Episode 26

August 19, 2023


Go Bowling At The Glen NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
Go Bowling At The Glen NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
Go Bowling At The Glen NASCAR DFS Preview

Aug 19 2023 | 00:30:19


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Dan Malin and Matt Selz preview the field for NASCAR DFS for the Go Bowling At The Glen at Watkins Glen International for Sunday’s race. Get the strategy, track info, and driver breakdowns to set your lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers Start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:23 What's going on? FAA Nation, welcome back. This is the Fantasy Alarm NASCAR D F S podcast brought to you through the Better Sports Network. I'm Dan Male and I'm joined as always by the F S W A three-time NASCAR writer of the year Matt Sells. And Matt, we are back for another road course for the second straight week weekend with two races to go, uh, at Watkins Glint International. Uh, how you feeling heading into this weekend? Last weekend was kind of odd. We've seen chaos and a lot of cautions previously at, uh, the last couple indie road courses and last weekend we had an, for the most part, a very, uh, green race, like in, just in terms of like long, very long green flag runs. Was not expecting that. And Michael McDowell got his second career win in the Cup Series. Speaker 3 00:01:07 Yeah. Uh, when you have more than like 90% of that race run under green and it's straight, like Steve Lahar was like, we're going on an hour and 45 minutes of green flag racing like that. I don't think anybody expected it at Indie Road. It's like going into a Talladega race and watching it be caution free, like right <laugh>, that doesn't happen really. So could we see more of the same this week at Watkins Atlanta? I fully expect that I am, I'm not sure that there's gonna be any cautions unless somebody breaks part of their car like on a curb or just gets wonky going downhill and turn one. Other than that, I don't know that we're gonna see a whole lot of cautions, if any this week. So kind of building, assuming that like last week we kind of built mostly for chaos with a little bit of, oh well what if it goes green this week? We're doing mostly if it goes green and then a little bit of, well, perhaps there's some chaos Speaker 2 00:02:05 Now with just two races left in the regular season. We have walk-ins Glen this week. Road course next week is Daytona. Um, pretty wild way to end the season. You know, it, that's gonna be the kind of race where anybody could win and punch their ticket into the postseason. Uh, Austin Dillon did that last year, I believe. Um, but you know, we look at the standings. Who are some drivers that are kind like right on that bubble? Uh, I know Chase Elliott is probably, I, I think the general consensus is that he can't point his way in at this point. Oh, Speaker 3 00:02:36 He has to win at this point. Speaker 2 00:02:38 Um, but same thing with Alex Bowman Speaker 3 00:02:40 75, he's like 75 points back I think. Okay. McDowell won, which crushed his point total. Speaker 2 00:02:48 So at this point it's a, it's, it's a win in your end situation for Chase Elliott and a few other drivers who are a couple other drivers that could possibly be racing for points this weekend. Speaker 3 00:02:57 So the two main guys that we're focused on are the guys that are right on the bubble. Bubba Wallace is 16th in the points. He's 28 points to the good. Daniel Suarez is 28 points to the bad. So those two dudes, uh, are going to be battling it out on the racetrack and you know, as much as you wanna say you dislike Bubba Wallace or he stinks or whatever, he's really good at Daytona. If he goes in with a points lead at Daytona, it may be pretty hard for Daniel Suarez to make that up. So I would expect Suarez to be doing everything possible to try to get a points lead on, uh, Bubba Wallace this week as opposed to waiting for something. Obviously anything can happen at Daytona, right? We've seen guys who have won four straight plate races wreck out in the first six laps of those races. Speaker 3 00:03:47 Right? Um, but if Wallace goes into Daytona with a points lead, it might be pretty tough for uh, Suarez to make it up. Now, could there be a new winner? Sure, it's Daytona. Anybody can win. And guess what? This year they got rid of the top 30 points rule. So if you win and you're outside the top 30 points and you're a full-time driver, you made the playoffs, um, could that happen here? Sure. AJ Allman Dinger is the guy that needs a win to make it at this point. Chase Elliot needs a win to make it at this point. Um, you know, there, there's a co there's a couple other guys who are close to the points. Um, and not having stage breaks is, is gonna be very interesting to watch who chases points at stage