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July 15, 2023


Crayon 301 NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
Crayon 301 NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
Crayon 301 NASCAR DFS Preview

Jul 15 2023 | 00:30:25


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Dan Malin and Matt Selz analyze the driver field for NASCAR DFS in the Crayon 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and give you their strategies for building lineups for Cash and GPP contests on DraftKings and FanDuel.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers Start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:23 What's going on? FFA Nation, welcome back. This is the Fantasy Alarm, NASCAR DFS Podcast Stream 3d, better Sports Network. I'm Dan Male and I'm joined by the F S W A three time NASCAR writer of the year. Matt Sells. Matt, how you doing? We are heading to New England for New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend. Speaker 3 00:00:41 I am good. I am very full of, uh, lobster roll at the moment. If you saw the Speaker 2 00:00:46 Appropriate, Speaker 3 00:00:48 Uh, that uh, ed Rouse and I did, I did a lobster roll cuz you know, trophy's a lobster so I may as well make food out of it. Right. Um, so I'm doing good. I'm pretty excited about New Hampshire. It's one of my sneaky favorite tracks just because it's so different than a lot of other tracks that they race. Um, I used to like it when I was on there twice a year. But Speaker 2 00:01:16 It's not a big ratings getter though. Speaker 3 00:01:19 No, not, not really. It is still one of Martin True ACT's eight home tracks though, according Speaker 2 00:01:24 <laugh>. Um, it's interesting that you say that it's an interesting track because, uh, all I can remember, aside from Ryan Seg and Kaslow Wrecking and Xfinity practice yesterday, all I can remember is the broadcast team debating. Is this a short track or is this an intermediate track? What is your opinion? Speaker 3 00:01:43 So they have these debates over the tracks that are like one mile, right? Like Dover is it, you know, I feel like Dover races like an intermediate because it's so banked, right? Yeah. And then you've got Phoenix, which is a one mile that they debate this about. I feel like this is a short track because it's basically the same shape as Martinsville. It's even flatter than Martinsville to be honest, cuz Martinsville, at least in the outside of the corner, gets up to like 12 degrees, right? New Hampshire gets to seven. Okay, that's <laugh>. It's like ridiculously flat. So I would say that this race is like a short track. Um, it's got pretty long straits, pretty tight corners, you know, kinda like, uh, you could toss Gateway in there. Um, but I feel like it also runs pretty well, like, uh, Phoenix and Richmond and Martinsville. Speaker 2 00:02:36 Now we are gonna dive deep into New Hampshire and the way practice and qualifying shook out. I actually think this is, this is one of the better weekends for NASCAR dfs and we're coming off I guess three straight weeks of where we kind of weren't sure how much we wanted to play Definitely last weekend with Atlanta, just cuz of the nature of how that track runs. Yep. Uh, we didn't know, know what to expect with Chicago and, and Nashville is still kind of a newer track on the circuit, but we, we, we have plenty of track data to pull with New Hampshire, but I guess like, I don't know, I, is this a week where you're comfortable where we can say you can, you can play cash, you can enter multiple 20 max tournaments for, for our fantasy NASCAR DFS players. Like it's a week where I'm if, if I'm going to play heavy in the month of July, it'd probably be this week just because it's so much fun to try and target, you know, the position differential guy guys, uh, building around two dominators and there are plenty of, you know, there, there are some popular dominator options starting on the front row. Speaker 2 00:03:41 Uh, is this a good week to maybe, you know, throw a little extra bankroll at this race and, and have at it? Speaker 3 00:03:46 Yeah, I would say so. The only concern I have is the weather. We do have rain, uh, in the forecast. Quite a lot of it actually. Um, the forecast I saw as of <inaudible> said 95% chance of rain tomorrow, which is usually not great when the weather guys are going. Yeah, we're pretty certain it's gonna rain. Um, they do have the wet weather package on the cars, but again, if it's a monsoon you can't really drive through that. The, it's more meant for starting in damp conditions, so it takes less time to actually dry the track and you'll let the cars on track and then eventually the track dries. Right? Kind of like what we saw in Chicago where they started on wet tires and then it was good to go. Um, I would say generally, yes, I feel better about cash this week. There are less wildcard here. Um, they're also, despite what the