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August 25, 2023


Coke Zero Sugar 400 NASCAR DFS Preview

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Matt Selz Dan Malin
Coke Zero Sugar 400 NASCAR DFS Preview
Fantasy Alarm NASCAR DFS Podcast
Coke Zero Sugar 400 NASCAR DFS Preview

Aug 25 2023 | 00:30:09


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Dan Malin and Matt Selz preview the NASCAR DFS slates for DraftKings and FanDuel for the Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona. They give you the winning strategies and roster construction to help avoid the chaos and crashes in Saturday night's Cup Series regular season finale.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Drivers Start your engine. Speaker 2 00:00:23 What's going on? FA Nation, welcome back. This is the Fantasy Alarm, NASCAR D f S podcast. I am Dan Malin and I'm joined as always by Matt sells the F s w A three time NASCAR Rudder of the year. We are streaming through the Better Sports Network. Matt, how you doing? We have a big race, the final race of the regular season at Daytona, the World Center of Racing. Speaker 3 00:00:44 I'm good, I'm good. I'm reveling in the fact that NASCAR fans want longer than two hour races while the same group of people that watches F one can't stand if it goes past two hours. Like there's a, there's a weird disconnect happening here where I really, Speaker 2 00:01:01 I thought it was refreshing to get a a, a NASCAR race under two hours. Do I think that that's gonna be how NASCAR goes with all the races? No, it's impossible for the Daytona 500 to be under two hours. The Coke 600, it's, it's a miracle if that thing's under like three and a half hours. Like I like long races, but at like Sunday's race with, if there's, if there's a style of race that I want to be under two hours, it's probably road courses. Especially if you're gonna take away stage breaks. Speaker 3 00:01:27 Correct. Like, I like how we all decided that we didn't like stage breaks and then they took 'em away and now we all want cautions <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:01:36 We all want longer races. Speaker 3 00:01:37 Like can we just revel in the fact that there was more than three hours of continuous green flag racing between Indie Road and Watkins Glen? Yeah. Like they had that, they had that stat up at one point during Sunday's race and I was like, that's, that's remarkably impressive 'cause up until Chase Elliot's caution for running out of gas 'cause Alan Guen can't do math. Um, there hadn't been a caution since lap two of the indie road course <laugh>, which is impressive. Like I, it's hard to find a streak like that in recent nascar. So I enjoyed it. We all liked the racing, like the argument is you like racing 'cause you wanna see the driver settle it on the track. Right. And now we're complaining that we're letting drivers settle it on the track. I I, I don't understand. Speaker 2 00:02:27 Yeah and I still like, you know, tuning in for like really long right. Like three to three and a half hour races. But it was, it was a little refreshing just to be able to clock that one at under two hours and you know, we'll move forward 'cause we won't see another race under two hours this year. Uh, doubt we even get it at the ro. Uh, but we turn our intention to Speaker 3 00:02:48 Day Dayton. I mean to be fair the last fastest race in nascar, the shortest time was also Watkins Glen and I don't think that was under two hours. I think it was close. Yeah, but I don't think it was under two hours. So it doesn't happen. Like Watkins Glen was like, I don't know, it was a couple years ago when that happened so it doesn't happen very often. Speaker 2 00:03:08 But uh, I thought that NASCAR was gonna pull all the strings that they could behind the scenes to potentially get Chase Elliot to win that obviously didn't <crosstalk>. Apparently Speaker 3 00:03:15 All they did was pull the plug on his gas tank. Right? Speaker 2 00:03:17 Yeah. Uh, but he no different than last week. He needs a win. Correct. Uh, as does his teammate Alex Bowman as do a few other drivers, uh, likely AJ Alman, dinger, probably Ty Gibbs, uh, unless Bubba has an absolutely terrible day, which we don't expect to happen at a super speedway. Um, who do, if there were to be a new winner to punch your ticket to the playoffs, who do you think it would be? Speaker 3 