ends and who doesn't. Speaker 2 00:04:42 Now, uh, I guess just refocusing our attention back onto Watkins Glen, uh, as you just said, no stage breaks. Um, that was kind of brutal last week for D F Ss without any cautions. Uh, do you think that we could see a relatively greener race for Watkins Glen? I think yes, just because when you, I don't recall Watkins Glen having a ton of cautions. This isn't, this isn't really like a super technical road course. It is almost two and a half miles in length. It's got, you know, technically 11 turns, but there are some s's in there. Um, and it's, it's, it's kinda like a broader wide sweeping road course and you can complete a lap in about 70 to 72 seconds. Uh, so with no cautions, uh, at stage breaks, um, do we think that this could be a pretty clean race and do we necessarily need to be going for so many drivers that are starting in the back offering a bunch of pd? Because honestly it's, it's Kevin Harvick is in the exact same spot that he was in a week ago, right? Um, car was awful. He's not a good road course driver and yet people are gonna see the name and the fact that he's starting outside the top 30 and they're just gonna wanna plug him in again. Speaker 3 00:05:51 Yeah, I mean you have to go back to 2016 at Watkins Glen for there to be more than five cautions in a race. Now last year there were five, however, two of those were stage breaks. So there were only three natural cautions. Before that you had four cautions. So only two of those are natural cautions. And same thing like back in 2017, there's three cautions, okay? This is not a track that produces a ton of cautions, uh, typically speaking unless there's weather, which we don't expect there to be weather issues. Okay? Now one thing that the green flags can do is readjust fuel mileage, which we have seen here in the past. We've seen fuel mileage races in the past. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Chase Elliot's first win came because Truex was running outta fuel and had to save or ran out fuel just before the end. Speaker 3 00:06:51 Um, a few years ago. Uh, we've seen Kyle Larsson pull off a fuel mileage wind here. So that's one thing to keep in mind is that if it goes green, you're burning fuel at a faster rate than if you get some caution laps where you can save fuel. So keep that in mind. It might force a little bit more short pitting than we're used to seeing, but I agree it's gonna be pretty hard to pass. Uh, I think everybody on the broadcast, including some of the drivers were saying, you know, if this plays out like last week, qualifying is more important this week than last week because we know to expect to clean race and it's tough to pass in green conditions unless you absolutely outweigh somebody on pit road, which just doesn't, doesn't really happen <laugh> in the NASCAR Cup series. So I agree. I'm not really a fan of the stack to back or try to go from massive PD here. Um, I would say that generally speaking, I mean again, if we go back to 2016, every winner since the 2016, including 2016 has come from the top six starting spots. So, and you had Larsson win it from fourth or from second last year. Fourth the year before Chase Elliot went it from the poll, he won it from third the year before that Truex won it from third and Hamlin won it from sixth. So track position matters here. I don't, I don't think we're gonna see people pit to give it up. Speaker 2 00:08:25 Well it's interesting that you mentioned the top six because when we look at the top six for this race, uh, we are looking at drivers like Denny Hamlin and William Byron who are on the front row. Uh, Michael McDowell starts P three. Ty Gibbs starts P four, which is kind of interesting. And he, he won last week's Xfinity series race at Indy, uh, finished 12th last week in the Cup Series race. And then in the third row we get Kyle Larsson and AJ Aleg. So there are obviously drivers in great equipment drivers that we've seen have a ton of success on road courses. Um, curious who you're landing on that may or who could be your pick to win this race, especially with, you know, Michael McDowell who qualified P three and his price got juiced all the way to 9,600 on DraftKings. Who would you say is probably the, the driver you think can pull out the win, uh, starting in the top six Or would you want to expand it to the fourth row and maybe go with someone like Tyler Reddick who has a very fast car? Speaker 3 00:09:21 I I think we can find a winner from the top six. Um, Tyler Reddick does have a fast car, but I'm just a little iffy on his recent Speaker 2 00:09:30 Form Speaker 3 00:09:31 Results and lack of consistency if we wanna put that out there. Um, I, it's hard not to look at Byron and go, geez, that guy was lightning fast. Like every lap at practice like Denny had to put down the lap of his life to hold off. Byron on the poll is basically how it came down, what it came down to. So that being said, I do think people will save the couple hundred bucks and go with Byron over Hamlin. Speaker 2 00:10:05 I do agree. 