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June 03, 2023


Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR DFS Preview

Jun 03 2023 | 00:30:14


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Dan Malin and Matt Selz preview the DFS slates on DraftKings and FanDuel for the Enjoy Illinois 300 at World Wide Technology Raceway. Practice and Qualifying have set the field at Gateway for Sunday's race, see who we like for DFS contests.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers Start Your Engine Speaker 2 00:00:23 Is another edition of the Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS podcast. We are streamed through the Better Sports Network. I'm Dan Mallon and I'm joined as always by the F S W A three time NASCAR writer of the year. Matt, how you doing? Uh, we have Gateway this weekend. It's the second time that the Cup series is ever run here. Plenty of experience for a lot of these truck drivers, but, you know, what are we expecting? Uh, this weekend after a very eventful and wet weekend in Charlotte last week. Speaker 3 00:00:49 Yeah. Last weekend was a very long weekend, right? Like rain all over the place. Then the Xfinity Race got split into two parts with a whole other race run in between it, which I don't think I've ever seen before. Um, yeah, it was, it was interesting. In the end I thought it was a phenomenal race throughout the entire 600. There wasn't really any boring part to it. Um, and Blaney gets off the sni, so, you know, congrats to him. I think that's the third driver to end a 50 plus Winless streak this year. Um, so Steadhouse was at almost 200 races when he wanted Dayana, by the way, <laugh>, um, this weekend look saying, look, gateway is quickly becoming a favorite track of mine. It puts a lot of stuff in driver's hands. There was actually passing here last year despite what we wanted to believe. Um, and I don't think weather's gonna be an issue. So Speaker 2 00:01:49 My only concern, and I do have a few for the slate, which I'll pick your brain about how we should approach certain things like the, but the first thing I'm worried about is that they qualified at roughly like I think nine to 10:00 AM local time when the temp are Speaker 3 00:02:04 A little Yeah. Gonna track when they race. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:02:05 It's gonna be scorching hot tomorrow from a lot of the forecasts that I've seen. Speaker 3 00:02:09 And they're gonna be raising mid-afternoon, which is the hottest time of the day. Right. Uh, especially out here in the Midwest. So yeah, it's gonna change some things up. Um, look, we can't assume, like you have to take what we saw on the track today mm-hmm. <affirmative>, right? Um, but I am, it is a concern of mine that like what we saw on the track isn't going to necessarily match because cars are gonna be a little looser. The track is gonna race different, right? It's gonna have a little less grip, maybe tires wear a little more. So who, who knows on that front? Um, Speaker 2 00:02:47 Well, so let me ask you this. So in last year's race, the, the fastest cars in practice and qualifying pretty much translated to like the top 10, top 15 finishing order order for the race. Um, even Eric Jones was up there I think last year. Uh, are we expecting relatively like could, is, should we expect that to play out the same way as well? Because if you look at, you know, I have DraftKings pulled up. I did not get to see practice and qualifying. I've had issues with my cable provider all day. Uh, but I'm seeing a lot of these guys in the nine K range and, and even in the 10 K range, like naturally they, they're priced up for a reason and they did qualify pretty well, say for Christopher Bell and Kyle Larson. Should we expect a lot of the top 15 to go largely unchanged and kind of do we kind of just know who's gonna be fast here based on practice and qualifying? Speaker 3 00:03:38 I would say we would, we could see some shuffling. I think some guys who had some bad qualifying runs ran better in practice than qualifying is giving him credit for. Like, for example, Alex Bowman starting 18th, he was a top five car. The longer he stayed on the track, the car got faster. Um, Larson never seemed to have the right setup, so I'm a little intrigued as to what we're gonna do with him Speaker 2 00:04:06 Qualified outside the top 20. That was, that's very weird for him. Speaker 3 00:04:09 Yeah. He