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July 01, 2023


Grant Park 220 NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
Grant Park 220 NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
Grant Park 220 NASCAR DFS Preview

Jul 01 2023 | 00:33:16


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Matt Selz and Edward Raus preview the field and DFS strategy on DraftKings and FanDuel for the Grant Park 220 in downtown Chicago. Get all of the contest plays, practice and qualifying results, and even betting talk you need for Sunday's Cup Series race.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:23 What's up FFA Nation? Uh, we are here for the NASCAR DFS podcast, uh, on Fantasy Alarm and Better Sports Network. Obviously I'm hosting, that's clearly not Dane Malin next to me there. Uh, it's our boy Ed Rouse. He's filling in for Mailin who has a family wedding this weekend. So all I will say is hopefully his weather. Weather in the Northeast is better than mine. It's been raining for three straight days here. It's frankly a miracle. I got the Grillers Grill in this week there, Ralph? Speaker 3 00:00:52 Yeah, well, 110 degrees here in good old Fresno, California. At least Speaker 2 00:00:56 You didn't have to add a whole lot of heat to the grill to make it, you know. Speaker 3 00:00:59 Oh no, I just put my meatloaf just straight outside. Speaker 2 00:01:02 <laugh> cook it right on the street, man. Yeah. Fried egg test on the asphalt <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:01:07 Yeah, for about two hours. Perfect. Smoked cook meatloaf on asphalt style <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:01:11 Yeah. Speaking of, uh, asphalt, we got a little bit of asphalt, little bit of concrete, little bit of patches and some bridges on this week's, uh, track for the grant park. Two 20 in, uh, downtown Chicago, like literally right around Grant Grant Park. They're running a circle around Grant Park. Um, I will be honest, going into this race, I was not sure what to think of this track. I thought it might resemble a little bit of NASCAR's Monaco, uh, be a little bit of a parade. My tune has changed a little bit after watching Xfinity practice. Xfinity qualifying cup practice, cup qualifying. I think it's a racy little, uh, race little track there in downtown. Uh, our pulse setter thinks there's gonna be passing Speaker 3 00:01:55 <laugh>. Denny Hammond. Speaker 2 00:01:57 Yeah, Denny. Denny thinks there's gonna be passing. Speaker 3 00:01:59 Yeah, I actually, I didn't get a chance to watch the Xfinity series, but I watched the practice and qualifying for the cup today. I loved it, man. I, um, it's, there's a few issues that I see that's gonna cause a little bit of, uh, problems for some drivers later. We'll, I'm sure we'll talk about that, but I think it's gonna be a really fun time. Speaker 2 00:02:16 Yeah. So, uh, for this pod we're gonna break down kinda the strategy, the way we see the slates breaking down. We'll talk a few drivers. You'll have to check out the rest of them in the playbook. That'll be out later today. Um, and maybe we'll get some betting talking cuz you know, Ralph and I do some, do some betting, uh, on the side here. And now I can actually drive across town and place bets in person. Oh boy. <laugh> now. So I am excited about that and I don't have the wife to stop me this week. So that's a b that, that's a bonus. Yeah. Um, Speaker 3 00:02:47 Uhoh, <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:02:49 So let, let's start off with, um, what you saw in practice and qualifying that might be an issue for you. Speaker 3 00:02:57 This, some of the inner walls. I know, uh, what, uh, Harvick hit one and so did Chase Elliot. And they just, it seems like that's one car trying to qualify. Yeah. Imagine two cars racing hard. Um, I have a feeling that little inner wall and that apex is gonna get hit a lot. We'll, I mean, we'll find out here when all the cars are on the track for the x Xfinity series shortly. But, um, yeah, tomorrow, I, I I, you said it best earlier when we were ta talking chaos. Yep. In those turns, <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:03:26 Yeah. I think there's gonna be, I, I think you're right about that. We did see Chase Elliot trying to follow, uh, S V G, which we'll talk about him in a little bit. Um, trying to follow him through a qualifying lap and nicked the inside corner. I don't remember which turn it was maybe eight I think around that. Um, still new on the, on the numbering of the, the turns and which ones are which. Um, he nicked the inside corner and then went head on to the outside corner. Kevin Harvick did the same thing. I think Stenhouse may have nicked the inside corner and then wound up on the outside too. Um, so yeah, I think, uh, some wheel hopping in some of the corners is gonna be interesting to watch. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Cause I think I, there's a couple corners that have significantly less grip in them than the rest of the track. Speaker 2 00:04:11 Um, and let's not forget there's a chance of rain on Sunday. Oh, of course there is. Uh, there's wet, there's, there's wet tires that NASCAR has now they're allowed to use those. Right. But tight confines, new track. A bunch of dudes who don't usually do road racing <laugh>. And now we might introduce rain a little bit. Um, that'll be fair. There was more of a chance of rain on Saturday than Sunday. But, uh, so far the weather here, they've told me I had no, no better than a 25% chance of rain each of the last three days. And it is stormed like two inches of rain in the last two days. So we'll see how the weather folks in Chicago are. But you're, you're right, the inside apexes are gonna be a problem. They don't do those basically anywhere in nascar except for maybe the curb at Martinsville. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, like that's basically it. Or the tires at Sonoma, which we saw them move, uh, Speaker 3 00:05:05 <laugh>. Yeah. That was fun. Right. And all of a sudden, magically after the caution they were back in place again. I was like, ah. They got 'em back in place. Speaker 2 00:05:12 That was, yeah, exactly. Uh, the problem is these inside apexes don't move. They're not tire barriers, they're actual walls. So, uh, in terms of the layout, it's a 2.2 mile track. There's a hundred laps for the 220 mile distance. Remember it's road course. There's no stage break. Cautions. They will give stage points, but they're not gonna stop the race, uh, for a stage. So keep that in mind with strategy. It is also a right hand pin, which is a little different than we normally see. It's kinda like what we see at Road America, uh, where, you know, so it might see a little bit slower, more discombobulated pit stops than we normally see. Speaker 3 00:05:50 It's real tight to get in there too, right off that last turn. You have to hit it just Right. It's, Speaker 2 00:05:54 I was shocked man. I think somebody's gonna go straight into that tire barrier at the end of pit wall <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:05:59 Right? Oh my goodness. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:06:01 It that, that surprised me. Cuz the wall is right there and then there's the tire barrier and it doesn't seem like you've got all that much time. Yeah, it's, it's, Speaker 3 00:06:09 It's tight to get into pit, you have to slow down, turn, get in and then, oh man, it almost Speaker 2 00:06:14 Reminds me Annapolis motor speedways pit entrance a little bit super narrow and we've seen people have trouble with that one in the past. Um, yep. So in terms of strategy, qualifying didn't do DraftKings or FanDuel any particular favors? Speaker 3 00:06:32 Did not. No. Speaker 2 00:06:34 No. Um, there's a lot of cheap dudes <laugh> that are starting close to the front on a track where we don't expect a lot of passing or a lot of shifting up. That's gonna make things very interesting for building lineups. Right. Because you've got Denny Hamlin is $8,000 on DraftKings Speaker 3 00:06:51 <laugh>. Yeah. Which is dumb <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:06:53 I mean that was a misprice even to begin with. And then he went out and set the best practice lapse and landed on the pole. Speaker 3 00:07:01 Yeah. Um, he's gonna be the highest on just Yeah. But he's almost a must play whether he's the highest one or not, because you're either join him or you're, uh, you know, uh, if we don't expects Speaker 2 00:07:11 Put it's, if you're fading Denny, you're gonna have a long day rooting for something to go wrong with him. Speaker 3 00:07:17 Yes. <laugh>, you're gonna hope he hits one of those inside walls. This is what you're gonna be doing. Yeah. Um, cuz he was clearly the fastest car, uh, this morning by far. Speaker 2 00:07:26 Yeah. It wasn't, uh, it wasn't even, uh, close really for most of practice. Uh, the next guy that's gonna be quite popular, um, is Van Ginsburg. Uh, if you don't know who he is, he is a road course ringer. He is in the Project 91 car, which is a track house entry mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, where they basically take guys with international racing experience and bring 'em over to nascar. Mm-hmm. This guy is a three time supercar world champ. Okay. He knows what he's doing. And by the way, in Supercars in Australia, they race on these circuits all the time. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, he's very used to racing on street circuits. He knows the nuances of how to sneak in breaking zones, how to, you know, not use the clutch when you need to use the, you know, all that good stuff. The footwork camp, by the way, kudos. Speaker 2 00:08:16 That was awesome for that. Cause that was never seen somebody like double fist pedals with their feet. It was nuts. Um, he's been really good in that car. And it's the track house car, which we've known has been pretty good on road courses. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> in the Gen seven, right. Like Chastain's had some speed. Suarez has mm-hmm. <affirmative> had very nice speed. Um, that guy's 7,600 bucks on DK and Jensen button. Uh, former F1 world champ, 15 time F1 Grand Prix winner has the fifth most starts in the history of f1 like 306. And not to mention, I'm pretty sure he drove the projects, the garage 56 car in 24 hours of Lamont. So he knows how a cup car handles on a road course. That guy's pretty cheap too. Speaker 3 00:09:08 <laugh> Yeah. Six to 800 for button, uh, s v G 76 and you could put them with Hamlet at eight and you got plenty of money to mix, mix and match other racers out there. So Speaker 2 00:09:19 Yeah, I, I built a lineup that I quite like and it has almost $4,000 left on dk. It's kinda like a Talladega lineup. Like not for chaos, I'm just saying with how much money is left over. It's kind like a, a Talladega lineup Speaker 3 00:09:30 And mine has almost 2000 left over and I'm really confident in my lineup <laugh>. Yeah. What tells you, Speaker 2 00:09:36 So I, you know, we're, we're saying this to say there's a lot of different ways we can build lineups this week, but you're almost assuredly going to have money left over Speaker 3 00:09:47 You. You probably should just <laugh> or else you may not not be doing it right. But Speaker 2 00:09:52 You probably should. Um, now how are you building for the anticipated chaos in this race? Speaker 3 00:10:00 Um, cross my fingers and don't open my eyes. Uh, no. Um, Speaker 2 00:10:04 Excellent. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:10:06 I mean we saw, I'm, we saw Elliott, we saw Harvick. Yeah. Pretty much just every time they go off turn seven or whatever, just, uh, <laugh> Speaker 2 00:10:16 John, you can't see me. Speaker 3 00:10:18 <laugh>, uh, we saw Harvick, we saw Elliot who's a great road course driver, um, have have issues. Um, you know, Suarez was having a little bit of issues. Um, Stenhouse was having issues, so even the best of drivers Speaker 2 00:10:30 Got into the wall. He's a pretty accomplished road racer. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:10:32 So the the, you really just gotta hope that the drivers you choose, um, stay in it and don't make mistakes. I have a feeling this could be one of those races where whoever wins is gonna have a, a red car flipped, flipped upside down on their lineup and still win the big one. Um, so Speaker 2 00:10:52 Yeah. Um, I do find it interesting that they put the restart line before the actual start finish line begins because there's not enough room to have a clean restart without piling up into turn one, Speaker 3 00:11:04 Which is a really rough turn already. So, Speaker 2 00:11:07 Yeah. So that's interesting. I think it's gonna be a little bit like heartburn turn at uh, the Charlotte RL where they go into it and it has the R aid sign and we've seen Chase Elliot run straight into that too. Um, along with Kevin Harvick when he was trying to avoid Chase Elliot and then ran himself right into the wall <laugh>. Um, Speaker 2 00:11:25 As for stacking the back, right, because when we hear chaos and we're saying, oh, I have as much money left over as like a Talladega lineup or whatever, I'm not stacking the back. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I'm, I'm not, that's a lot of chaos to happen to make those guys pay off. I understand that Chase Elliot is starting in the back and he's a very good road racer and you know, you could fit him pretty comfortably with basically any way you build, but I just haven't seen it from him enough to feel confident in that price tag. Especially on dk FanDuel's a little. I'd worry less about price tags on FanDuel cuz you can basically fit anybody <laugh> every time. Speaker 3 00:12:08 Thanks FanDuel. Um, Speaker 2 00:12:11 But I mean the problem is I just, we didn't see it at Sonoma really. Right. We expected him to show up pretty well. He's been in and outta the car so much this year that he hasn't really gotten the mojo or the consistency or whatever going. Um, I know he was the favorite going in in many books. Sorry, he wrecked out. He's starting in the back. He's gonna need <laugh> either the most brilliant pit strategy of all time or just a lot of chaos to, you know, work his way towards the front. Who knows, maybe he can pass. Not saying he's stuck back there, but that's a lot to ask on a track where a lot of people thought there wasn't gonna be any passing after doing the sim. Speaker 3 00:12:53 Yeah. Looking at the chorus here, a after turn two, there's a good passing opportunity through three and four all the way to five and then it kind of just shuts off again all the way to you. You restart again. So that's gonna be I think the biggest passing area. So starting that far behind, how many seconds behind how many cars can he pass in a hundred laps in the, in that area to, to catch up. I don't, I just don't see it either. Like I, it just doesn't add up Speaker 2 00:13:19 For me. Yeah. So, and then the other guys that wrecked during qua, like Kevin Harvick probably weren't looking at very much cuz he's not exactly known as a road racer. Uh, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Speaker 3 00:13:30 No surprise Speaker 2 00:13:31 Guy. Really interested. Um, Speaker 3 00:13:35 Ricky Ricky at it again. Speaker 2 00:13:36 Yeah. I mean, you know, to, to look at the guys who were starting pretty far back. It's kind of a who's who I Chastain probably not. No. Um, Speaker 3 00:13:50 Anybody in the, in the thirties I'm not interested in or even yeah. <laugh> anyone after 25. I'm not interested in this race at all. Speaker 2 00:14:02 Yeah. Not enough Speaker 3 00:14:03 Value. Speaker 2 00:14:04 That's probably true. Speaker 3 00:14:06 Even Austin Cindrich who's a road course ringer, well until recently, but you know, he's starting 31st at eight, but he's 8,400. I'm not even touching that either. So Speaker 2 00:14:17 Yeah, I mean there's, there's plenty of other guys we can look at starting closer to the front where we don't have to hope for as much passing for them to hit value, um, value's relative on a road course. Obviously there's only a hundred laps, so we're not exactly looking to rack up laps led though I will say I expect probably two laps led dominators. I don't think Denny's leading the entire thing mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, but I do think you'll get two guys to lead a big chunk of the race and then maybe a, a smattering from somebody else's. The pit cycle goes through, I feel like, is what we're about to see. Um, kinda like we saw at Sonoma. Speaker 3 00:14:59 Yeah. Very, very similar. That was, let's be honest, that was a boring race though. But yeah. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:15:04 It wasn't the most Speaker 3 00:15:05 Exciting thing was the tires being moved and them trying to drive in more in and more in around and that was the, the funnest part about that race. But yeah, Speaker 2 00:15:12 I mean, watching Kyle Bush and Truex kind of battle it out there for a little while. Speaker 3 00:15:15 Yeah. That was cool. Speaker 2 00:15:16 Yeah. Until, you know, true X's car was just better. Um, uh, so in in general, I'm not really going with cash this week. It's, I have a feeling it's gonna be way too chaotic to go with cash. Um, I can't even tell you what a solid cash build Yeah. Strategy would be really. Um, so it's gonna be a lot of gpp and I'm still playing this light because a, you know, for most of us holiday weekend we've got things to do, barbecues, families, um, stuff like that. And don't necessarily need to take that much time out of our day to set like 45 lineups. Right. Speaker 3 00:16:01 <laugh> not for this though. Speaker 2 00:16:03 I'm playing like tops five lineups. Speaker 3 00:16:05 Yeah, same here. Speaker 2 00:16:07 Uh, probably won't have anybody in more than two of them Speaker 3 00:16:13 Probably. Right. Looking at mine right now, I'm right with you <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:16:16 Cause even if we think about, oh well then he's on the pole. Okay, well he was on the pole at Sonoma. He led 33 laps and then wrecked out mm-hmm. Speaker 3 00:16:22 <affirmative> Speaker 2 00:16:22 And cost you 15 points. Speaker 3 