'cause even during practice, and I mentioned this before, so the prac, the broadcast noted that at the time I think Byron had run maybe 10 labs and if you took the average of his 10 labs and he had run that average for all of his labs, he would've been seventh fastest compared to ever to everyone else's fastest lab, right? And so that just speaks to the consistent speed that his car has. And you, you hope that it shows up again on Sunday and you know, nothing bizarre happens, but 8,800 for a guy that's starting on the front row who everyone has seen has speed, uh yep. His ownership will be juiced extensively. Um, I'm totally fine playing. 'cause you know, we don't also necessarily consider William Byron a, a great road course racer by any means. Moved Speaker 3 00:10:55 Up 25 spots, can't deny Speaker 2 00:10:55 Speed. Speaker 3 00:10:56 I mean he moved up 25 spots last week. Speaker 2 00:10:58 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:10:59 So he was the cho play and he lived up to it. So, um, but by the way, what's up with dk? Like William Byron was 8,900 last week at Indie Road started 39th was everybody's favorite track play finished 14th and his price went down by a hundred <laugh> this week. It went, it went down. He put up 54 points and his price went down. Uh, I don't know, it's very interesting how they're calculating and stuff, but, um, I think Almond Dinger always has a shot on a road course. I know last week was a horrible week for him. It happens. Can't be great all the time. But he does have a win at Watkins Glen. He did look pretty quick in practice. Uh, he was getting after it pretty good. He does need a win to make the playoffs. He's not a guy who can point his way in. This is basically his last good shot, um, to make the playoffs and make everybody forget about the stupid decision at Richmond. Um, you always got Ty Gibbs who could sit there and Nico a win and just sit there and keep pounding out. Um, like if it comes down to it, let's, let's game this out, right? Let's say that Byron has faded a little bit down the stretch, right? And McDowell is what he is, okay. And Gibbs is challenging. Denny Hamlin for the leap. Speaker 3 00:12:29 Do you think that j g r invokes team orders like we see in F one? Speaker 2 00:12:37 Um, Speaker 3 00:12:38 To give up the spot because Ty Gibbs doesn't have a spot in the playoffs and Denny does and getting Denny or getting Ty Gibbs into the playoffs is valuable for J G R knowing that Bubba who's on the bubble still has a shot at Daytona to get another Toyota into the playoffs. Speaker 2 00:13:02 I think it would be interesting, and I don't know if Denny Speaker 3 00:13:05 Would, Denny doesn't have a contract for next year right now for Speaker 2 00:13:07 J G R. Yeah, I don't know if Denny would necessarily, uh, I, he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that would go against team orders, but at the same time, like why I, I also don't, I, he would be aggressively against it obviously. Uh, but I also think that it would be interesting that, you know, uh, j g R was in position to have, uh, two drivers in the Xfinity Series championship race last year until Ty Gibbs, uh, punted Speaker 3 00:13:34 Moved Speaker 2 00:13:35 Punted his own teammate just so he could get a win after Gibbs was already locked into the championship four for Phoenix. So I think that would be kind of ironic. But knowing that, who's to say he wouldn't move any Hamlin out of the way if this scenario did play out, uh, in front of our eyes? Uh, Speaker 3 00:13:51 I mean he could Right <laugh>. Yeah, right. Speaker 2 00:13:52 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:13:54 Fighting for a playoff birth rather than he Speaker 2 00:13:56 Would cement himself as the ultimate villain. And I'm not saying like Denny Hamlin's, like, Speaker 3 00:14:00 I mean, I don't know man. I'd get some respect for Ta Gibbs if he punched a Denny Hamlin outta the way. But it's, you can't really fault Gibbs at that point 'cause now he's fighting for a playoff birth rather than letting his teammate have a playoff birth so that he could have the like Ty Gibbs just wanted to win over. I don't know. Yeah. Um, not saying it plays out that way, but it'd be very interesting to see what would ha like, would Denny make him, Speaker 2 00:14:28 It's a fun scenario. Speaker 3 00:14:30 Yeah. Um, Speaker 2 00:14:32 So how are we just assuming that Chase Elliott Martin Tricks Jr. Are cash game locks? They both, they start 15th and 19th respect to, so, okay, so we don't really need too much analysis. We kind of know that they're No, I mean everybody, Speaker 3 00:14:43 I mean Chase Elliott