also went out for a run in practice and then didn't like the feel of his car and brought it back in. And by the time they got it back out on track, like half of practice had gone after he made adjustments. So Nice. It's one of those things where if you miss a lot on the setup, you're now gonna get a whole lot of track time. Uh, Kozlowski gets an extra right tire because there was a defect in one of his that basically blew off the car in seven laps. Uh, that was not a car issue, it was not a tire pressure issue, it was a defective tire. So I, I don't think we're gonna see very many of those just tossing that out there. Speaker 2 00:04:46 Um, all right, so Gateway is about a 1.2, 1.25 mile flat track. Uh, it's shaped similar to Darlington, but it's much flatter. It doesn't have the banking or the, the extremely high tire wear that Darlington has. But if I, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that NASCAR is running a different Arrow package in this year's race. Like they're running the intermediate package, I think they're in the short track package last year, right? Speaker 3 00:05:10 Correct. They're in the intermediate package this year, which is fantastic because all of the passing we've seen this year has happened in the intermediate package. Yeah, the short track package has been not good. Um, but they are bringing the same tire combination as we've seen 'em at Phoenix and Richmond and New Hampshire and here last year. Uh, to give you an idea of what NASCAR is comping this to, it's basically Richmond and Phoenix in New Hampshire. Uh, you can toss a little bit of Martinsville, not, not a ton. Um, you can kind of look a little bit at road courses cuz it's a rhythm setup here. So guys that can get in a rhythm and hit their breaking spots and, you know, keep doing the same line after line after line on the per lap can make up ground here. But again, the main comps are, uh, Phoenix, Richmond, and New Hampshire. Speaker 2 00:06:06 All right. Uh, what kinda based on how practice and qualifying shook out and because this is still a relatively new track for the Cup series, um, just running for the second year in the new next gen car, would, are you okay playing cash games or is this a GPP only slate for you? Speaker 3 00:06:22 I'm okay playing cash games. I think there's some PD spots available. There's a few chalkier plays based on pricing and who's in what cars and um, how they did in qualifying and whatnot. Um, so there is a little bit of chalk out there. You could see the guys starting up front just run away and hide a little bit at the beginning of the race. Um, but we'll see. Cuz again, the weather may change up how the track hits. So you might see some guys who start up front drift back and then come back to the pack once it starts to cool down a little bit or they make adjustments on the car. Um, but yeah, I'd be fine with, you know, I'm still doing mostly gpp, but I'm fine with getting some cash game builds, uh, put together. Speaker 2 00:07:11 I think I'm, I've had, I've gone back and forth on how I feel about this race. Um, mostly because the new package is a little bit concerning the, the fact that they're gonna be racing with a lot more heat than what they qualified on. I've personally had my issues getting a read on, on just how to approach it and you know, I'm normally a guy that likes to do four uh, or 20 mil lineups in the $4 chrome horn. I don't even know if I'm gonna do that. I might still do 20 lineups, but throw 'em in the happy hour since that's just a $1, uh, per entry contest. Uh, so for me, you seem a little more confident in your read on the race. Um, but one question I do have is that, you know, I know for a, a track like this where we're gonna get over 200 lap, what is this? 240 laps total weapon? Speaker 3 00:07:53 243 I believe is, is the, uh, lap count for 300. Okay. Speaker 2 00:08:00 So my que my next question is last year's race we saw six different drivers lead 20 laps. Uh, uh, do you think it's likely or possible that we see that again or should we see something along more of the norm of, you know, a one, a dominator, a one B dominator and maybe a couple other guys that, you know, collect dominator points along the way? Speaker 3 00:08:23 No, I think we'll see multiple guys lead, um, chunks of laps here. Uh, couple reasons. One we've already seen that happen multiple times in the intermediate package this year, right? Not