Xfinity Series race is trying to do right now, uh, there's usually less cautions <laugh> at New Hampshire than, than several other tracks. So, um, Speaker 2 00:04:50 I was actually gonna ask you about that. Yeah. Because in my, in my just general theory, I've always thought that when they run on flatter tracks, because there's less area to maneuver around or especially even Martinsville. Uh, but, but with flatter tracks, I've always thought like if a car gets in the wall or if a car spins, they're quicker to throw the caution flag just because it's, it's a safety issue and you don't wanna damage too many cars if there's a car that's just stalled on tracked. Speaker 3 00:05:17 Yeah, I mean in that, in terms of that, yes. But, um, one advantage that New Hampshire has is it is wider than Martinsville, right? It is. If you look in the corner, it's like four lanes wide, right? Yes. Now do they wanna race on all four lanes? No, no <laugh> but it's at least two lanes racing wide. Um, you can make moves. We have seen bump and runs happen here. Um, we have seen Kyle Bush wreck twice in practice this practice and qualifying already this weekend. So there are chances, but if guys kiss the wall here, it's not um, as big of an issue as we typically see on a tighter, more confined surface. Um, so there is that, but um, I'm, if I had to put money down, I would bet that they would race on Monday and not Sunday. Don't know yet. But it's supposed to be not just rain, it's supposed to be like thunderstorms. Speaker 2 00:06:18 Well, because there was also like flooding concerns in the state of Vermont. Yes. And in other parts of New Hampshire. So obviously we hope everyone is doing fine on that front. Um, but with that said, do you just want to dig into practice cuz practice was actually surprisingly eventful. Speaker 3 00:06:35 Yeah, there was a lot of, um, interesting takeaways from practice. Um, Speaker 2 00:06:42 I think the big question I have is that they had two different practice sessions. Uh, there was, there was obviously the first group, the second group, Christopher Bell was fastest in the second group, but compared to the first group, he was 10th fastest with nine drivers from the fa from the first group that were faster than him. Yeah, he did go out, he Speaker 3 00:07:03 Three tenths of a second slower on his best lap than the best lap in group A. Speaker 2 00:07:09 So is this gonna be one of those situations where we kind of disregard practice data simply because Christopher Bell went out during qualifying and he landed, put down the fastest time he's on the pole. He's, he's an easy favorite. Like if you look back at his Xfinity history and his truck history year, he's just dominated at New Hampshire. This is one of his favorite tracks and it's a track, it's a short flat track. It's set up for Joe Gibbs racing to dominate. And sure enough they have Christopher Bell, Christopher Bell on the pole, Martin Tricks Jr. Right next to him and Ty Gibbs is starting P 36 and you only imagine that he can somehow work his way up into the field, at least finish top 20, maybe even a top 15 or top 12. Speaker 3 00:07:47 Yeah, I'm gonna pretty well disregard the fastest single lap speeds because it's quite clear that group A, um, got the better run. Whether it was because the track was hotter for group B or there was it had been rubber up a little bit or whatever the case may be. Group A clearly got the advantage and, but then when you come, when you see qualifying compared to practice times, qualifying times for group B were a lot closer to their practice times than for group A. Right? Like Christopher Bell landed on the pole with what a, uh, what the heck was this time? It was like a 0.5. It was like a 30.5 was his qualifying time. Right. That's a 10th of a second off of what he ran in practice. Meanwhile, Truex who was one of the fa I think second fastest in group A ran like a 30.12 or 30.2 in practice and then ran a 30.5 in qualifying. Speaker 3 00:08:52 So group a's times backed way up group B's times were basically the same in qualifying. So I'm looking at lap averages this week. Um, you know, as we typically do on shorter tracks, the longer the guy was on the track, the better. Yeah. Um, that being said, you know, much past 10 laps is unfortunately not gonna be super helpful cuz there was only like what, eight eight guys who ran 15 lap averages. Um, whereas more than half the field ran 10 lap averages. So, you know, we, we'll be focusing on that. But it was interesting to see Michael McDowell running really, really well though too Speaker 2 00:09:39 Now he was pretty fast in practice, but qualified P 17, he's only 5,900. Uh, we were playing around kind of loosely building lineups before we started recording, but we didn't really touch on Michael McDowell and it seems a little odd to lead off just talking about Michael McDowell. Um, this didn't necessarily strike me as a track that Fords would