has seven career road course wins. This is probably his last great shot for winning his way into, I mean he could win Daytona. I guess we've seen Hendrick do it before in the last race of the regular season. Um, but this is his last best shot and Truex won at Sonoma. Yep. Um, so and was pretty quick. Both, both guys were pretty quick last week at Indie Road Chase. If that race had gone two, maybe three laps longer, chase Elliott probably wins that race over McDowell. He was catching them. So if you're starting with those two in a cash game now we gotta get tricky. You gotta pick either Denny or, or Byron, I'm not sure you're playing both in a cash game. You gotta pick one to get you your laps lead. Speaker 2 00:15:26 I'm probably going with Byron. I'll Speaker 3 00:15:28 Probably go with Byron too. And then that's leaving us with 6,500 bucks for the last three, like on average for the last three spots. This is where it gets interesting. So the pricing has been out since what Tuesday? Tuesday evening I think is when it dropped. Speaker 2 00:15:44 And the consensus was that it was pretty aggressive and everybody liked it. Speaker 3 00:15:48 It was aggressive and it was tight. And now qualifying has happened <laugh> and it got tighter. I didn't think it could, but it got like, there is very slim pickings below 7,000 this week. Speaker 2 00:16:00 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:16:01 For guys that I trust on a road course, like maybe it, I, and I'm not sure how many of 'em are cash game plays to be perfectly honest. Speaker 2 00:16:12 I hate Harvick not, not as a human being, but, uh, Speaker 3 00:16:16 Lovely human being. Speaker 2 00:16:18 But yeah, for Speaker 3 00:16:19 This week no go. Speaker 2 00:16:22 I, but I think if he just, and I said this before the podcast, I don't, I'm not playing him in tournaments, uh, because he is, he's not good on road courses. The car was terrible in practice. Correct. Uh, but if he just does what he did last week and just kind of moves out throughout the race, he wasn't great last week, but he gained 15 spots of PD just by hanging out and driving around uh, cars that were having issues. Uh, if he does that again, he's perfectly fine in cash games. So I, I'm finding in cash games, I don't like playing him in tournaments because I don't think there's much of a ceiling. Speaker 3 00:16:56 So I went and put two budget dudes in and now for the last spot I have 8,200 bucks, which does get us into the Harvick range. It also gets us Chastain Bowman, Speaker 2 00:17:09 I would go Bowman, Speaker 3 00:17:11 You would do Bowman over Harvick? Speaker 2 00:17:14 Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I thought we were having, we had both Harvick and Bowman. Um, I mean do Speaker 3 00:17:19 I have, so the two budget guys I put in there were Lejo and Austin Dillon. Speaker 2 00:17:23 Okay. Speaker 3 00:17:24 Which leaves one spot and I've got 8,200 bucks, which puts us in the Ross Chastain, Alex Bowman, Logano Harvick Blaney Briscoe Klowski. I guess Bubba Speaker 2 00:17:37 Bowman is a good way to probably assuming 50 to 60% of cash game lineups have Harv Bowman is probably my preferred pivot off him in that kind of contest. Because you finished fifth last week. We know he needs a win. Um, he's even running the Xfinity Series race in about 15 minutes. We're recording this at about quarter after three on Saturday. Um, so I don't hate Bowman just because I know that there is kind of a desperation play there and he knows he either needs a win, he needs a win. He, a strong finish isn't gonna do it for him. So I expect him to do anything he can to be gaining track position throughout the race. He's yeah. Speaker 3 00:18:19 Third at Coda for what it's worth. Speaker 2 00:18:21 What's that? Speaker 3 00:18:22 I said he finished third at Coda hung. Yeah, basically about where he started at Sonoma. Um, uh, Chicago. I'm not counting 'cause that was just a cluster across the board for a lot of dudes. Yeah. Um, so you would take, I also think that Bowman is an interesting pivot off of Chastain. Speaker 2 00:18:45 Is he though? Like, is is, is Chastain gonna get that much exposure? He's been terrible since Nashville. Speaker 3 00:18:55 Mean he finished second at Michigan in 17th last week. Speaker 2 00:19:03 Is that good Speaker 3 00:19:04 <laugh>? I mean, no, not really. He put up 34 last week on a road course. Um, but people seem to really, like Chastain for some reason finished up. Speaker 2 00:19:17 I don't really know what's happened to that team, but since he won Nashville they've just been, it's like, you know, they're seniors in high school and they're just coasting to the end of the year. Speaker 3 00:19:28 Yep. Senioritis, um, he finished fourth Dakota and I don't know, I'm with you. I'm kind of iffy on Chastain, but I'm just saying there, there is history there that would I think intrigue people for four extra spots of PD for 200 extra bucks. Sure. Speaker 2 00:19:46 I get it. Yeah, Speaker 3 00:19:46 I don't know. I mean, I'm with you on Harvick and cash. If he can just coast it and basically pick up 15 point or 15 spots in cash, you're fine in gps, I think there's no leverage in playing Kevin Harvick in, in in a g p to be honest. 