to comp to Charlotte, cuz Charlotte had 400 laps, but it took forever to get somebody over a hundred laps lead in that race, right? We had a bunch of comers and covers, um, even at, at places like Phoenix and Richmond. Yeah, sure we had one guy over a hundred, but we had another, you know, three or four guys cracking the 2025 lap lead, um, barriers at, at those tracks. So I would say early on we might see one guy lead a good chunk of the first stage, but then after that and people get adjusted to the track and get all their adjustments in, we're really gonna see some, some, uh, racy situations in the second, third stage. So if you want early lap lead, the guys starting out front are probably your best bet. Whether they hold onto that throughout the whole lead or the whole race, I don't know. Um, I'm, I'm, look Kyle Bush ran the fastest qualifying lap out there, right? He was, they put it in the 32 sevens I think is what he, what he ran. It was pretty Speaker 2 00:09:44 Oh, for his qualifying lap. I thought it was like, I thought it was sub 30, maybe I'm Speaker 3 00:09:48 Wrong. 30. It was whatever the, it was in the sevens, whatever everybody else was, he was like a 10th of a second faster. Yeah. Um, but so he, he may run out and hide a little bit at the first stage, but I would suspect that the field will come back to him. I don't think he's gonna go and lead 150 something plus laps tomorrow. Would Speaker 2 00:10:12 You be okay playing him in cash games just because we can assume he's gonna get those early dominator points? Speaker 3 00:10:17 I would say so. I mean, look, the eight car was was pretty reasonably quick here last year as well. Obviously different driver. Kyle Bush is more skilled than Tyler Reddick at this point. So, um, if you're putting, Speaker 2 00:10:33 Not to mention Bush last year, granted he was with Jgr but he led 66 laps, had 46 sis laps and finished second, Speaker 3 00:10:39 Right? So it's not like he had a schlubby day. He was like battling it out with Logano in that whole third stage last year for some excellent racing. Um, so yeah, I would assume that Kyle Bush would be playable in cash. I don't think. Look, he's under 10 grand on dk. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:11:01 So Speaker 3 00:11:02 Getting a pulse hitter on a relatively short track under 10 grand is basically a gift. Speaker 2 00:11:09 Now let's talk about, uh, team Penske real quick. Um, pretty much in this package, uh, all year long they were brutal and the weather conditions did help them last week. Uh, Austin Cindrich before, I think I'm pretty sure he got caught in a wreck at Charlotte before he wrecked. He was having a really good run. He was top 15, uh, but mostly a top 20 car. Uh, Joey Logano was up in the top five at times, but then he kind of drifted back. But ultimately it was the Ryan Blaney show at Charlotte and all three of those drivers, uh, Blaney qualified P two Logano was P six. Cindrich I believe is P 10. Uh, yes, he's an he qualified P 10. Do we expect them, I guess, to carry over the success from last week or do we see them kind of come back down to reality, uh, and maybe be some drivers that could just blow up if we decide to maybe take advantage of what they showed last week? Speaker 3 00:12:03 Well, so that's, that's the interesting part about this track, right? It's the intermediate package, which we've known that the Fords have struggled in the intermediate package due to Arrow and whatever this year at the bigger tracks. But this is a kind of track where the arrow doesn't necessarily matter quite as much because it races more like a short track. It's flat, it's one at a quarter mile. So it's, you know, shorter than Darlington. It's a little longer than New Hampshire. It's a little longer than Phoenix. And we saw what the Fords did in Phoenix, right? Let's not forget that Logano won this race last year. Um, so I, I think they're in a good, I think they're in a good spot because they're at a track where it's a package that bits their driver's driving styles, but they're not, uh, handicapped by the arrow that's on that package. If that makes, if that makes sense. So, no Speaker 2 00:13:03 It does. Um, Speaker 3 00:13:04 I think they've got a boost from, you know, doing so well at Charlotte and Logano certainly has confidence cuz he won this race here last year. Speaker 2 00:13:14 Yeah, he's always been kind of the king of that guy that