00:03:46 Well that's a pretty good question. So they did change the rule this year that you don't have to be top 30 in points Yeah. To make it so there are technically 17 drivers that are still alive for all you have to do is be full-time in the Cup series. So you can't be like a one-off guy and make it so like Shane s v g did make the playoffs 'cause he is not a full-time guy. So the win in Chicago's great, but it doesn't get him into the playoffs. So if it's gonna be a, a new winner, I kind of think it might be Bubba to be, to be honest, like he's so good at these races, he's so at 'em and he needs to be, he needs to have a good day to assure that he gets a points halt that's, that can withstand um, you know, other people having good days or God forbid somebody coming from way in the back to to n win. Speaker 2 00:04:46 Do you think Denny Hamlin, if he was in position and like if he, if he lined up behind Bubba, do you think he just pushes him to a win and Denny doesn't try to go for the win himself? Speaker 3 00:04:59 I would bet you that Denny would push Bubba to the win. Speaker 2 00:05:02 I kind of agree 'cause weren't we in a similar boat last year with Tyler Reddick and Austin, Dylan and Reddick essentially pushed Dylan to a win Speaker 3 00:05:10 Win. Yeah because he was already assured of a playoff spot and they needed the extra seat. Now here's the interesting part about Bubba. If Bubba makes the playoffs, he's in as a driver but not as in, not in the owner playoffs. Whereas last year he wasn't in as a driver but they switched him cars because the car, Kurt Busch's car made the owner play off. Mm-hmm <affirmative> not but he wasn't in as a driver. So it's kind of weird that it's that it's flipped. But yeah, I would see, I could see basically anybody in the Toyota camp helping Bubba at this point N wind because it's good for Toyota to get more cars in there despite the rumors. What do you think of the rumors of 2311 going to Ford? Speaker 2 00:05:59 Yeah, I don't really know what to make of that. Um, Speaker 3 00:06:02 Is de would Toyota like Speaker 2 00:06:04 Because is this Denny's last year and like is he just gonna go drive for his own team and you know Speaker 3 00:06:09 So that's what I don't, that's what I manufacturer Speaker 2 00:06:11 Be damned. Speaker 3 00:06:12 He's consistently said he wants to be renewed with J G R, yet he does not have a deal in place with J G R and he's a free agent at the end of the year. So does that go hand in hand with the rumors that s H R is selling to two of their um, Speaker 2 00:06:35 Charters? Speaker 3 00:06:36 Charters? Uh, I don't know what like does that mean Josh Barry's guaranteed one and then it's a fist fight between priests and Briscoe? 'cause Almar is retiring. Speaker 2 00:06:49 Is he really? Is that official? Speaker 3 00:06:51 I don't, well I mean Speaker 2 00:06:53 I mean I guess the writing's on the wall. Speaker 3 00:06:55 Yeah. I mean the only one who's assured of a ride next year at S H R I would say is Josh Berry. Speaker 2 00:07:01 Yeah. It is kind of crazy that we're seeing that team possibly dwindle from a four car team to two. Speaker 3 00:07:07 Like I get the argument that you can make it a winning organization faster in two cars than four cars because it's less financial Speaker 2 00:07:17 Just consolidate your resources. Speaker 3 00:07:19 Right. It's the same thing that J T G Daugherty did with Stenhouse was we're just gonna consolidate down and you're gonna be a one car team and mm-hmm <affirmative> it's paid dividends. It's the same reason that Roush kept going down to smaller and smaller was to consolidate resources and get better. But I don't know, could it possibly be that Denny winds up in a Ford driving for his own team 'cause he buys an S h R two former Gibbs drivers swap charters and manufacturers <laugh> and Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin to go get the four. I don't know. Speaker 2 00:08:00 Well do you think that there's anyone in the Toyota camp that would help Ty Gibbs get to a win? Speaker 3 00:08:06 I mean I would imagine that his teammates would like the other three guys or the other two guys I guess Bell at jdr R probably would, right? Like I, I don't, I mean if Denny is caught between pushing Bubba and Ty, I don't know Speaker 2 00:08:24 Denny, Denny has said on his podcast, I think that is number one priority this week is