'cause it, I mean if you're going to play Kevin Harvick, I'd rather take a shot that like Kozlowski could figure it out or Blaney could figure it out on a road course or heck, Eric Jones that last week was just <laugh> a weird week <laugh> and he's back to being a decent road court racer. Yeah. Like I, I'm with you on the, on the lack of leverage for Kevin Harvick, Speaker 2 00:20:37 You know, who I'm honestly kind of intrigued with this week and I think he's gonna be an interesting tournament play. And I don't, I, I completely had this guy off my radar on practice, but I'm really interested in Joey Logano because he is 7,800. Everybody that's priced around him starts behind him and Speaker 2 00:21:01 Like no one's gonna play him when they could go to Bowman or Harvick or even his teammate Ryan Blaney or Cindrich. Like he starts P 11 and he's 7,800, which is already too cheap for a driver of Anos caliber and started 20th in this race last year, finished third won stage two the year before he won stage one. Uh, but he started second in that race anyway. But he had a one 14 driver rating led 15 laps in this race a year ago. And that team will do something to put them in position in stage three to be running. Well now obviously if he has an issue, Rex, whatever the, it's whatever he's done, you Speaker 3 00:21:45 Just needed not to be playing bumper cards like he was last week at Indy when the race started. Speaker 2 00:21:50 Yeah. But he's Speaker 3 00:21:51 Sent into turn one and bounced off three people, including his teammate. Speaker 2 00:21:55 Yeah. But he gets 45 points with no dominator points. If he finished his top five, no one's gonna play 'em. Speaker 3 00:22:04 No, not I, I don't think so. Not after last week's debacle. Um, yeah, you Speaker 2 00:22:14 Make and I I would go ahead. Sorry. You, you Speaker 3 00:22:17 Make a reasonable point that for A G P P now by playing 'em in cash. No. Speaker 2 00:22:22 Yeah. Right. No, I agree. Speaker 3 00:22:24 <laugh> because there's a reasonable sends it into turn one and he's gonna finish 28. Yeah. Right. But if he holds his spot and moves up, let's say finishes seventh, there's enough points there. Speaker 2 00:22:40 Yeah. Uh, I mean I wanna, let's re I probably rewatch practice, but Speaker 3 00:22:45 Let's refresh what you look for in your drivers. You're not going for value this week because Correct. The number of laps and the, the race flow distorts how you can look at value on a road course. You personally like to see 40 points, 40 DK points from a driver. Speaker 2 00:23:02 Uh, I like getting 40 points minimum from each driver. Right. And obviously you need the winner and if they lead lapse and win the race, they're, they're probably getting between 15 and 60 points. Um, but I, I do like having, you know, at minimum Speaker 3 00:23:18 40 points, McDowell started fourth last week. One had 54 laps. We put up 62 points in a similar length race to what we have on Sunday, which is last week's was 82 laps. This week is 90. So yeah, I'm, I'm with you. You can, I mean that's a dominating performance. He led more than half the, he led like 60% of that race. Speaker 2 00:23:44 Yeah. With only two fastest slaps. It was insane. Speaker 3 00:23:47 Yeah. That's, that's surprising. That tells you the car, uh, it was more the track that was helping him than the car <laugh> that was helping. Right. Because I bet you Chase Elliot had a bunch of fastest slaps last week. Speaker 2 00:24:03 So, uh, go ahead. Speaker 3 00:24:05 I was gonna say he had, chase Elliot had eight last week. Eight fastest laps. So Speaker 2 00:24:11 Was that probably 10%? Well, almond Dinger had most of them because he had that issue early and then had an absolute rocket ship the rest of the race where he was running. Speaker 3 00:24:17 Yeah. 21 fastest. Speaker 2 00:24:19 Yeah. Um, all right, so now he Speaker 3 00:24:21 Had 21 fastest laps and only scored 25 points <laugh>. Yeah. Started and finished 26. Speaker 2 00:24:28 Uh, but we, we get down to the value tier and it does get a little bit murky. We don't, it's, it's a good, this is where tournaments are probably gonna be one and lost just nailing the right value plays that Yeah. Finish. Well, um, I think we're both on Austin Dillon not in cash games. Uh, the 6,300 starting P 16, he is kind of an unheralded and underrated road course driver. Started P 27 last week and finished 16th. Obviously, uh, doesn't have as much PD at his disposal this time