00:16:24 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:16:25 He had 14 fastest laps and 33 laps led and still cost you 15 points even though he looked like the best car on track and qualifying and whatnot. Right. Speaker 3 00:16:34 Welcome to road racing. Speaker 2 00:16:36 Wish to say that doesn't happen again here. I'm not wishing that on anybody. I'm just saying it's still, you know, still possible. So for me that's kind of how I'm looking at it. Are you looking at it about the same way? Speaker 3 00:16:48 Yeah, I'm looking at my lounge right now. Very similar. I, there's another guy I I like who's starting second who I think could be lap leader and possibly win the race. Looking at it now and looking at his speeds from the qualifying right now. Um, maybe should check out the playbook for the information on that guy. But, um, yeah, I'm kind of with you. I'm kind of seeing myself with the same kind of main core and just kind of fluctuating two drivers around them, uh, in about five lineups. Speaker 2 00:17:15 Yeah. Makes, makes a lot of sense. Sorry, they're my kid. Apparently forgot I was recording a podcast. So, um, yeah, so there's <laugh>, there's that. Um, let's, let's take a look at some of our, um, you know, kind of what bets we're looking at this week. I know you and I both put out the Grillers Grill. That's right. Video, um, that we do each week. Um, by the way, Speaker 3 00:17:40 Check it out. I'll YouTube Speaker 2 00:17:43 And Facebook and a lot of places you and I, the basic gist is that we grill something that's kind of themed to that week's race and give a prop bet. I made Chicken Vesuvio, which is a Chicago delicacy for those of you that don't know is chicken and potatoes with peas, you know, wine sauce basically. Oh goodness. Uh, and our pal over here at Rouse put meatloaf on a street and cooked it. Not really. I, Speaker 3 00:18:06 I've never made meatloaf before and the first time Chicago race road race. So I tried something new and it was actually really good, Speaker 2 00:18:13 Kind of disappointed by the way that you didn't put a Will Ferrell clip in the, in the short there from <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:18:21 I wonder know how many people caught my opening line where it's actually a quote or a line from from a Meatloaf song. Yeah, <laugh>. It's, it got, Speaker 2 00:18:27 It's the lyrics meatloaf. Um, anyway, so my prep at this week was Ty Gibbs, uh, top 10 finish. He was going off at plus 1 64 practice in qualifying. Let's see if we can go get adjusted odds and see if it's changed to these. Um, Speaker 3 00:18:48 Ty Gibbs is, Speaker 2 00:18:49 Uh, he's still plus one 60. Yep. Speaker 3 00:18:51 One 60. Speaker 2 00:18:52 So and you went with the guy that's next on the list. Joey Logano top 10 plus one 40. That's Speaker 3 00:18:57 Right. Speaker 2 00:18:58 Um, because what's your narrative for Joey Logano this week? Speaker 3 00:19:02 Every time there's a new race and that they've never done before? The dude wins something new. He won what? Bristol Dirt the first time The Clash at the Coliseum. And now we're doing this. He Speaker 2 00:19:15 Won the first Did he win the first new Atlanta race? Speaker 3 00:19:20 I think he did Speaker 2 00:19:21 <laugh> and he, Speaker 3 00:19:23 I Speaker 2 00:19:23 Think he did, he won Gateway last year, which was the first time in Gateway too. Speaker 3 00:19:27 Yes. Here we are. And he just had a really good practice of qualifying session. He's starting in the top 10. I think he's starting what, eighth or ni ninth? Uh, ninth. Um, so all he has to do is just keep that and plus money and, and Gibbs is right outside looking in too. So, um, I like both bets. By the way, last week you and I, not only did we get our bets right, both our drivers went one and two <laugh>. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:19:50 Unfortunately <laugh>, I mean you guy won over but the be was Speaker 3 00:19:55 Just top fives, right? Top five, one and two. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:19:58 So we ac that one. Speaker 3 00:20:00 Check out Grover's Grill. We're giving you winning bets. Speaker 2 00:20:02 Yeah. We are actually giving you winning bets. And then the winner at the end of the season, the other guy donates to, uh, the winner's charity of choice. There's, right. So it's all, it's all for uh, good food, good bets and good causes. Um, yeah, my, I I went with Ty Gibbs cause a, he's actually fairly solid on road courses. Right. He finished top 10 at Coto, which is a fairly technical track. Um, had an okay run at Sonoma. Not great. He had the speed to start in the top 10. Did not finish there. Uh, but according to a lot of people inside on uh, nascar, there are a lot of other drivers. They said Ty Gibbs is crushing it in the sim this week and they apparently held a driver's only iRacing event on this track and Ty Gibbs won it. Now Speaker 3 00:20:52 I raced, he's a young kid who likes to, to play video games. So that also makes a lot of sense. Speaker 2 00:20:55 I mean William Byron's pretty damn good when he got there from playing iRacing. So <laugh>, you know, just, it doesn't, you know, I, I hearken back. Speaker 3 00:21:04 I'm great on Grant there man. But you put me out there, I'll crash <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:21:09 I mean <laugh> harken back to 2020 when we were actually making lineup based on iRacing races and Denny Hamlin lost cuz his daughter turned off the TV or something. <laugh>. Um, so it doesn't necessarily translate, but I feel like the younger guys are able to translate what they're seeing in iRacing and the same Better On Track happens that he also has run pretty well. The Toyotas are looking pretty good in general, so mm-hmm. <affirmative>, um, that's another guy I'm, I'm looking at are, Speaker 3 00:21:42 Are these odds been adjusted? They still have Chase Elliot as the favorite. Speaker 2 00:21:46 I don't know if they've actually been adjusted. Speaker 3 00:21:48 <laugh>. <laugh>. I Speaker 2 00:21:49 Would find that. Speaker 3 00:21:50 Let's, let's be real here. Speaker 2 00:21:52 <laugh>. I mean if you, if you really want to go and, and but like, I don't know. Let's see if DK has actually, cuz I was checking our normal source that gives us like a bunch of different books at the same time. Yeah, that's what I have. Um, lemme go check and see if DK does in fact have updated, um, odds. They do not have the odds back up yet. Speaker 3 00:22:14 They're not even odd anymore right? They took 'em Speaker 2 00:22:16 Off. No, they took 'em down. They have Cup Futures. Um, they have Xfinity IndyCar car and well Speaker 3 00:22:23 Chase Elliott will no longer be the favorite. Let's put it that way. It's gonna be Speaker 2 00:22:26 Probably that's a hundred percent true. Speaker 3 00:22:28 Probably time I imagine would be the Speaker 2 00:22:30 Favorite. And, and Denny Hamlin is gonna move steeply from 25 to one to something way less than that. Um, well Speaker 3 00:22:37 Congratulations if you did Hamlin uh, 25 to one. Speaker 2 00:22:40 Yeah. <laugh>. Uh, I was also very upset that I did not get Ty Gibbs at 50 to one earlier this week. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, cuz he moved. He's on, he's 25 to one on DK now. Yeah. Um, which is a little shorter than I want for Ty Gibbs to outright win <laugh>. Um, I'd rather put 22 to one on Suarez. Um, Speaker 3 00:23:04 I like that one too. Speaker 2 00:23:05 At that point obviously these are pre-qualifying mm-hmm <affirmative> Speaker 3 00:23:10 Odds so we don't know what the new odds will be Speaker 2 00:23:12 Yet. I don't know what the new odds, but I guarantee you that Denny Hamlin is way shorter than 25 to one. Um, and Chase Elliot is way longer than six to one. Speaker 3 00:23:20 Let, lemme ask you real quick, are you doing any uh, Xfinity lineups for this this afternoon? Speaker 2 00:23:26 I am not. I have to say I have not necessarily dug into um, Xfinity quite as much. I know Sam Mailin has a great podcast or uh, great playbook up and updated it following qualifying. Speaker 3 00:23:37 Lemme see what he says about Justin Mark's racing in this race cuz it's very interesting to me. Speaker 2 00:23:42 I do think that that's going to help Track House. Um, I know that you know, Joe Gibbs has an Xfinity program and Stuart Haas has an Xfinity program and um, Hendrick basically leans on Junior Motorsports for an Xfinity program. But there's something about a cup owner in Justin Marks who is the co-owner of Track House actually being on the track and in the car that may give track house a little leg up in set up. Um, obviously Xfinity cars and cup cars drive a little different but there are some news and notes about how to drive each corner and and whatnot to make, give some track house guys. Speaker 3 00:24:29 He also had the fastest single lap in practice. Speaker 2 00:24:33 The dude, the dude's pretty good at road racing. I mean he, I Speaker 3 00:24:35 Guess, yeah, Speaker 2 00:24:36 It's not like he's some schmuck who's just getting back behind the wheel cause he felt like it'd be cool. Like the dude can race and he is in a good car. The 10, the number 10 collar car in Xfinity has been really good for like two, three years now. Speaker 3 00:24:51 Yep. Speaker 2 00:24:53 So Speaker 3 00:24:54 My eyes will be on that for sure. I, I want kinda wanna see how he does and again I agree it'll be really good for Track House if he could actually pull it off. That'd be crazy. Speaker 2 00:25:01 Speak. Speaking of that, what are we doing with AJ Oman? Speaker 3 00:25:06 Uh, Speaker 2 00:25:07 He's starting 10. Speaker 3 00:25:09 Yeah, that's kind of his price. 