be good at, but at the same time, three of the top five are Fords with Eric Amro is starting third, uh, and then teammate Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney starting fourth and fifth. Uh, is this a race where Michael McDowell at his price tag might be able to contend for a top 10 Speaker 3 00:10:14 Maybe, but that would be surprising given the fact that over the last eight races in New Hampshire he's got two top twenties. Like he, in the practice interview he had, he admitted this is not one of his best tracks. Right. I think the data bears that out pretty easily that this is not one of his better tracks. Um, I, I would take a shot on him. Look, the speed in practice is what it is. It was consistent. Uh, he had the best overall single lap time in practice for whatever that's worth. Um, and he was right there in lap averages. So I would take a shot and just be wary of the fact that the track history basically suggests that he is <laugh> that it's, Speaker 2 00:11:04 It's not gonna go well for Speaker 3 00:11:05 Him. It's not gonna go well for him. And also by the way, the last eight similar races, if we look at um, like Richmond, Phoenix, Martinsville and New Hampshire over the last eight races at those, his average start is 17.8, right? So he is right mm-hmm. <affirmative> right where he is starting, his average finish is 21 6. He does have a top 10, he does have a couple of top fifteens. Um, you know, we, we'll see, we'll see. I think he's a good G P p uh, option Speaker 2 00:11:36 This week. Uh, scrolling back to the top of the driver pool, we, we did mention that Christopher Bell and Martin Tris Jr are starting on the front row. Obviously it's totally fine to play both in tournament lineups. Um, I'm probably gonna do between 20 and 40 lineups and I'd say that I would play both and probably 15% of my lineups. Um, and that's just assuming that they can both go out there and col and either one of them wins it, but both collect laps, lead and dominated points with 301 laps. We're looking at potentially 200 dominator points in this race. Um, are you okay playing both in cash games? Speaker 3 00:12:19 Don't think so. Speaker 2 00:12:21 No. Speaker 3 00:12:23 Like passing is possible here, right? Like we've seen, we've seen it happen, um, where it's not necessarily the pul sitter that goes out and wins mm-hmm. <affirmative> and it's not necessarily the guy who starts second that goes out and wins. Um, you know, the, the short track package has been tougher to pass for sure. Um, but you know, if we look back at the track history here, for example, the last time the pul sitter one was Kyle Bush in 2017, in the second race of 2017. Prior to that like last year Bell started fifth the year before Eric Amar 80 to one underdog that I called one uh, starting 22nd. Granted there was strategy involved but that's part of the race, right? Speaker 2 00:13:19 Not to mention that was also a race where Kyle Bush and Martin Church Jr were both complaining about rain on the track. Yes. Within the first 15 laps and they both wrecked and correct one of them wrecked out of the race. The other was just not competitive the rest of the day and they were two of the favorites heading into that race. Speaker 3 00:13:36 Correct. It's like weird things can happen but yeah. Um, cuz last you won it prior starting fourth. Kevin Harvick swept in 28 or 2019 and 2020, uh, he went back to back starting 14th both ti both times. Um, but prior to Kyle Busch winning from the pole in 2017, the last time that a guy starting on the front row won this race, Casey Kane in 2012, Speaker 2 00:14:04 Jesus. Speaker 3 00:14:05 And then it was Newman on the pole in 2011 and then Clint Boyer from second in 2010. So despite people's beliefs, it's not really a track where the pole sitter or the outside pole dominates. Now can they dominate and not wait? For sure. Do we have two dudes that came in as co favorites that everybody was talking about all week <laugh> on the front row? Yes. Yes we do. Doesn't mean that they're coming out as uh, the victors. It could mean that they lead like 200 laps combined and then they fall a few spots back. But I think that's too risky to play in cash. Speaker 2 00:14:47 Uh, just, I don't know know I could spend all day just talking about Bell and Truex and just the strategy and building around of them, but we only have 30 minutes. So, uh, both, I mean you Speaker 3 00:14:57 Gotta get, if you're gonna put both of them in there, you gotta get a little creative and play at least one guy you're not exactly comfortable with. Okay. Just with how the starting lineup sh uh, shakes out along with. Speaker 2 00:15:10 Okay, so let's play with that at least because like if you do plug them both in on DraftKings you're looking at $27,800 for the last four drivers. That's 6,950 per driver. Speaker 3 00:15:20 Correct? Speaker 2 00:15:21 Uh, we were talking before the podcast about how you can eat