getting Bubba a win if he's in position or at least at the very least just getting Bubba into the playoffs. Speaker 3 00:08:33 Right. So if the choice is between Bubba or Ty, he is gonna push Bubba. Speaker 2 00:08:37 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:08:38 'cause he is way more financially tied to that than helping his boss's grandson <laugh>. Um, <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:08:45 Yeah, that's the situation, right? Speaker 3 00:08:48 Um, it is close. There's 20, there's how many points between 32 points between Bubba and Ty right now according to NASCAR's standings. Speaker 2 00:09:01 So it's pretty safe bet that Bubba's making it. Speaker 3 00:09:03 Yeah, I mean Kevin Harvick, I think all he has to do is start this race and he's locked in. I'm not sure why it's not showing that he's, Speaker 2 00:09:11 I thought he was locked in already. Speaker 3 00:09:12 I mean I guess he, he has to be right. He and his last team lucky are locked in 'cause they're 135 points above the cut line right now. So there's no way they lose enough to get bumped out. The problem for Bubba is that if somebody below the cut line wins, he's the one that's cut out. So Yeah that makes, that makes things very interesting. And I mean we've seen, we've seen Hendrick drivers come here and need a win and get it right. William Byron pulled it off a couple years ago. Austin Dillon pulled it off last year. So we've seen guys do it. Is it possible that Alex Bowman pulls that off this year? Anything's possible. It's Daytona but Speaker 2 00:10:01 I will say he is probably a better bet just to win the poll or start on the front row. <laugh> Speaker 3 00:10:05 Probably because he's been on the front row what six straight. Speaker 2 00:10:09 Him and Larsson have just historically qualified very well at this track and then they go backwards and that's why we don't play Carl Larsson at Daytona. Speaker 3 00:10:20 Yeah, well I mean there's a lot of reasons but yes, Speaker 2 00:10:22 <laugh> uh, but we are 10 minutes in. Um, I guess we can just kind of get to a D F S breakdown. We are recording this Thursday night. This is before they don't have practicing this week but they'll have qualifying Friday afternoon and kind of early evening, uh, before the Xfinity Series race Friday nights. Um, yeah, Speaker 3 00:10:40 It's a weird, it's a weird schedule this week. Speaker 2 00:10:42 Very weird. But we also for super speedway races and Atlanta now we just kinda record midweek. We just give you a a preview. Um, I was really excited about this race. It's the last regular season race I was, I was ready to actually throw down and put 150 lineups into the 50 cent minim max. I have a fly right in front me. It's so damn annoying. I apologize <laugh>. Um, but I looked at the payout structure for the Minimax and it's awful. Uh, pretty much all the tournaments on DraftKings this week, the payout structure's trash. So where I was thinking about getting a little different, 'cause normally I only do three lineups for these races, but I was intrigued and I wanted to really max enter something but like the payout structure, just not very inviting, uh, which is a shame, but I'm still gonna enjoy the race. I'll probably do <laugh> one lineup and uh, we'll go from there. Speaker 3 00:11:35 Yeah. This is the time of year where you gotta start being p very picky about the contest you enter because it's about to get swallowed up by N F L. Yeah. Like it just is. And even for that matter, college football d f s which is pretty popular. Yeah. Um, it's just, it's just the way the end of the NASCAR season goes. So as far as the schedule this week, the Xfinity race is Friday evening at Daytona Speaker 2 00:12:00 Playbook's live. Speaker 3 00:12:01 What? Speaker 2 00:12:02 The playbook's already live. Speaker 3 00:12:03 Yeah. The playbook's already up. So if you're listening to this, you've already missed a chance to get jumped on your research 'cause it's been out for a couple hours. Nice. Yeah, but I mean Speaker 2 00:12:10 We, we still gotta wait for the starting order and it'll Speaker 3 00:12:12 Get, well, I mean a little, I guess <laugh> may as well close eyes and throw darts at a dartboard. Man. It's like Speaker 2 00:12:20 Especially Xfinity. Speaker 3 00:12:22 Yeah, Speaker 2 00:12:22 Because those guys, Speaker 3 00:12:23 Man, they turn every track into Daytona. It