9,900. I mean, Speaker 2 00:25:13 I mean I get it. Yeah. He Speaker 3 00:25:18 Remember when every time there was a road race we used to always play no matter what cuz <laugh> and now he's in full time and it's like, I dunno what to do with him. Um, I dunno, I have him in one of my five lineups. I mean as an outlier. Speaker 2 00:25:33 I mean I feel like you kind of have to, my only problem is like his five lap average in practice was not, Speaker 3 00:25:39 Yeah. Speaker 2 00:25:40 Was not good. Speaker 3 00:25:42 But practice first actually being on there with racing cars, um, he's been traditionally a better racer than a qualifier, if that makes sense. Speaker 2 00:25:51 That's true. So Speaker 3 00:25:53 I kinda like him at 10 just to have a nice little, you know, that's nice little share. Speaker 2 00:26:00 Yeah. I don't know. It's concerning to me that AJ Oman Dinger I'm pretty sure ran a clean uh, practice and yet his lap average is basically right there with Justin Haley who absolutely lit up a wall. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:26:16 Is he starting or did he get, is he in still? Speaker 2 00:26:20 Yeah, he's starting in the back. He didn't qualify. Neither did, neither did Stenhouse. Yep. Okay. Neither one of 'em. So they'll start at the back, they'll fix up their cars. You'll probably hear that they'll go to the rear even though they're already starting there. <laugh> um, chase Elliott. I'm almost as, uh, we're almost assured we'll go to the rear cuz he'll have to make adjustments to the car after wrecking it. Speaker 3 00:26:43 Yes. Same with Harvick, I'd imagine. Speaker 2 00:26:45 Yeah, so Elliot is tagged to starting 26th. He'll start from the rear, so he'll have to drop back about 10 spots, but he'll be counted as starting 26th. So keep that in mind for anybody who wants to play him. Good Speaker 3 00:26:58 Luck. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:27:00 Like I said, Kevin Harvick we weren't, is not on our radar anyway, starting 35th, he'll drop to the back to go fix the four car that he decided to put in a very weird spot on the track. Um, but other than that, are there any other prop bets that you, uh, obviously the betting lines are a little older, but Speaker 3 00:27:22 Yeah, they're, um, I've been willing to pepper a little bit of money on, on Reddick outright winner. Um, even though he's gonna be probably end up being the favorite after all this. I just, he secretly, quietly got, you know, second, um, yeah, Speaker 2 00:27:36 I don't know where that qualifying lap came from. That was, Speaker 3 00:27:39 Yeah, and he's kind of been solid all year and I, I, you know, I like him there, but again, he's a favorite. Uh, another one I'm kind of interested in, lemme go back to the top fives here. Um, was Suarez, uh, at, at plus 300 for a top five finish. Um, I kind of think that's a very sneaky play as well. Speaker 2 00:27:57 Uh, yeah, I mean if you can still find those nice of odds for sure. That's a very nice play. He is starting fifth. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Um, in terms of matchups, Speaker 3 00:28:11 Oh, let's play the matchup game. Speaker 2 00:28:14 There's some, I obviously, I'm not necessarily gonna read off the lines, but we can assume that the matchups are basically gonna hold the line. I'll change a little bit. Speaker 3 00:28:23 We could assume that all the Chase Elliot matchups will be off the board, Speaker 2 00:28:26 I would assume so <laugh>, um, I want, let's see, who do we, who's a good one? Chastain versus Byron. Speaker 3 00:28:38 I'd go Speaker 2 00:28:38 Byron. Byron is starting pretty pretty decently ahead of Chastain. Speaker 3 00:28:42 Yeah. I'll take Byron Bush Speaker 2 00:28:45 And Butcher and Bell is an interesting one. Speaker 3 00:28:48 I think Bell Bell's probably the favorite, right? Obviously. Speaker 2 00:28:51 I mean he is starting fourth. Speaker 3 00:28:53 No, that's right. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:28:56 Starting 15th. So he does have the starting spot, but I mean Bo I mean Bell started fourth at Sonoma and finished ninth. He started 14th at Coda and finished 31st. Cuz had cuz of the crazy like four overtime restart deal. Cher started seventh at Sonoma and finished fourth. And then at Coda he started 32nd finished eighth. Speaker 3 00:29:26 Interesting. Speaker 2 00:29:27 It's a little closer than you would think it would be just based off of starting spots and whatnot. I, Speaker 3 00:29:34 I think I still go bell Speaker 2 00:29:35 Based on pre-qualifying numbers. Butcher was the favorite. It was minus 1 29 versus Speaker 3 00:29:41 Plus. But now that's gonna flip. I guarantee Speaker 2 00:29:43 You it's gonna flip cause of those starting spots. Um, here Speaker 3 00:29:47 You go. By the way, NASCAR is the best place to bet pre-qualifying to get really good odds just taking it a chance. Uhhuh, it's amazing. I mean Speaker 2 00:29:56 Pre-qualifying you can get Daniel Suarez at 25 to one to win, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you could get Denny Hamlin 25 to one to win. You could get Logano 35 to one to win. Um, you could have gotten up until like Thursday, you could have gotten Ty Gibbs at 50 to one to win. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, these are all dudes starting in like the top 11. So Yeah, I agree. You want, now obviously there's risk to it. Speaker 3 00:30:24 Yeah. It's, there's always risks to everything, but the rewards can be very, very beneficial cuz I'm surprised they even put the odds out before practice and qualified to be honest. But I guess you want a longer, you know, long Speaker 2 00:30:37 Way. I mean think about how much money they're raking in now that Chase Elliot was the favorite and everybody Speaker 3 00:30:41 Oh yeah, yeah, they yeah, they, they won <laugh> Speaker 2 00:30:43 Vegas now money's down the, Speaker 3 00:30:45 If Chase Elliot didn't win but Vegas did with that one, that's for Speaker 2 00:30:48 Sure. Yeah. Or if he does come back then they then Vegas still wins cuz they didn't have to pay out that much <laugh> on the people betting Chase it plus, you know, plus five 50 plus 600. Speaker 3 00:30:59 Exactly. Speaker 2 00:31:00 But, uh, any final thoughts from you there Rouse as we've run a little longer than we normally do? Speaker 3 00:31:06 No, not really. I think it's gonna be chaos. Um, a lot of caution. It could go long into the night, even though if it's a, a short mileage wise race because of it, um, I would expect a probably a surprise winner maybe here. Um, and, um, ham to be the highest owned. Speaker 2 00:31:25 Yeah, Speaker 3 00:31:25 I look at it, Speaker 2 00:31:27 I would, I would say that's a pretty, that's a, that's a pretty good case. Um, as far as surprise winner, Speaker 3 00:31:36 Maybe S v G doesn't man Speaker 2 00:31:38 God that would be a storyline. Speaker 3 00:31:40 <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:31:40 Yeah. Wouldn't it? The dude shows up and then see part of me doesn't want a road ringer to win it though because then it's like well it's easier to race NASCARs. Speaker 3 00:31:50 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:31:50 I guess because the guy shows up without ever having done it and just has time to see him and then gets out there and Speaker 3 00:31:56 <laugh>. He looks great day. I mean, he's Speaker 2 00:31:58 Talented. Yeah, I'm not saying he's not. And also you're going against a bunch of dudes who've never raced this track. Don't normally do Right. Turns um, Speaker 3 00:32:07 He looked wonderful today. He, there's a chance Speaker 2 00:32:10 Look and props to d dk for actually giving him close to a reasonable price tag. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:32:16 Not like a 5,500 or something. That's gonna be Speaker 2 00:32:18 Like Jen. Yeah. What is Jen Jensen buttons cheap man. Speaker 3 00:32:21 He's in the sixes I think. Speaker 2 00:32:23 Yeah, he's he's way too. That's, that's 6,800. That's a little disrespectful for a guy who by the way has also been in a cup car before, in a race finished with a top 20 at Coda. So like what are we doing here? I don't know. It is what it is. Uh, but all right, well, you know, w look out for the projections coming out. We got playbook coming out. I'll have core plays. I'll be around on Sunday to answer any, uh, lineup questions anybody may have, you know, watch any of the news that's coming out. Um, but other than that, uh, good luck FI Nation and let's go win some, some money.

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