can go out and wait on a track for the very first time. Uh, one team that pretty much everybody expects to be fast and be really good. Uh, here this week is, is gonna be Joe Gibbs racing. They have really kind of closed the gap and if anything surpassed uh, Hendrick Motorsports in general as a team in terms of just, you know, showing up, having speed every week, qualifying well, running well and, and and finishing well as well. Um, and Denny Hamlin and Martin Sch Jr are both over $10,000 on DraftKings. They are starting, uh, P three and P five respectively. Christopher Bell is actually the most expensive driver of the threes ten seven on DraftKings, but he's starting P 17 and way down the list at 7,800. He's discounted this week. We do have Ty Gs starting P 15. I'm just kind of expecting all these cars to be fast this week and, and I was actually overweight on Ty Gibbs last week. I was really bummed out that he didn't finish, uh, didn't like finish with the speed that he had. Uh, cause I know he was caught in a wreck. I mean, I thought that was like easily a top 10 car, potentially top five. Um, plenty of faith in Joe Gibbs racing this week, assuming that, that all of them should show up. Speaker 3 00:14:22 Yeah, uh, look, Denny had the best long run car, uh, in practice. Um, he's also got the mojo of thriving off the hate from Chase Elliot fans. Um, <laugh>, he seems to thrive off of, uh, when people really dislike him. Uh, thanks by the way for, uh, ruining his own bracket, uh, by calling for Cheese Elliot to be out for one of the key races in his bracket. Um, but yeah, I mean Ty Gibbs has just been Mr. Consistent over the last several races here. He's just kept his head down, not gotten involved in any of the shenanigans we saw in the Xfinity series from him last year. Um, Christopher Bell has, I mean, there's not a bad word you could say about that guy other than he hasn't won more than he than Speaker 2 00:15:14 He probably Speaker 3 00:15:14 Should, right. Um, and Truex is always in play at the shorter flatter tracks like the, they should be good. Toyotas as a whole should be good here. This is a track that fits what they typically do. Well that goes for 2311 as well. We've seen Bubba, if you include the All-Star race, he's got four straight top fives, uh, going Reddick is starting to put a di like I, I don't know what to make of Reddick at this point. Basically like he did well in the Cup 600. Right. Uh, Speaker 2 00:15:50 Him and Bubba both finished up five, Speaker 3 00:15:52 But he seems to be like, I can't tell if he's putting it together or this is just another flash of him putting it together before it comes back down to Earth a little bit again. I, I dunno, he's been tricky this year. Speaker 2 00:16:05 I mean if he's not gonna put it together this week, we can probably assume he'll put it together next week since he has kind of become the road course king in the Cup series. Speaker 3 00:16:12 I mean Yeah, right. Like the <laugh> Sonoma's right up his alley. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:16:19 Um, alright, so in this low 10 K range, upper nine K range, I know we've talked about some of these guys already. Martin Cherry Jr. Ryan Blaine, Kyle Bush specifically. Uh, but below them we do have Ross Chastain 9,600. I would like to talk about him just because ever since he was called out by basically Rick Hendrick for driving too aggressively, he's, Speaker 3 00:16:38 He sucked Speaker 2 00:16:39 <laugh>. Yeah, he hasn't been very good. He was awful at North Wilkesboro. Yeah, I mean Granny he finished 11th but uh, I thought he would be better and then last week, uh, started 14th. I was very heavy on him, uh, in my crow more lineups and he never Speaker 3 00:16:53 Really like, was Speaker 2 00:16:54 He not a single dominator? Yeah, it was like he was always running just outside the top 20. He didn't have a single dominator point. Yeah. And for 10,100 that was an incredibly disappointing performance. Um, but we do have like, you know, Blaney Bush, Chastain, Logano, Reddick Harvick, aside from Blaney and Bush we've talked about, you know, so we're talking Chastain Logano, Reddick Harvick. Who do you expect to I guess, be the dark horse contender to maybe dominate and or at least get some Lapide Speaker 3 00:17:24 Harvick? Speaker 2 00:17:25 Yeah, Speaker 3 00:17:26 Yeah. I really, I don't know why people are still down on Harvick. Like everything