doesn't even have to be Daytona. They, they nearly turned Watkins Glen into <laugh>. Like that was some, Speaker 2 00:12:33 There was, I can't believe they restarted that race with oil on the track and just a bad That Speaker 3 00:12:39 Was gnarly. <laugh> Speaker 2 00:12:40 Look. <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:12:42 That was not good. Speaker 2 00:12:43 That was so frustrating. Speaker 3 00:12:45 Yeah. Um, and then the cup race is Saturday evening under the lights at Daytona. I believe this is the first time the next gen car is going to be in a Saturday night race at Daytona. Whatever the heck that means. I don't know if they're all gonna race the same. Doesn't really matter. And then the truck race for those of you that are interested is Sunday afternoon at the Milwaukee mile. I don't, I I don't know what they did this week. It's a little weird. Um, so yeah, so the playbook, I'll have the cup playbook out probably Friday 'cause qualifying doesn't matter really. I mean it really doesn't to be, it doesn't perfectly honest. Well Speaker 2 00:13:29 I'd say qualifying matters a little bit, Speaker 3 00:13:33 A little bit I guess to help you figure out who you wanna avoid, I guess. Speaker 2 00:13:38 Well I think it, did we say it all the time, but it, it's a, it's good to understand the lineup theory. That should go into your construction. Speaker 3 00:13:47 There you go. Speaker 2 00:13:48 Um, but at the same time, like we can say that dominator points don't matter. It's nice to get them, but if you have a guy that leads 40 laps, any wrecks, those dominator points are for nothing. Uh, Speaker 3 00:14:00 Correct. Speaker 2 00:14:01 So you don't wanna start too many guys in the top 10, one, maybe two. Really the, the bread and butter of winning a D F S tournament is gonna be nailing the right guys that start in the teens that can move up and finish top five or potentially win. And then you're gonna have those people that just play the back mar or not the back markers, I shouldn't say that. Um, Speaker 3 00:14:20 The stack, the back crowd stack Speaker 2 00:14:22 The back crowd in cash games. Like literally you're just playing the last six drivers, um, Speaker 3 00:14:26 And just rooting for chaos and that your drivers avoid it. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:14:30 Pretty much. Speaker 3 00:14:31 I mean last year in this race, Austin di won starting 21st. Tyler Reddick started sixth and finish second. He was the only guy to start inside the top 10 and finish inside the top 12. Speaker 2 00:14:47 Dear the Lord, Speaker 3 00:14:49 You haddrick starting 14th, finished third then 35th, 37th, 33rd, 36th, then 13th finished eighth. That was Truex 34th was David Reagan who finished ninth, 22nd was Kyle Busch who finished 10th. The next highest starting spot was Joey Logano who turned third and finished 12th. This was the raise that ruined top 10 parlays for everybody. Speaker 2 00:15:17 <laugh>. Oh yeah. The uh, the million dollar winner. Speaker 3 00:15:20 Yeah. FanDuel let some idiot <laugh>, well not some idiot. They were the idiots. Um, parlay top 10 odds at Daytona. And so they parlayed, um, Landon Castle, Cody Ware, BJ McLeod, David Reagan, <laugh> and Noah Gron to a million dollars Speaker 2 00:15:42 Credit to that guy. Speaker 3 00:15:44 Most on a free bet. Speaker 2 00:15:45 Yeah, A free like what, $13 91 cent bet. Speaker 3 00:15:49 Something like that. It was atrociously small in one of a million bucks. <laugh>. Um, yeah, so chaos, chaos reigns supreme here. Um, anything, literally anything can happen. The pul sitter finished dead last. Kyle Larsson went from uh, being on the pole, didn't lead any laps and after 14 laps his engine blew up and he finished dead last. Speaker 2 00:16:17 Historically just not a good super speedway racer. Speaker 3 00:16:20 No <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:16:22 And yet his, his roster ship is still juiced to almost 15 to 20% every sleep. Speaker 3 00:16:27 Yep. Because it's Kyle Larsson and anything can happen theoretically. Speaker 2 00:16:32 So let me ask you this. Uh, what are you doing, let's say, because they haven't done tech yet for Cup Series, right? As of Thursday night they did it for Xfinity Speaker 3 00:16:42 As far as I'm aware they have not yet. Kyle Larsson by the way, in the last eight plate races, which includes now Atlanta, his