the chocolate with Ty Gibbs because he's 7,600 but then that takes you down to 20,200. And so a lot of tournament lineups are going to be, are gonna, might end up being three v3 which is like, you know, a lot of tournament plays might start with like be TRX Gibbs and then you're trying to figure out how to get different elsewhere and, and I said like I'm comfortable playing Almond Dinger starting 14th at 6,700 cuz I don't think a lot of people are gonna wanna play Almond Digger starting 14th. I think he's a reliable driver with plenty of experience here and the colic equipment isn't bad even though those guys don't consistently have good finishes. But who are some of these guys that might have upside that you may not feel comfortable playing? Speaker 3 00:16:04 Um, I think Ryan pre has some upside that that, you know, 7,100 bucks. A lot of people probably overlook him cuz it hasn't been the best year, uh, at S H R. But he's very good at short tracks. If we look back it's home Speaker 2 00:16:20 Track form. Speaker 3 00:16:21 What's Speaker 2 00:16:22 His home track essentially? Speaker 3 00:16:23 Yeah, basically there's two, I don't know what you call people from Connecticut, so I'm just gonna call <laugh>. There are two drivers from Speaker 2 00:16:30 From Connecticut. They're, they're technically Connecticut cutters. Speaker 3 00:16:33 Okay. Yeah. Learned something new every day. But yeah, Logano and priests are the two from Connecticut in the field. Um, priests started 29th at Gateway, which everybody complained was hard to pass. And he finished 17th um, Martinsville, he led 135 laps. He did start on the pole I think some strategy bit him there, but he did lead 135 laps. Um, Richmond, he moved up 15 spots, right? Uh, Phoenix, he moved up another 13 spots. So I think there's upside there. I think people are gonna disregard him cuz he is starting 21st. Um, but guys in the, you know, the bottom, we already talked about Michael McDowell but you're gonna have to get Harry with guys like do we believe Cole Custer's car lasts 300 laps Speaker 2 00:17:22 <laugh>? Speaker 3 00:17:23 Are we back on the Todd Gilliland train? Like does Todd Dillon do anything more than get laps seven times? Like you know, Ryan Newman's not in the question for me. Like that car was so slow. The only reason he is not starting in the back is cuz he got bailed out by like three other people having issues. Um, so you know, if you go for example Bell Truex Gibbs and then you go Lejo, who by the way NBC said is the only driver this year to finish every race and be running at the end of every race. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, it's the only one in the entire field that's pulled this off. <laugh>. Okay, I'll take a shot. Why not? And then you go priest, you have 7,700 bucks left. Then things get interesting cuz you could go with a guy like Buscher cuz if we believe in Klowski, why not believe inchers? Right? And then you got 400 bucks left and I have, and I've basically lived in the mid-tier. So it gets very interesting if you put both Bell and Truex, uh, in your lineup. Speaker 2 00:18:31 All right. I'm actually kind of happy that we did that segment cause I feel like a lot of people we would get a lot of questions about building around Bell and trx. Now you don't do that for every single one of your lineups. Correct? Um, but you still want to take, you probably want to take a multi dominated approach with at least two guys. Uh, cuz in this next gen car we just haven't seen, I can't recall one race over the last two years where one guy has specifically dominated it. Um, so I do think you want to take a two dominator approach, but if we're looking away from Bell and Truex, who are some other drivers that we could consider? I'm thinking off the top of my head, I know Blaney and Logano qualified well, but at the same time I just find it so hard to believe that this is a track that a Ford can go out and dominate. And so almost by default, if I'm looking for a a tertiary dominator, it's probably William Byron starting pc probably that just 9,900, right? Speaker 3 00:19:20 Probably. I mean he, he's been really quick most of the year he is been quick on short flat tracks as well. Um, I find it hard to believe that he's not gonna have that speed again. He also looks like the fastest Hendrick car cuz none of the other, none of his other teammates looked all that impressive in practice or qualifying, especially Alex Bowman. Um, just disappointing. But Byron has been just a monster on short, flat tracks this year. So he's a guy. We could see, um, Hamlin starting 20th is a little hard to believe that he can get up there and dominate. Um, could see him move up, could see him lead some laps in like a pit cycle. But I find it hard to believe that he could dominate Chastain starting 31st takes him out of the dominator. Speaker 2 00:20:11 But you don't even need him to dominate like he's, Speaker 3 00:20:13 