that touches the Ford camp or s h r never affects Kevin Harvick. Like he just keeps showing up and he's been sneaky fast for a while now. He may not have all of the uh, results that would lead you to believe that, but if you actually watched it or you look at green flag speed or whatever, they're pretty quick. He's pretty quick. Again, he ran decently well here last year before he had, uh, an issue late in the race and was actually credited with like a 34th place finish or something. But he was running better than that before he wrecked out. I think there was a tire issue. Um, so yeah, I, I think Kevin Harvick is the dark horse. I mean people are gonna look at Reddick go, well he ran Royal last year here, the 45 car that he's in finished third year, last year. Uh, Chastain was great until he got double teamed by Hamlin and Chase Elliot all over the place in the second half of the race here last year. <laugh>, this Speaker 2 00:18:35 Is when Speaker 3 00:18:36 Hamlin chased him all the way down to the, to the infield grass and then slowed him way down and turned one, um, Logano won. So it's not like we, like, I don't think he really counts as the Dark Horse <laugh> at this point. So I'm gonna go with Harvick. I I just think the guy, look he's got seven top tens this year, which puts him in the top, you know, few people with that. And again, it's under the radar like does anybody realize that the guys finished top 10 that many times Speaker 2 00:19:08 Right? Uh, below them in this mid eight K range. And as we descend into the value range, uh, we are starting to find, uh, some PD options, place differential. Uh, Alex Bowman is 8,600, still seems a little too cheap just given, you know, what we saw. And, and you know, Blake Harris has just been a phenomenal addition to that team and organization. Bubba Wallace on the backs of four straight top five finishes is only 8,400 starting P 20. You got Brad Klowski and Chris Buscher in this range as well. And R F K is finding speed as I already mentioned. My uh, love for Ty Gibbs this week. Uh, but then we get Corey Laroy who is 7,400, uh, starting P 30 and he is in in the nine car for Chase Elliot this week. And, and this is something that I was very excited to hear about just for him personally, cuz I know he's wanted an opportunity in great equipment and, and I'm sure this is only gonna be like a, a one race deal, but it is an opportunity for him to drive really solid equipment. Speaker 2 00:20:03 I wish it came on a track that he probably had more familiarity with. Uh, but at the end of the day, you know, this is the best equipment he's ever had, 7,400 and he's starting P 30. You, you and I discussed before the podcast started, he really only needs to finish 18th uh, to hit that five x value on DraftKings. But you know, what are you doing in this range this week? You know, who might be your favorite play and what are you doing specifically with Corey Laroy? Because I've already said, you know, if he's gonna be chalk at this price and starting where he is in that car, I'd rather just be underweight and hope that, you know, he doesn't reach that ceiling. Speaker 3 00:20:34 Yeah. Uh, my favorite play in this range is Alex Bowman. I, I love me some Bowman this week, uh, in the Grover's Grill short that's coming out with me and Ed Rouse, uh, I took Alex Bowman top 10, uh, finished prop in that one. It was going off in even money at Be mgm, which you know, anytime <laugh>, anytime you're getting positive odds is a good thing. <laugh> uh, he's finished like ninth, eighth and 11th at the, at the uh, you know, shorter tracks this year. He look I had concerns about his back heading into last week. Right. No concerns now that he and his car held up very, very well over the entire 600 miles. It was a strong showing from him. Um, Speaker 2 00:21:23 Plus this one's only 300 miles, it's literally half the distance of last Speaker 3 00:21:26 Week. Exactly. And he ran well here last year. Um, so yeah, I don't really understand why he is 8,600. Not to mention he may be the least owned Hendrick driver this week. Speaker 2 00:21:42 Yeah, you're probably right. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:21:45 Byron and and Larson get owned more because they're Byron and Larson. Right, right. Because you got Larson starting 20th. So now he is got PD and if he makes it to the front he could always lead lap. Uh, Byron is starting seventh, which is where Logano started last year when he won the thing. And he's been really good at these shorter flat earth tracks. Right. Even though he wasn't that great here last year, he did get faster at practice when he realized he was running a different line than everybody else. Right. And LA Joy, I think everybody's taking La Joy cuz he doesn't cost you basically anything. You're getting the nine car for essentially free and all he is gotta do is move up and finish basically at his average finish for this year, which is 19.1 and he hits value. Yeah. So I think Bowman might be the least owned Hendrick driver on the slate this week, which is weird to say. Um, Buscher, I really quite like, I still don't get why Briscoe's like all the odds love Briscoe this week and I can't figure it out. Now he's priced above a guy who's got, who's been running better than him all year. Um, Speaker 2 00:22:54 And his crew chief is suspended Speaker 3 00:22:56 And his crew chief is suspended. He, like, as PJ Walsh said, it's gonna take him five years at this pace to make up the hundred and 20 Speaker 2 00:23:03 <laugh>. Yeah. He's not, that's that's absolutely wild. Speaker 3 00:23:07 Um, yeah, Mike Joyce said basically if he wins this year and finishes, you know, and qualifies for the playoffs, he would then have to win every single round to advance cuz he doesn't have the playoff points to make up for it. Yeah, he's Speaker 2 00:23:21 Not doing that. Um, Speaker 3 00:23:23 And by the way, even when they were cheating they were still only beating BJ McLeod by three spots. Speaker 2 00:23:28 <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:23:30 So like I don't understand why Bubba is longer odds for a top five and to win then Briscoe is in the books. I, I don't know. So I am not playing Briscoe. Sorry if it's bites me, it bites me. I I have zero, I had zero faith in him before and now I have even less how Speaker 2 00:23:48 Many times has not playing Chase Briscoe really bit you in DFS though? <laugh> maybe Phoenix last year, Speaker 3 00:23:53 I mean maybe Phoenix last year. That's about, that's about it. It's like the Cole Custer Kentucky race. Right, right. Like that <laugh>, that was the only time. Um, I don't know what to do with Lejo. I think he's gonna be really highly owned in cash. He might be suckered into having to play him. Speaker 2 00:24:10 Oh I think in cash games, yeah you can easily lock him in. Like that's just gonna be an ownership play because he'll probably be like Speaker 3 00:24:15 Right. Because if he doesn't do anything Speaker 2 00:24:17 Then he is hurting everybody in the field and who cares Speaker 3 00:24:19 Then he is hurting everybody in the field so you don't lose anything and if he does go off and you don't have 'em, you can't make it up. Speaker 2 00:24:24 Sure. Speaker 3 00:24:25 So that's the downside there. My gut is telling me not to play Amarillo, but my head is telling me he ran well here, this is his style of track and s HR has to flip the new cycle to have a good day. Yeah. I, Speaker 2 00:24:44 I forget, I forget who it was though, but uh, I think it was Greg Matherne on Twitter, he retweeted somebody who had a chart of the practice speeds and and all that stuff. Yes. And highlighted in blue was pretty much every driver that had the better track conditions. Right. And then the drivers that were not highlighted, Eric Alola was actually the best of the drivers that had the worst track conditions and he was actually like top 10. Speaker 3 00:25:09 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:25:09 Yeah. He was top 10 in like 5, 10, 15 lap metrics. And so, and he is good on flat tracks historically. He ran Speaker 3 00:25:16 Here last year. Speaker 2 00:25:18 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:25:20 So I, I don't know. Um, priests I kinda like to be honest. Speaker 2 00:25:28 Yeah, I mean you're, especially in comparison to Elmer, like you're getting more PD in your, in your in general just getting the discount. Um, I am kind of curious Speaker 3 00:25:36 Or too straight if you actually count races, he has two straight top fifteens and three top seventeens in the last four races. Priest does Speaker 2 00:25:47 Not bad. Um, it is worth mentioning that Todd Gilland at 5,600 uh, sorry if I'm appearing. It sounded like I'm rushing. It's just a, we only have a few minutes left but Gilland is back in the 38 car, 5,600 