average starting position is 3.3. His average finished position is 25th. Speaker 2 00:16:54 Yeah. Just goes backwards. Not good. Um, so what are you doing if a driver like Chase Elliott who does need to win, what do you, what do you do if he fails tech three times or just has a terrible qualifying effort and he starts outside the top 30? I don't care. Are you the kind? Well there's two ways that you can go because simply just matching the field in terms of ownership or roster ship, whatever you wanna call it, it's not the best strategy. Would you rather just go all in and put 'em in every lineup for double the leverage on the field? Because you have to assume he's probably gonna be 40 to 50% correct. Roster Or do you just completely fade him and go zero to 20% exposure Speaker 3 00:17:35 In cash games? I'm probably going all in. Speaker 2 00:17:38 Sure. But tournaments I'd probably go the other way and just leave Speaker 3 00:17:41 'em off in tournaments. I'd go the other way. Yeah. I'd want not as little as I can get away with, but certainly be under. I mean, and here's the other thing to remember folks. I know it's been a little bit since we've had a play track. Salaries don't matter, right? You're like the points in whose line is it anyway? They're all made up and they don't matter 'cause you're gonna have a boatload of money left over. Now I've seen the tweets that come out for every one of these tracks. It's like, well traditionally if you spend about 47,500 bucks, you get the Optum line. Okay? But like, not necessarily like yeah that race. Okay, but show me the next one and you're gonna see $10,000 left on the table. Right. Um, and just, just as an idea of this, there's only two drivers over 10 K on, on DK this week. Speaker 2 00:18:40 It's odd. I didn't even notice that Speaker 3 00:18:42 Denny and Chase are the only two dudes over 10,000 on DK Blaney's 9,900. And by the way, I think they're baiting people by putting Larson at 9,200 <laugh>. I think they're baiting people into a play Speaker 2 00:19:01 Probably and let people bite it. Like go for it. Speaker 3 00:19:03 Yeah, I'm not, I was joking with, with Dan that I was gonna write a 37 driver playbook this week. I I'm, I'm gonna amend that. I'm gonna write 36 and Larson's gonna be the only dude who's not in the playbook. <laugh>, Speaker 2 00:19:17 You could make an argument for so many drivers priced under arguably all the drivers' price under six k <laugh>. Speaker 3 00:19:25 I mean that's the Speaker 2 00:19:26 'cause equipment doesn't matter either. Like even even the guys that are in the worst equipment, like it doesn't matter this week. Speaker 3 00:19:31 Correct? Correct. It's because everybody has the same package on the car. So that's why everybody winds up doing basically exactly the same speeds. So, you know the, am I saying that the, the playbook doesn't matter this week? No, of course. I'm not telling you to not read my content. What I'm saying is if there's a guy you wanna play and he is not in the playbook, take a shot. This is the week to do it because it's literally a cra. I mean Mel and I watched it happen in front of our faces. We were sitting pretty and then Larson caught fire and took out three quarters of field and that was the end of the day <laugh>. So, um, I mean I'll have a normal sized playbook this week with guys I feel confident enough in to play because they've backed it up continuously at road court or plate tracks. Doesn't mean other guys can't show up outta nowhere and have a good day. Speaker 2 00:20:34 Yeah, I mean we talk about, look, a guy like Daniel Suarez jumps off the page, uh right, because historically prior to 2021 was not a great super speedway racer. Correct. Um, but then, you know, all of a sudden we get the next gen car, we get him on a new team and he's coming in and his, his exposure levels are never severely high. But you know, for the Daytona 500 this year he starts 24th finishes seventh, uh, for the Geico 500 at Talladega. Started 22nd, finished ninth. And so all of a sudden he is turning into this very underrated, uh, and a guy that no one really likes to consider when building their ops, but he's a guy and a driver with top 10 equity that probably needs a win, right? Speaker 3 00:21:20 Yes, he does need a win. He is below the cut line. He is, uh, if I remember correctly, directly below, uh, Ty Gibbs, I think he's about 45 points