No, he just needs to snag a top 10. Which by the way, he's finished P eight here the last two years, so Speaker 2 00:20:20 I don't even know at his price tag if you need a top 10, Speaker 3 00:20:23 I don't think, well, let's see, 8,800 on dk. So five x value if he Speaker 2 00:20:26 Finishes 15th, he's hitting five x value. Speaker 3 00:20:29 Okay, well he should be capable. Um, I think Klowski, I know we just had Fords we don't necessarily see, but I think Klowski given his history here could do it. Um, Speaker 2 00:20:44 I gotta ask you about Elma Speaker 3 00:20:46 <laugh>. God I knew this was coming Speaker 2 00:20:49 8,200 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:20:51 And the starting P three, Speaker 2 00:20:53 It's not happening. Speaker 3 00:20:55 That's what we said in 2021 too. And I Speaker 2 00:20:58 <laugh> Speaker 3 00:21:00 In fairness till the books he was going off at like 25 to one this time instead of 80 to one this time. Yeah. Um, I doubt it's happening though. Like I, Speaker 2 00:21:12 I could get behind it if he was starting maybe like P eight or P nine, I could be like yeah, you know, I could, yeah, I'll, I'd play him in in a couple tournament lineups there, but starting P three, it's, it's almost too likely that he, he just goes backwards and just loses points for you as, as the race goes on mean behind him. Speaker 3 00:21:33 Okay, so here's my question. Can he pull off of Martinsville because he started P three in Martinsville, finished six, had 36 fastest laps put up 51 points. It's 7,200 bucks. Can he pull that off? Maybe, but that's a best case Speaker 2 00:21:57 Scenario. I think the thing is though is like at Martinsville it's, it's a little bit easier to play mid-range guys that start up front because more drivers tend to get lapped that are starting further back. Like there's more pressure on drivers that start further back at, at a track Martinsville because you need to stay on the lead lap. Cuz as soon as you start the race, the leaders are already a half lap behind you already thinking about how they're gonna make a move to put you a lap down at New Hampshire. There's there's less flexibility and, and uh, it's just so hard to like him this week and you look, we know you won this race two years ago, but there were certain things that were, that came into play with the weather and Yeah, I think at the end of the day I'm just not playing any of 'em and that could bite me. Speaker 3 00:22:43 I mean you're not gonna play any chords. Speaker 2 00:22:46 Oh, I'm not gonna, oh, oh sorry. I'm not playing any almar roll. Speaker 3 00:22:50 Okay. Speaker 2 00:22:51 I'll play. Speaker 3 00:22:52 Okay. <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:22:57 I think, I think I missed your question. I thought we were still talking about Elma roll cause I was also checking my phone at the same time and Bob Riss. No, we Speaker 3 00:23:04 We were still talking. Bob Speaker 2 00:23:05 Said that Speaker 3 00:23:05 Joe said I'm not playing any of 'em. Like there was more than one Elmar involved. No, Speaker 2 00:23:10 No. Riss tweeted that Joe gr Jr took the lead in the Xfinity race and that kind of screwed me up for a bit because I never thought I'd see the day. Um, well Speaker 3 00:23:19 Pit cycles happen my friend. Speaker 2 00:23:21 Yeah, but I'm not playing Almar. There are still plenty of words that I wanna play. I wanna play Kevin Harvard almost any given week. Speaker 3 00:23:27 Let's talk about what are we doing with Kyle Bush because for those who did not watch practice or qualifying, he is listed as starting 10th. Okay. In practice. He touched the wall, you know, did, did a little bit of stuff to his right rear and right front. Right. Got it. Back on the track. He ran a line, he, he ran a time fast enough to qualify into the, you know, get into the top 10 group for round two. And then in round two he frigging sent it and it snapped loose and just crushed the, crushed the whole back of the car. So he is technically starting 10th, however the team is repairing his primary and basically put on a new rear bumper, some new, uh, suspension stuff in the back and whatnot. And he's gonna have to start from the rear because it's all unapproved adjustments. Are we concerned about <laugh> that with him? Speaker 2 00:24:26 Yeah, but I've always been a guy when I'm constructing NASCAR DFS lineups, like in, and I've said this before, that I care more about how I think ownership lands than I do necessarily about projections because this is such a high variance d f s sport that most times, you know, we can project Christopher Bell to lead 150 laps and, and and win from the poll and then anything could happen. He could get a penalty. He could, Speaker 3 00:24:58 Well I remember a few years ago when Matt Kenzi was still racing and dominated this track, he had won like three of the last four races was untouchable, picked him to win, had had him as my favorite. DFS play like 10 laps into the races wheel falls the hell off the car. <laugh> <laugh>. That's the end of his day. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:25:18 So, so like I do like Bush in tournaments. I can't imagine that anyone's gonna want to play him when he scored from 10th, but he's starting outside the top 30 and all he has to do is really just work his way up through the field. He can strategize whoever the hell he wants and if he finishes top five and still collects some fastest laps along along the way, I, I'm not gonna necessarily rule out six x value. Now is there win equity there? I don't think so. Just because Joe Gibbs racing just does such a good job of dominating at these types of tracks. Yeah. But if you're telling me that Kyle Bush is gonna come in with probably 12% ownership, I'd probably want 20% exposure. Um, I'd be okay with that. I know a lot of people probably wouldn't, but I wouldn't hate that kind of leverage in a high variance sport when we have a lot of PD plays that could easily bust this week. Speaker 3 00:26:15 Yep. I would, I would agree. Just, you know, tossing that out. I'm not usually scared off by a guy starting in the, in the rear unless they're starting like front row and they're starting in the rear then that becomes a much bigger question because obviously getting back to the lead is a whole different story than getting, you know, back to 10th. Um, so I am fine with Kyle Bush. I wanna see if any of the post qualifying bets betting lines are up. It doesn't, not sure that they are. I mean I would expect Truex and Bell to still remain the favorites. Um, but just based off of Denny, Hamlin being the third favorite right now. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, and he's starting 20th. I doubt what Speaker 2 00:27:06 Is the read for Denny on Sun on or Sunday or Monday whenever they read the, we'll start this race. What like he's 10,900 and he is starting P 20 and we haven't really talked about him Speaker 3 00:27:16 Because I find it hard to know what to make of him really. Like Speaker 2 00:27:24 It's been a weird year. Speaker 3 00:27:26 Like he was great at at Gateway, right? Well not great, great but, but pretty good. He started third, finished second 33 fastest slaps. Right? Um, Martinsville again a pretty good race. I just don't know like, but Phoenix, it was a bad day for him so it's, I would expect that he could move up but do we really expect, I mean he, he's gonna need without any fastest laps to laps light, he's probably gonna need a top five finish to hit value. Speaker 2 00:28:07 To hit value probably. But with 300 laps on this, Speaker 3 00:28:10 What? 54 and a half points? Speaker 2 00:28:12 I would say that with 300 laps I'd say he could probably still accumulate like five dominated points along the way. Oh. Because we see it all the time like in these races where there's always like one guy that can somehow get like 10 fastest laps and at the end of the day you're like well how the hell did he get 10 fastest laps? But those 10 fastest laps equate to four and a half fantasy points. And I think I'd be okay with him for cash games. But if you're building two dominators, I'm kind of with you where there's a lot of uncertainty in that. I'd rather go Bell Truex or Bell Byron or Truex Byron. Speaker 3 00:28:48 Right. I guess that's my big thing is like where does he fit in a bill because Yeah. Speaker 2 00:28:54 Cause if you're paying nine Speaker 3 00:28:55 Bucks more for Truex and have a pretty good idea that you're gonna get a bunch of laps led. Speaker 2 00:29:04 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:29:05 Right. So like it's kind of, I think I'm Speaker 2 00:29:07 In agreement like if you're paying for the third most expensive driver, you want do points. Speaker 3 00:29:12 Yeah. I mean, or at least a guarantee that he's gonna have a pretty good day. And I don't know that we have that from, from Denny. I don't, not really that high on any of the Hendrick guys outside of Byron either. Speaker 2 00:29:29 Yeah, I'm not either. Um, we got less than a minute left. Are there any final thoughts you might have for New Hampshire? Would your strategy change if this race is on Monday or as opposed to Sunday or not really? Speaker 3 00:29:41 Not really because it was clear today and the temps on Monday are about what we saw today. Um, okay. Now would I be playing more Denny Hamlin if it's on Monday? Maybe cuz he tends to show up on Monday races. Uh, true Truex tends to do pretty well on Monday races. But no, I mean it gets, if they try to run the race on Sunday and then they postpone it, then that's when things get interesting. But I don't think they're gonna do that. Speaker 2 00:30:12 All right. Well, Matt, thank you so much for your time. Best of luck to you this weekend at New Hampshire and best of luck to the FA Nation.

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