 00:24:35 Now when we talk about how the slate is shaking out for cash and GPP bills, one thing that I get a little frustrated with when it comes to NASCAR DFS is that, you know, when we look at cash game slates, usually there are three, sometimes even up to four drivers that emerge every week as just extremely chalk. I think that we can just throw it out there right now and we can say this week it could be Kyle Bush starting 25th, uh, chase Elliot definitely starting 35th and maybe even Todd Gilliland who spun in qualifying and didn't finish his lap. So he starts 36th. I think the problem I have with cash games is like, it essentially just becomes like a three v3, right? Three versus three of like, you know, you finding three drivers against the perceived, you know, chalk of the remaining three drivers that are gonna go in or you know, maybe funding a little bit, little leverage. I played cash for the first time today in probably months in the truck series blow up in my face. Um, I think this is where I kind of, I get a little bit turned off with Cash Games and NASCAR because it just does become, you know, you play the three chalk guys and then you try to get different with the other three guys. But then it's just like, I, I don't like that it's basically boiling down to three drivers, my three drivers versus somebody else's three drivers. Speaker 3 00:25:49 I would agree Speaker 2 00:25:50 You think that there's enough, there are enough options in this race that you can still play cash games and I'm assuming you still have to try and fit in a dominator as well at this track. Speaker 3 00:26:00 Uh, yeah, we, we've seen, you know, one dominator uh, races here. Now this race does get interesting in regards to that because if you go back to 2021 and 2020 they did back-to-back races at Pocono and what they did was they inverted the second half, you know, they inverted the first half of the field to be, you know, so if you won the first race you started 20th and the second race and and so on, right? So that screwed up some of the laps led dominators and it screwed up some of the PDs. So when you look at the stuff, I'm only ever referencing the first race from 2021 and the first race from 2020 because those were the ones that were set by either formula or practice qualifying data. Right. Um, but I would say that you, you we can avoid the three dominator builds this week cuz I don't think we're seeing it. I think we see at max two, if not one guy go out and lead about half the laps and then two other dudes split the other half, which means you can get away with having one of those two guys or just one and be fine. Right. Um, but I don't see any reason to focus on three dominators. Um, oh Speaker 2 00:27:16 Not with, yeah not with only 160 laps. Cause I think if you do the math it, if we count precautions where we might get a hundred dominator points and I think Speaker 3 00:27:27 Yeah probably maybe between a hundred to 110. Speaker 2 00:27:30 Yeah and it's, it still sounds like a lot but not really because if we do get long green flag runs it's, it's just gonna like space out the cars even more passing will become a little more difficult, especially for the lead. Speaker 3 00:27:42 Yep. Um, but we do have to pay attention to fuel mileage at the end of the race. Um, pay attention because Kyle Larson basically should have won the first race in 2021 except his tire blue coming around turned three on the very last lap, which gave Alex Bowman the win. So Larson's average, uh, finish here in the number five car if we give him credit for the win is 2.6 <laugh>. So he is been really pretty good at Boingo Speaker 2 00:28:12 And he was, he was a guy that during practice and qualifying I kind of had my eye on just because it does seem like, you know, Toyota has definitely caught up to them. Uh, yeah and the, the Fords have made progress as well. And then I, I still didn't get a ton of clarity and I know it's Kyle Larson, the car's probably fast, it's Hendrick Swar, but he was one of those drivers that benefited from cloud coverage on his qualifying lap and that led to a cooler track and a faster track and then he went down, went out and laid a really good lap down. So I think I'm still trying to navigate how I feel about him this week. Um, but overall I think we did a pretty good job covering this race. Is there anything else you wanted to touch on before we sign off? Speaker 3 00:28:52 Uh, no. I mean, you know, check out the Grover's Grove video. The playbook will be up, um, the, this evening we'll have projections out probably Sunday morning I would assume. Um, core plays will be out, you know, we'll have it, uh, we'll have it pretty well covered. You can check out my bets over, uh, picks wise. Uh, they're free for this race, but other than that, it's a pretty fun, it's a pretty fun track. Um, e even though it's kind of a weird one. Speaker 2 00:29:24 All right. Well Matt, thank you so much for your time this weekend. Best of luck to you and best of luck to the FA Nation at Pocono. Speaker 3 00:29:29 Best of luck.

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