below the cut line. Um, and sure they would, you know, they would love to get him back into the playoffs after last year's showing. And he is got three straight top 10 finishes between Daytona and Talladega. So, Speaker 2 00:21:47 And his teammate Ross Chastain won Talladega last year. Speaker 3 00:21:51 Yes he did. Yes he did. They know how to put together some fast cars over there at Track House. Um, and like I said, nobody really pays attention to that guy on on play tracks. Speaker 2 00:22:04 Um, now we talk about, you know, team stacking is a thing, but you're also a big proponent for manufacturing stack manufacturer stacking as well. Yes. Um, if you were to do 20 lineups, how many of those builds would be full on Ford Stacks? Because we talk all the time when we come to tracks like this about how the aerodynamics of the Ford cars kind of help them in the draft and being able to push, you know, their weight to the front. Um, and, and when you look at the Ford Camp, there are plenty of guys that can go out and potentially surprise win this race. Um, I do love the idea of, you know, pairing Austin Cindrich with someone like Joey Ano or Ryan Blaney. Uh, and then you can do some s h r stacks too. 'cause Eric Elmo it's 6,900 Nice. Uh, has the ability to win. He's the nice player this week. But then you go, you like the field is so heavy with four drivers that it's so easy to make Ford Stacks and do the do the right thing. Like you can get guys starting in the back and guys starting with up closer to the front. With win equity, you can leave money on the table, you know, four stacks will be popular. It's probably harder to do a full Toyota stack since there's only gonna be like six of them in the field. Speaker 3 00:23:16 Yes. Speaker 2 00:23:17 Um, but four x Speaker 3 00:23:19 <crosstalk>, you can fit all of them in one lineup. Speaker 2 00:23:22 Well, I'm gonna try, Speaker 3 00:23:23 I'm I'm doing the exact same thing right now. Uh, Denny Bubba Truex, uh, bell, Speaker 2 00:23:35 Uh, yeah, right. Yeah, you can't do it. Speaker 3 00:23:39 I gotta put in, well Speaker 2 00:23:40 What's the point in playing now if I can't play the Toyotas? Speaker 3 00:23:43 I know I can't get <laugh>, I can't get Tag Gibs. I'm $1,100 shy of getting tag Gibs <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:23:52 But I mean like we do talk about <crosstalk>. Speaker 3 00:23:54 I do. I mean Curtis, it still does give me, uh, Hailey or Barry or Todd, Gil and or Harrison Bur, Speaker 2 00:24:01 And we know Hailey can win here. We know Lejo is good on super. Speaker 3 00:24:04 Yeah, you and I literally saw him win here. <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:24:07 Yeah. Speaker 3 00:24:09 Yeah. Lejo is really good and I can't, I'm a hundred dollars short, which is annoying. Um, I will be doing full stacks manufacturers, uh, not with Toyota. Clearly as we just proved, you can't pull it off. <laugh> also, there's only six of them in the field, so you're kind of, that's really hedging your bet. Um, that being said, the last two winners of at Daytona have been Chevys, Stenhouse and a Chevy and the 500 and Austin in a Chevy. Now, prior to that Kyle Speaker 2 00:24:45 Bus won Talladega Speaker 3 00:24:46 What? Speaker 2 00:24:46 And Kyle Busch won Talladega. Speaker 3 00:24:48 Right. But also in a Chevy. Now, um, prior to that you had three straight Fords and at Daytona with Cindrich winning the Daytona 500 Blaney winning the Coke 400. Michael McDowell famously winning the uh, Daytona 500. So, you know, it, it's been mostly, it's been pretty even between the Chevys and the Fords here, in terms of win equity, in terms of who I feel like moves up better, I think the Ford campus just better at, at plate racing now, do they have guys that also like to wreck each other out? Yeah. <laugh>. Yeah, they do. Um, Joey Logano comes to mind. Um, but yeah, I I if I'm doing you ask 20 lineups, I'm doing 20 lineups. I would say probably half of 'em are just a smattering of dudes. I don't care about manufacturers. I'm playing guys that I like paired together. I'll go with the normal strategy of, you know, one top 10 guy, one guy starting 11 through 20th and the rest of 'em like 25th on back. Right. I'll go a couple of those, stack the back and forget it. Right. We'll romp pape it, we'll just set it and forget it. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, the other ones, I'm gonna break those in half between like Chevy stacks with a little bit of Toyotas mixed in and forge stacks with a little bit of Toyotas mixed in and that's how I'd do it. Speaker 2 00:26:19 So how do you see this race playing out? Do you think it'll be relatively tame for the first two stages? Which is unfortunate because Speaker 3 00:26:28 I don't think so. Speaker 2 00:26:29 If it really, because I think it, I don't think we're gonna see like people or drivers making moves until like latent stage street. I don't really think that too many of these drivers are gonna be aggressive in the early stages trying to get to the front when they know it doesn't really matter until the, like they cross the line on the final lap. Speaker 3 00:26:47 I think the, I think the less experienced guys who are like, well hey, I'm not top 30 in points but I've been a full-time driver and if I get a win, I make the playoffs. I think they're gonna try some moves. Speaker 2 00:26:58 So like tie Dylan <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:27:01 Probably Speaker 2 00:27:02 <laugh>, Speaker 3 00:27:04 I think, I think some other guys who are more disciplined, um, will play out their strategy. And by the way, those of you that play Denny Hamlin don't freak out. He is gonna drop to the back. He does it all the time here. Does it all. I've literally watched the dude win the pole, like smoke people for the pole and then three laps in. He is like peace out <laugh> going backwards and just rides around for like 150 laps in the back of the pack and then all of a sudden he's back in the top five and you have no idea where he came from. Um, he technically won one of these races from the pole while never spending any time on the pole at <laugh>. He led the last lap of the ring. Speaker 2 00:27:48 Forget the guy, the guy gets it like he knows the system. Just exploit it. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:27:51 Yep. Um, I I think it's gonna be crazy from start to finish. Speaker 2 00:27:59 I I think that's probably where we Speaker 3 00:28:01 <crosstalk> they're under the lights and the lights do something than ask our drivers that just make 'em more amped and more <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:28:07 You could say that about like casual drivers just even on the Speaker 3 00:28:10 Highway. I mean Yeah, but think about the Bristol Night race. It's way, I mean now it's harder to compare 'cause it's the first Bristol race is on dirt, but like mm-hmm <affirmative>, if you, back to when we had the actual Bristol Spring race and then the Bristol Night race in the fall, Bristol night race is way more amped up. Same with Martinsville. Now the second Martinsville race is, you know, fighting for the championship. But yeah, uh, lights tend to jack up these guys and I, I would be willing to bet you that the coke that, that this race is nuts from start to finish. Speaker 2 00:28:50 Alright, any, uh, final white flag thoughts before we go? Um, I know we don't really hit on too many drivers specifically, but we try to give, like, try to cast I guess a wide net Yeah. For d f s purposes because we do the Super Speedway podcast before we even know the starting order. But obviously, you know, your playbook will be vital and you know, you and I will be in the NASCAR D F Ss Discord answering questions up until lineup luck on Saturday. Um, do you have any final thoughts on, you know, what to expect or just Speaker 3 00:29:19 Don't check money until the checkered flag goes? That's Speaker 2 00:29:21 That's a good point. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:29:23 Literally don't, like I went from winning $0 going into turn three of the final app of the Daytona five hundred and twenty twenty one to winning $2,500 by the end of the race, literally a half mile later. Speaker 2 00:29:36 And you hit McDowell to win that bet too. Speaker 3 00:29:38 Yeah, 66 to one. So don't, don't check lineups. Please don't send hold because like by the time you quit typing that it's not gonna be, it's not gonna be holding. So that would be it. Speaker 2 00:29:52 All right. Well Matt, thank you so much for your time. Best of luck to you this Saturday night for the final race of the regular season and best of luck to the f fa Nation. Speaker 3 00:29:59 Best of work, FA Nation.

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