around. Um, but I think he has a top 10, uh, I'm not gonna guarantee it, but there's top 10 equity here with Austin Dillon, I think. Speaker 3 00:25:11 Yeah. He's posted a 20, he's finished top 10 and 20% of the road courses in the Gen seven car. He also has a P 11 in that span. He's been running fast enough to, to nail a couple others before fading. Um, a little bit. He ran well here last year if memory serves. Um, so yeah, he is, he is got a shot. Another guy that intrigues me down in this part is Justin Haley. Hailey, Speaker 2 00:25:40 Go on. Speaker 3 00:25:42 He ran a sneaky fast practice. Speaker 2 00:25:47 Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, Speaker 3 00:25:49 Like I know that that's not a lot to go on, but sometimes you gotta do the eye test for that particular weekend and just say screw it. We're rolling with with like, there's not very many other options to be perfectly honest. And Justin Speaker 2 00:26:04 <crosstalk> Yeah. Speaker 3 00:26:04 Had a terrible weekend. But I think part of that was Lagano Lagano may have hit him <laugh>. That may have been one of the guys that Logano hit. Um, it was not a very good race weekend, uh, at Indy Road last week, he did have a very good Chicago road course, uh, a street course race. Um, he ran decently at Sonoma. So like Speaker 2 00:26:31 He does have, uh, some good results on road courses in the Xfinity series. He almost won the indie road course, I think the first one they ever ran in the Xfinity series. Uh, and hey, he was leading laps at Chicago as bizarre as that race was. But like, I'm, I'm just of the mindset where I can't shake this thought in my head that the team isn't sabotaging him, but they're doing more to help AJ Allman bigger than him at this point. Speaker 3 00:26:58 I mean, sure. But his practice speed was better than 20th. His lap averages put him like, Speaker 2 00:27:09 Yeah, yeah. I mean, I, I can't argue with you there. Speaker 3 00:27:12 I mean if we, I wanna see if NASCAR quit there. Uh, lap averages up this week 'cause they failed at an epic, uh, level last week and never put practice lap averages up. Um, so let's, here we go. It looks like they are in fact up. So yeah, almond Dinger had the fastest overall lap average for sure. But if you do, um, comparisons, Justin Haley's lamp averages weren't all that bad. I think he gets docked 'cause he had a couple of slow out laps. But if you look at um, Nick Gibbons flags ratings, Justin Haley is right there with Ryan Blaney speed, Alex Bowman, who we just talked about, a tick behind Chase Elliot. So I think there's some value here and a little bit of leverage on Justin Haley. I'm not, not fully behind it, I'm just saying we gotta get weird in this range. Right. Everybody we like is above eight K <laugh>. So you're gonna have to get weird and get a little uncomfortable in your lineup building this week. Um, Ryan Priest? No, just, I don't care that he's starting in the thirties. <laugh>? No, he's a short tracker, not a road course racer. Um, Mike Rockefeller went out and qualified 21st. That's a little high for me to be playing him, to be perfectly honest. I was hoping that's where he would finish, not Speaker 2 00:28:45 Yeah, that's, uh, that's unfortunate. Speaker 3 00:28:47 Yeah. Um, I don't know, you want to get really weird and pair like Eric Jones and Ricky Stenhouse together. Um, Speaker 2 00:28:58 Don't, Speaker 3 00:28:59 Last week Speaker 2 00:29:01 Jones had like a shifting issue issue or something very early, right? Yeah. Yeah. I think I'd be okay going back to him. Um, he, Speaker 3 00:29:11 I, I do do it like the logic was there to play him last week and he is in basement the Speaker 2 00:29:15 Same spot. Yeah. And it's there to play him again this week and you know, speed be damned. Like it just hasn't been there for that team, but he's moved up everywhere else. Like it's a road course and I don't associate Eric Jones with being a road ringer, but who knows, like he can move up and maybe steal a top 25, top 20 finish. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:29:32 I mean his, his, again, if we go back to Nick Geffen's flags, which thank you very much. Uh, Nick Giffen, if you guys aren't following rotor doc doc on Twitter, you should be. Uh, it's a great Palo Speaker 2 00:29:43 Very good betting, uh, advice from that guy. Well, yeah, Speaker 3 00:29:46 He's also got a PhD in math, so anytime you met with a formula, you should just trust it. Um, he puts Eric Jones' speed kind of in the middle of the pack, like top 20 basically. So, um, I'm fine with that. There's some PD there. Speaker 2 00:30:01 All right. Well Matt, thank you so much for your time this week. Best of luck to you in the FA Nation at Watkins Glen International. We'll be back next to preview the season finale at Daytona.

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