starting P 28. I just assume he's gonna be the popular value option uh, for tournaments and cash games. Speaker 3 00:26:07 Probably. Probably. I mean you could toss Justin Haley in there. You could toss Michael McDowell in there. Um, Speaker 2 00:26:16 I'm so hesitant to play McDowell though because he just hasn't been as good. It's been a pretty rough stretch for McDowell. Speaker 3 00:26:21 He ran well in practice though. I do have to give him that. Um, but it has been, it has been a rough stretch for him. Um, Speaker 2 00:26:30 Um, what are you doing with Carson Hoover who is in the seven car for Corey Laroy this week? Speaker 3 00:26:36 I'm not playing him. Speaker 2 00:26:37 No. He's got more, more experience on this track than everybody in the field. Speaker 3 00:26:41 Yeah. But he's raising a cup car for the first time <laugh> and he just like, I saw his practice interview and he looked like a kid that was just happy to be there. Speaker 2 00:26:50 <laugh>. Uh, yeah, that's six four. Uh, happy child. But my, my thing is is like I'm always con like not sure what to do when we get, you know, first timers in the next gen car because you know, Zane Smith I think had the same deal here last year and uh, if I recall I think he was top 15. I don't think he was top 10 though. Speaker 3 00:27:10 Yeah, that's true. But Ben Rhodes on the other hand wrecked AJ Oman DER's car in practice and was never allowed in the garage again. <laugh>. So Norman Dinger took that car from 35th to 10th without having practiced it or ever been at the track. Um, I don't know. I mean I guess out of the group that's like Gilly and Jose are certainly the, the top two guys that are peeling under the 57 price tag. But like now we're talking dumpster diving cuz obviously McCloud, Speaker 2 00:27:45 Oh I could throw JJ Ailey, Speaker 3 00:27:50 He did have a good race last week, I gotta give you that. He Speaker 2 00:27:53 Hasn't been all that bad. Uh, I think it was Kansas, he even finished 23rd and he started 35th and like that was 31 fantasy points and like he's still under five k $5,000 and Speaker 3 00:28:05 I mean he picked up, Speaker 2 00:28:06 You know, short Speaker 3 00:28:07 Code 600 last week. Speaker 2 00:28:09 Yeah. And you always have to count like when we preview or predict or try to analyze the code 600, is that like, you know, you can just be in abs in the worst equipment and you're like, there will be good cars that wreck out and you just have to survive and finish. You can finish multiple laps down and still be optimal. Um, but do you have any final thoughts before we wrap it up? We've got a couple minutes left. Speaker 3 00:28:30 Um, no, I mean I'm excited about this race. I do think that it's gonna race differently this year than it did last year. So I wouldn't take last year's race too terribly heavily. Like I know we said Logano won it and you know these guys finished there, which is true but like am I playing, am I locking in Logano cuz he won last year? No, he's still tough to read. Still had Soso year this year on the short tracks. Yes, it's a different package but um, you know, when it, when I do the playbook I will reference the similar tracks and their histories there, which is New Hampshire, Phoenix and Richmond. Um, you know, Cody's and I on the NASCAR gambling podcast talked about this earlier in the week. You can go listen to that too. Um, so yeah, that, I mean I would, I would build for a couple different, either one guy's gonna lead a bunch of apps or they're gonna split 'em. Either you're gonna have a bunch of, Speaker 2 00:29:29 I would probably lean on the side that it would just be split cuz we just have like, we just still haven't seen And granted, even though Ryan Blaney was the most dominant car and if there were half as many cautions as there were last week, he probably leads a lot more laps. Um Right. The issue is that Willie Byron was winning the race off pit road and he was just getting cheap lap ledges under caution. Um, but that could have been an even more dominant performance from Blaney. Speaker 3 00:29:52 Correct. Speaker 2 00:29:53 Um, all right, well Matt, thank you so much for your time. Uh, best of luck to you this week. We will be on the lookout for the NASCAR DFS playbook on fantasy alarm.com. So best of luck to you and best of luck to the FA Nation. Speaker 3 00:30:05 Best of luck FA Nation.

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